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All year round showering

Using electric showers in thye summer months makes complete sense as often the heating systems are turned off completely and it is possible to have a hot, or warm shower without difficulty. However having an electric shower makes complete sense whenever it is used and the installation of them is simple, a cold water feed and an electric supply.

UK Bathrooms has a full range of electric showers from which you can choose and the Mira range has some excellent choices. A top selling range in Mira is the Vie model and here you have a choice of power outputs to suit your personal requirements. These include including 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW and 10.8 kW. And there is an ECO setting ideal for summer use. In addition the Mira Vie electric shower system comes with a built-in select and forget control panel. This panel allows you to create shower settings, such as temperature settings, that can be reused each time with just a push of a button. The finishes include chrome, white and satin.

Mira Vie Electric Shower

Mira Event XS Thermostatic Power Shower

This stunning power shower from Mira is available in a choice of either white, or chrome and white to match your existing shower room decor. Being a fully thermostatically controlled shower unit you can set the temperature to suit you and with separate temperature and flow controls, which allow you to leave the temperature control at your preferred setting. The Mira thermostat system control prevents sudden temperature changes, to give a consistent, enjoyable showering experience. You can also override the maximum temperature stop, for a hotter shower if you wish.

The showerhead is the Mira easy clean with four different shower spray patterns, Start, Champagne, Massage and Eco. The flow boost allows for a progressive increase of spray from economy to full flow giving a flow rate of 16 litres per minute for a powerful showering experience. The Mira Event XS is a great buy, slim and stylish and offers safe and powerful showering, and a range of practical features.

Mira elite 9.8Kw power shower

An electric shower holds many benefits over conventional showers, particularly in the summer months when the heating may be low or off. A downside to an electric shower can be low water pressure, because although you will still get a flow of water through the head it could be nothing less than weak spray. However, Mira the electric shower specialist have come up with the ideal solution with their Mira Elite 2. It takes water from your cold water tank, rather than the mains, and has a built-in pump to boost the flow.

With a smooth and accurate temperature control, and a simple on and off button which allows you to leave the temperature and power controls at your preferred setting,. Showering is a breeze. Fitted with the renowned Mira Response showerhead, with easy-clean rubber nozzles and three exciting spray patterns ‘ Start, Soothe and Force. The Mira is finished in a smart white and chrome colour and will enhance any bathroom, shower enclosure, or en-suite.

Finding the right Electric Shower for your Bathroom

Electric showers, in normal circumstances use water direct from a cold mains supply and only heat the water as it is used. This makes them very economical, giving instantaneous showering, for use at any time of the year, even in the summer when you may not have stored hot water. Electric showers can be installed into homes where there is not a stored hot water supply and such flexibility means that they can be fitted into most domestic situations.

UK Bathrooms stock a wide range of electric showers from all the leading manufacturers and offer a range of power outputs. These include low cost basic electric showers to high performance models. The range of electric shower units includes: 8.5, 9.5, 10.4kW.outputs, but for “the daddy” of them all nothing touches the Mira Sport Max at a whopping 10.8kW.

Mira Orbis Electric Shower

Electric showers are sometimes referred to as instantaneous showers. The fact that they heat water instantly is a great advantage over other types of shower, as they operate independently of the central heating system and offer maximum convenience.

The Mira Orbis Electric Shower is a sleek shower offered in three power outputs, 9.0kW, 9.8kW & 10.8kW giving a high performance instant hot shower every time. The patented Mira Sport technology is guaranteed for 2 years, and with Sensi-flo protection ensures that should there be a failure in the water supply, it switches off. The Mira “clearscale” reduces limescale build up in hard water areas with four spray settings available on the shower head.

Mira Combiforce 415 Shower Kit

Millions of homeowners redesign their bathrooms each year and showers are one of the first things that they choose to bring up to date. More and more homes across the UK are opting for showers in favour of bathtubs in their bathrooms, predominantly due to the added convenience associated with showers. It is evident that people in the UK are so fond of their showers, in fact, that they spend more time in showers than any other nation in Europe. With the emergence of power showers and increasingly technological enclosures many are spending as much as 20 minutes each day in their showers. One of our most popular showers is the  Mira Combiforce 415 is specifically designed for high-pressure systems and produces a powerful, invigorating shower without an additional pump. It maintains a constant temperature by compensating for changes in water pressure, to give you a consistent, enjoyable showering experience every time.