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Villeroy & Boch Subway features in our Summer Sale

furniture-01 is set to save you a fortune on your new bathroom this summer, with our biggest ever Summer Sale now is the best time to shop for your new branded bathroom!

With the latest designs from leading bathroom manufacturers you can spec-out your new bathroom to the highest standard, with quality fittings from trusted and respected market leaders such as Hansgrohe, Roca, Crosswater and many more.

A Villeroy and Boch logo on your ceramicware ensures lasting quality and performance: Villeroy and Boch are one of the most revered, trusted, leading bathroom industry brands and are currently featured in our Summer Sale; there hasn’t been a better time to buy V&B from ukBathrooms! Pronounced “Villeroy” and “Bock” (not Bosch) the German brand is known for its clean European style.


One of Villeroy and Boch’s most popular ranges is: Subway. These timeless, uncluttered designs exude the true beauty of pure form and function lead design, they are usually Architects and Designers range of choice. The scale of choice on offer means you can fully customise your product selection, creating a bespoke bathroom unique to your family and your home.

Colour OptionsFor example the Subway furniture comes in a variety of colour options and sizes, you also have the choice of a single or a double “his and hers” style vanity unit. Even the handles can be customised, contact our sales team for advice on handle selection. You have a choice of: White, Glossy White, Glossy Walnut and Macassar. Matching tall units are available for those bathroom must haves, decluttering your space and enhancing the envisioned design aesthetic of your new bathroom.

Popular Subway Products

The Subway wall hung toilet is a hugely popular design, with its most appealing feature being completely smooth lines, no gaps or cut out spaces around the sides, just clean shapes and a smooth form. This single piece form helps you create a clutter free aesthetic as well as having the excellent advantage of being easier to clean, and keep clean, no more horrible dust and dirt collecting in recesses around the toilet base!


A matching Subway Bath from this range will enhance any bathroom space and compliment other items from the design line. Match with free standing or wall mounted brassware to achieve a contemporary high end look that would be at home in a luxury hotel suite, or your new bathing sanctuary!


Subway furniture vanity units are versatile, practical and simply stunning. Available in a choice of finishes lots of different looks looks can be achieved, pleasing even the most discerning of us! From light and bright whites, to deep rich and warm wood finishes, you can mix and match this range across your entire families bathrooms, kitting out your whole home with high quality products that can meet the tough demands of family life and the breadth of different design tastes we all have.


Browse the range on the link below, most subway items are in UK stock and can be delivered in 3 to 5 working days, custom furniture can take longer as it is ‘hand made to order’ in their German factory, but the wait is well worth it when your hand-built custom bathroom order arrives, and is fitted and finished in all its splendour!

Just contact our sales team to check lead times and pricing: 01765 694 720.

The Subway range on

















GOLD for Jack and Chris at Rio 2016!

Fullscreen capture 11082016 093651

These dedicated lads from Yorkshire have made history, Team GB’s first ever Gold Medals in the Men’s synchronised 3m springboard! A huge congratulations and very well done to Jack and Chris from everyone here at ukBathrooms!

As some of you will know Jack’s Dad is our very own Development Manager David.  We know David is ecstatic with pride today, he has already been on a phone interview on BBC One’s BBC Breakfast program and no doubt will be busy today with interviews and calls. As such he has a well deserved day off today. The rest of us in the office will be celebrating today with some calorific local cake and Yorkshire tea! Well done guys, it couldn’t have happened to nicer harder working people!

Follow the link below to see the historical Gold Medal winning dive on the BBC website:

Jack and Chris make history, BBC Sports



Rio 2016 High Hopes for Jack Laugher


Rio 2016 has begun and everyone in the ukBathrooms office will be cheering on Team GB diver: Jack Laugher!

Jack, the son of one of our long-standing members of staff has gone from strength to strength over the years competing with other world class divers and winning a steady stream of medals and prizes.

Jack will be recognisable to the general public for his diving, but also alongside other Team GB athletes on Aldi’s recent value fruit and veg advert campaigns, amongst other sponsorship deals. Jack has certainly put the hard work in over the years, and kudos to Jack’s parents for their commitment and support, early training starts and such a hectic schedule can’t be easy to manage!

<> on June 17, 2016 in Leeds, England.

Jack will also be diving with team mate Chris Mears in their Synchronised Dive, the pair have been training and competing together, good luck to them both we know their hard work and dedication will pay off.

You can next watch Jack competing in Diving for Team GB:

Men’s synchronised 3m springboard Wednesday 10th August

Men’s 3m springboard Monday 15th August

From everyone here we wish Jack and Chris the very best of luck in Rio 2016!















How to choose the perfect bespoke shower


Here in the United Kingdom we frequently have quite characterful properties with a history to them, and rather than a completely new blank space you will often have the odd low ceiling to contend with, (loft conversions) or an uneven wall to account for when renovating a bathroom space something like a giant game of Tetris!

Matki bespoke

These odd shapes and uneven spaces can be worked with rather than presenting a hindrance, through opting for a bespoke Shower design. A bespoke shower enclosure offers you a solution tailored to your needs. Of course a bespoke shower options are not just for bathroom renovation projects, you might be planning a new build where you need a shower door where off the shelf solutions won’t work, for example a steam room or frosted shower doors. Most of the manufacturers we work with offer solutions that adjust the height and width, and some can even create various special sections to suit a certain shaped area for example an angled cut to suit a celling. This is actually a much smoother process than you would think, in most cases we can work with you and the manufacturer to agree on a no-obligation design in advance.

A step up from this, Matki actually have a specially dedicated Bespoke team who will work with you on your project. They offer a “Measure & Fit” service where their engineers conduct a site visit, coming out to your property and measuring up with professional precision, and once the enclosure is manufactured they visit again to fit the goods. This ensures the perfect fit!

Matki Bespoke

In terms of shape and cut, some of the solutions Matki offer are:

Ultra-Bespoke-Matki-004Dwarf Walls

These can be used to create really interesting areas, for example to create a spa like wet room or steam room. Tiled seating sections or a shower chaise lounge can be created, with a dwarf height inline panels that meet a full height door.


Angled Cuts

Angled cuts offer the perfect solution for a bathroom loft conversion or slanted roof. Cutting across the glass at an angle creates a made to measure pentagon screen.


Other options with bespoke design include specification of colour finish and material, even shower door handle style and personalised glass etching. This is where things get really interesting, and you can create something truly unique to your home and your taste.

Their standard finish is a polished silver, but Matki now offer various bespoke finishes to frames, hinges and handles including: Brushed or Polished Gold, Brushed or Polished Nickel. The Matki One range has the following colour options: Architectural Bronze, Silver, Black Anodised, White Coated.

Matki Bespoke Hinges

Matki One Bronze

Metal disc handle details can be added in: Chrome as standard but also Copper, Brass, Green, Red, Blue, Black or White. We particularly like the polished nickel for a more traditional look, or the architectural bronze for a contemporary edge. In addition to colour customisation, the handle design can also be specified from a range of options.

Matki Handles

The handle choice can really change the entire look of the enclosure, for example choosing the traditional handle design and a soft polished nickel finish would compliment Matki’s Swalding classical brassware beautifully as demonstrated in the inspirational image below in a traditional room setting with plush furniture and complimentary neo-baroque framed mirror.

EauZone Plus Nickel

As of 2016, new to the EauZone Plus range is Matki’s soft brushed gold finish, which we think works beautifully:

Matki EauZone Plus Gold

Which colour combinations would you go for? Let us know in the comments below. If you would like a quote on any of these options please do get in touch with us! Email

The exciting Old London Range


We are delighted to have been appointed to distribute Old London products from our web pages and currently we are pleased to be able to display the Chancery and Richmond range of items. Shortly we will be adding the Richmond collection from this prestigious Bolton based company.

old london chancery pedestal basin

The Chancery items have a distinctly Romanesque appearance and this is seen in the rounded lines and forms so typical of the Roman period; the Richmond range of basins, pans and pedestals remind us of the Edwardian sensible form of styling. We have seen a rise in the popularity of retro styling over the last few years and the Old London collection will offer to the buyer a complete and authentic range of bathroom products which will grace any modern bathroom, certain to give the look of as well as the feel of many bathrooms that used to be seen in the world’s top hotels.

Old London Richmond toilet

The advantage today is that although the Old London may look as though it should belong to a time past, the difference being that these ceramics are manufactured to today’s high standards using 21st century technology.

Scrolling through the Old London collection you will be able to see a range of ceramic basins and toilets, baths and brassware, plus a stunning range of bathroom furniture. This furniture comes in a range of colours which includes Pistachio, Ivory, Stone Grey and Natural Walnut, allowing you to create and tailor a bathroom to your own requirement.

Another great feature found with the showers is the patented anti scald protection, it may look Victorian, but they did not have that modern feature in those days. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the Old London items with you and what’s more, we can offer these beautiful products at an unbeatable price, cheaper than can be found anywhere.

Best Bathroom Pranks 2014

In a follow up to our April Fools post on Tuesday, we scoured the internet to find the best bathroom pranks. Here’s what we came up with:

Fake poop using a toilet paper roll

Fake poop is one of the oldest pranks and now you can do it too. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll and some water. Soak the toilet paper roll in water and rip into pieces, then scrunch it back together in the shape of poop, easy!

Place the fake poop wherever you want, on the toilet seat, kitchen floor, someone’s desk and watch the hilarity begin.

Fake poop using a toilet paper roll

Toothpaste Oreos

Does someone keep stealing your Oreos? Then get them back with the toothpaste Oreo trick. Split the delicious treat in half and scrape out the cream (you can eat that!), then replace the cream with some good old toothpaste. Make sure you’re nearby so you can see when the prankee takes a bite.

Toothpaste Oreos

Bathroom Gender Switch

Confuse people by playing the bathroom gender switch game. Use some black duct tape or card to construct a miniature skirt. Next find a bathroom door that has a silhouette of a man on it and stick the skirt to it. Sit back and watch the confusion begin; this works great for work toilets and public restrooms.

Bathroom Gender Switch


Soap that won’t lather

This is another confusing prank ideal for the shower or bath. Take a bar of soap and paint it with clear nail varnish. Make sure that it is completely dry before you replace it in the bathroom.

Soap Lather

Food colouring on toothbrush

Get someone back with this hilarious toothbrush prank. Coat their toothbrush with any colour of food colouring making sure that it doesn’t look to obvious! The prankee will brush their teeth as normal only to find that their teeth are stained a weird and wonderful colour, priceless!

Food colouring on toothbrush

I’m watching you!

This great prank is perfect for creating some nervous tension when going to the toilet. Simply print out a picture of someone that will make your target cringe, a celebrity, their nan etc. and stick it to the inside of the toilet lid. When the prankee goes to the toilet they will be met with a mystery watcher.

Toilet watcher

Duct tape toilet roll>

Pretty self-explanatory, simply switch the soft and subtle toilet roll with duct tape. Will anyone be desperate enough to use it?

Duct tape toilet roll

Via: Pinterest

Coming soon the future of Bathrooms – The Super Loo 1000 #Aprilfools

We are excited to announce the Super Loo 1000, the future of all bathrooms which will soon be in stock on the ukBathrooms website, to make your toilet time better. A marvellous toilet which not only cleans you whilst you are sat on it, but also cleans itself after The Super Loo 1000 will be a must have in every home. Time to do away with the boring bath and standard shower, toilet time has reached a whole new level.

This ingenious toilet from Japanese manufacturer Umai Yarikata Toire (they really know how to make going to the toilet easier and pleasurable) is the future of our bathrooms. You no longer need to buy a full bathroom suite, you can do all your business, literally on the Super Loo 1000. Umai Yarikata Toire were the first company to develop self-cleaning toilets and now they have taken it one step further to design a toilet which also cleans you whilst you’re sat on it.

Super loo 1000

As you go about ‘emptying yourself’ as described by the manufacturer, the Super Loo 1000 will wash you down, brush and wash your hair, brush your teeth and blow dry you. You don’t need to lift a finger and don’t worry about wiping yourself after you have done your business the Super Loo cleans you down there too after you have finished. You can enter different settings depending on what you want cleaning, obviously different settings for men and women! You can also set it for a quick and simple clean or a long deep cleaning, to leave you spick and span.

With the Super Loo 1000 you can save yourself half the time on a morning getting ready, half the money as it’s cheaper than a whole bathroom suite and half the room as it takes up the space of a standard toilet. This really is the future of bathroom technology and ukBathrooms will soon be stocking the Super Loo 1000, from Umai Yarikata Toire. Please email us for more information:

Bathroom Etiquette

In a multicultural society such as ours in the UK, you can understand that there would be some cultural differences, however toilet habits wouldn’t be on many people’s minds, presuming people would know how to go to the toilet. But that’s clearly not the case as recently Lloyds Bank has issued instructions to its foreign staff on how to use British loos. Turns out not everyone does their business in the same manor. The diagram has gone up in the toilets of the Old Broad Street branch of Lloyds in central London, explaining for the overseas workers, who work there how it is customary to go to the toilet in the UK. Such as not to sit on the toilet, how to flush the toilet and what you can and can’t put in the toilet. The sign also shows how to use a sink, apparently you should never use your feet to turn on the tap not plug the sink hole with paper.

UK Bathroom etiquette

So for those who come from abroad, you can easily work out how to use a toilet in the UK. I imagine it can be quite confusing, considering all the different ways to go to the loo there are in the world. In continental Europe, it was the norm until very recently to squat over a ‘hole-in-the-ground’ toilet. This still happen in other countries around the world. And in South America, it is common to put used toilet roll into a bin beside the loo because their drains can’t handle paper waste. Also in some African and Asian countries it’s customary to use your left hand to wipe your bum rather than toilet paper. Squat loos are gaining popularity in the UK, many companies hiring a large portion of European workers have installed them as for many it’s the way they ‘do their businesses. It may be wrong to us Brits, however some doctors claim that the squatting posture brings health benefits. Apparently it’s the most natural position for us and could protect against disease. As of yet though ukBathrooms has no plans to stock squat toilets.  

Imperial bathrooms & Roper Rhodes – Classic and Contemporary Style at Unbeatable Prices

It’s the big question we’re all faced with when decorating a home: what style of bathroom to go for. For the coming year, bathrooms are returning to more classic styles, featuring a lot less clutter and more simplistic designs. You have the option to either go for a sleek and stylish modern look, or to look at traditional pieces that will never go out of style. There are two main brands that stand out in on trend bathroom design this year: Imperial for long lasting, traditional pieces, and Roper Rhodes for a contemporary and sophisticated look. Both are high quality British brands, and there are huge savings for their products at UK Bathrooms.

Imperial bathrooms are known for their traditional yet opulent pieces, reminiscent of times gone by. Add a little of the glamour from the 1920s art deco era to your bathroom with an Imperial Astoria Deco Basin and Stand; its polished chrome or antique gold legs will finish off the bathroom with a stylish flair while also being completely functional with integrated towel rails on the sides and a shelf underneath. If you’re planning to go for this style in your bathroom, make sure you have plenty of room, freestanding pieces and opulent décor are galore in a traditional bathroom; the Westminster Pan with a high cistern might fit your design perfectly, but you need to ensure you have the height in the bathroom to encompass this standout piece. The final finishing touch to an outstanding traditional bathroom is to use your flooring in a unique way – choose from a range of period tiling including mosaic, Elizabethan and Tudor to complete your bathroom.

Imperial Final

A more modern and contemporary bathroom can be perfect for the bachelor looking for a sleek sophisticated look or a space saving family. Typically modern bathroom furniture features pieces that will fit around your lifestyle while looking up to date and fancy. The gorgeous wood finished Breathe range by Roper Rhodes will give an instant update to tired looking bathroom which will fit seamlessly in with what you already have. Not only that, but it combines its strong aesthetic with functionality including a water saving dual flush as well as a soft closing lid. If you’re looking for something a bit more fun for your bathroom though, Roper Rhodes can help you with this too with a funky LED shower head; as the temperature rises from cold to hot, the colours cycle through from blue to purple and finally red. You’re bound to have the coolest and most contemporary bathroom around with Roper Rhodes!

New Office Toilet for UK Bathrooms

One thing we noticed when we moved into our larger offices, was the toilet really wasn’t suitable. As a bathroom retailer, it had to be a showcase room so in December 2012 we set about updating it from the truly bad state it was in to a stylish modern toilet which was also functional and environmentally friendly.

UK Before an after

Like many old office toilets, ours looked in a sad state, as you can see below with beige tiles (coming off the walls in certain areas) dated sink and toilet and drab and dark lighting and a worn floor. So we had quite a challenge on our hands, good job we had some fantastic new products at our disposal!

UK Bathrooms Office Toilets – Before


The whole room had to be gutted, which included stripping back the old tiles on the walls, after removing the old tiles, we then discovered the original Victorian red brick tiles. Unfortunately they didn’t work with our new scheme, so we preserved them by tiling over them carefully. We also ripped up the flooring and installed new plumbing with a concealed cistern with wall hung frame. This was all boxed in neatly with the fan at one end of the room, so all the plumbing will be hidden as you can see below.

A Blank Canvas

Floor pre tiling

We tiled the back wall, where the wall hung toilet will go, with some lovely feature tiles, which came from our sister company Ripon Interiors, they are a Grey Mosaic sheet, by Atlas Concorde.

Feature Wall

Feature tile goes on

The rest of the room was tiled with “Trust” in silver, by Atlas Concorde again from Ripon Interiors. And the floor tiles from the Atlas Concorde Trust range were laid. As you can see from the image below, we are on the home stretch; the Roca Dama-N Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat is fitted and the radiator from Redroom is hung on the wall. The vanity unit from Roca which is part of the newly released Victoria N range is fitted alongside a tall storage cabinet from the range and the mirror also from Roca is hung on the wall.

Nearly there

almost finished!

As you can see, the new toilet, looks so much better, brighter cleaner and most of all welcoming. Everyone in the office is so much happier with the new bathroom and it’s much better when we have visitors. Not only does the bathroom look better, it also performs better. It’s much more ecological, saving water with the duel flush on the toilet and the water saving tap. Finally, the office cleaner also prefers it, as it is so much easier to clean!

Finished Toilet

photo 4

Finale 2

So what do you think? Inspired you to remodel your dated bathroom? If so check out the range we added:

Roca Dama-N Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat

Geberit Cistern

Geberit Sigma 50 Flush Plate

Roca Victoria N Tall Unit in Oak

Roca Victoria N Vanity Unit in Oak

Roca Victoria N Mirror

Roca V2 Basin Mixer Tap

Roca Radiator

Atlas Concord Trust in Silver Wall Tiles, Atlas Concord Mosaic Sheet in Grey Feature Wall, Atlas Concord Trust Floor Tiles all available from Ripon Interiors.

Taps and Toilet flush