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Introducing AX-ES Bathrooms

Ideal Standard Concept Freedom Ensuite Bathroom Package

Accessible bathroom products from UK Bathrooms.

We’ve put together our AX-ES range of accessible products from a variety of brands and manufacturers to ensure that we offer the best quality bathroom products. Functionality is key yet not detrimental to the design and style.

Accessible bathrooms do not need to compromise on style and design, after all your bathroom should still reflect your personal style and create an atmosphere you want to spend time in. We’ve selected some of the best accessible bathroom solutions available.

We understand that bathrooms need to be multifunctional rooms, often for multiple users and this collection will help with mobility issues and disabilities. At the same time the collection offers products for those of us who just need a little more assistance.

AX-ES includes accessories such as footrests, shower toilets, stylish, easy access bathing solutions and full walk in showers to replace baths along with many other ideas that will give assistance where needed allowing you to live independently.

AX-ES products ensure that even though your new bathroom makes your life easier, it does not skimp on design, quality and appearance.

AX-ES products that make life easier for everyone.