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Geberit: Leading the Way in Sustainability in the Bathroom Industry

At a time when sustainability has become an essential part of our daily lives, it’s important to choose brands that reflect those values. Geberit is one such brand, and as an Official Partner, we are proud to be connected with them. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their products, manufacturing processes, and their continued efforts towards eco-friendly practices. In this blog, we delve into the ways Geberit is leading the way in sustainable bathroom systems.


Geberit’s Sustainable Products

Geberit’s product range is designed to promote sustainability. Their bathroom systems are built to last and are typically used for decades. Geberit’s WC cisterns are a shining example of their dedication to sustainability. Every cistern sold saves water, making it an eco-friendly option for homes and other buildings. The cisterns also come with dual flush options.

Geberit Selnova Rimfree Wall Hung WC

Ecodesign Principle

Geberit follows the Ecodesign principle, which means that every new product must be more eco-friendly than the previous model. This principle ensures that Geberit’s products not only meet high-quality standards but also reflect their commitment to sustainability. This principle also promotes the use of recycled materials. Reducing the impact on the environment. Without sacrificing quality, function, or durability for sustainability.

Geberit bathroom furniture

Conscientious Use of Resources

The brand uses plastic sparingly and recycles almost 100% of its plastic waste. The company also make a conscious effort to reduce the use of packaging. Resulting in not only being environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

EcoVadis Award Winners

Geberit EcoVadis Award Winners 2022

Geberit Group was awarded the highest platinum award from the EcoVadis platform for sustainability management for the third time in a row. Confirming Geberit’s leading role in sustainable business practices. Geberit are in the top 1% of all companies in all industries and countries listed by EcoVadis.

50 Year Guarantee on Spare Parts

The Geberit Sigma and Omega cisterns now carry a 50 years spare parts guarantee which significantly benefits the environment.

Geberit Duofix WC Frame with Omega Cistern

Environmental Benefits Of AquaClean Toilets

Did you know that the average household gets through 27.5 kilograms of toilet paper every year? A Geberit shower toilet can reduce the amount of wood used for toilet paper by 61 kilograms per annum. This equates to a tree trunk measuring 1.7 metres high and 30 centimetres in diameter.

Geberit AquaClean Mera Shower Toilet

Cleaning with water

Cleaning with water uses less water than cleaning with toilet paper. The production of toilet paper requires 2,350 litres of water per household per year. In comparison, the spray functionality of the AquaClean Mera Comfort uses just 1,500 litres. This is an annual saving of 850 litres of water, equating to almost 6 bathtubs of 150 litres each.

Saves energy and toilet paper

With a shower toilet from Geberit, you can count on high quality and low operating costs. All Geberit AquaClean models feature an economy mode. This ensures they consume no more than 0.5 watts when in standby. What’s more, this also means a household can save around 212 rolls of toilet paper a year and around £50.00.

Geberit AquaClean

(Data supplied by Geberit UK).

Sustainability Efforts of a Leading Brand

Geberit is leading the way in sustainable bathroom systems. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their products, manufacturing processes and the recognition they have received from independent sources. As an Official Partner, we are proud to be connected with a brand with such conscientious sustainability practices.

Choosing Geberit means choosing functionality, quality, and sustainability in bathroom systems.

With special thanks to David Holme, Key Account Manager – Digital Sales Geberit UK.




The best of the best bathroom brands

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Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? Look no further than UK Bathrooms. As a pure online retailer we have been supplying the best of the best in bathroom brands for years, providing customers with a wide selection of luxury options. From Villeroy & Boch and hansgrohe to Dornbracht and Duravit, UK Bathrooms has everything you need to create an opulent and comfortable space.

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When it comes to shopping for a new bathroom, there are many benefits to choosing a retailer like UK Bathrooms. Not only do we have a massive selection of products—including high-end brands such as Crosswater, Keuco, Abode, Geberit, Grohe, Laufen and more—but we also offer free delivery on orders over £500. Additionally, our website is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate; so you can find exactly what you’re looking for without any hassle.

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Villeroy & Boch

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Luxury Bathroom Brands – Best Quality

This is a walk-in shower / wetroom with a double shower, the shower is a brushed brass finish, against a pink styled marble backddrop.


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Geberit Ceramics: Lowest price guaranteed with UK Bathrooms

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Let’s celebrate the Wimbledon game together!

UK Bathrooms is celebrating the start of Wimbledon today! Are you ready for a very British party? Let’s put some ideas together to celebrate the big event even you are not in the tennis court watching the game!

(Resources: Wimbledon Official)

Strawberries and Cream

During Victorian times, Strawberries were a modern fruit to eat. Strawberries were also in the season when Wimbledon games were playing. Therefore many people happened to think Wimbledon as ‘Tennis in an English garden”, Strawberries and Cream is definitely essential for the occasion.

The Tipple

Never mind who wins or loses, as long as we are all enjoying a glass in the great British summer time! We are giving you the gorgeous Villeroy & Boch Crystal Glass set for free when you place a Matki order over £500 or more.
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Crisp White Clothing

We all know the Wimbledon uniform colour is white! And at UK Bathrooms we have so many Wimbledon inspiring colour bathroom products available for you to follow the Wimbledon traditional colour all year round.

Geberit Toilet

Matki Showering

Crosswater basin

Roca Vanity Unit

Mixer from Hansgrohe

Soap Dish by Hansgrohe

We hope you all enjoy the Wimbledon game this summer!!

Upgrade your bathing space into a smart bathroom

There are so many smart and cool gadgets out there for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other living spaces. But, have you ever considered turning your bathing area into a smart bathroom? You can find a wide range of smart products from us here at, and they offer very useful features as you can imagine. Here are a few items that can make your life much easier and your new bathroom even better.

Smart Mirrors

Bauhaus Revive 1.0 LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

If you enjoy singing out loud to your favourite tune in the shower or relaxing with a glass of wine in a hot bath a Bluetooth speaker hidden behind the 5mm toughened glass will provide you with the best music experience.

Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirrors

The above picture is the Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirror

Designed to be adjustable in 3 dimensions, the magnifying mirror can be angled depending on how you need it when applying makeup or shaving. A wall mounted control and power supply plus low voltage connecting cable are provided as standard. This can also be recessed into the wall so the cables are hidden. Choose from a square or a round shape to suit any bathroom design scheme.

Digital Shower and bath

Crosswater Digital Kai Lever Shower Kits

Digital technology has improved the showering experience to the next level, allowing for perfect tuning of thermostatic controls. It finds the perfect shower temperature with precise and sophisticated controls. Now you can shower how you like to, every single time.

Aqualisa Quartz Smart Bath Filler with Digital Control

You can add this smart digital control to any bath. Temperature and flow rate are both controlled by a smart wall mounted LED which is very simple to operate. A single stop and start button in the centre sets the whole process and a temperature ring around the outside let you adjust the temperature to exactly what you desire. Furthermore, either low or high-pressure versions can be specified to match your water supply.

Shower Toilet

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Shower Toilet

The AquaClean Mera from Geberit is a masterpiece of function and design. It offers a level of sophistication and comfort that you have never been experienced before in toilet technology. The AqualClean is a shower toilet that blends into any bathroom environment and is completed with revolutionary comfort technology. It’s a long list when talking about its key features, but the leading features are its warm water oscillating spray, paired with a heated seat and warm air blow drying after use. Geberit AquaClean Mera is a monument to what it means to experience and enjoy deluxe comfort.


Geberit flush plates

Geberit is a Swiss based international group which specialises in the manufacture and supply of sanitary parts and fittings and is, without question, one of the leaders in this field throughout Europe and, through its subsidiaries, one of the most important worldwide.

Since its inception in 1874, Geberit has grown in size, particularly in the 1970’s and onward and now is represented in most countries in the world. During that period it has been the recipient of numerous awards for the company’s innovations, product design and its strong focus on sustainability some of which have been for their flush plates.

Examples of four of these flush plates are, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate, this sleek cutting edge technology gives the user the ability to control toilet waste with a wave of the hand ensures a hygienic and clean environment. Available either in black or mirrored glass, it requires only hand motions to flush the toilet after use.

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

An alternative is the Geberit Sigma10 Flush Plate which utilises the latest in modern technology, an efficient flush activation mechanism, with the option of a dual flush operation as well as an automatic flush option. Focussing on hygiene, the Sigma 10, does away with the need for flush handles ensuring a cleaner and safer bathroom environment, simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to operate the flush mechanism. The Sigma 10 is offered in seven different colour mixes and is suitable for installation in public conveniences.

Geberit Sigma 10 Touchless Flush Plate

The Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate “does just what it says on the tin” it operates a dual flush to your toilet, but not only that it looks neat and as you would expect from Geberit, clean and attractive. Offered in three different styles to match your decor, white, matt chrome and bright chrome, the Bolero Dual flush can be described as the perfect option for the modern bathroom, which has been designed around the Geberit concealed cistern UP320.

Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate

Similar in operation the Bolero Dual flush but featuring circular flush buttons in place of the rectangular style, the Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate, is another 21st century way to operate toilet flushing. Again by choosing the button most suitable, the Kappa 20 will provide a short or a long flush to your toilet. This flush plate is also designed to operate in conjunction with concealed cisterns which increasingly feature in today’s bathroom; in this case we recommend the Duofix 82cm & 98cm frames and the UP200 concealed cistern.

Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate

Geberit Sigma 10 Touchless Mains Operated Flush Plate

Over a period of 140 years, Geberit has moved from being a family run business to a global public company. It has long been recognised that Geberit is the European market leader in sanitary technology and has long been regarded as a pioneer, constantly setting trends and innovating product ideas that help in the conservation of water. The impressive product range is designed for use in new building as well as where renovation is being considered, particularly with a view to modernisation.

Geberit has long recognised the need for better hygiene, and one of the first innovations was in 1978 when they introduced, the then revolutionary, Geberit toilet with a shower function. Although slow to be accepted at first in Europe, the product became very successful, nowhere more so than in Japan, where it became an overnight success!

One of the increasingly popular items from Geberit found at the UK Bathrooms web page is a system that allows the toilet to be flushed without having to press a button or turn a handle and the Geberit Sigma 10 Touchless flush plate is proving to be a winner. This 21st century touchless plate not only uses the latest in today’s technology, but it has a very sleek look and it also presents a low anti-vandal profile.

The Sigma 10 is available in seven colour mixes, is equipped with water-saving dual-flush technique, with an option for a battery operated version if preferred. Naturally the Geberit Sigma 10 is offered to you at UK Bathrooms unbeatable low prices, which are the cheapest to be found anywhere and can be delivered to you in just one or two days.

Geberit Sigma 10

Geberit Sigma40 DuoFresh Odour Extraction Flush Plate

Ventilation and clean air in a bathroom or company washroom is not only very desirable, but sensible too. This is often achieved by the use of extractor systems, but these are sometimes difficult to install in some areas. However Geberit has designed a system that ensures that bathrooms and washrooms can maintain good quality clean air whenever they are used.

By utilising a system of replaceable carbon filters the air in these rooms is clean and fresh, the Geberit Sigma40 is quiet compact and very efficient in use. The wall-mounted unit is as easy to maintain as it to use and the filters are easily accessible when these need replacing. The air is cleansed and re-circulated into the area unlike other systems which mask and smell with heady perfumes. Programmed to shut off after ten minutes of use, energy consumption is kept to an environmentally-friendly minimum and the bathroom odour free.

Available in a range of attractive colours which are black, white, umbra glass, white glass, and black glass, the Geberit 40 flush plate should be matched to the Geberit DuoFresh WC Frame 1.12m with Odour Extraction.

Monza Basin, WC, Shower & Bath Suite

You cannot fail to be impressed with the stylish Monza bathroom suite package, which includes items from top manufacturers including, Hansgrohe, Matki, and Villeroy & Boch. The designer washbasin is the Subway semi pedestal from Villeroy & Bosch fitted with a Hansgrohe Focus single lever mixer tap with an adjustable temperature restrictor and aerator. The close coupled floor standing WC is a matching unit from the same manufacturer. Add to this the Carron Quantum SE 1700mm bath tub which comes with the perfectly matching Hansgrohe Monotrou single lever mixer tap, Geberit pop-up waste and overflow and Vitra Optima front bath panel.

Many would be pleased with this combination but added to the package is Hansgrohe Croma 100 multi combi 65m shower set in a modern bar design, which includes shower mixer with pre-adjustable hot water restriction, noise reducing connections and multi hand shower, enclosed within the RCC Radiance 900mm curved corner shower surround complete with tray. A designer bathroom suite that will impress and at a surprisingly low price.