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Quality from Armitage Shanks

For years now Armitage Shanks has been at the forefront of quality and especially product innovation since it was founded in 1850. This was at a time when sanitation was in its infancy and was the privilege of the very rich. Times have moved on a great amount since those days and so has Armitage Shanks. The company is now part of the giant American Standard and with all the research facilities coupled with the backing of Ideal Standard they have generated some fabulous products and water saving products.

One of the finest eco friendly systems on the market today is the waterless urinal, which will save huge quantities of precious water. For homes as well as commercial premises such as a restaurant, this does not just save water, but also money thorough the metered water supply.

The Armitage Shanks Aridian Waterless Urinal has no flushing system, but uses a unique cartridge system that replaces flushing, meaning you don’t have to install a cistern or flush pipe. Urinals can use enormous quantities of water and the highly efficient cartridge system used by Armitage Shanks helps save up to a massive 150,000 litres of water a year, which in turn can be a huge amount of money. With a very simple cleaning system, just spray the cleaning product on and wipe off that’s all there is to it.