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Smart Bathrooms

Welcome to the future of personal indulgence and convenience – the realm of smart bathrooms at In an era where technology seamlessly integrates into every facet of our lives, it’s no surprise that our sacred retreats of relaxation and rejuvenation have undergone a remarkable transformation. From toilets that know your preferences better than you do, to showers that set the perfect water temperature before you even step in and taps that dispense water with digital precision. The modern bathroom has evolved into a haven of intelligent automation.

Join us on a journey through the realm of smart bathrooms. We’ll explore the cutting-edge innovations of ceiling speakers that serenade your senses and fixtures that bring a touch of futuristic elegance to your daily routines. Get ready to immerse yourself in the possibilities that await as we delve into the technologies that are redefining personal care and comfort.

Digital Shower Mixers

Digital shower mixers have evolved significantly over the last few years. These innovative devices offer precise control over water temperature and flow, all managed through a sleek digital interface. This not only ensures a comfortable shower experience but also helps conserve water by allowing you to set and maintain your preferred settings.

Grohe Euphoria Smartcontrol Mono 260 Shower System

Grohe Euphoria Smartcontrol Mono 260 Shower System

The German crafted Grohe Euphoria Smartcontrol Mono 260 is a high-quality shower system that is controlled with just a touch. If you enjoy showering then the Grohe Euphoria SmartControl 260 Shower system is the perfect addition to your bathroom space and is designed to offer accurate control and comfort. It also offers a multitude of enjoyable innovative functions to suit all the family. The pioneering Smartcontrol technology allows you to switch between and combine both the overhead and hand shower at the touch of a button. Ecojoy allows you to conserve both energy and water.

The impressive 260mm showerhead comes with 3 differing spray patterns to invigorate and revitalise you during your showering experience. To select the desired spray pattern it requires a simple turn of the centralised button on the spray head. The hand shower also comes with Rain and SmartRain spray patterns. The Grohe TurboStat technology guarantees a constant water temperature during your shower. Enjoy a luxurious shower in style.

Remote Control Sensors for Showers and Baths:

Safety is paramount in any bathroom, and remote control sensors have become indispensable tools. Imagine a sensor that detects when your bath is close to overflowing and automatically stops the water flow, preventing potential water damage. These sensors offer peace of mind and convenience, particularly for busy households where distractions are common.

Aqualisa Rise Digital Remote Control

Aqualisa Rise Digital Remote Control

The Aqualisa Rise Digital Remote Control turns a typical shower into a dream bathroom with luxurious features. With this device, bathers can start their showers from up to 10 metres away. This makes it easy for anyone to fill a tub or let a shower warm while getting ready to bathe. It even has an LED display that lets the bather know when the shower is ready. By holding the button down, users can switch between shower heads and bath faucets. Installing the Aqualisa Rise Digital Remote Control is simple, but it requires a slim data cable that lets the device communicate with your shower or bath faucet.

Concealed Audio Systems and Speakers

For those who enjoy an immersive bathroom experience, concealed audio systems and speakers are a game-changer. With these discreetly integrated systems, you can create a soothing ambiance with your favourite music or podcasts, enhancing relaxation during bath time or setting the tone for your morning routine.

Aquavision Single Stereo Water Resistant Ceiling Speaker

Aquavision Single Stereo Water Resistant Ceiling Speaker

Introducing the Aquavision Single Stereo Water Resistant Ceiling Speaker. The perfect solution for when design constraints only allow for a single speaker! Imagine having lush, powerful stereo sound in an ultra-compact package – that’s the power of this miraculous piece of technology. It delivers both left and right stereo channels from one point, with amazing channel separation – no more sacrificing quality for space! And don’t worry about bathroom moisture ruining your listening experience: it has water resistance too, so you can keep listening to your TV even when you’re showering.

Origins Windsor 2 Tunable LED Mirror in White

Origins Windsor 2 Tunable LED Mirror in White

Opulence, comfort, and class; with the Origins Windsor 2 LED Mirror, your bathroom gets a tastefully lit area. It creates nice lighting to help you get a clear view, especially while you are dressing up for an important occasion. The white LED mirror is tunable and enables you to switch between warm white, cool white, and natural white to suit your style. This light can also be dimmed to create a soothing and romantic ambiance.

The mirror has an integrated demister pad to prevent fog and it automatically shuts down after 30 minutes. It also has an illuminated diffused border to create uniform lighting without any dark spots.

Origin’s Windsor 2 light has a dual-channel Bluetooth speaker that connects to your smartphone and lets you stream your favourite music without interruptions.

Origins Kinetic Wireless Receiver

Clever Lighting Systems

The right lighting can transform any space, and smart bathrooms are no exception. Clever lighting systems allow you to adjust the brightness and colour of your bathroom lights to match your mood or activity. From energizing cool tones to calming warm hues, these systems contribute to a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Origins Kinetic Wireless Receiver

Gain maximum control over the bathroom and living room lights with the Origins Kinetic Wireless Receiver. This easy-to-use receiver is compatible with every 240V LED lighting and ensures continuous performance for hours. The receiver covers a range of up to 25 m indoors and up to 80 m outdoor, giving you the comfort of controlling every light without getting up.

The Origins kinetic receiver has a maximum load capacity of 200W, giving you the flexibility to control LED downlights, pendant lights, extractor fans, and more. It can also be used to dim the lights via the built-in dimmer. You have to just hold the switch down to activate the dimmer.

This kinetic receiver is an energy-saving addition to your bathroom, kitchen, and living room. It uses quite a low amount of energy and adheres to the low power consumption requirements. This makes the switch an environmentally-friendly choice for every home and commercial space.

Vado i-tech Life Infra Red Basin Mixer Tap

Digital Taps

Digital taps have gained traction, especially among families with diverse needs. For households with young children or the elderly, these taps offer precise control over water temperature and flow, reducing the risk of scalding accidents. Additionally, features like touchless operation promote hygiene and ease of use for all ages.

Vado i-tech Life Infra Red Basin Mixer Tap 

Taking the obvious benefits of touchless, infra-red technology, Vado re-imagine it into a sculpted motif of contemporary living. Cast into an elegantly simple form, the Vado Life i-tech Infra Red Basin Mixer is a stunning example of design brilliance. Operate with a simple wave of the hand, the infra-red sensor activates the water flow, eliminating the need for physical contact for a clean and hygienic bathroom wash area. Operated via mains power with AA battery power backup, it has plenty of options for installation. A chrome finish ensures its sleek appearance can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe down.

Geberit Aquaclean Mera Classic Shower Toilet

Smart WCs

Smart WCs, with their advanced features like heated seats, bidet functions, and automatic lid opening and closing, have gained popularity for their enhanced comfort and hygiene. These technologically advanced fixtures redefine the bathroom experience for the better.

As we conclude our exploration of the captivating world of smart bathrooms, it’s important to acknowledge that this landscape is as dynamic as the ever-flowing water within it. The innovations we’ve delved into are just a snapshot of the constantly evolving smart technologies that are reshaping our daily rituals. From smart toilets that adapt to our preferences to showers that sync with our moods, and taps that conserve water with finesse, the possibilities seem boundless.

As we gaze into the horizon of bathroom innovation, it’s evident that new technologies will continue to emerge. These technologies will surprise us with their ingenuity and redefine the standards of convenience, luxury, and sustainability. Whether you’re an early adopter revelling in the latest advancements or a curious enthusiast anticipating the next wave of transformation. The journey through the realm of smart bathrooms is one that promises to remain endlessly fascinating. Offering ever-new ways to elevate our personal sanctuaries to unprecedented heights.

Touchless Taps from hansgrohe

We’ve a choice of 3 Touchless Taps from leading brassware brand hansgrohe currently on offer with a massive 50% saving on RRP.

The hansgrohe Focus Touchless Tap is now available at just £267.50 inc VAT, the hansgrohe Metris S Touchless Tap from £380.00 inc VAT and the stylish hansgrohe PuraVida Touchless Tap from £520.00 inc VAT.

As well as being a sleek additional to any bathroom these taps are ideal in workplaces and public areas thanks to their ‘no-touch’ operation.

These touchless wonders are packed with brilliant technology including features such as hygiene wash option, infrared sensors and water stop for when you need to clean the sink.


Toilet Maintenance

When you consider the amount times that a toilet used during its life, it is remarkable that it continues to function without having more breakdowns. Much of this can be attributed to good engineering and quality manufacture, but like any piece of apparatus, it should from time to time have some simple maintenance and we believe a little TLC! However, it’s usually not difficult or expensive to repair a toilet in the event that it is not working the way it used to and there are some ways in which things can go wrong.

Blocked Toilet

Perhaps one of the most common problems that could occur with a toilet is that it becomes blocked. Now in the normal usage this should never happen, but it does and usually it can occur at the most inconvenient moment! Of course most blockages can be cleared yourself without having to pay a plumber. Follow these steps, and you should have the problem cleared up in no time.

Firstly it is a good idea to put on some rubber gloves and if you can see the problem, a child’s toy or similar, just remove it. If this is not the case put some papers on the floor and if the water is not too high in the bowl, try one more flush, the weight of water can often be enough to clear the blockage, if this fails then the best way and usually always effective is to use a plunger.

Make sure you’re covering the hole completely. The plunger should be submerged in water to be effective. It is important to be pushing and pulling with water, not air, if necessary add a small amount of water to the bowl. This works by causing a suction which should, by constantly disturbing the blockage in both directions that will gradually cause it to be loosened. Stubborn blockages might require you to do this a number of times.

Dripping Toilet

Another problem can be a dripping toilet, not causing any problems except wasting a lot of water and keeping you awake all night! Two things can happen here, if you have an old toilet it will have an overflow pipe that allows the water to run out onto garden or driveway. Modern toilets work in a slightly different way by having the overflow running into the bowl Take the lid off the cistern and lift the ball arm, if this stops the leak, you have either a faulty valve or the arm is sticking. If the valve is faulty this may just be a worn washer and replacing will solve the problem. Turn off the water and expose the valve by removing the cover close to where the ball arm fits, this will allow the washer to be removed and replaced. Often simply turning the washer over can work. However if it is the arm that is sticking a little grease at the joint will free it.

Flushing Problems

If your toilet cistern is not flushing properly, there could be a number of reasons for this and the first thing to do is to check the level of the water in the cistern or tank. It should always be just at or below the line which you will find marked at the back of the cistern on the inside. If it is below this the ball arm will have to be adjusted, Modern toilet cisterns have a small adjusting screw where the arm meets the valve and turning this anticlockwise allows the arm to rise a little higher in the tank.

If the flushing system itself is at fault and if there is plenty of water in the tank and it does not completely empty when flushed means that the syphonic valve is faulty and will have to be replaced. This is far simpler than it may look and new modern ones will fit into most toilet cisterns. But fixing the old one can perhaps just mean that the plastic valve which allows the water in the cistern to flow through the siphon trap into the pan has become old, cracked or worn out. This can be replaced by first draining the cistern of all water by flushing, then mopping any water left with old towels. Disconnect the flushing arm inside the cistern with a suitable spanner or grips unscrew the large nut holding the flush pipe onto the base of the cistern and unscrew the retaining nut which holds the siphon to the base of the cistern. Lift out the assembly completely and take off the plastic valve off he metal plate and replace this with an identical one. Reassemble the items in reverse order and refill the cistern, checking the area around the pipe for leaks. You should now have a good flushing system again.

Villeroy & Boch Augmented Reality App

To accompany the release of Villeroy & Boch’s brand new bathroom range called Joyce, the premier bathroom manufacturer has created an augmented reality app so that you can experience the products in your own home in full interactive 3D.

Embracing the new technology we decided to give it a try and write an in-depth review of the app. The V&B Joyce Augmented App is available on both the AppStore and Google Play, and for this review we will be trying the app out on the iPad Mini.

Downloading the app is easy, simply search for V&B Augmented App and click install; the app will download and be ready to use. Next you will have to print out the AR marker from here on the Villeroy & Boch website and attach it to any wall with blue tack or tape.

Once the A marker is in place open the app and aim the devices camera at the marker, it takes a couple of seconds to recognise the marker then it displays a 3D bathroom product right on the screen.

You can choose which bathroom product to display from the Joyce range including 6 sinks, 6 vanity units, 4 cabinets, 3 toilets, 2 bidets and a whole range of bathroom accessories. This app is great for those who want to see what a particular product looks like in real life and pushes bathroom design into the future.