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The invigorating power shower

We believe that a power shower is a great assert for any home, we illustrate a number of these ultra-modern showers which have their own dedicated pump, so your power shower will dispense high pressured water with every use. Often a conventional shower can be a poor experience if the water pressure in your home is low and this may be particularly so if the shower is used at a high water temperature.

We display at our web pages a number of power showers and many come with different shower head attachments, varying flow rates and other individual features. Check through the web pages under power showers and we feel sure that you will find one that will fit your particular budget and requirements. We will be happy to discuss with you any queries that you may have about a particular power shower.

One of the very popular ones, with both the public and professional bathroom fitters, is the Bristan Hydropower 1500. This shower is an ideal choice for creating a high-pressure shower experience. With a very efficient thermostat, the Bristan 1500 will always ensure that the water is at the right temperature for you. Complete with a 3-mode handset, in addition to an Eco button

So if you are looking for a new showering experience, take a look at the Bristan 1500 and by choosing this user friendly shower, your new showering experience is just a touch of a button away.

Bristan Hydropower 1500 Power Shower

Mira elite 9.8Kw power shower

An electric shower holds many benefits over conventional showers, particularly in the summer months when the heating may be low or off. A downside to an electric shower can be low water pressure, because although you will still get a flow of water through the head it could be nothing less than weak spray. However, Mira the electric shower specialist have come up with the ideal solution with their Mira Elite 2. It takes water from your cold water tank, rather than the mains, and has a built-in pump to boost the flow.

With a smooth and accurate temperature control, and a simple on and off button which allows you to leave the temperature and power controls at your preferred setting,. Showering is a breeze. Fitted with the renowned Mira Response showerhead, with easy-clean rubber nozzles and three exciting spray patterns ‘ Start, Soothe and Force. The Mira is finished in a smart white and chrome colour and will enhance any bathroom, shower enclosure, or en-suite.

Top value shower package

A shower package is a convenient way to buy and install a top of the range shower complete with a shower tray as well as a shower waste.  UK Bathrooms have put together a number of these and one that represents tremendous value for money is the Matki Radiance Curved Corner Shower Surround in safety glass complete with specially designed shower tray including Matki Fastflow Shower Waste. Matki Glass Guard is included in the price which is offered by UK Bathrooms with free delivery included.

The Radiance Curved Door is a model of complete discretion with minimal high-lustre aluminium frames that have concealed fixings. The single sliding Curved Door in clear toughened safety glass glides effortlessly to reveal a generous opening or closes for a watertight seal that works even with power showers, the Radiance shows just how beautifully spacious showering can be.