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Zehnder Vitalo Spa High Efficiency Radiator

Walk into a room with a Zehnder radiator in it and you can sense warmth by just looking at the beautifully artistic design created by carefully chosen and well known designers King and Miranda. With the Zehnder Vitalo Spa it is not just about how the radiator looks though, even if it represents a thing of beauty with the gently curved profile and very cleverly and thoughtful  towel slots, guaranteed to be a pleasing addition to any bathroom.

Zehnder Vitalo Spa High Efficiency Radiator 1

This exceptionally efficient radiator conducts the heat by copper piping which Zehnder have woven into a honeycomb of aluminium. The heating is conducted from the flat surface which makes the radiator very easy to keep clean and looking good. The high quality materials used in the construction make the Vitalo corrosion proof and the gleaming white finish will not be spoiled.

Zehnder Vitalo Spa High Efficiency Radiator 2Offered in seven sizes at 1200 to 1800mm in height and with a choice of widths from 490 to 690mm wide, the choice will depend upon the size of room and heat output that is required.

The Vitalo is suitable for all modern heating systems, ranging from condensing boilers to heat pumps.

Naturally this radiator is offered at our unbeatable web prices along with all other Zehnder items, for example the 1200h x 490mm version is priced at a low price of £570.18, a saving of £99.82 a remarkable 15% below the recommended price, again proving that our prices cannot be bettered.

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