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Top Bathroom Trends for 2018

Following up the holiday season, the beginning of the New Year is always the most exciting time to plan something new and fresh!

We are looking into the latest bathroom trends for 2018.

If you are looking to invest in a bathroom remodel, you’ll be wondering what are the popular current materials, textures or styles. And what are the latest designer innovations in bathroom technology?

Brass finishes

AXOR Uno Select Basin Mixer 80

The above picture is the AXOR Uno Select Basin Mixer 80

The tonal metallic touch is not specifically a brand new trend, however, is not going anywhere soon.
Especially the choice of Brass! It brings a warm golden tone to your bathroom design and ramps up the luxury feel instantly.

The AXOR Uno Select presents the newest Hansgrohe brassware technology, the select control provides simple temperature control over the tap.

Blends with natural materials

A key material that brings a tactile natural element into your bathroom design is wood.

This walnut colour Bauhaus Glide II Wall Hung Vanity Unit provides a warm tone and handcrafted feel to your bathroom design.

This is an excellent example of the elegant mixture of natural materials that can be suitable for a modern bathroom design.

The units finish is fully proofed and tested for family bathroom use, so you can rest assured there will be no distorting and splitting on the unit.

Burlington Low Level Toilet

The above picture is the Burlington Low Level Toilet

You can also add more of a natural element by using an oak toilet seat.

It fits really well with a traditional style bathroom and is much more attractive than a generic white plastic seat.

Innovative solutions


The above video is the Aqualisa Q Smart Concealed Shower with Wall Mounted Fixed Head

Who doesn’t like the improvement of technology? This high-tech Aqualisa Q Smart Concealed Shower will make your life so much easier.

The innovative technology allows you to turn your shower on from as far as 10 meters away.

The display screen will also show you when your favoured temperature has been reached, ready for you to jump into the shower!

Showering the Next level – The Shower

More than just stylish showers are very practical which is why they are the choice for most people as part of their daily routine. There are a number of different shower options available: from basic and affordable showers to luxury showers and water saving showers.

One of the most common types of shower, are mixer showers. These take hot and cold water from you water system allowing you to get the perfect temperature. Mixer showers can be powerful, depending on your water pressure. The other option is an electric shower: cold water is taken from your mains supply and heated by the heating element in the shower, when the water flows past. Electric showers are a good option for those with large families or those who use a lot of hot water as you don’t rely on a boiler. The can be use any time of day and heat up straight away.

Shower heads 1

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes; from basic single function shower heads to multi-function shower heads with pulsating massage and different flow options. Fixed overhead and waterfall and rainfall showers to LED light up shower heads from Phoenix. You can choose from designs which will fit modern and contemporary as well as classic bathrooms from a wide range of manufacturers. Showers can also be fitted with duel shower heads, including fixed and moveable shower heads from Imperial or options for a two person shower.

LED shower heads

There are also a number of options available for the ultimate shower experience with body jets. These are fixed in the wall and adjustable to hit your body pretty much from every angle. They can be placed at any height and work well as a massage function, depending on the strength of the water jet.

Fixed and jets

Check out for our comprehensive range of showers, shower trays and shower enclosures.

Grand Designs Watch – Japanese Home

Tamayo Hussey, moved to the UK with her husband Nigel, however since she moved here she has missed Japan very much. The changes and culture shock inspired the couple to build a Japanese inspired home to ward off her home sickness. In the Wye Valley they bought a house which came on a nice plot of land. The house wasn’t very good, so they say goodbye to that to build their dream house by altering it completely.

Houses in Japan are built from light materials, and only last around 20 years, however this is due to the risk of earthquakes, so it is safer and easier. Hoping to improve the current house, by making blend into the surroundings better than brick, with Japanese larch wood. Inside, room plans will be open plan and free flowing featuring a number of Japanese influences with tatami room and sliding paper walls and roof bath.

Like many home builders, the couple are doing as much of the project themselves to save money as well as not having an architect on site or anyone to project manage the build. They estimate the project will take 9 months, but that never works. So can the couple beat all the hurdles they come across?

Like much of the house, the bathroom features sleek and simple fixtures and fittings which flowed throughout the whole space. It included a simple counter top wash bowl sat atop a wooden unit with a simple mixer tap. For the simplicity, the Bauhaus Countertop Washbowl fits the bill along with the wonderfully designed Adamez Eclipse i Double Ended inset Bath. All these wonderful pieces can be found on our Grand Designs Page, if you are looking for inspiration.

Japanese Home Grand Designs

For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Apollo Torino White Electric Radiator 450mm

You have created a delightful cloakroom form an unused cupboard and fitted it out with one of the many cloakroom suites that can now be bought but there is still one thing that it requires to complete the room; you need a towel rail or holder. So why not complete the cloakroom with one of the many electrical towel warmers you can see on our web pages which are easy to install?

The Apollo Radiator is a functional and well-designed electric radiator and is a great way to improve heat flow in a space with limited square footage. Your unused cupboard space is unlikely to have had a central heating circuit within easy reach so fitting the Apollo is ideal.

This radiator is finished in an attractive pure white, and measures 450 mm wide, you can choose a number of height options from 700 mm to 1500 mm. This gives a range of heat outputs from which you can choose, depending on the total area of the cloakroom; these outputs range from 200 watts to 450 watts, according to the radiator size.

Product testing and assembly occurs in the United Kingdom, and meets all safety requirements to prevent injury. The radiator comes in either a straight or curved design, so it is functional in just about any space. Not just a device to hang your towels but it warms the room too.

Francis Pegler Ebro Bath Shower Mixer

If you do not have a shower installing one is really quite an easy thing to do, all you need is a bath shower mixer, a rail and shower curtain and then you have a shower over your bath. A better and one of the more permanent ways would be to choose from the many hinged or fixed glass shower screens form the pages on our site.

The Francis Pegler Ebro bath shower mixer is modern looking and very efficient in use. Along with other Pegler products this bath shower mixer is made to the highest possible standard using only top quality materials and carrying the usual manufacturer 10 year guarantee. Operation is simple and the levers are ¼ turn making it easy even for even those people who may have a poor grip. Although the mixer requires a minimum operating pressure 0.3 bar it will work at high pressures too.

Aeon Zephyr Radiator

If you are fitting out a new home or are considering changing the layout and decor of your current sitting room, this could be the time to think about buying a radiator that will make a clear statement about you. Is it not time to get away from the drab ordinary, although undoubtedly efficient panel radiator? We would like to suggest that you look at the Aeon Zephyr radiators which are clearly different and suggest that you have made a subtle choice.

These are designed for hot water systems either direct or indirect and are available in five sizes. With the Zephyr, perfection has reached new heights and you will quickly appreciate the cool lines and of course the efficient warmth that you and your family will appreciate. Available in a brushed or a mirror finish the Aeon Zephyr will be a stunning but subtle addition to your home.

Do not leave it too late to upgrade

With the long summer nights with us it is easy to forget that, for many of us we had a very cold winter and long periods of frost and snow. During this period did you think that your radiators were not giving out sufficient heat? The chances are that they may have become affected by years of use and it is no secret that today’s modern radiators are far more efficient than their older counterparts.

If you are considering an upgrade to a modern radiator you should be thinking about contacting your heating engineer whilst the summer is with us and before they get busy. The radiators of today are sleek modern and ultra efficient and you will see a wide range at our web pages from which you can choose. Just one example from the multitude is the Aestus Sorano Designer Radiator which is offered in two sizes and three finishes. All these radiators are manufactured from high quality stainless steel tube and these stunning ‘wave style’ radiators are available in polished, satin or decor stainless steel finishes.

Aestus Stradivari Designer Radiator

This great radiator designed by Italian architect Luca Scacchetti, the Stradivari designer radiator is manufactured from stainless steel and features a soft looking satin finish which will give a brilliant new look to your living room. In common with all Aztec radiators the Stradivari is manufactured from high quality stainless steel tube and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Ranging in size and heat outputs from 1150mm x 420mm heat output of 1654btu, to the top model 660mm x 2100mm heat output 4757btu, this is one of the Aestus radiators which forms the backbone of a new range entitled ‘Collection Inox’. Stradivari is formed from a series of rectangular panels with strategically placed cut outs resulting in a sculptural piece which is rather reminiscent of piano keys emphasising this musically named radiator.

Zehnder Altai Horizontal Radiator Double Panel

The unique Altai is a central heating radiator available to be fitted in either horizontal or vertical format and with its slim-line single or double tubes, it can meet any central heating requirement. Zehnder offers a wide variety of styles and designs, ranging from contemporary to traditional, towel rails and central heating only radiators.

The Zehnder Altai Horizontal Radiator, which was formerly known as the Acova Altai has flat vertical tubes (section 38 x 10, 25 mm) in double formation and this decorative radiator is ideally suited for replacement or as a new addition to any central heating system. Available in three sizes, 800(w) x 610(h) mm – double panel, 1000(w) x 610(h) mm – double panel and 1200(w) x 610(h) mm – double panel, with a RAL 9016 paint finish, electrophoretically applied.

Choosing the right bathroom tap

Choosing the right taps for your bathroom can really make a difference to the look of your bathroom but it can get a little confusing as there is such a huge choice of styles, types, finishes, shapes and sizes. Your choice of bathroom taps will depend on many factors including the style or finish of other components in your bathroom. The design of the bath or basin, is it one hole or two and some baths require wall or freestanding taps.

Do you require a bath shower mixer or have you a separate shower to take care of your showering?  The type of heating system that is present in your property can also have an effect on the choices available to you. Many continental bathroom taps are designed to work with high pressure heating systems, but a large proportion of UK heating systems operate using low pressure hot water.

The Axor Starck Two Handled Thermostatic Bath Mixer is an example of a wall mounted mixer tap from top manufacturer Hansgrohe. The Axor Starck owes its modernity to an uncompromising minimalism and the design is thought to be reminiscent of the forking of the river, a truly beautiful product that is extremely efficient as well.