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Extra 20% off Burlington from UK Bathrooms

Are you looking for a timeless, luxurious bathroom suite? Then look no further than Burlington from UK Bathrooms! This quintessentially British bathroom collection is inspired by the historic eras between the late 1800s to early 1900’s. You can choose from a look that is true to tradition whilst also promising seamless modern day functionality for unsurpassable luxury. And, if you act now, you can get an extra 20% off! Use code BURL20 at checkout. Read on to learn more.


Why Choose Burlington

When it comes to luxury and comfort, nothing compares to Burlington bathrooms. All of their products are made with the finest materials and feature exquisite detailing that will make your bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. From gorgeous freestanding baths and shower enclosures to towel radiators and basins, this collection has something for everyone. Plus, all of their fixtures are designed with modern day convenience in mind so that your bathroom is as functional as it is beautiful.

Burlington ChalfontQuality Craftsmanship at its Finest

At UK Bathrooms, we take pride in providing only the very best products available on the market today. All Burlington bathrooms are crafted with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail so that you can be sure your bathroom will last for years to come. Plus, there is a wide range of sizes so that you can customize your space according to your needs without sacrificing style or comfort. So whether you’re looking for a classic clawfoot bathtub or a sleek and modern shower enclosure, UK Bathrooms has something for everyone!

Burlington Victorian

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Burlington-Riviera-Matt White-580mm


With stunning designs inspired by historic eras combined with modern day functionality, Burlington bathroom products are sure to add elegance and sophistication to any space. Buy now and enjoy our extra 20% off (use code BURL20) until the end of February 2023.

nb: Extra 205 off applies to products from the Burlington brand only.

Use code BURL20 at checkout.

How to spruce up your bathroom with accessories

If your bathroom is starting to look more shabby than chic but you don’t want to go all out with ripping out the units and starting afresh or you’re working to a budget, reviving your worn our room doesn’t need to be as difficult as it might seem. One of the most simple ways to spruce up your bathroom is to incorporate accessories into the room seamlessly and stylishly.

HIB Milan MirrorOnce you’ve got a colour scheme or theme decided upon for the room, make sure the accessories you choose match that. For example, if you’re going for contemporary and stylishly sleek, as is the trend in bathrooms this year, pick a minimalistic mirror with chrome edging that will blend into the rest of the room easily. Coordinate this with other minor details in the bathroom for an overall neat look, such as a shiny chrome towel rail or even right down to the toilet roll holder.

Sorting out your lighting will make a huge difference to your bathroom. Nobody likes that stark bright white lighting, especially when you use your bathroom for applying make-up, putting in contact lenses or shaving. Choosing smaller lamps or lights with shades to dot around the room will create a more calming atmosphere, making your bathroom a more relaxing place to be. Again, make sure these fit in with the particular theme you’ve chosen as an antique lamp just isn’t going to look right up against a state of the art shower system.

Imperial Brokton Wall Light with White Linen Shade Imperial Cadiz Wall Light with Glass Shade

The key with keeping a bathroom looking stylish and on trend whether it’s a big or small room, aside from sticking to a theme, is to choose your accessories wisely so that the room doesn’t look overly cluttered as it can do by choosing a variety of different things. Instead of leaving all your bottles of lotions and potions out on the side, tidy them away into a practical but sophisticated cabinet, and make sure the whole family stashes their toothbrushes into a holder or beaker. Within no time and little cost but thoughtful planning, you’ll have an updated stylish looking bathroom that’s still fully functional and on trend.

BC Sanitan Toothbrush Holder Burlington Toilet Roll Holder

The toilet that does it all

For most people, having a toilet that flushes properly is their major concern, but for those with money to burn ($10,000 to be exact) the Neorest 750H by TOTO is the be all and end all of toilets.

Inspired by modern architecture, this high-tech toilet features a heated seat, massage function and even has two ‘sanitising nozzles’ which TOT claims to eliminate the need for toilet paper. The toilet also features a lid that automatically opens and closes for you.

Ergonomically designed to give the best seating position, the Neorest 750H has a deodoriser to get rid of unwanted smells and also has a built-in dryer for your delicate areas. The stainless-steel sanitising spray nozzles provide ‘the ultimate in personal cleansing’ according to the manufacturer and the nozzles also clean themselves meaning virtually no maintenance needed.

Neorest 750H 2

The included remote control also lets users adjust the water pressure and temperature for the ultimate comfort.

When the user has finished washing, drying and massaging themselves, the Neorest 750H toilet automatically flushes and closes the lid.

If you cannot afford the $10,000 (£6,000) asking price for the Neorest 750H toilet, the company also offer a more affordable Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet, a universal toilet seat that provides the same cleaning, deodorising and heating functions at a more reasonable $400 (£240).

Neorest 750H

Toilet Maintenance

When you consider the amount times that a toilet used during its life, it is remarkable that it continues to function without having more breakdowns. Much of this can be attributed to good engineering and quality manufacture, but like any piece of apparatus, it should from time to time have some simple maintenance and we believe a little TLC! However, it’s usually not difficult or expensive to repair a toilet in the event that it is not working the way it used to and there are some ways in which things can go wrong.

Blocked Toilet

Perhaps one of the most common problems that could occur with a toilet is that it becomes blocked. Now in the normal usage this should never happen, but it does and usually it can occur at the most inconvenient moment! Of course most blockages can be cleared yourself without having to pay a plumber. Follow these steps, and you should have the problem cleared up in no time.

Firstly it is a good idea to put on some rubber gloves and if you can see the problem, a child’s toy or similar, just remove it. If this is not the case put some papers on the floor and if the water is not too high in the bowl, try one more flush, the weight of water can often be enough to clear the blockage, if this fails then the best way and usually always effective is to use a plunger.

Make sure you’re covering the hole completely. The plunger should be submerged in water to be effective. It is important to be pushing and pulling with water, not air, if necessary add a small amount of water to the bowl. This works by causing a suction which should, by constantly disturbing the blockage in both directions that will gradually cause it to be loosened. Stubborn blockages might require you to do this a number of times.

Dripping Toilet

Another problem can be a dripping toilet, not causing any problems except wasting a lot of water and keeping you awake all night! Two things can happen here, if you have an old toilet it will have an overflow pipe that allows the water to run out onto garden or driveway. Modern toilets work in a slightly different way by having the overflow running into the bowl Take the lid off the cistern and lift the ball arm, if this stops the leak, you have either a faulty valve or the arm is sticking. If the valve is faulty this may just be a worn washer and replacing will solve the problem. Turn off the water and expose the valve by removing the cover close to where the ball arm fits, this will allow the washer to be removed and replaced. Often simply turning the washer over can work. However if it is the arm that is sticking a little grease at the joint will free it.

Flushing Problems

If your toilet cistern is not flushing properly, there could be a number of reasons for this and the first thing to do is to check the level of the water in the cistern or tank. It should always be just at or below the line which you will find marked at the back of the cistern on the inside. If it is below this the ball arm will have to be adjusted, Modern toilet cisterns have a small adjusting screw where the arm meets the valve and turning this anticlockwise allows the arm to rise a little higher in the tank.

If the flushing system itself is at fault and if there is plenty of water in the tank and it does not completely empty when flushed means that the syphonic valve is faulty and will have to be replaced. This is far simpler than it may look and new modern ones will fit into most toilet cisterns. But fixing the old one can perhaps just mean that the plastic valve which allows the water in the cistern to flow through the siphon trap into the pan has become old, cracked or worn out. This can be replaced by first draining the cistern of all water by flushing, then mopping any water left with old towels. Disconnect the flushing arm inside the cistern with a suitable spanner or grips unscrew the large nut holding the flush pipe onto the base of the cistern and unscrew the retaining nut which holds the siphon to the base of the cistern. Lift out the assembly completely and take off the plastic valve off he metal plate and replace this with an identical one. Reassemble the items in reverse order and refill the cistern, checking the area around the pipe for leaks. You should now have a good flushing system again.

Things to do before You Die – The Must Pee Places

There are lists for everything and when it comes to bucket lists, you know things can get crazy. California Home Design compiled a list of the 50 Places to Pee Before You Die, their lists includes public and private toilets/bathrooms/privy.

There are some famous celebrities whose porcelain (or gold) thrones feature on the list including: designer Donatella Versace’s decadent bathroom in Milan, Hip Hop Legend Russell Simmons’s WC in New Jersey and Sir Richard Branson out door toilet, on Necker Island, British Virgin Islands.

Many luxury hotels also feature heavily on the list although the price tag on many of the suites where you will find these amazing toilets will probably mean you will have to spend more than a penny to use them!

Even London gets a look in which is lucky as the UK is widely credited with the invention The London Shard features with its fantastic views from the 68th floor out across London and its modern design featuring a minimalist designed dual flush plates from Geberit. London’s Pop-Up Urinals also made the list, these were installed as a way to stop people peeing in the street or down alleyways and bushes.

London Shard toilet

There are also a number of other special public toilets including the confusing One-Way-Glass Toilet, Houston, looking out it looks like everyone will be able to see you going about your business. However it’s made from one way glass so none can actually see you peeing! Bryant Park bathroom, in New York also feature, the old marble toilets add a bit of luxury and old school elegance to the activity.

So if you’re not sure what to add to your bucket list why not add a few of these latrines!

Creating a Luxury Bathroom

Advances in sanitary equipment, bathroom furniture, showers, fittings and manufacturing methods has meant over the last decade or so, the bathroom is not just a functional place, but one where is rightly regarded as a place of luxury where a person can retreat and relax, it can be whatever you want to make it.

UK Bathrooms now is able to offer luxury brands such as Bauhaus, Rocha and Matki as well as many others. These include a complete range of baths, freestanding as well as the traditional styles but with 21st century technology. Close coupled toilets, water saving cisterns, smooth lines and finishes that are easy clean and totally hygienic, the choice has never been better or more competitive!

Just one example of many on offer is the Geberit AquaClean 8000 Plus Shower Toilet, an advance in toilet hygiene unthinkable only a few short years ago. This WC is a minimalist design, which will blend seamlessly in any bathroom. It has a soft and comfortable seat and provides personal cleaning with a built in adjustable water sprayer add to that it has personal warm air drying and an automatic air purifier, clearly this excels in its duties as a toilet.

Geberit Cisterns

European market leader the Geberit Group continues to innovate and produce bathroom products that can only be described as ground breaking and the range of Cisterns and associated flush plates. These include dual flushing products which in today’s eco friendly world are now considered to be a standard feature of the modern bathroom or washroom.

A stand out model, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush, is sleek and is no longer the preserve of hotels and theatres, this convenient modern system can be a feature of your ultra-modern bathroom space. This unit is fully programmable, with options to adjust sensitivity so several hand motions will trigger it to prevent accidental flushing, or it can be adjusted to allow the unit to flush as soon as the toilet has been used, a modern and hygienically method of toilet flushing. The Sigma 80 features a standby function that saves on electricity when not in use and is available in either black or black mirrored glass; the LED can also be programmed to display itself in five different colours. Naturally a mains electricity supply is required and also requires the Geberit 80 transformer.

Essential Gem Slimline Pack

For rooms with a limited space such as a small cloakroom or e-suite area, company washroom or executive facility, the Essential Gem Slimline Pack is neat, stylish, and provides a WC with concealed cistern as well as very useful storage space. The pack is also ideally suited to standard bathroom use and will give the user, a basin and back to wall toilet.

The product is manufactured to the highest standard and finished in white and the rigid assembly cabinet is constructed with18mm fascias, 16mm thick panels, these panels and fascias are also moisture resistant, so any water splashed onto them when using the basin will not have a detrimental effect. There are ample storage facilities for spare toilet rolls, soap, hand towels and cleaning materials. Although we illustrate the basin with one of our single lever taps, there are many examples from which you can choose which are not included in the special low price of this unit. A full ten year guarantee is offered on the pack.

Saint Patrick’s Day and bathroom suites

A group of people here decided to go down to one of the local Irish pubs on St Patrick’s day on Sunday and celebrate with one or two Irish colleagues and have a “drop of the black stuff” not quite on the scale that they celebrate in Dublin or London, the latter city has a whole week of celebrations with parades and a festival which allow people to experience many aspects of Irish culture including food, crafts, dance and music.

This set one or two asking on the Monday if we sold any Irish bathroom products amongst the many from our wide selection of British and European manufacturers, well at UK Bathroom we sell a great Irish bathroom product; Shires. From its early foundations this company became part of the Irish based Qualceram and was listed in London and Dublin in 1997, the company was hit badly in 2009 by the dramatic downturn in their home market of Ireland and then in 2010 became part of Ideal Standard International.

A great range of products are available and include many stylish basins, taps and mixers, WC’s and baths, naturally now they are produced under the arm of Ideal the quality is still as high as it ever was and has the backing of the great international company.

The Average Lifespan of a British Toilet Brush is Four Years

In case you were wondering, British households change their toilet brushes every four years according to research. For some this may cause concern of hygiene issues; however it does seem to be one aspect many people don’t pay much attention to.

Research conducted by online bathroom retailer into bathroom hygiene habits polled 1,345 UK homeowners to find out their bathroom habits. People were asked questions such as; ‘how often they cleaned their bathroom’ they also asked if respondents ‘owned a toilet brush’.

They found that 84% of UK householders owned a toilet brush and on average they were replaced with a new brush every four years. 96%, claimed to use the toilet brush ‘regularly’ as well with 66% only using water from the toilet to clean it rather than some kind of anti-bacterial fluid.Those that do use the toilet brush regularly stated that it gets used in their household on average three times a week. That means in the toilet brushes life span it gets used more than 620!

Cleaning the toilet is an important part of cleaning the whole bathroom, UK Bathrooms found some interesting numbers as to how many times UK householders actually clean their whole bathroom. When asked; ‘how often do you properly clean your bathroom?’ the results showed:

Daily – 3%
Weekly – 37%
Monthly – 41%
Every few months – 9%
Every 6 months – 6%
Less frequently – 4%

Peter Gregg, Director of, spoke about the findings:

“Our survey is quite an eye opener! You might keep a spotless bathroom, but it seems it’s easy to overlook the cleanliness of the cleaning implements within it. When something is used to clean the loo, it’s bound to pick up bacteria over time and that’s probably something that you’d rather not think about.”

He added:

“But we would advise keeping a small bit of bleach in your loo brush holder to kill any nasty germs and also to replace your loo brush more frequently than once every four years!”

Image courtesy of Close to Home