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Upgrade your bathing space into a smart bathroom

There are so many smart and cool gadgets out there for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other living spaces. But, have you ever considered turning your bathing area into a smart bathroom? You can find a wide range of smart products from us here at, and they offer very useful features as you can imagine. Here are a few items that can make your life much easier and your new bathroom even better.

Smart Mirrors

Bauhaus Revive 1.0 LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

If you enjoy singing out loud to your favourite tune in the shower or relaxing with a glass of wine in a hot bath a Bluetooth speaker hidden behind the 5mm toughened glass will provide you with the best music experience.

Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirrors

The above picture is the Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirror

Designed to be adjustable in 3 dimensions, the magnifying mirror can be angled depending on how you need it when applying makeup or shaving. A wall mounted control and power supply plus low voltage connecting cable are provided as standard. This can also be recessed into the wall so the cables are hidden. Choose from a square or a round shape to suit any bathroom design scheme.

Digital Shower and bath

Crosswater Digital Kai Lever Shower Kits

Digital technology has improved the showering experience to the next level, allowing for perfect tuning of thermostatic controls. It finds the perfect shower temperature with precise and sophisticated controls. Now you can shower how you like to, every single time.

Aqualisa Quartz Smart Bath Filler with Digital Control

You can add this smart digital control to any bath. Temperature and flow rate are both controlled by a smart wall mounted LED which is very simple to operate. A single stop and start button in the centre sets the whole process and a temperature ring around the outside let you adjust the temperature to exactly what you desire. Furthermore, either low or high-pressure versions can be specified to match your water supply.

Shower Toilet

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Shower Toilet

The AquaClean Mera from Geberit is a masterpiece of function and design. It offers a level of sophistication and comfort that you have never been experienced before in toilet technology. The AqualClean is a shower toilet that blends into any bathroom environment and is completed with revolutionary comfort technology. It’s a long list when talking about its key features, but the leading features are its warm water oscillating spray, paired with a heated seat and warm air blow drying after use. Geberit AquaClean Mera is a monument to what it means to experience and enjoy deluxe comfort.


Adding value to your home with a new bathroom

Nothing has such a profound impact on a potential home buyer than the bathroom. You do not have to spend a fortune either; just a few simple changes can add huge value to your home.

Like other rooms bathrooms are an easy room to get wrong, but with so many excellent bathroom fixtures and fittings now available, it is becoming ever easier to add value to a home through your choices about which showers, baths and taps to add to your bathroom, plus of course the colour schemes. Using bathrooms to add value to a home is a commonly utilised ploy because it really is one of the rooms that a potential buyer of a property is unlikely to compromise on and they will want to see a bathroom that will have a certain wow factor that continues throughout the home. Making a few simple alterations to bathrooms can have a dramatic effect on the value of a property.

You do not have to be outlandish with your design of bathroom; often it is the bathroom which has simpler and modern looking fixtures and fittings that make the biggest impression on those who view them. Classy bathroom furniture or a digital shower is often all that is needed. Estate agents will confirm that renovating a current bathroom really is one of the very best means of adding a significant amount of value to a property.

Aqualisa QUARTZ Digital Concealed Shower System with Slide Rail Kit

Showering the Next level – The Shower

More than just stylish showers are very practical which is why they are the choice for most people as part of their daily routine. There are a number of different shower options available: from basic and affordable showers to luxury showers and water saving showers.

One of the most common types of shower, are mixer showers. These take hot and cold water from you water system allowing you to get the perfect temperature. Mixer showers can be powerful, depending on your water pressure. The other option is an electric shower: cold water is taken from your mains supply and heated by the heating element in the shower, when the water flows past. Electric showers are a good option for those with large families or those who use a lot of hot water as you don’t rely on a boiler. The can be use any time of day and heat up straight away.

Shower heads 1

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes; from basic single function shower heads to multi-function shower heads with pulsating massage and different flow options. Fixed overhead and waterfall and rainfall showers to LED light up shower heads from Phoenix. You can choose from designs which will fit modern and contemporary as well as classic bathrooms from a wide range of manufacturers. Showers can also be fitted with duel shower heads, including fixed and moveable shower heads from Imperial or options for a two person shower.

LED shower heads

There are also a number of options available for the ultimate shower experience with body jets. These are fixed in the wall and adjustable to hit your body pretty much from every angle. They can be placed at any height and work well as a massage function, depending on the strength of the water jet.

Fixed and jets

Check out for our comprehensive range of showers, shower trays and shower enclosures.

Contemporary bathroom lighting

When designing their dream bathroom many people forget about the lighting, but for us it is one of the most important decisions. The correct lighting can have a dramatic effect on a bathroom, turning it from a surgical and almost operation room like feel into an ambient, relaxing and colourful environment that you can enjoy time after time.

Here are some of our favourite lighting options for the bathroom:

Roper Rhodes Porto Illuminated LED Front Bath Panel

Roper Rhodes Porto Illuminated LED Front Bath Panel

This illuminated front bath panel from Roper Rhodes takes LED technology to a new level. Featuring 5 cool glow LED lights flush mounted into a high quality panel, these are perfect for creating a relaxing environment perfect for a night time soak. Available in gloss white and walnut finishes, the Roper Rhodes Illuminated bath panel is ideal for those looking to create their own bespoke bathroom.

As well as the front panel, there is also an option to have back and side panels along with matching corner posts making these products suitable for flush to wall or freestanding baths depending on your design.

Ideal Standard Moments Rectangular Designer Bath

Ideal Standard Moments Rectangular Designer Bath

For those who want to add a modern touch to their bathroom, the Ideal Standard Moments Designer Bath creates a great statement. Available in a range of configurations including front and back illuminated panels, and side storage units this bath looks great and is practical too.

The Ideal Standard Moments Designer Bath can be mounted flush to the wall or positioned in the centre of the room to create a freestanding fixture.

Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light

Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light

If your one of those people who get up in the night or have children that do then these handy motion sensor lights are a great way to not disturb people by turning the main lights on. These thin profile LED lights are easy to install and can be positioned just about anywhere.

The Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light is activated when it senses movement and automatically turns itself off to save battery life. The waterproof design means that these lights are perfect for the bathroom and can even be used outdoors if required. Each light takes 4 AA batteries which can provide power to the device for up to a year before needing replacing.

The Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light is available as a single unit or in a pack of three.

Grohe Nova LED Dual Flush Button

Grohe Nova LED Dual Flush Button

German company Grohe has long been associated with cutting edge technology and fantastic design and have done it again with the Grohe Nova LED Dual Flush Button. This contemporary piece features a dual flush module combined with a coloured LED ring perfect for illuminating your bathroom in the dark.

Choose the colour of the LED ring to match your bathroom or your mood, or pick a constantly changing spectrum it’s up to you. There is also a handy timer so that you can program the device when to come on and switch off to save energy.

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate 2

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Like something from a Sci-Fi movie, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate is a marvel of technology and design. No longer just a feature reserved for high-end hotels and restaurants, this space age device can now feature in your own ultra-modern bathroom.

Using just the wave of a hand you can control whether you want a big flush or a small flush, and because you are not directly touching the device it ensures a hygienic and clean environment. This module is fully customisable with five different colours to choose from and you can also adjust the sensitivity to prevent accidental flushing.

This product requires mains power and the Geberit Sigma 80 Transformer to operate.


New Office Toilet for UK Bathrooms

One thing we noticed when we moved into our larger offices, was the toilet really wasn’t suitable. As a bathroom retailer, it had to be a showcase room so in December 2012 we set about updating it from the truly bad state it was in to a stylish modern toilet which was also functional and environmentally friendly.

UK Before an after

Like many old office toilets, ours looked in a sad state, as you can see below with beige tiles (coming off the walls in certain areas) dated sink and toilet and drab and dark lighting and a worn floor. So we had quite a challenge on our hands, good job we had some fantastic new products at our disposal!

UK Bathrooms Office Toilets – Before


The whole room had to be gutted, which included stripping back the old tiles on the walls, after removing the old tiles, we then discovered the original Victorian red brick tiles. Unfortunately they didn’t work with our new scheme, so we preserved them by tiling over them carefully. We also ripped up the flooring and installed new plumbing with a concealed cistern with wall hung frame. This was all boxed in neatly with the fan at one end of the room, so all the plumbing will be hidden as you can see below.

A Blank Canvas

Floor pre tiling

We tiled the back wall, where the wall hung toilet will go, with some lovely feature tiles, which came from our sister company Ripon Interiors, they are a Grey Mosaic sheet, by Atlas Concorde.

Feature Wall

Feature tile goes on

The rest of the room was tiled with “Trust” in silver, by Atlas Concorde again from Ripon Interiors. And the floor tiles from the Atlas Concorde Trust range were laid. As you can see from the image below, we are on the home stretch; the Roca Dama-N Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat is fitted and the radiator from Redroom is hung on the wall. The vanity unit from Roca which is part of the newly released Victoria N range is fitted alongside a tall storage cabinet from the range and the mirror also from Roca is hung on the wall.

Nearly there

almost finished!

As you can see, the new toilet, looks so much better, brighter cleaner and most of all welcoming. Everyone in the office is so much happier with the new bathroom and it’s much better when we have visitors. Not only does the bathroom look better, it also performs better. It’s much more ecological, saving water with the duel flush on the toilet and the water saving tap. Finally, the office cleaner also prefers it, as it is so much easier to clean!

Finished Toilet

photo 4

Finale 2

So what do you think? Inspired you to remodel your dated bathroom? If so check out the range we added:

Roca Dama-N Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat

Geberit Cistern

Geberit Sigma 50 Flush Plate

Roca Victoria N Tall Unit in Oak

Roca Victoria N Vanity Unit in Oak

Roca Victoria N Mirror

Roca V2 Basin Mixer Tap

Roca Radiator

Atlas Concord Trust in Silver Wall Tiles, Atlas Concord Mosaic Sheet in Grey Feature Wall, Atlas Concord Trust Floor Tiles all available from Ripon Interiors.

Taps and Toilet flush




UK Bathrooms Wall Hung Toilet Suites

We aim to provide you with a one stop toilet shop, for wall hung toilets. You are now able to purchase wall hung toilet suites on our website which include; toilet with seat and cover, frame, cistern and flush plate. There are a number of variations available to suit your bathroom needs.

Here at UK Bathrooms we sell a wide range of top quality toilets from leading bathroom manufacturers which are included in this selection. Items sold as part of the toilet suite package not only save you time when ordering and convenient, but will also save you money. With the wall hung toilets including fixtures and fittings being cheaper when bought as part of a package from our site.

Choose from Vitra, Roca or Laufen wall hung toilets and either a high quality Geberit UP200 0.82m frame (low height) coupled with a KAPPA20 dual flush plate in chrome or a Geberit UP320 1.12m frame coupled with a SIGMA01 dual flush plate also in chrome.

Wall hung toilets are a convenient option for any modern bathroom, as well as being stylish, they are also practical, fitted with water saving duel flush systems. Save money with UK Bathrooms.

UKB Toilet suits

UK Bathrooms – helping you add technology to your bathroom

Bathrooms have come a long way from being a pit toilet encased in an outhouse to being one of the most important rooms in a modern house. The bathroom hasn’t really changed much since Victorian times with the basic premise of it having a bath, toilet and sink, but now with modern technology a bathroom can now have the benefits and entertainment devices of the rest of the house.

Here at UK Bathrooms we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the bathroom market and provide you with some of the most technologically advanced accessories and products to help you create the most relaxing environment. Here are some of our favourite bathroom gadgets.

Aquavision 40″ Framed Waterproof LED TV

Bring your bathroom into the 21st Century with an Aquavision Waterproof LED TV; these wall mounted TV’s add a wow factor to any bathroom and are great for those who like to unwind and relax in style.

Available in three colours, the Aquavision 40″ Framed Waterproof LED TV features a Full HD screen, Freeview digital and analogue tuners, 2 x HDMI sockets and full scart connection making this a fully-fledged entertainment system.

The special edition Mirrorvision TV features a mirrored finish when the television is off making it perfect for shaving and applying make-up, and the included Sky Link receiver means that you can watch your favourite Sky programs at a touch of a button.

Bathroom TV

Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths

For those of you that enjoy listening to music while you bathe the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System is the ideal choice. This kit contains 2 transducers, 6 acoustic panels, a Bluetooth receiver and control box, all of which can be installed without the need of a professional and is hidden away neatly under the bath.

Once set up the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System connects to any Bluetooth device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or laptop so you can play your favourite music playlists as you relax and unwind.

Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths

Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead

Shower lovers will rejoice at the new Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead, it not only looks beautiful but also features Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology that reduces water consumption.

This showerhead also features a QuickClean system for easy removal of lime scale and mineral deposits.

Hansgrohe Raindance overhead EcoSmart Showerhead

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Toilets don’t escape the technology treatment either with the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate. This innovative device is no longer a feature in five star hotel toilets, it can also feature in your luxurious bathroom too.

This touchless dual flush plate can be programmed with five different LED colours and has options to adjust the sensitivity or allow the unit to flush as soon as the toilet has been used. The Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate fits to most existing Geberit concealed cisterns and is available in black or mirrored black finishes.Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Technology is a great thing, so why not embrace it in your new bathroom.

Aqualisa quartz electric shower

This shower has been designed by quartz to allow for easy fitting as a retro electric shower replacing an older one, or even when fitting an electric shower for the first time. The large “footprint” design cover hides the fixing hole that may have been made in the tiling for the older one and it has more room for easy connection of the power cable and water connections.

The Aqualisa quartz electric shower has simple illuminated one touch controls and is very easy to operate for either the young or elderly. Available in three power outputs, 8.5Kw, 9.5Kw, or the top of the range 10.5Kw having a shower which will deliver a force of water at the right temperature is no problem to the Aqualisa Quartz. With three great finishes to choose from, white and chrome, chrome or graphite and chrome, your showering area will be enhanced with this stunning electric shower.

Aqualisa Quartz Electric Instantaneous Shower System

It makes sense to use energy wisely and to save precious water resources both from an environmental point of view, and very importantly financially as well. By installing an electric shower you will achieve both of these aims. Standard showers require that hot water is supplied to this from a storage tank or through an instantaneous boiler; electric showering avoids this and is usually a cheaper option.

Aqualisa’s Quartz Electric Shower heats water for showering on demand, providing hot water for as long as it’s required. There are two performance ratings to choose from, a selector to get the best performance all year round and because it is BEAB approved it is safe, too. The Aqualisa Quartz is easy to use, has separate on/off and temperature controls comes with a 3 spray pattern shower head, with a choice of chrome or white and chrome options, guaranteed for 2 years.

Aqualisa Aquamixa Thermo shower mixer

Setting the proper and safe temperature for your bath is without doubt difficult task, particularly where children or the elderly involved. That’s precisely why bath shower mixer taps became popular as it enables you to check the heat in the metal base of the shower edge before you decide to shower. The conventional tap system of manually balancing cold and hot water to bring you a balanced temperature is now pretty much out of fashion, “old hat” in fact! Bath shower mixer taps undoubtedly are a kind of shower taps that function as a controller of the circulation of water through your showerhead. It’s got 2 choices of water either cold or hot.

This tap permits you to manage and blend the amount of hot or cold water so that you receive the ideal temperature you want. There are two sorts of shower mixers: thermostatic and manual shower mixer. Manuals shower mixers speak for themselves of course but today’s trend is for thermostatic bath shower mixers, the perfect choice. The perfect solution for every home, the Aquamixa Thermo combines a high performance shower with a stylish bath fill and eliminates the need to install separate bath taps. The shower head fits directly onto the wall, making the Aquamixa Thermo an inexpensive and easy to install addition to your bathroom.