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Are we seeing the Death of the Bath?

Recently we researched the buying habits of our customers, here at UK Bathrooms. We noticed the trend when buying a new bathroom suite was that many people opted for shower enclosures rather than bath tubs. In the past 12 months we have seen a 54% decrease in bath orders whilst at the same time a 72% increase in shower enclosures. More information on our study can be found here at; Death of the British Bath.

Small bathroom with shower over bath

Small Bathroom with shower over bath

As we are living increasingly busy lives, the opportunity to relax and have a nice hot bath have disappeared. Instead we look to clean ourselves as quickly and as easily as possible. This coupled with the fact that people are constantly short of space in their houses, especially new builds, it makes sense to fit a space saving shower cubical rather than a bath. This means not only do you clean quicker it’s you also have more space.

Small bathroom with a space saving shower enclosure

Space saving shower enclosure

Many people who bought a shower enclosure or walk in showers from us said that they chose this option over buying a new bath with a shower over because of the space saved and the time saved showering. However this was something they only considered when re-modelling their bathroom. With many happy to stick with a shower over a bath until they could afford to make changes.

Wet room bathroom also works in small spaces

wet room 4

Shower cubicles, shower enclosures, walk in showers and wet rooms are available at UK Bathrooms. Each can fit small and unique spaces, coming in a range of sizes and styles so there is something to suit yours and your family’s needs and the space you have. We also specialise in en-suite bathrooms, where many people choose to fit a shower instead of a bath due to size constraints of these added rooms. We also have a wonderful range of baths, if you still like the option of taking a bath.