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Wet room flooring made easy

Wet rooms are the way forward for many people, even more so if you have a slight disability with walking or stepping over even low thresholds. One thing that you must ensure if you are deciding to have a wet room installed is that the wetroom floor is absolutely watertight. The Impey Aqua-Dec 1 1300x800mm Wet Room Package, which includes a gradient tray, drainage waste and waterproof membrane pack, is one of the ways forward when you are looking at what is required for your wetroom.

Each Aqua-Dec is 22mm thick and has a built-in fall of 17mm to the gulley. And the ‘Dec’ is formed from GRP and has a solid fillite core, which means it is extremely tough, rigid and can be trimmed by up to 50mm on the perimeter for tight areas. Having a flat underside this allows it to be securely seated directly onto joists/support boards for quick and easy installation, plus it can be drilled and fixed anywhere on its surface. There are 11 size options available including the AD8 (1850 x 900) which can be trimmed by up to 200mm off each end.