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Bathroom necessities.. from WC frames to radiator valves!

Villeroy & Boch Finion

A new bathroom can take ages to plan and get exactly right from the layout to the choice of products. Once we have a layout that works aesthetically and practically ie position of toilet reliant on soil pipe location, then we tend to focus on the ‘main’ products we’d like to include such as the bath, shower, vanity unit, WC and brassware. These products will be the ones that set the style of our bathroom, whether contemporary or traditional.

What can be equally as important, but often neglected, are the products that are necessary for function, and can sometimes add to the finished look. For example a new towel radiator will ideally need matching radiator valves. If your brassware finish is the on trend brushed brass, gold, copper or black then your basin waste, bath filler, bath waste can be supplied to match. And, if you have an exposed bottle trap then this too can be in a finish to match.






You may opt for a sleek, minimal look with a wall hung WC – UK Bathrooms has a great choice of these but again don’t forget that a wall hung WC needs a concealed cistern with a flush plate, the cistern can be hidden in a wall or purpose built boxing. We’d always recommend a reputable, quality brand for both frame and flush plate – these products should be durable and built to last.

If you need any help or advice when placing your order contact [email protected] or call 01765 694720.

Kinedo shower cubicles

The perfect self-contained cubicle for providing a bathroom or ensuite with a shower a feature which is gaining in popularity as each day passes. Naturally people will still want to retaining and certainly in the winter month using a bath, although increasingly we are seeing a greater number of homes where the bath has been removed and a wetroom installed.

Kinedo shower cubicles are ideal for the DIY specialist as they all come in a flat pack form and can easily be fitted as long as there is a water supply at hand and naturally drainage for the waste, making them perfect for apartments or rental investment properties. The big advantage of these cubicles is that there is no grouting and silicone. Within a morning you can have the cubicle ready for a shower unit to be installed and we would recommend fitting an electric shower as you will only require a cold water supply and an electrical connection.

The unit is designed to fit against one wall, has an inward opening door with full height magnetic seal and carries a full two year guarantee.

Kinedo Consort Self-Contained Cubicle

Bathtek Orlando 900 Steam Shower Cabin

Steam showers are not only desirable for their practicality and numerous features but they are also desirable for the many health benefits they provide in the same way that you would at a relaxing spa. This not only makes it desirable for you and your family but is bound to make you the envy of your friends.

One of the latest and one that is proving to be very popular is the Bathtek Orlando 900 mm steam cabin. The first that that may strike you is the outer frame housing; LED lights and a cluster of LEDs above the control pad, sure to be a big hit with your family and friends. The ceiling also has a bright white LED Halo light and this can be controlled independent of the white LEDs pillar lights, so you can choose the lights to suit your mood. Choose either the Storm or ocean finish; you will soon be relaxing in your very own spa.

The benefits of a steam shower

A steam shower can aid minor aches and pains such as muscle pain, a steam shower also naturally exfoliates the body and so a steam shower provides you with a multitude of health benefits. You can have a steam shower anywhere in your home as long as you have the space for one, you do not need to be restricted to having a shower in your bathroom. However, adding a steam shower can give your bathroom an air of luxury as it is aesthetically pleasing and offers a whole new showering experience.

The Orlando 900mm steam shower cabin is a very popular design; it has many exclusive features including your own FM radio with CD/mp3 input, low voltage ceiling light, with LED lighting and a built in seat. The shower valve is thermostatically controlled and the cabin has ozone sterilisation, with a multi function hand shower. The Orlando is always going to make a stunning statement in any bathroom and your body will thank you for choosing a stunning steam cabinet.

Stuart Turner Showermate 1.8 bar Twin Shower Pump

A major problem confronting anyone wishing to install a shower in their home, either over a bath or in a separate cubicle, is ensuring sufficient water pressure to operate the shower satisfactorily. Most people expect a shower to deliver a strong invigorating spray rather than just a trickle of water. All too often it is found that although water pressure is adequate at bath and basin taps, once a shower is fitted, with the spray head higher than other outlets, the pressure at the spray head is totally inadequate.

There is a way round this that will not only give an adequate shower, but it will be powerful and invigorating too. A shower pump is the answer and UK Bathrooms have a range from the leading manufacturers. Stuart Turner is a leader in the field and their range will suit most installations. The Showermate twin pump is designed to boost the incoming hot and cold water supply to an individual shower, bath / shower mixer, or mixer tap.