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Winter Sale – Find your perfect bath here!

UK Bathrooms winter sale has started! Why not kick off your new year from planning your dream bathroom?

You can save up more on all bathroom ranges during the whole month, hurray!!

Here are many aspects you need to consider when choosing the perfect bath, especially space, comfort and the style of the bath.

We are going to introduce 3 different types of baths to help you find the ideal design.

Free standing bath

A freestanding bath tub is fully finished from all angles, so you are not restricted in where you want to place your bath. You can locate one almost anywhere in the space you have so it can take pride of position in your bathroom interior design.

Shower bath

When space is your biggest concern, a shower bath would be the best choice. This ClearGreen Ecocurve Contemporary Shower Bath will definitely do a great job for you.

Its gently sloping back support is set at a 135-degree angle, which will provide you with optimum relaxation and comfort.

Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool bathtubs provide you with a better level of stress relief compare to regular bathtubs. From the combination of massage jets and warm water, it helps your blood circulation and eases your sore muscles. You can choose from all sorts of features such as whirlpool air jets, or comforting air spa systems with inline heaters to keep your spa-feature bath toasty and warm.


Treat yourself to your dream bathtub for a fresh start to 2018!

Peruse our bath selection here.

The Bathroom Brands 2017 Sale – Everything you need to know

The Bathroom Brands 2017 Sale

It’s that time of year again; the Bathroom Brands Sale has come round again. Leading brands such as Burlington, Clearwater & Britton are running a national promotion where you could save up to 50% on their items. Here some answers to questions we normally get during the sale & at the bottom of the page check out what we here at UK Bathrooms think are the Top 5 deals in the sale!

How Long Is The Sale On For?

The sale will be running from the 30th September to the 12th November. You have plenty of time to research the items you need and get your order in with us. Our prices now reflect (or the soon will) the sale price and this would be the best price we could offer on the items whilst the sale is on, so make the most of it. As soon as the sale finishes on the 12th we will have to return the prices to where they were, and we will not be able to extend it for anyone ordering late.

I don’t need my item straight away, can you store them?

Within reason yes we can. These are great price, so we completely understand you want to take advantage of them now, even if you are not ready to push the button on your new bathroom. Give our sales team a call and we can go through your requirements.

I have seen this in a showroom and I cannot see it on your site, can you get it?

Yes! We do not always have every variation or model on the site (we do try though). If you see an item in the sale elsewhere, get in touch and we will get it priced for you. We supply nearly every possible item from Burlington, Clearwater & Britton.

How big is the discount?

The discount ranges from 20 to 50% depending on the brand and the type of product.

UK Bathroom Top 5 Deals in the sale

Why not take a look at some of the offers we have picked out of the sale we believe are great value:


Schneider Splashline 1 Door Mirror Cabinet

The one thing that can transform a bathroom is by fitting some modern accessories, bathroom cabinets are one sure way. The modern bathroom cabinet is a totally different to the ones we used to buy only a few years ago. Now with modern efficient lighting, pristine mirrors and soft closing doors, today’s bathroom cabinets have definitely moved into the 21st century.

The Schneider Splashline has a single hinged door which can be reversed if you wish, with a mirror fitted both inside and outside of it. It has adjustable shelves, an accessory box, shaver socket,and pull switches. The lighting is both direct and indirect, with low energy fluorescent tubes, two 21 watt and two 11 watt, the effect is sure to enhance your bathroom with subtle light. Available in two sizes, the Schneider bathroom cabinet will not only give you storage, but light up your bathroom visually as well.

Schneider Pepline 2 Door Mirror Cabinet 1200mm

No bathroom can be described as complete unless you have a bathroom cabinet and for many people it has to have illumination. The lighting from a bathroom cabinet can add a subtle effect to you bathroom or en-suite area and is more than useful for shaving or preparing for the day ahead. There are many from which you can choose at the UK Bathrooms web pages and the Schneider Pepline 2 Door Mirror Cabinet will be sure to enhance any bathroom.

Pepline is a mirror cabinet of the highest standard with cubic design, high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship. You have a choice of lighting options to ensure that you have the correct illumination to suit every possible room. With generous dimensions of 1200mm wide x 640mm high x 135mm deep there is plenty of room for bathroom essentials. Finished in white and a coated aluminium profile, soft closing hinged doors, mirrors both inside and outside, and the hidden light begins automatically with the opening of one door, this is yet another top quality bathroom product from Schneider, at UK