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Durable and affordable commercial washroom

Vitra is a world leading bathroom brand with up to 25 years manufacturers guarantee. Vitra offers excellent quality combined with real value. Here are the top two ranges that are perfect for commercial bathrooms.

Best Bathroom Products for School Washrooms

Vitra is the ideal brand for placing in schools and other commercial buildings. Designed for the slog of regular use in public space, Vitra is durable, attractive, safe and simple to use for children of all ages.

Vitra S20

vitra Bathrooms

The S20 is a modern style range. It is durable and offers great value across a wide range of products in a variety of sizes. S20 is also easy to fit and provides a choice of one or two tap hole possibilities for extra flexibility.

Vitra S20 Close Coupled Toilet

Vitra S20 Close Coupled Toilet

Economic use is the key of this suite, it is both affordable to purchase and to operate. Its close-coupled design and dual flush performance guarantee a minimal but effective use of water at all time. The open back version also provides easy access to rear pipework maintenance.

Vitra S20 Syphonic Urinal (back water inlet)

Vitra S20 Syphonic Urinal (back water inlet)

With a back water inlet, the S20 Symphonic Urinal can guarantee a high degree of hygiene and less cleaning work. This robust Urinal also comes with a 10- year warranty.

Vitra S50

Vitra s50


Versatility is a defining feature of this range. Choose from a comfort or standard-height WC pan with an option of compact or standard depths. You can describe S50 as affordability and versatility.

Vitra S50 Back To Wall Toilet

Vitra S50 Back To Wall Toilet

The floor-standing toilet comes with a complete package that is ideal for the cutting-edge washroom. You can install with any kind of cistern required with a single or a dual flushing mechanism.

Vitra S50 Large Square Semi-recessed Basin

Vitra S50 Large Square Semi-recessed Basin

The S50 basin coordinates with a range of materials, from resin and wood to mineral or even metal and matches a range of single body mixers. This piece has a broad profile suited to many styles of a commercial washroom.


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The Best of British – Aqata

Best of British

As part of our Best of British month, we will be focusing on the British Brands we sell here at UK Bathrooms and the ones we champion. If you’re looking for a new shower enclosure which are innovative and strong and durable, then British brand Aqata is an excellent choice. With a factory in Leicestershire this family owned company, prides themselves with the range and options available and quality of service which they have been providing for over 25 years.


UK Bathrooms have visited the Aqata factory and have seen first-hand the work that goes into producing the bespoke shower enclosures that they offer. This includes designs etched into the frosted glass tailored on what the client wants. There are modern and classical designs available including designs created by customers themselves. The glass etchings can be produced on flat panels with some options available for curved enclosures. Ideal if you want to add a personal touch to your own bathroom or are looking at a design to fit a corporate logo in places such as hotels, spa’s and gyms.

Aqata 7

Glass Etchings

The frames for the enclosures also come in a range of colours which work with any bathroom. These including gold frames, which are a hard colour to find for many people if you wish to match it to your other fixtures and fittings. You can also add the award winning ClearShield ‘Non-Stick’ glass which keeps your bathroom looking clean and clear even with daily use.

The service offered by Aqata, allow you to create the shower room tailored to your specific needs, from simple walking corner showers to elaborate wet rooms. The bespoke options available means you can have extra height panels for your enclosure, angled panels to fit slanted roofs and shorter panels to fit awkward areas. Whatever your needs, UK Bathrooms and Aqata can build the shower room which is manufactured in the UK, by experienced craftsmen and fitted with the utmost care and attention, ensuring a quality finish.

 Aqata 1

Aqata 3

Aqata 6

UK Bathrooms – helping you add technology to your bathroom

Bathrooms have come a long way from being a pit toilet encased in an outhouse to being one of the most important rooms in a modern house. The bathroom hasn’t really changed much since Victorian times with the basic premise of it having a bath, toilet and sink, but now with modern technology a bathroom can now have the benefits and entertainment devices of the rest of the house.

Here at UK Bathrooms we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the bathroom market and provide you with some of the most technologically advanced accessories and products to help you create the most relaxing environment. Here are some of our favourite bathroom gadgets.

Aquavision 40″ Framed Waterproof LED TV

Bring your bathroom into the 21st Century with an Aquavision Waterproof LED TV; these wall mounted TV’s add a wow factor to any bathroom and are great for those who like to unwind and relax in style.

Available in three colours, the Aquavision 40″ Framed Waterproof LED TV features a Full HD screen, Freeview digital and analogue tuners, 2 x HDMI sockets and full scart connection making this a fully-fledged entertainment system.

The special edition Mirrorvision TV features a mirrored finish when the television is off making it perfect for shaving and applying make-up, and the included Sky Link receiver means that you can watch your favourite Sky programs at a touch of a button.

Bathroom TV

Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths

For those of you that enjoy listening to music while you bathe the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System is the ideal choice. This kit contains 2 transducers, 6 acoustic panels, a Bluetooth receiver and control box, all of which can be installed without the need of a professional and is hidden away neatly under the bath.

Once set up the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System connects to any Bluetooth device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or laptop so you can play your favourite music playlists as you relax and unwind.

Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths

Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead

Shower lovers will rejoice at the new Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead, it not only looks beautiful but also features Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology that reduces water consumption.

This showerhead also features a QuickClean system for easy removal of lime scale and mineral deposits.

Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Toilets don’t escape the technology treatment either with the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate. This innovative device is no longer a feature in five star hotel toilets, it can also feature in your luxurious bathroom too.

This touchless dual flush plate can be programmed with five different LED colours and has options to adjust the sensitivity or allow the unit to flush as soon as the toilet has been used. The Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate fits to most existing Geberit concealed cisterns and is available in black or mirrored black finishes.Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Technology is a great thing, so why not embrace it in your new bathroom.

Quality from Armitage Shanks

For years now Armitage Shanks has been at the forefront of quality and especially product innovation since it was founded in 1850. This was at a time when sanitation was in its infancy and was the privilege of the very rich. Times have moved on a great amount since those days and so has Armitage Shanks. The company is now part of the giant American Standard and with all the research facilities coupled with the backing of Ideal Standard they have generated some fabulous products and water saving products.

One of the finest eco friendly systems on the market today is the waterless urinal, which will save huge quantities of precious water. For homes as well as commercial premises such as a restaurant, this does not just save water, but also money thorough the metered water supply.

The Armitage Shanks Aridian Waterless Urinal has no flushing system, but uses a unique cartridge system that replaces flushing, meaning you don’t have to install a cistern or flush pipe. Urinals can use enormous quantities of water and the highly efficient cartridge system used by Armitage Shanks helps save up to a massive 150,000 litres of water a year, which in turn can be a huge amount of money. With a very simple cleaning system, just spray the cleaning product on and wipe off that’s all there is to it.