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Multipanel shower wall panels

Create the most beautiful bathroom space with Multipanel fully waterproof bathroom wall panels. Multipanel’s luxurious and contemporary wall panel collections are available in a range of sizes and finishes, including Multipanel classic marble, Multipanel arctic stone and Multipanel driftwood in grey oak.

Featuring Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Panel in Dolce Macchiato

This innovative product range also offers Multipanel bath and shower seal kit and Multipanel Hydrolock. Hydrolock is a unique tongue and groove installation system which ensures a smooth, almost seamless finish. The new Multipanel Linda Barker Collection has been carefully curated by the interior designer to offer a stylish alternative to tiles.

What is Multipanel?

Multipanel is part of the Grant Westfield Group and is the UK’s leading brand of waterproof wall panels. Multipanel panels are perfect for the shower, bathroom and kitchen.

Featuring Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Panel in Ferro Graphite

What is Multipanel made of?

Multipanel wall panels are constructed with a water-resistant hardwood plywood core certified to British Standards. The panels are bonded under controlled conditions with a high-pressure decorative laminate to the face.

Can Multipanel be used on floors and ceilings?

Multipanel wall panels maybe too heavy for the ceiling so are not recommended. As the wall panels are not slip resistant we would not advise using on your floor. Check out the Multipanel ceiling panels and Multipanel click flooring.

How to fit Multipanel?

Multipanel waterproof wall panels are designed to make installation simple and effective. For the best result we recommend that plywood panels are joined together using the unique Hydrolock tongue and groove joining system. Using this system means that panels can be installed directly onto almost any surface. Including uneven walls and over the top of old tiles. Multipanel High Grab Adhesive should be used for a safe and secure fit.

Multipanel installation tips

Here are a few handy tips when installing Multipanel waterproof wall panels:

  • Install on the top of shower trays or baths using a Multipanel seal kit
  • Match the profile colour to your shower enclosure and shower fittings
  • Seal your installation using one of the Multipanel colour match sealants
  • Carefully measure the area to select the correct panel width.  Don’t forget the Hydrolock joint reduces the finished face by 20mm.
  • Any panel off cuts can be used behind basins for a coordinated look. Ensure you seal all exposed edges with profiles and silicon.

How to clean Multipanel

Cleaning Multipanel waterproof shower panels is easy. Use a micro-fibre cloth, warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. In most cases a wipe down after use is sufficient and any limescale can be removed by using a soft cloth and a solution of household white wine vinegar and water 1/10.

Why use Multipanel?

Multipanel products enjoy 5-star UK reviews and here’s why:

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Fully waterproof
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 30-year manufacturer warranty
  • Almost seamless joint worth Hydrolock
  • Can be installed over old tiles

Multipanel – helping to protect our forests for the future

Multipanel uses timber from responsibly managed forests. Their finished products comply with globally recognised ecological, social and economic standards.

Multipanel’s unique Hydrolock system

Mutlipanel created Hydrolock to make the best visual outcome possible when using their wall panels. The Hydrolock edge is precisely engineered and allows the panels to be joined together to create an almost seamless expanse of waterproof walls and without the use of mid-joints.

Hydrolock panels are easy to install and boast an industry leading 6mm tolerance. The Hydrolock panels are available in a range of widths:

  • 2400 x 598 mm
  • 2400 x 900 mm
  • 2400 x 1200 mm

Multipanel Tile Collection

The Tile Collection by Multipanel offered the UK’s first tile effect wall panel to be Made in Britain. Compromising stunning solid colours, beautiful marbles and gorgeous minerals. This collection presents a modern, vibrant palette that will complement a range of bathroom styles and designs.

If you are looking for the appearance of tiles but are fed up of the maintenance of grout then the Tile Collection is just for you. Etched with a beautiful 2.5mm pale grey grout line into each of the Tile Collection decors. Choose from a wide choice of marble or mineral or opt for Dust Grey, Monument Grey or Alpine White tile effect finish.

Multipanel Neutrals Collection

The Multipanel Neutrals Collection work perfectly with the boldness of the Multipanel feature walls. The Neutral Collection includes a delicate balance of neutral tones. Think painted walls with a smooth eggshell finish. Designed perfectly to pair with Tile, Linda Barker and Classic Collections so that you can create your new unique bathroom space. For example, Multipanel Clay paired with Multipanel Linda Barker Dolce Macchiato works beautifully for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Multipanel Linda Barker Collection

This collection has been carefully curated by interior designer Linda Barker and is exclusive to Multipanel. The collection takes inspiration from the natural world with marble, granite and wood panels that truly look and feel like the real thing.

Within this collection are beautiful finishes to create a really gorgeous space from Multipanel Salvaged Plank Elm to Multipanel Jet Noir. One of the most popular choices from this collection is the Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta Marble.


Multipanel Classic Collection

The Classic Collection says what it is on the tin. A collection of classical beauties – earth, stone and gloss panels designed to suit any bathroom. The stone decors give an elegant gloss finish for an upmarket, high-end feel from Classic Marble to Travertine. Multipanel have given a textured finish to stone with Multipanel Riven Marble and Multipanel Riven Slate. There are 3 other textured stone finish options. We adore the modern gloss panels of Contemporary – the range includes a choice of 8 finishes from Natural White to Stardust.

Whatever your style, Multipanel offer a luxurious and modern way to decorate your bathroom that is 100% waterproof and easy to maintain, no more mouldy grout to sort out!

Abacus M1 Panelling Overview & Installation Guide

Abacus M1 Panelling Overview & Installation

Introducing the Abacus M1 PVC Panelling; a great alternative to tiling that’s low cost, easy to fit and virtually maintenance free. Available in a great range of colours and styles, choose from classic marble to shimmering diamond and contemporary slate.

M1 is an innovative interior decorative wall panelling system that is easy to fit and simple to maintain. Trims and joints can also be purchased.  The panels are Class 1 fire rated and suitable for a multitude of different bathroom installation requirements, with the peace of mind of a 10 year guarantee.

Roger Bisby gives a brief overview of the product as well as some top tips on cutting and fitting.


Great alternative to tiles: Showerwall Shower Panels

Showerwall is an innovative wall panelling system that is simple to fit in your bathroom. It is constructed with a moisture resistant MDF core and covered in a high-pressure decorative laminate, in order to provide a tough watertight finish and stain resistant. Showerwall shower panels are grout- free surfaces, therefore, they are also far more hygienic as there are no nooks and crannies for mould, dirt or germs to develop.

Panel type

You can choose the panels that come with the standard edge or the advanced proclick technology

proclick technology


For the purpose of seamlessness, Proclick technology is a mechanical locking system that delivers almost invisible joints.

Showerwall Bathroom Wall Panel installation

Installation is easy. The click design allows panels to be located quickly and easily into place, eliminating the use of joining trims.  Here is a short clip to demonstrate how showerwall works.

Design and styles

Showerwall shower panels offer a wide range of colours, finishes and size specifications to suit every bathroom. You can shop up to 14 different designs of showerwall shower panels at UK Bathrooms.

Marble Collection

Showerwall FInish

Quarry Collection

Showerwall FInish

Acrylic Collection

Showerwall FInish


15 Year Guarantee

Showerwall comes with a watertight 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee when installed correctly and following to the manufacturers’ instructions and used in conjunction with approved showerwall accessories such as Sureseal Trim and Sureseal Trim End Caps.


If you’re searching for premium bathroom wall panels that are better than standard shower boards on the market, then Showerwall would be a great solution for you.


















Bushboard Nuance Shower Wall Panels are available now on our site!

Complete your bathroom today with a brand new Nuance bathroom wall panel from one of our leading manufacturers, Bushboard. Nuance is an award-winning bathroom wall panel system, you can use these beautiful panels for your showers, wetrooms and around the bath areas. All panels are 100% waterproof to ensure peace of mind that all panels are reliable and stylish.



This Bushboard Nuance Recess Wall Panel is in the design of Classic marble, which is currently on trend. It provides a stylish and modern look to make your bathroom look and feel even more luxurious. The beauty of the design is not the only advantage – all wall panels are uncompromisingly high performance.


This design is simple yet allows the bathroom to look more sophisticated and put together. The grey tone of the wall panel stands out and compliments the other bathroom solutions in the room. The wall panel is so simple in itself, easy to clean and maintain as well as quick and simple to install.




All of their Shower Wall Panels come in different finishes. From a Glaze finish to a Gloss finish. This means there is no limitation in the design of your dream bathroom. All of the shower wall panels are also varied in size, therefore can be fitted no matter the size of your bathroom.

The bathroom wall panel is available in 24 styles:

Need more product information to decide the style you want? Call our sales team on 01765 694 720


How to choose the perfect bespoke shower


Here in the United Kingdom we frequently have quite characterful properties with a history to them, and rather than a completely new blank space you will often have the odd low ceiling to contend with, (loft conversions) or an uneven wall to account for when renovating a bathroom space something like a giant game of Tetris!

Matki bespoke

These odd shapes and uneven spaces can be worked with rather than presenting a hindrance, through opting for a bespoke Shower design. A bespoke shower enclosure offers you a solution tailored to your needs. Of course a bespoke shower options are not just for bathroom renovation projects, you might be planning a new build where you need a shower door where off the shelf solutions won’t work, for example a steam room or frosted shower doors. Most of the manufacturers we work with offer solutions that adjust the height and width, and some can even create various special sections to suit a certain shaped area for example an angled cut to suit a celling. This is actually a much smoother process than you would think, in most cases we can work with you and the manufacturer to agree on a no-obligation design in advance.

A step up from this, Matki actually have a specially dedicated Bespoke team who will work with you on your project. They offer a “Measure & Fit” service where their engineers conduct a site visit, coming out to your property and measuring up with professional precision, and once the enclosure is manufactured they visit again to fit the goods. This ensures the perfect fit!

Matki Bespoke

In terms of shape and cut, some of the solutions Matki offer are:

Ultra-Bespoke-Matki-004Dwarf Walls

These can be used to create really interesting areas, for example to create a spa like wet room or steam room. Tiled seating sections or a shower chaise lounge can be created, with a dwarf height inline panels that meet a full height door.


Angled Cuts

Angled cuts offer the perfect solution for a bathroom loft conversion or slanted roof. Cutting across the glass at an angle creates a made to measure pentagon screen.


Other options with bespoke design include specification of colour finish and material, even shower door handle style and personalised glass etching. This is where things get really interesting, and you can create something truly unique to your home and your taste.

Their standard finish is a polished silver, but Matki now offer various bespoke finishes to frames, hinges and handles including: Brushed or Polished Gold, Brushed or Polished Nickel. The Matki One range has the following colour options: Architectural Bronze, Silver, Black Anodised, White Coated.

Matki Bespoke Hinges

Matki One Bronze

Metal disc handle details can be added in: Chrome as standard but also Copper, Brass, Green, Red, Blue, Black or White. We particularly like the polished nickel for a more traditional look, or the architectural bronze for a contemporary edge. In addition to colour customisation, the handle design can also be specified from a range of options.

Matki Handles

The handle choice can really change the entire look of the enclosure, for example choosing the traditional handle design and a soft polished nickel finish would compliment Matki’s Swalding classical brassware beautifully as demonstrated in the inspirational image below in a traditional room setting with plush furniture and complimentary neo-baroque framed mirror.

EauZone Plus Nickel

As of 2016, new to the EauZone Plus range is Matki’s soft brushed gold finish, which we think works beautifully:

Matki EauZone Plus Gold

Which colour combinations would you go for? Let us know in the comments below. If you would like a quote on any of these options please do get in touch with us! Email [email protected].

Install Shower Wall Panels instead of Tiles

When installing a shower area or constructing a wet room, it is vital that the walls are fully waterproofed. Over the years, tiles have been the most effective way and whilst they are still widely used, recently shower panels have been developed and these modern shower panels offer a smooth clean and attractive surface. Shower wall panels offer a great alternative to tile, they are easy to keep clean, will stay fresh looking for years and never need re-grouting. Panels can be fitted to almost any surface, including concrete, chipboard even over old tiling, labour costs are reduced because they are easy and fast to install.

Shower Wall Panels - Bushboard Nuance in Light Portland

Shower panels are available in a range of no less than eleven distinctive colours including Arctic, Stone, Ice, Silver Travertine, Soapstone Sequoia, Travertine, Dolce Macchiato, Dolce Vita, Ivory Marble, Vanilla Quartz and White Quartz. These beautiful and distinctive finishes are virtually indistinguishable from real quartz, travertine or mineral. When correctly installed, the shower panel will be leak free, a sleek and smooth surface and very easy to keep clean and free from dirt.

Shower Wall Panels - Bushboard Nuance in Calacatta Statuario

The panels are in kit form and this kit comes with two 1200mm post formed panels, and one 1200mm panel fitted with a tongue and groove cut, adhesive is supplied with the kit. For more information about the colours available plus our unbeatable price, check the product page for the colour range and full specification.


Updated for 2023 – More shower panel options to choose from

As well as being easy to maintain and install, shower panels now come in a wide variety of styles to create your dream bathroom. From textured finishes to marble effects and even vibrant solid colour options, you’re bound to find the perfect shower wall. They can be made from Acrylic, PVC, or premium vinyl coated MDF. All of these are at different price points so it’s best to consider which material type best suits you and your needs.

Shower Wall Panels - Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Panel in Calacatta Marble

Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Panel in Calacatta Marble

The Linda Barker Collection by Multipanel contains thirteen finishes inspired by natural textures such as wood and marble. They are made of a strong laminate MDF that is 100% recyclable. These panels are available in finishes: Calacatta Marble, Soapstone Stellar, Bianca Luna, Corten Elements, Nero Grafite, Concrete Formwood, Dolce Macchiato, Stone Elements, Jet Noir, Ferro Graphite, and Graphite Elements. Take a closer look at Multipanel here.