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Install Shower Wall Panels instead of Tiles

When installing a shower area or constructing a wet room, it is vital that the walls are fully waterproofed. Over the years, tiles have been the most effective way and whilst they are still widely used, recently shower panels have been developed and these modern shower panels offer a smooth clean and attractive surface. Shower wall panels offer a great alternative to tile, they are easy to keep clean, will stay fresh looking for years and never need re-grouting. Panels can be fitted to almost any surface, including concrete, chipboard even over old tiling, labour costs are reduced because they are easy and fast to install.

Shower Wall Panels - Bushboard Nuance in Light Portland

Shower panels are available in a range of no less than eleven distinctive colours including Arctic, Stone, Ice, Silver Travertine, Soapstone Sequoia, Travertine, Dolce Macchiato, Dolce Vita, Ivory Marble, Vanilla Quartz and White Quartz. These beautiful and distinctive finishes are virtually indistinguishable from real quartz, travertine or mineral. When correctly installed, the shower panel will be leak free, a sleek and smooth surface and very easy to keep clean and free from dirt.

Shower Wall Panels - Bushboard Nuance in Calacatta Statuario

The panels are in kit form and this kit comes with two 1200mm post formed panels, and one 1200mm panel fitted with a tongue and groove cut, adhesive is supplied with the kit. For more information about the colours available plus our unbeatable price, check the product page for the colour range and full specification.


Updated for 2023 – More shower panel options to choose from

As well as being easy to maintain and install, shower panels now come in a wide variety of styles to create your dream bathroom. From textured finishes to marble effects and even vibrant solid colour options, you’re bound to find the perfect shower wall. They can be made from Acrylic, PVC, or premium vinyl coated MDF. All of these are at different price points so it’s best to consider which material type best suits you and your needs.

Shower Wall Panels - Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Panel in Calacatta Marble

Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Panel in Calacatta Marble

The Linda Barker Collection by Multipanel contains thirteen finishes inspired by natural textures such as wood and marble. They are made of a strong laminate MDF that is 100% recyclable. These panels are available in finishes: Calacatta Marble, Soapstone Stellar, Bianca Luna, Corten Elements, Nero Grafite, Concrete Formwood, Dolce Macchiato, Stone Elements, Jet Noir, Ferro Graphite, and Graphite Elements. Take a closer look at Multipanel here.





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