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Bathroom necessities.. from WC frames to radiator valves!

Villeroy & Boch Finion

A new bathroom can take ages to plan and get exactly right from the layout to the choice of products. Once we have a layout that works aesthetically and practically ie position of toilet reliant on soil pipe location, then we tend to focus on the ‘main’ products we’d like to include such as the bath, shower, vanity unit, WC and brassware. These products will be the ones that set the style of our bathroom, whether contemporary or traditional.

What can be equally as important, but often neglected, are the products that are necessary for function, and can sometimes add to the finished look. For example a new towel radiator will ideally need matching radiator valves. If your brassware finish is the on trend brushed brass, gold, copper or black then your basin waste, bath filler, bath waste can be supplied to match. And, if you have an exposed bottle trap then this too can be in a finish to match.






You may opt for a sleek, minimal look with a wall hung WC – UK Bathrooms has a great choice of these but again don’t forget that a wall hung WC needs a concealed cistern with a flush plate, the cistern can be hidden in a wall or purpose built boxing. We’d always recommend a reputable, quality brand for both frame and flush plate – these products should be durable and built to last.

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Add ultimate style to your bathroom with a designer radiator

First and foremost a radiator’s purpose is to heat a room or space where it is situated, but that is no reason why it cannot look stylish and, colourful and be an attraction. We offer a huge selection of designer radiators at our web pages ranging from simplicity to outrageously modern. We illustrate just four radiators of differing design, all of which are both efficient and attractive.

The Zehnder Keel Sym Stainless Steel Radiator has been described as an example of a modern work of art, it could pass for that, but it is a marvellous piece of engineering. Manufactured form stainless steel with a choice of finish in either brushed or polished, the beauty of this bathroom radiator is shown at its best when fitted against a coloured wall. Essentially for use in a central heating system, but it can be fitted with an electric element for summer use and is offered with a ten year guarantee.

The Bisque Orbit Electric Towel Radiator is a compact and very efficient electric towel warmer and with the compact size of just 900(h) x 500(l) x 50(d) mm it is sure to into the smallest bathroom or kitchen for that matter. With an output of 200 watts, controlled by a non-adjustable thermostat, you can enjoy the luxury of wrapping up in a warm towel on a cold winter morning.

Perfect in the eyes of the traditionalist and to modernist too, the Imperial Tumba Cast Iron Radiator epitomises the way a radiator should look. Those that first see that radiator are stunned by the elegantly crafted piece of metalwork, which adds a touch of luxury to the room. Made from solid cast iron, this robust fixture features the most surprisingly delicate floral patterns on the surface; the Tumba is offered in a choice of four different colours including Pewter, Cast Iron, Old Copper and White, a touch of elegance guaranteed.

You will certainly be “springing” into the future if you decide upon this very desirable Bisque Hot Spring Radiator. Friends will believe that you have decided to take up modern art when they first see this stunning radiator. The radiator is offered in a choice of five distinctive and elegant finishes, white, black, metallica, or chrome and has a very impressive output of 781 watts, other sizes are available.


Zehnder Vitalo Spa High Efficiency Radiator

Walk into a room with a Zehnder radiator in it and you can sense warmth by just looking at the beautifully artistic design created by carefully chosen and well known designers King and Miranda. With the Zehnder Vitalo Spa it is not just about how the radiator looks though, even if it represents a thing of beauty with the gently curved profile and very cleverly and thoughtful  towel slots, guaranteed to be a pleasing addition to any bathroom.

Zehnder Vitalo Spa High Efficiency Radiator 1

This exceptionally efficient radiator conducts the heat by copper piping which Zehnder have woven into a honeycomb of aluminium. The heating is conducted from the flat surface which makes the radiator very easy to keep clean and looking good. The high quality materials used in the construction make the Vitalo corrosion proof and the gleaming white finish will not be spoiled.

Zehnder Vitalo Spa High Efficiency Radiator 2Offered in seven sizes at 1200 to 1800mm in height and with a choice of widths from 490 to 690mm wide, the choice will depend upon the size of room and heat output that is required.

The Vitalo is suitable for all modern heating systems, ranging from condensing boilers to heat pumps.

Naturally this radiator is offered at our unbeatable web prices along with all other Zehnder items, for example the 1200h x 490mm version is priced at a low price of £570.18, a saving of £99.82 a remarkable 15% below the recommended price, again proving that our prices cannot be bettered.

Affordable Luxury: Radiators and Towel Rails from Zehnder

Since the early 1930’s when Robert Zehnder became the first person to invent and successfully market the tubular radiator, a far more efficient product than the cast radiators of the time, the Zehnder Company has been innovating and introducing heating and cooling products which have been market leaders. A new range of their products is being distributed by UK Bathrooms and features a collection of cloakroom towel drying radiators that is sure to elegantly and efficiently enhance a period or modern cloakroom.

The Zehnder Stellar Stainless Steel Cloakroom Radiator is a classically modern towel drying radiator manufactured from stainless steel which has many advantages over some other materials, for example it out performs chromed steel on outputs. Strong and durable, stainless steel won’t suffer flaking either, and due to the material’s natural resilience and elasticity, it can absorb impacts far better than mild steel. The specification for this ladder style cloakroom towel dryer/radiator is 788 mm high x 300mm wide.

Zehnder Stellar

The Zehnder Subway on the other hand is a classic contemporary radiator with a broad appeal and is offered in five finishes, its classic lines can be supplied in white, volcanic, quartz beige, quartz brown and chrome ensuring that you can match other items in the cloakroom or bathroom. The overall size of these small charming radiators is 613mm high x 450mm wide.

Zehnder Subway Cloakroom Radiator

The Zehnder Altai Spa Cloakroom Radiator is an entirely new concept form Zehnder and again it is offered in a choice of colours, white, volcanic, quartz beige and quartz brown and it has the advantage of an immersion heater which can be fitted to it so that it will work in the summer months when the central heating is turned off and is supplied in a convenient cloakroom size of 480mm high x 400mm wide, ideal for the smaller room.

Zehnder Altai Spa Cloakroom Radiator

The Charleston Spa is a move toward the more traditional styling of radiator with the emphasis on heating the area but also offering a very neatly designed chrome towel rail attached. In keeping with the more traditional styling it is offered in white that should blend with any decor, but for a more contrasting finish it is available in volcanic, which is similar to a charcoal colour. The radiator comprises of six traditional columns and is 742mm high and 306mm wide and projects 90mm from the wall.

Zehnder Charleston Spa Cloakroom Radiator

The Zehnder Lambeth Traditional Towel Warming Radiator really is a beautiful retro style radiator, very reminiscent of the iconic photographs of classy hotels and period films that we see at the cinema or on our television screens. This style of radiator is a move in a different direction for Zehnder, but do not be taken in by the fact that it looks somewhat old fashioned. It is a highly efficient radiator, which serves a dual role, heating the room and drying and warming the towels. The cleverly designed wall or floor mounted radiator is 952mm high x 683mm wide and the wall mounted version is 686mm high x 673mm wide. This along with all Zehnder products are offered with a full manufacturers guarantee.

Zehnder Lambeth Traditional Towel Warming Radiator


Zehnder Kleo (Keva) Horizontal Double Radiator

If you are installing a heating system or maybe considering upgrading the present system the choice of classy radiators has never been better, attractive in appearance as well as being far more efficient than old style radiators.
One example of many is the Zehnder Radiator which is a compact double radiator that packs a lot of heating punch due to the clever design.

The radiator is the new slender design and is not out of place in any room in the home, whether this is in a hallway, living room bedroom, or bathroom, manufactured in 20mm and 38mm steel tubing, both vertical and horizontal with rounded ends which forms it clever double formation. The tubing is powder coated in white and ensures that the finish will be long lasting and will not be necessary to paint. As an addition the radiator can be fitted with a choice of two towel bars, useful if this is en-suite or in a bathroom. With four sizes available the choice of heat output is from 734 watts to 1153 watts, impressive for a compact radiator which will ensure your warmth and comfort.

Zehnder Towel Ring

If you have children, particularly those coming up to teenage years you will have experienced that they do not seem to know what that lovely warming towel rail or the classy looking towel ring which is attached to the bathroom radiator is used for. That is until you tell them that the floor is not where you throw the towels but on that nice hook which will warm and dry the towel, ready for the next time that they want it!

The Zehnder Towel Ring is a simple but very functional design for hanging towels and is designed to attach easily to many different styles of radiator. Zehnder was formerly known as Acova and are a leading manufacturer of decorative central heating radiators and towel rails, electric radiators for the domestic and commercial market.

Don’t worry too much about the children, they grow up and in turn will soon be pointing out to their own children that the bathroom floor is not the place we store towels!

Zehnder Silent Wall Fan

Extractor fans in bathrooms and en-suite areas are something which have more than the basic function of perhaps removing unpleasant smells. The big enemy in these rooms is condensation which if not removed can cause damage to decorations and woodwork for example.  A major drawback has always been that these fans, if powerful enough to do the job have been noisy in use.
Zehnder have overcome this problem with their Tranquility range with a collection which gives the priceless quality of peace and quiet in the bathroom, combined with designer aesthetics, qualities new to extractor fans. With a choice of 3 silent wall fans, Standard, Timer and Humidistat, you are now able to have a bathroom which offers a peaceful haven. The three fans offer, single speed with operation by light switch or remote switch a timer fan again single speed with operation by light switch or remote switch and when switched off, will run on over-run timer for the pre-set over-run period, or the humidistat timer single speed automatic operation by the integrated humidistat sensor. with optional manual override via remote switch.

Zehnder Altai Spa Towel Drying Radiator

When you are considering an upgrade to your bathroom, planning a cloakroom or new en-suite, put a little thought into the heating and towel warming options that we can offer. One top class radiator is the Zehnder Altai Spa Towel Drying Radiator which is not just efficient, which it is, but it looks stunning as well.

Constructed with slim-line single or celebrex cost double tubes, the new, unique Acova Altai can meet any central heating requirement; importantly the radiator can be used in the summer months when the heating is turned through its inbuilt immersion heater. This is also a beautiful decorative radiator with an RASL 9016 paint finish which is electrophoretically applied ensuring adhesion and longevity. Supplied in nine sizes to suit the requirements and size of the room where it is fitted.

Zehnder Altai Horizontal Radiator Double Panel

The unique Altai is a central heating radiator available to be fitted in either horizontal or vertical format and with its slim-line single or double tubes, it can meet any central heating requirement. Zehnder offers a wide variety of styles and designs, ranging from contemporary to traditional, towel rails and central heating only radiators.

The Zehnder Altai Horizontal Radiator, which was formerly known as the Acova Altai has flat vertical tubes (section 38 x 10, 25 mm) in double formation and this decorative radiator is ideally suited for replacement or as a new addition to any central heating system. Available in three sizes, 800(w) x 610(h) mm – double panel, 1000(w) x 610(h) mm – double panel and 1200(w) x 610(h) mm – double panel, with a RAL 9016 paint finish, electrophoretically applied.