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Designing a Wetroom

Wetrooms are one of the latest trends in bathrooms. They’re perfect for houses that are short on space, en-suites or downstairs shower rooms. Easy to style, they’re contemporary and clean for a busy lifestyle, or great for those with mobility issues or bathing young children.

Wetrooms can be defined differently in different places – for example, in Italy they describe it as having a door or a screen. But here in the UK, we tend to think of it as an open rom which is fully waterproof. Generally they won’t have a shower tray, but the floor will be completely tiled and watertight throughout the room with a drain in the middle.

Wet Room Shower 1

If you’re thinking about changing around a bathroom in your house, it’s worth considering converting it into a wetroom. They usually add a small amount of value to your property, and even if not, they will make it significantly more appealing to buyers because of their being associated with luxury and spas. It’s also relatively easy to make the changes.

Here at UK Bathrooms we have a number of wet room packages, from leading bathroom manufacturers which are modern and stylish and easy to fit. You can choose from tiled wet rooms or those with a large shower tray, depending on your specifications and needs.

Wet Room 2

You’ll need to ensure first that the room is completely watertight, so choosing the correct materials for the job is of utmost importance. The walls are usually completely tiled, as is the floor. One of the more stylish ways of doing this at the moment is to use small tiles for a mosaic effect. Small glass tiles are bang on trend at the moment. You can choose from various colours and sizes to create an effect that suits your home best. To create that spa-like atmosphere, keep the colour scheme to a soothing mixture of beige or blue tones. Or for something more contemporary, a black and white monochrome room will create an area that looks stylish and smart.

Some installers recommend having underfloor heating in a wetroom in order to keep the tiles warm for bare feet and to dry out the floor more quickly. Ventilation is key in a wetroom to prevent damp, so ensure that you have a reliable extractor fan or a window.

Wet Room 3


How to create the perfect wetroom

Wetrooms are the very latest trend for showers and ideal for ensuite areas and the first time that you shower using a wetroom, you will begin to wonder how you have managed without one; they are spacious and so convenient. The first thing that is essential when you begin to think about creating a wetroom is where you will have this.

The essential for a wetroom has to be that it must be watertight and you will need to ensure that you tile this using non porous tile and waterproof adhesive and grout. Similarly as with a standard shower the walls also have to be tiled in a similar way. It is a good option to consider using a flush shower tray, which will ensure both waterproofing as well as necessary drainage. A screen is also going to be a requirement and you will find a big selection of these is available at our web pages.

The next vital component is the shower itself. You have a wide choice from which to chose, 21st century digital, showering at the touch of a button. Thermostatic which will maintain the correct temperature and flow according to your preference, or you can choose electric which is easy to install and heats the water instantly. Another consideration could be to include a body shower with invigorating jets. Complete packages are available and we are happy to offer expert advice about your options and choices available.

Showerlux Legacy Wetroom Panel

Wet room sales have rocketed in the past five years, from the niche of exclusive and expensive luxury, to the must-have mainstream. The freedom of a wet room creates impact in spacious situations and can also be a practical way to fit showering into smaller spaces. Essential though, is to have the right wetroom panel and at UK Bathrooms we offer a wide choice.

The Showerlux Legacy Wetroom Panel is a panel which does not compromise in any way and add to that the technology of factory applied GlassShield easy clean glass protection, which is standard on all ranges, and you can understand why these panels are in demand. Offered in a range of five sizes – 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1400mm with an overall height of 1900mm, the Legacy wetroom panel, made from 8mm toughened glass is engineered so the glass will remain shiny and new without the need for tiresome scrubbing and polishing, backed by a 10 year comprehensive manufacturers’ guarantee.

Zehnder Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans

Extractor fans fitted to a bathroom, en-suite, or cloakroom, are an essential part of these rooms today, not just for removing any unpleasant odours, but for essential extracting of steam or moisture from the areas. With our homes now being better insulated and for many of us, with double glazed draught proofed windows, condensation could be become a major problem if the moisture was not removed.

There are many examples of highly efficient extractor fans on the market today, but one of the complaints about some is that they can be noisy. Zehnder manufacture a series of extractor fans which are 70% quieter than standard axial fans. You can choose from a choice of 3 wall fans, and 2 ceiling fans, all designed to do the job in a quiet efficient manner.