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Illuminating Your Way to a Beautiful Bathroom

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Your bathroom is more than just a functional space for daily routines, it’s a sanctuary where you rejuvenate and unwind. The right lighting can make all the difference, setting the tone and atmosphere for your daily rituals. A well-designed lighting scheme can highlight your bathroom décor, creating a stunning backdrop for your daily routines. So how do you get it right? Here’s everything you need to know about bathroom lighting.

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Why is good bathroom lighting so important?

Good lighting is essential for creating a practical and comfortable space. A combination of task lighting and ambient lighting provides the perfect balance for any bathroom. Task lighting helps illuminate specific areas in your bathroom, such as the vanity or the shower, while ambient lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Proper lighting can also enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom, highlighting architectural details, textures, and finishes.

Forum Scorpious Bathroom Lighting

What are the different types of lighting in a bathroom?

Task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting are the three main types of lighting found in a bathroom. Task lighting is necessary for shaving, applying makeup, and other grooming activities. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas such as a painting, a decorative tile feature, or a plant.

Keuco Edition 400 Light Mirror

What are the different styles of lighting?

The style of lights you choose for your bathroom will depend largely on your décor style. For traditional or classic designs, chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendants with intricate detailing create an elegant and timeless look. Modern or contemporary designs favour simple and sleek lighting fixtures, such as recessed lights, linear chandeliers, or strip lighting. Mid-century style lighting features retro-inspired designs with bold lines and shapes. Rustic or farmhouse-style bathrooms often use pendant lighting, wrought iron chandeliers, or lantern-style fixtures.

When choosing lighting for your bathroom, pay attention to the size, number, and placement of the fixtures. Consider the color temperature of the bulbs; warm white or natural white works best for a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t forget to use dimmable lighting to set the mood and adjust to your preference.

Burlington Edwardian Single Wall Light

Final Thoughts

A well-designed lighting scheme can transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, blending ambient, task, and accent lighting can create a functional and relaxing space that meets your needs. When designing your bathroom lighting, remember to choose quality fixtures that are safe for bathroom use, create balance and harmony, and enhance the overall ambiance of your space. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and functional space that you’ll love for years to come.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

We often get asked how to make a small bathroom look bigger, without going to the expense of a complete bathroom remodel. Here are a few tips and ideas that can make your space look larger than it actually is.

Villeroy & Boch Venticello

Keep your bathroom clutter free and simple

By far, the easiest and most effective way to make a small space appear larger is to keep it free of clutter.  Less is more in this case, keep the space simple and as minimal as possible. Organisation is key so bathroom storage is important to give you somewhere to keep your toiletries and any cleaning products. This will give a small bathroom a lighter, more open feel. We love the bathroom storage in the VitrA Sento range, Scandi styling, modern and offering a great choice in colour, size and storage options.

VitrA Sento in Matt Fjord Green

Don’t clutter your vanity unit with beauty products or other items keep them tucked away and one or two pieces to decorate such as a plant or candle.

Paint all four walls the same

While most of us love an accent wall this will make the space look smaller so we’d recommend keeping all four of your bathroom walls the same colour. And when it comes to colour keep it lighter.  Lightly coloured walls will open up your space and make it look and feel bigger than it is.

Light walls give the illusion of space

Choose wall mounted

Small spaces will look bigger if you choose wall mounted bathroom furniture and a wall mounted toilet. These will appear to be floating and give the idea of ‘space’ adding to the openness of your bathroom overall. It’s all about illusion – your eye will be drawn to the space underneath these objects and that gives the illusion of more space. A great wall mounted WC is the Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Direct Flush Rimless Wall Hung Toilet.  This bundle includes everything you need for a complete installation, including the wall-hung pan, soft-close seat and rimless flush technology.

Villeroy & Boch Subway 2,0 Wall Hung Rimless Toilet with DirectFlush

Install well-placed lighting

Bad lighting can make even the biggest room feel tiny. Consider adding lighting around your vanity or putting in some recessed lighting in the ceiling. The Origins Arc LED strip reel is available in either Warm White or Natural White and can be used around your bathroom vanity unit, mirror or along any countertop. It can work wonders to brighten up the space. And if you can add a window for some natural light, that is even better. The key is to make your space as bright as possible, which will create a much more open and inviting atmosphere.

Origins Arc LED strip reel lighting

A space for you and your family to enjoy

Follow these tips and whatever size your bathroom is will look and feel much bigger, a space that you and your family can enjoy.

The universal mirror cabinet for every bathroom – KEUCO ROYAL MATCH

As the leader in premium bathrooms, Keuco is launching a new product from the Keuco Royal Match range. This time, in addition to the classic on-wall model, an elegant semi-recessed model is available. The Keuco Royal Match -semi-recessed mirror cabinet as the concealed storage solution is going to amaze guests and bring your bathroom up to an even higher standard.

What is special about the Royal Match semi-recessed model?

The Intelligent Lighting Concept

The unique function of the ROYAL MATCH is the LED lighting on the sides. Regardless of whether the mirror doors are closed or opened, the lighting illuminates the reflective surface and ensuring perfect lighting at each angle. The long LED’s on the sides supply uniform and glare-free illumination of the face with their efficient 3000K warm-white light.

You can control the light to any level via the discreet, centrally located electronic sensor switch. In low light (morning or night), the LED lighting at the switch can also be used as a guiding light

Generous Storage Space

Keuco Royal Match provides an individually organisable storage space. And its appealing design makes the ROYAL MATCH from Keuco the universal mirror cabinet for every bathroom.

Once installed, the semi-recessed mirror cabinet appears to be a slim illuminated-mirror from the outset, projecting only 67mm out from the wall. The generous storage space is cleverly concealed in the wall out of sight, avoiding any bulky units overhanging your washbowl. Furthermore, thanks to the shallow installation depth of only 82 mm, it is also suitable for thin drywall.

Premium Interior Design

The ROYAL MATCH features an exclusive white-lacquered rear glass panel. The central divider of the glass shelves allows you to adjust the heights of the shelves, to organise things according to your personal needs. The electric sockets inside are just as practical as the pivoting doors which are mirrored on both sides, which give a generous all-round view while primping and grooming!

The high-quality aluminium edges emphasise its elegant design. The ROYAL MATCH has a premium aluminium body that guarantees a long lifespan and is simple to take care of. With its modern and rectilinear design language, which balances with almost any style. The ROYAL MATCH mirror is a visual treat in any bathroom.  KEUCO guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years.

If you have any query or need further information, please contact UK Bathrooms sales team.

Design ideas to inspire your cloakroom

When planning installation of a cloakroom, the main goal is to make the best use of a small space and create the illusion of the cloakroom being larger.
You can achieve this goal easily if you choose the perfect colour, room layout, specially designed cloakroom and compact bathroom-furniture.

Use Brighter Colour

Generally, light colours make a room look bigger and brighter.
Lighter, brighter coloured wall is more reflective and it can help to maximise the effect of the light available.

Vanity Unit and basin

Choose a compact vanity unit for your slimline basin, it will provide you extra storage for a smaller space.
This would be perfect for you to hide spare toilet rolls, cleaning products and toiletries inside.
Keeps the outside clutter free!

A floating or wall hung vanity unit can make the illusion of space.
It opens up more of the visible floor space which creates the illusion of a larger surface area.
Or if you are looking for traditional style, this Roper Rhodes Hampton Cloakroom Unit creates a feeling of period classic with its hand-painted finishes.

Roper Rhodes Hampton Cloakroom Unit

The above picture is the Roper Rhodes Hampton Cloakroom Unit

This Britton All in one Floorstanding Vanity & Basin provides the best efficient use of the space.
it holds loo roll and brush!

A well-placed mirror

Use of a well-placed mirror can create the illusion of a greater bathroom space, reflecting the available light and giving the impression of further space at eye level.
Make sure you position it correctly, so you can use a focal point and angle to give the illusion of depth.
Mirrors will also reflect light to make a room brighter and bigger.
A stunning combination of light and glass, this Vitra T4 Single Door Illuminated Mirror Cabinet provides you extra lighting and also satisfy all your personal grooming needs.

Door positioning

Burlington 500mm Wall Hung Toilet

The above picture is the Burlington 500mm Wall Hung Toilet

If possible make sure your door opens outwards, or even choose sliding or folding door to create the least impact in the room.
These are sometimes called “pocket doors” and slide into the door frame and wall cavity area.
Opening the room up without worrying about hitting bathroom furniture or having to shuffle around the door into the room!

Extractor Fans

Generally, unless you’re lucky, there is no window in a cloakroom. Therefore a good ventilation is important here.
This Vectaire X-Mart Advanced Deluxe Axial Fan operates at a quiet 37 decibels and takes just 15 Watts to power.
The low noise, low energy fan is an efficient way of keeping bathrooms clear of excess moisture and odours.


Simple tips for the renovation of a small bathroom

For many it can be a challenge renovating a small bathroom, fittings and space are the main challenges that most people face. Design ideas are not only focused on the fittings because you can still remodel your bathroom without adding anything and retaining all the current fittings that you have. Let us suggest a few ways that can make your small bathroom better.

Most bathrooms have tiling in them, tiles prevent water from discolouring decorations and they are easily cleaned and can enhance the room. We would not suggest that you remove and replace these unless they are in a poor state; the glaze is crazed or discoloured for example. No take a look at the walls which are not covered by tiling and choose a new colour based upon the design of your tiles, we would suggest using a lighter colour if possible, if the tiles are all white, then a subtle light colour which will make a small space appear larger.

Lighting is an area which we believe can really make a bathroom appealing, forget the single light hanging from a cord in the centre of the room, many different styles of wall and ceiling lights, plus clever lighting on mirrors and cabinets gives any size of bathroom a luxury look and feel.

The biggest problem that we see in small bathrooms is unnecessary clutter and items of toiletries on windows baths and wash basins. Take out items that really do not belong there or have only been used a couple of times over the last year or so. If you do not have a suitable cabinet to store the items in, the best advice is to get a vanity unit. There are some stunning vanity units now available and many of these come with basin, taps and pop up waste already fitted, they are not expensive and very simple to fit, your plumber can do this job in a very short time, especially if an old pedestal style or wall fitting basin is removed.

Phoenix Ciro Marango Base Unit and Basin

UK Bathrooms – helping you add technology to your bathroom

Bathrooms have come a long way from being a pit toilet encased in an outhouse to being one of the most important rooms in a modern house. The bathroom hasn’t really changed much since Victorian times with the basic premise of it having a bath, toilet and sink, but now with modern technology a bathroom can now have the benefits and entertainment devices of the rest of the house.

Here at UK Bathrooms we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the bathroom market and provide you with some of the most technologically advanced accessories and products to help you create the most relaxing environment. Here are some of our favourite bathroom gadgets.

Aquavision 40″ Framed Waterproof LED TV

Bring your bathroom into the 21st Century with an Aquavision Waterproof LED TV; these wall mounted TV’s add a wow factor to any bathroom and are great for those who like to unwind and relax in style.

Available in three colours, the Aquavision 40″ Framed Waterproof LED TV features a Full HD screen, Freeview digital and analogue tuners, 2 x HDMI sockets and full scart connection making this a fully-fledged entertainment system.

The special edition Mirrorvision TV features a mirrored finish when the television is off making it perfect for shaving and applying make-up, and the included Sky Link receiver means that you can watch your favourite Sky programs at a touch of a button.

Bathroom TV

Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths

For those of you that enjoy listening to music while you bathe the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System is the ideal choice. This kit contains 2 transducers, 6 acoustic panels, a Bluetooth receiver and control box, all of which can be installed without the need of a professional and is hidden away neatly under the bath.

Once set up the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System connects to any Bluetooth device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or laptop so you can play your favourite music playlists as you relax and unwind.

Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths

Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead

Shower lovers will rejoice at the new Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead, it not only looks beautiful but also features Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology that reduces water consumption.

This showerhead also features a QuickClean system for easy removal of lime scale and mineral deposits.

Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Toilets don’t escape the technology treatment either with the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate. This innovative device is no longer a feature in five star hotel toilets, it can also feature in your luxurious bathroom too.

This touchless dual flush plate can be programmed with five different LED colours and has options to adjust the sensitivity or allow the unit to flush as soon as the toilet has been used. The Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate fits to most existing Geberit concealed cisterns and is available in black or mirrored black finishes.Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Technology is a great thing, so why not embrace it in your new bathroom.

Concept Shower Trays from Kaldewei

The original concept of the now familiar shower tray was manufactured form a ceramic or fireclay, the material used to make Belfast sinks or urinal slabs, now it is more likely that you will see trays which are formed from acrylic, the same as acrylic baths.

However things have now moved in a completely different direction and from Kaldewei, a German family company, long regarded as the leading manufacturer of baths in Europe, there is a range of shower trays which are manufactured in the same way as their 3.5mm steel baths and offered in a range of colours. These have an easy clean finish, and you can have the added anti-slip addition ensuring that your feet are kept safely on the tray.

The range of shower trays from Kaldewei  includes both square and oblong shapes all of which are offered in many sizes and depths. The Conoflat range are a stunning completely flat series of shower trays which ensures that tripping is a thing of the past and the water outlet is skilfully designed to fit seamlessly into the shower tray’s surface. There are no less than thirty-three sizes from which you can choose ranging small at 800x800mm through to large at 1000x1800mm.

Conoflat Shower Tray

Kaldewei Conoflat Steel Shower tray 2

More traditionally the Duschplan range of shower trays are from the classic modern design of which we are more familiar and these can be integrated into your bathroom design. These are 6.5mm deep, in four dimensions. Superplan shower trays are an impressive 2.5mm in height and are ideal for floor level installation offered in a wide range of dimensions from which you can choose, the Superplan easily fits into every bathroom.

Duschplan Shower Tray

Kaldewei Duschplan Steel Shower tray

Ladoplan shower trays are a brilliant concept with clever design to collect the water which ebbs away to one side of the tray. The very name of this product is derived from Spanish “el lado” which translates to the side aptly describing how, like a beach, the water moves away, a brilliant and spacious floor level shower tray.

Ladoplan Shower Tray

Kaldewei Ladoplan Steel Shower tray

In the same way as their baths are regarded as being amongst the best in Europe, we are confident that the range of shower trays from Kaldewei will excite and will in no way disappoint.


Change the look of your bathroom

Refreshing the look of your present bathroom does not have to involve replacing everything; it can be as simple as replacing tired items such as bathroom cabinets and mirrors also taking a close look at the lighting in the room, which can be a very cost effective way of giving it a new look. Changing your bathroom lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom, by simply changing the light fixtures your bathroom can appear modern and new.

This can be achieved by fitting one of the many illuminated bathroom mirrors and is a superb way of transforming your bathroom for low cost. The mirror will not only open up your bathroom but the lighting on the mirror will make it appear stylish and chic. Mirror lights for bathrooms are the perfect choice. For example the HIB Shavolite Frosted Glass Mirror Light can be positioned either horizontally or vertically and has a cleverly concealed chrome sliding cover, which hides the shaver socket on this stylish modern light.