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Mira elite 9.8Kw power shower

An electric shower holds many benefits over conventional showers, particularly in the summer months when the heating may be low or off. A downside to an electric shower can be low water pressure, because although you will still get a flow of water through the head it could be nothing less than weak spray. However, Mira the electric shower specialist have come up with the ideal solution with their Mira Elite 2. It takes water from your cold water tank, rather than the mains, and has a built-in pump to boost the flow.

With a smooth and accurate temperature control, and a simple on and off button which allows you to leave the temperature and power controls at your preferred setting,. Showering is a breeze. Fitted with the renowned Mira Response showerhead, with easy-clean rubber nozzles and three exciting spray patterns ‘ Start, Soothe and Force. The Mira is finished in a smart white and chrome colour and will enhance any bathroom, shower enclosure, or en-suite.