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How to create the perfect wetroom

Wetrooms are the very latest trend for showers and ideal for ensuite areas and the first time that you shower using a wetroom, you will begin to wonder how you have managed without one; they are spacious and so convenient. The first thing that is essential when you begin to think about creating a wetroom is where you will have this.

The essential for a wetroom has to be that it must be watertight and you will need to ensure that you tile this using non porous tile and waterproof adhesive and grout. Similarly as with a standard shower the walls also have to be tiled in a similar way. It is a good option to consider using a flush shower tray, which will ensure both waterproofing as well as necessary drainage. A screen is also going to be a requirement and you will find a big selection of these is available at our web pages.

The next vital component is the shower itself. You have a wide choice from which to chose, 21st century digital, showering at the touch of a button. Thermostatic which will maintain the correct temperature and flow according to your preference, or you can choose electric which is easy to install and heats the water instantly. Another consideration could be to include a body shower with invigorating jets. Complete packages are available and we are happy to offer expert advice about your options and choices available.