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Kinedo shower cubicles

The perfect self-contained cubicle for providing a bathroom or ensuite with a shower a feature which is gaining in popularity as each day passes. Naturally people will still want to retaining and certainly in the winter month using a bath, although increasingly we are seeing a greater number of homes where the bath has been removed and a wetroom installed.

Kinedo shower cubicles are ideal for the DIY specialist as they all come in a flat pack form and can easily be fitted as long as there is a water supply at hand and naturally drainage for the waste, making them perfect for apartments or rental investment properties. The big advantage of these cubicles is that there is no grouting and silicone. Within a morning you can have the cubicle ready for a shower unit to be installed and we would recommend fitting an electric shower as you will only require a cold water supply and an electrical connection.

The unit is designed to fit against one wall, has an inward opening door with full height magnetic seal and carries a full two year guarantee.

Kinedo Consort Self-Contained Cubicle