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Zehnder Towel Ring

If you have children, particularly those coming up to teenage years you will have experienced that they do not seem to know what that lovely warming towel rail or the classy looking towel ring which is attached to the bathroom radiator is used for. That is until you tell them that the floor is not where you throw the towels but on that nice hook which will warm and dry the towel, ready for the next time that they want it!

The Zehnder Towel Ring is a simple but very functional design for hanging towels and is designed to attach easily to many different styles of radiator. Zehnder was formerly known as Acova and are a leading manufacturer of decorative central heating radiators and towel rails, electric radiators for the domestic and commercial market.

Don’t worry too much about the children, they grow up and in turn will soon be pointing out to their own children that the bathroom floor is not the place we store towels!