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Aestus Arne Angle Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Thermostatic Radiator Valves are most commonly referred to as TRVs and when fitted give you additional control of heating in your room.  TRVs actually work using a sensor that establishes the surrounding air temperature. It will close down the flow to the radiator, thereby cooling the radiator and generally regulating the room temperature. Thermostatic Radiator Valves, enable you to control the heat output from your radiators on a room by room basis.

The Aestus thermostatic radiator valve is a contemporary TVR sold as a pair and finished in polished chrome or antique gold and it can be offered as straight or angled option. Thermostatic valves will save you money if correctly fitted and operated and should always be considered in rooms which may have periods of sunshine saving you precious and expensive fuel.

Wet room flooring made easy

Wet rooms are the way forward for many people, even more so if you have a slight disability with walking or stepping over even low thresholds. One thing that you must ensure if you are deciding to have a wet room installed is that the wetroom floor is absolutely watertight. The Impey Aqua-Dec 1 1300x800mm Wet Room Package, which includes a gradient tray, drainage waste and waterproof membrane pack, is one of the ways forward when you are looking at what is required for your wetroom.

Each Aqua-Dec is 22mm thick and has a built-in fall of 17mm to the gulley. And the ‘Dec’ is formed from GRP and has a solid fillite core, which means it is extremely tough, rigid and can be trimmed by up to 50mm on the perimeter for tight areas. Having a flat underside this allows it to be securely seated directly onto joists/support boards for quick and easy installation, plus it can be drilled and fixed anywhere on its surface. There are 11 size options available including the AD8 (1850 x 900) which can be trimmed by up to 200mm off each end.

Giving a face lift to your bathroom

Giving you bathroom a facelift is not too difficult and it does not have to cost the earth either. Simple things such as raking out the old grout to the tiles of the shower or bath and re-grouting with modern waterproof grouting material will take care of that mould infested look, which happens to all tiling after a period of prolonged use. Replacing the taps does not have to cost a lot of money, modern taps and mixers are far more efficient a will give your room a modern look. Another area that will benefit is the shower, if this is over the bath, replacing the shower head may be all that is necessary, but with a freestanding unit, why not try to achieve that wet room look with a modern shower enclosure which is frameless such as the Manhattan M3 Corner Wetroom Shower. Congratulations your old bathroom has taken on a complete new look.