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Geberit: Leading the Way in Sustainability in the Bathroom Industry

At a time when sustainability has become an essential part of our daily lives, it’s important to choose brands that reflect those values. Geberit is one such brand, and as an Official Partner, we are proud to be connected with them. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their products, manufacturing processes, and their continued efforts towards eco-friendly practices. In this blog, we delve into the ways Geberit is leading the way in sustainable bathroom systems.


Geberit’s Sustainable Products

Geberit’s product range is designed to promote sustainability. Their bathroom systems are built to last and are typically used for decades. Geberit’s WC cisterns are a shining example of their dedication to sustainability. Every cistern sold saves water, making it an eco-friendly option for homes and other buildings. The cisterns also come with dual flush options.

Geberit Selnova Rimfree Wall Hung WC

Ecodesign Principle

Geberit follows the Ecodesign principle, which means that every new product must be more eco-friendly than the previous model. This principle ensures that Geberit’s products not only meet high-quality standards but also reflect their commitment to sustainability. This principle also promotes the use of recycled materials. Reducing the impact on the environment. Without sacrificing quality, function, or durability for sustainability.

Geberit bathroom furniture

Conscientious Use of Resources

The brand uses plastic sparingly and recycles almost 100% of its plastic waste. The company also make a conscious effort to reduce the use of packaging. Resulting in not only being environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

EcoVadis Award Winners

Geberit EcoVadis Award Winners 2022

Geberit Group was awarded the highest platinum award from the EcoVadis platform for sustainability management for the third time in a row. Confirming Geberit’s leading role in sustainable business practices. Geberit are in the top 1% of all companies in all industries and countries listed by EcoVadis.

50 Year Guarantee on Spare Parts

The Geberit Sigma and Omega cisterns now carry a 50 years spare parts guarantee which significantly benefits the environment.

Geberit Duofix WC Frame with Omega Cistern

Environmental Benefits Of AquaClean Toilets

Did you know that the average household gets through 27.5 kilograms of toilet paper every year? A Geberit shower toilet can reduce the amount of wood used for toilet paper by 61 kilograms per annum. This equates to a tree trunk measuring 1.7 metres high and 30 centimetres in diameter.

Geberit AquaClean Mera Shower Toilet

Cleaning with water

Cleaning with water uses less water than cleaning with toilet paper. The production of toilet paper requires 2,350 litres of water per household per year. In comparison, the spray functionality of the AquaClean Mera Comfort uses just 1,500 litres. This is an annual saving of 850 litres of water, equating to almost 6 bathtubs of 150 litres each.

Saves energy and toilet paper

With a shower toilet from Geberit, you can count on high quality and low operating costs. All Geberit AquaClean models feature an economy mode. This ensures they consume no more than 0.5 watts when in standby. What’s more, this also means a household can save around 212 rolls of toilet paper a year and around £50.00.

Geberit AquaClean

(Data supplied by Geberit UK).

Sustainability Efforts of a Leading Brand

Geberit is leading the way in sustainable bathroom systems. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their products, manufacturing processes and the recognition they have received from independent sources. As an Official Partner, we are proud to be connected with a brand with such conscientious sustainability practices.

Choosing Geberit means choosing functionality, quality, and sustainability in bathroom systems.

With special thanks to David Holme, Key Account Manager – Digital Sales Geberit UK.




Wonders of Water with hansgrohe Vivenis

Discover the Wonders of Water with the hansgrohe Vivenis Range

hansgrohe are the leading bathroom brand for taps and showers. Founded in 1901 by Hans Grohe the brands passion for water has continue to grow. hansgrohe designs stand the test of time, each drop of water is considered – how it flows and how and when it hits a surface. The ingenuity and innovation in each and every product sets them apart from other manufacturers.

It is this innovation that led to the creation of Vivenis, a bathroom tap that will wow you with a totally new sensation. Think natural waterfall – clear water flowing from a mountain spring. With its slender, curved spout the hansgrohe Vivenis tap emulates a gentle waterfall. The wide spray pattern from the tap will make even washing your hands feel like a moment of indulgence.

Moments of wellbeing at the washbasin

We all live hectic lives and there is little chance to take that relaxing shower or long soak in the bath. Even though it is rituals like these that help us to feel fresh and relaxed and ready to tackle each day. So why shouldn’t washing our hands be a moment for indulgence? Vivenis and its wonderful waterfall spray will give you that feel-good experience – a quick ‘time-out’ moment.

A timeless and elegant style

Vivenis is tasteful in design, the combination of the delicate handle with the wide, flat spout emphasises the natural simplicity of the tap. It uses AirPower technology from hansgrohe. AirPower enriches the water with air, which means the water spray feels luxurious and extraordinarily gentle. The waterfall stream creates gentle and full-bodied water droplets.

Vivenis is available for wash basins, bath tubs and showers. In three finishes: chrome, matt black and matt white.

#wondersof water

Grohe nominated for German environment award

We are all now becoming more aware for the need to save our environment and resources such as water, amongst the many products that we sell at UK Bathrooms more emphasis in now being put onto systems such as dual flush cisterns and showering products that are environmentally and eco friendly.

Grohe has been at the forefront in many of the eco friendly items that can be found at our web pages, so it comes as no surprise to us that they have been named for the prestigious German Sustainability Award 2014. As a market leader, Grohe has always recognised that importance of saving resources, water energy and of course sustainable production.

We illustrate a whole range of Grohe products over 170 and one example is the Grohe Adagio Concealed Dual Flush Cistern. This uses the Grohe EcoJoy technology cited as just one reason for their nomination; the system uses 50% less water through their technology.

The Adagio is also insulated against condensation, so you will no longer see unsightly water around the toilet area. Our discounted price for this item includes all the fixing brackets and flush pipe need for a neat efficient toilet system.

The jury has placed the Grohe Company into the top three shortlisted for the “Resource Efficiency” 2014 special award.

Grohe Adagio Concealed Dual Flush Cistern

Reducing your Bathrooms Environmental Impact – Water

Although 70% of the planet is covered in water, it still is a precious resource that we must protect. It’s important to use it wisely, not just for environmental matters but also the cost to you as bills continue to rise. Although in the UK we do have prolonged periods of rain, we can still suffer droughts during the summer months, which makes it all the more important to ensure you don’t waste water in the home and reuse it where possible

Bathroom use accounts for the largest percentage of water use in the home, so if you’re looking to save water, this is the best place to start. It’s an area everyone in the household will be involved in so everyone can ensure they save water. There are a number of simple fixes which should see you losing less water and ultimately saving money. Its a win win.


Most of the water use in the bathroom comes from the toilet, it equates for around 30% in your whole home.

There are a couple of things you can do to reduce water waste from flushing your toilet.

Water Efficient Toilets

Most new toilets have duel flushing options, giving you a choice of how much water is flushed away depending on the use, compare this to the old style toilet you can save 7-9 litres of water a day.

You can also use a Cistern Displacement Device (CDD), which you install in your toilet. The CDD displaces round 1 litre of water every time you flush, saving you up to 5000 litres per year. The CDD is available free from most water suppliers and they are easy to install.


Keep an eye out for any leaks, you can check for slow leaks by adding a few drops of food colouring to your cistern. Wait and see if any coloured water leaks out in between flushes. If you detect a leak, its best to call a plumber to fix the problem. Although there will be a charge, you will be saving water, thus saving money.


Although it can be nice to relax and unwind in a bath, doing so uses more water than a shower. If you regularly have a bath, look at cutting down and opting for a quick shower instead. Also try not to fill your bath up full, to save water.


Instead of letting all that bath water drain away, add it to your water butt to water your garden. Even with bubble bath in, it’s diluted enough to be re used on your garden. You can add a low cost greywater diversion system to your home plumbing, to collect the water for you to reuse. This saves you traipsing buckets through your home.

Greywater systems can be added to collect and treat water showers, baths and wash basins, it can then be used in your garden or even for flushing your toilet. These systems can be added to new builds or existing buildings and can have an impact on your water bills once installed. It can be cost effective after an initial outlay.


Showers are the affordable option and are better for the environment than taking a bath. Most homes now have a shower fitted, with many fitting shower enclosures over a bath. They take less energy to heat, reducing your energy bill and use less water reducing your water bill.

Using water saving showerheads, will save you even more water. Aerated showerheads reduce the amount of water used by add air into the water when it comes through the head, maintaining the pressure and producing a steady even spray.

The time spent in the shower will also have an impact on water use. Currently we spend longer in the shower than we need to as a nation with longer showers on the rise. The best way to ensure you keep the time down is to set a timer. There are many schemes running to encourage people to save water by limiting the time they spend in the shower.


Quite a lot of water is wasted from using bathroom sinks, more than people are aware of however by following the simple tips below you can save a large amount of water over the course of a week.

Washing your Hands

When you wash your hands, switch off the tap whilst you’re lathering up, rather than leaving it running wasting water.

Brushing your teeth

The same applies to brushing your teeth, on switch the tap on when you need the water before and after. Do not leave the tap running whilst you’re brushing your teeth.

Fixing Leaks

A dripping tap wastes a lot of water, normally they can be easily fixed by tightening a washer inside the tap. Sometimes the washer may need replacing or there might be a more serious problem. Unless you are an expert its best to call a plumber to fix the problem, it will be more cost effective in the long term.