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The benefits of a steam shower

A steam shower can aid minor aches and pains such as muscle pain, a steam shower also naturally exfoliates the body and so a steam shower provides you with a multitude of health benefits. You can have a steam shower anywhere in your home as long as you have the space for one, you do not need to be restricted to having a shower in your bathroom. However, adding a steam shower can give your bathroom an air of luxury as it is aesthetically pleasing and offers a whole new showering experience.

The Orlando 900mm steam shower cabin is a very popular design; it has many exclusive features including your own FM radio with CD/mp3 input, low voltage ceiling light, with LED lighting and a built in seat. The shower valve is thermostatically controlled and the cabin has ozone sterilisation, with a multi function hand shower. The Orlando is always going to make a stunning statement in any bathroom and your body will thank you for choosing a stunning steam cabinet.

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