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Affordable Luxury: Radiators and Towel Rails from Zehnder

Since the early 1930’s when Robert Zehnder became the first person to invent and successfully market the tubular radiator, a far more efficient product than the cast radiators of the time, the Zehnder Company has been innovating and introducing heating and cooling products which have been market leaders. A new range of their products is being distributed by UK Bathrooms and features a collection of cloakroom towel drying radiators that is sure to elegantly and efficiently enhance a period or modern cloakroom.

The Zehnder Stellar Stainless Steel Cloakroom Radiator is a classically modern towel drying radiator manufactured from stainless steel which has many advantages over some other materials, for example it out performs chromed steel on outputs. Strong and durable, stainless steel won’t suffer flaking either, and due to the material’s natural resilience and elasticity, it can absorb impacts far better than mild steel. The specification for this ladder style cloakroom towel dryer/radiator is 788 mm high x 300mm wide.

Zehnder Stellar

The Zehnder Subway on the other hand is a classic contemporary radiator with a broad appeal and is offered in five finishes, its classic lines can be supplied in white, volcanic, quartz beige, quartz brown and chrome ensuring that you can match other items in the cloakroom or bathroom. The overall size of these small charming radiators is 613mm high x 450mm wide.

Zehnder Subway Cloakroom Radiator

The Zehnder Altai Spa Cloakroom Radiator is an entirely new concept form Zehnder and again it is offered in a choice of colours, white, volcanic, quartz beige and quartz brown and it has the advantage of an immersion heater which can be fitted to it so that it will work in the summer months when the central heating is turned off and is supplied in a convenient cloakroom size of 480mm high x 400mm wide, ideal for the smaller room.

Zehnder Altai Spa Cloakroom Radiator

The Charleston Spa is a move toward the more traditional styling of radiator with the emphasis on heating the area but also offering a very neatly designed chrome towel rail attached. In keeping with the more traditional styling it is offered in white that should blend with any decor, but for a more contrasting finish it is available in volcanic, which is similar to a charcoal colour. The radiator comprises of six traditional columns and is 742mm high and 306mm wide and projects 90mm from the wall.

Zehnder Charleston Spa Cloakroom Radiator

The Zehnder Lambeth Traditional Towel Warming Radiator really is a beautiful retro style radiator, very reminiscent of the iconic photographs of classy hotels and period films that we see at the cinema or on our television screens. This style of radiator is a move in a different direction for Zehnder, but do not be taken in by the fact that it looks somewhat old fashioned. It is a highly efficient radiator, which serves a dual role, heating the room and drying and warming the towels. The cleverly designed wall or floor mounted radiator is 952mm high x 683mm wide and the wall mounted version is 686mm high x 673mm wide. This along with all Zehnder products are offered with a full manufacturers guarantee.

Zehnder Lambeth Traditional Towel Warming Radiator


Terrier Straight TRV & Lockshield Thermostatic Valve Pack

The cost of oil and gas for heating our homes in not likely to come down in price very much at any time in the near future, a very good reason to preserve this precious resource. Although most, if not all homes will have some thermostatic control, this thermostat will usually be situated in a hallway or sitting room and when this area reaches the set temperature, the whole house heating is switched off.

This is one of the sound reasons for fitting thermostatic valves to each radiator. These valves individually switch off each radiator to which they are fitted when the desired temperature has been reached in its vicinity. The aspect of the room south facing large windows as an example would be ideal for a thermostatic radiator valve. This room would reach a desired temperature faster than a north facing area and vital fuel can be saved here. A full range of thermostatic valves can be found at UK Bathrooms and one example is the Terrier TRV which boasts features and benefits combining many functional advantages with attractive styling and exceptional value for money. Operation of the TRV is very user friendly. The operational temperature range is 7°C to 28°C.

Apollo Ravenna Traditional Towel Rail

With so many to choose from, where do you look for that all important bathroom radiator and what style from the very many would you prefer? UK Bathrooms has a dedicated section to all styles of bathroom radiator which work from both the central heating system, with or without an element for summer use as well as dedicated electric only bathroom radiators. Bathroom radiators fall into two distinct categories, traditional towel rails and towel drying radiators.

A stunning example of a traditional style of towel rail with an added insert is the Apollo Ravenna which brings both a contemporary and modern look to any bathroom, Ravenna is something that truly looks unique, and will look great as part of any bathroom suite. This is a highly polished chrome tubular rail with the insert finished in white. Highly efficient and built from top quality materials, this towel rail provides timeleass style without compromising in any way.