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4 Ideas to keep you warm during the winter

The holiday season has officially begun.

It’s now the countdown to Christmas and there is still time to get your bathroom done before the extended family are due for sherry and a mince pie.

The Big Bathrooms Brands Sale has extended until 17th November.

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Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and treating yourself.

Here are some ideas for you to keep warm and stay cheerful during the cold season.

Idea 1:

Make your bathroom cosy with this Burlington Strand Bathroom Towel Radiator with Shelf.

The radiator is beautifully finished in chrome with a functional design that provides great practical purpose and visual charm than any ordinary radiator.

The image is featured from Bauhaus Glide II Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Idea 2:

Decorating with a warm colour scheme.

The gorgeous and sizeable vanity unit adds a wooden touch to the interior, this American walnut colour brings a warmer tone to the bathroom.

Idea 3:

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate (or stronger)  and enjoy a hot bath in this Burlington Brindley Double Ended Soaking Tub.

It provides extra shoulder room and brilliant depth for a relaxing bath time.

The image is featured from Crosswater Digital Kai Lever Shower Kits

Idea 4:

Conveying the bathroom into the digital age, Crosswater  Digital Kai Lever Shower Kits presents a unique method to control your shower experience.

You can have a warm, comforting shower running for you when you return home from a hard day at work.

Choose Simpsons for a better showering experience

Simpsons are a member of the Crosswater Group and they have been manufacturing a wide range of shower enclosure as well as classic bath screens. For over 20 years and in that time they have built up a reputation for unprecedented quality.

An over bath shower are an ideal way to include a shower to a bathroom, where it may not be possible to include a shower enclosure and to make the experience of showering better, a screen rather than a simple curtain and the Simpsons Design Semi Frameless Triple Bath Screen is a perfect example of having a bath screen that compliments a modern bathroom. The screen is manufactured using toughened 6mm glass, which has been coated with Clearshield which will ensure that it always remains pristine in appearance. We offer a choice of either a space-saving foldaway design to a hinged triple bath screen all at our unbeatable prices.

Simpsons Design Semi Frameless Triple Bath Screen

If your bathroom or en-suite has an alcove, a perfect way to include a purpose built shower is to use the Simpsons Classic Hinged Shower Door & Inline Shower Panel, this is guaranteed to not only give the shower a stunning appearance, but also a very modern look as well. The hinged door as well as the panel itself has a silver finish and the panel has a tough 8mm glass that ensures safety and stability. For peace of mind Simpson offers a lifetime guarantee, which will ensure that this as well as the quality of design makes the shower door and panel a long lasting investment for your bathroom.

Simpsons Classic Hinged Shower Door & Inline Shower Panel

Perfect for a wet room or walk in shower, the Simpsons 10mm Single Fixed Shower Panel is constructed with 10mm safety glass and the panel will give you a perfect and simple way to create a walk in shower space. At two metres high with the option of no less than ten widths ranging from 300mm to 1200mm there will be a panel which is just right for your project. This pure sheet of glass has been successfully installed in a variety of differently sized bathrooms and it is fitted to the wall with strong yet discrete chrome fixings It can be used with a variety of shower trays or you can fit this directly to flooring tiles.

Simpsons 10mm Single Fixed Shower Panel

Our new poll reveals the most off-putting habits for men and women

In our latest bid to find out all we can about British habits we decided to let men and women give us their own answers into the most off-putting habits of a prospective partner. What we found was that your bathroom habits or lack of them may just be a deal breaker, here are the results.

According to our data, undesired bathroom habits and general uncleanliness were the most off-putting habits, as voted for by 2,138 British men and women. Participants were aged 18 and over, and there was a 50-50 split of males and females making this poll a real battle of the sexes.

Men’s number 1 off-putting habit for a prospective partner was leaving hair in the bath/shower plug, whereas women hated it when a partner left dirty dishes around the house.

So, here are the top 5 most off-putting habits for both men and women:

Most Off-Putting Aspects for Men:

  1. Leaving hairs in the plug (41%)
  2. Leaving clothes on floor (34%)
  3. Leaving nail clippings on floor (24%)
  4. Having excessive wind (16%)
  5. Compulsive cleanliness (13%)

#185092331 /

Top 5 Most Off-Putting Aspects for Women:

  1. Leaving dirty dishes around the house (39%)
  2. Having excessive wind (27%)
  3. Having a mouldy bathroom (23%)
  4. Leaving the toilet seat up (14%)
  5. Leaving clothes on the floor (11%)

toilet seat up


Participants were then asked how this would affect their relationship, with 56% admitting that they ‘could not be in a relationship with someone’ that had what they described as the worst habit. 32% said ‘it would be irritating, but I would attempt to change their ways’, and the remaining 12% said that they would be willing to ‘live with it’ even though it would be irritating.

Our Director Peter Gregg had this to say about the study:

“Whilst bad habits that annoy your other half are inevitable in any relationship, it does seem very interesting that the majority of problems highlighted in our findings are focused on bathroom behaviour. Maybe the secret to a perfect relationship is separate bathrooms!”

He added, “The most surprising result of our survey is that men seem to be more put off by a prospective partner’s bad aspects than women are. Whilst this breaks the age-old stereotype that men are slobs, one does have to question how someone could jeopardise a potential relationship for something as trivial as a plug full of hair or a messy floor!”

Over half of Brits admit to wetting the bed as an adult – Londoners crowned as the worst

In our ongoing bid to find some of the more bizarre British habits, we decided to change it up a bit and asked whether or not they had wet the bed as an adult, the answers will astound you.

Our poll found that over half (54%) of those asked had wet the bed in their adult life, with many blaming their faux pas on too much alcohol. What’s more, are research also found that Londoners were the worst offenders, while the South-East and Scotland also made it into our top five.

Our study asked 2,034 British residents over 18 years old, ‘Have you wet the bed since turning 18?’ taking into account alcohol related mishaps, but not medical or health related issues. 54% of respondents admitted that they had indeed wet the bed in their adult life, with 67% men and 33% women admitting to waking up in a wet patch.

Of those who answered yes, 77% said that the reason for their bed wetting was too much alcohol after a night out. The study also found that the average adult bed wetter was approximately 21 years old and that over three quarters of adult bed wetters were in their late teens and early twenties.

Our results also showed the most common regions for adult bed wetters:

  1. London (17%)
  2. South East of England (14%)
  3. Scotland (12%)
  4. North West of England (9%)
  5. West Midlands (6%)

The survey went on to ask how often adults wet the bed, and 5% said that they experienced the problem once or more a month. 14% said that it happened once every six months and 56% said it was less than once a year. 19% also said that their bed wetting had made a substantial impact on their drinking habits.

Our director Peter Gregg talked about the study, saying:

“We all know what it’s like to overindulge on the beers, but I never thought the amount of adults wetting the bed due to drunkenness would be quite so high! Obviously, medical reasons aside, if someone is drinking so much alcohol on a night out that they cannot make it to the toilet from their bed after a night out, then perhaps they should reconsider how much they can physically handle.”

He added, “I can only assume that Londoners, living the high life in the nation’s capital, are taking part in these crazy nights out on a much more regular basis than the rest of us!”

Women take longer in the bathroom – fact!

In our ongoing research into the bathroom habits of the British population we had a tongue in cheek look at Men vs Women in the Bathroom. Unsurprisingly, our team of researchers found that women really do take longer to get ready than men, but it’s a lot closer than you might think.

We asked 286 couples (an even spread of men and women) over the age of 18 about their bathroom habits and how long they took to get ready in the bathroom. This included asking each participant how long they take to do specific tasks from showering and brushing their teeth to shaving and applying makeup.

Our study found that on average men finished their bathroom duties over 20 minutes before their partners, and closer inspection found that women take longer in nearly all aspects of grooming apart from time on the toilet and hair removal. The reason why women take longer than men is down to their beauty regimes, taking approximately 4 minutes longer on skin care and more than 10 minutes longer to do their hair; makeup also took an additional 8 minutes, something that men don’t usually concern themselves with.

Our director Peter Gregg had this to say:

“We all know that women take longer than men to get ready, the time they spend in the bathroom does far exceed the time we men spend, apart from the toilet time and shaving. For some couples the waiting around can lead to arguments, especially when you end up being late.

Obviously for some couples the roles can be reversed thanks to the rise of the metrosexual man such as David Beckham. But for the most part a lot of the men we surveyed do the bare minimum when it comes to getting ready to go out. We don’t really spend much time on our skincare or hair which is why we usually end up waiting around for the ladies.”

Check out our funky infographic below that gives you the full rundown of our findings:


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Biggest Cause of Petty Arguments for Co-Habiting Couples? Bathroom Etiquette

Here at ukBathrooms we recently conducted some research into what were the causes of petty friction for co-habiting couples. And we found some interesting results from ‘leaving the loo seat up’ to ‘shavings in the sink/bath’ and ‘squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube’.

Moving in with someone for the first time is a steep learning curve, especially for those who have lived on their own at some time or not had to share all their space with someone else. So you can expect a few teething problems when co-habiting with your loved one and it seems one of the biggest issues is bathroom Etiquette.

Sometimes the most innocuous habit you have could cause one of the biggest arguments you have as a couple. So here at ukBathrooms we asked people:

‘Do you regularly bicker with your partner?’

88% of those answered ‘yes’ they did, so we then asked those who answered yes whether their arguments could be considered ‘petty’ or ‘serious’. Most people (69%) said that their arguments were petty, rather than serious so we have not hit relationship ending levels for bad habits. However finding out what caused these so called petty arguments was most interesting. Choosing from a list of options here is the astonishing results, we asked:

‘What is the biggest cause of petty arguments in your relationship?’

  1. Poor bathroom habits – 44%
  2. Uneven chore sharing – 41%
  3. Television channel choice – 37%
  4. Wearing shoes in the house – 29%
  5. Disputes over children / family – 26%

To be honest here at ukBathrooms we could easily identify with many of these irritants, but when it comes to bathroom habits, this is where most people find the line we all agree that if a partner was guilty of any of them or all we wouldn’t be best pleased.

Biggest bathroom irritants:

  1. Leaving the loo seat up – 48%
  2. Shavings in the sink/bath – 36%
  3. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube – 27%

The irritants above caused the most problems because those affected had to use the bathroom after their partner and had been confronted with either the loo seat being left up, shavings all over or a squished toothpaste tube. Interestingly we also found men were often the guilty partners when it came to poor bathroom etiquette, women made up 67% of those aggravated!

#75314349 /

Our Director, Peter Gregg said:

“It’s no wonder that poor bathroom etiquette causes bickering in relationships. Whilst certain things can be avoided, there’s no getting around a left-up loo seat! Persistent shavings remaining in the sink or in the bath are also understandably annoying. What will visitors think when they see that? Not to mention the fact that hair can easily clog up the drains and cause blockages, which would no doubt create another argument!”
He continued:

“They are all understandable niggles and a normal part of most couples’ everyday lives. It’s good to see that they’re branded as minor causes of arguments though; I’d hate to think that couples separate due to poor bathroom habits!”

So when you’re thinking about moving in with a loved one for the first time, you better be aware of any habits you have which could annoy your partner. And it’s also worthwhile choosing somewhere with more than one bathroom or a bathroom which has his and hers sinks.

Jack Laugher makes a splash at the Fina Diving World Series

Olympic Diver Jack Laugher who ukBathrooms are pleased to support has had a busy year of preparation for the first big diving competitions of the year, the FINA/NVC Diving World Series, and his hard work and dedication is starting to pay off. After the disappointment of finishing 4th in both the individual event (breaking his personal best and smashing the GB record by recording a 517.60 points) and 3m Syncro (with new partner Chris Mears) in London at the end of April, Jack held his nerve to win two bronze medals in Moscow at the beginning of May.

#486685955 /

Jack and Chris started the Moscow event in good form, cruising into third place to take the bronze medal, a great achievement for their second outing as a diving pair, which bodes well for the remainder of the season. Jack also made it two medals in two events when he once again broke the 500 points barrier in the 3m individual event, posting a 512.45 to win his second bronze medal of the championship. There are also unconfirmed reports that Jacks exquisite 109C dive (forward 4 1/2 somersaults) which netted him a staggering 108.30 points could be the World Record for a springboard dive.

Check out Jack’s dive below:

Next week Jack jets off to Canada, then Mexico for the final two legs of the FINA/NVC Diving World Series, where he will be looking to add to his medal haul, before beginning his preparations for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The diving competition will be held in the newly refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, a venue that hosted the Aquatics events at the 1970 and 1986 games. We at ukBathrooms hope to be able to get tickets to see him in action.

Jack Laugher

With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio getting even closer, Jack is keeping his head down and training hard, even if there are concerns that the venues won’t be finished in time. When they’re not training, Jack and his diving partner Chris are usually found playing Call of Duty on the PS3 or doing a spot of cooking. Jack is partial to a nice hot curry!

For more information on Jack and to keep up with his diving exploits visit his website at

47% of people in long term relationships won’t use the toilet in front of their partner

In an ongoing study into British bathroom behaviour we asked a range of people from all walks of life what they do in their bathroom. This week it was toilet habits of us Brits and the findings were somewhat of a surprise.

We asked over 1,800 men and women in long term relationships whether they went to the toilet in front of their partner, 47% of participants said ‘no’, while 53% said ‘yes’ they did.

Our researchers then asked why the respondents that said no were so reluctant to go to the toilet in front of their partner. 44% said that they felt ‘embarrassed’, 31% said that it was a ‘private moment’ and didn’t want to do it in front of their partner, and 25% said that they didn’t want to ‘put their partner off them’ so avoided doing it in their presence.

Those who said that they were comfortable using the toilet in front of their partner were also asked, ‘How long were you in a relationship before you were comfortable doing so?’ and asked to pick from a selection of options. The most common time period chosen was ‘six months to a year’ with 57% of the vote, although 17% admitted that they used the toilet in front of their partner ‘practically straight away’.

Those who answered no to the original question were asked if they thought that they would ever be comfortable going to the toilet in front of their partner, to which 61% said ‘probably not.’ They were also asked if they locked the toilet door when their partners were in the house, 44% answered yes.

Males were more likely to go to the toilet in front of their partner with 67% of men admitting that they do it.

Our director Peter Gregg commented on the study saying:

“Toilet habits are often a cause of embarrassment. This can be even more so in front of a partner, particularly new ones. The image of the perfect English rose can be rocked a little by the call of nature! But surely in a long term relationship, people should know each other well enough to be comfortable in almost any situation?

“According to our study it seems that this isn’t necessarily the case. There really shouldn’t be cause for embarrassment though. After all, what happens in the bathroom is one of life’s natural functions, which everybody needs to do. If your partner has a problem with it, then maybe the problem lies with them!”

toilet habits

Picture courtesy of: stuartpilbrow

A Guide to Toilet Etiquette at Work

Here at UK Bathrooms we want to make your bathroom experience a good one and have come up with a handy, if tongue in cheek look at toilet etiquette in the workplace.

A Guide to Toilet Etiquette at Work

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Feel free to share or print this infographic out and display it in your work toilet, or send it to some colleagues who may need a helping hand when it comes to toilet etiquette.

And as always, remember to wash your hands!