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Panel radiators, column radiators, towel rails from UK Bathrooms

UK Bathrooms is fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of radiators in the UK offering a wide range of radiators including panel radiators, column radiators, designer radiators, and towel radiators.


Types of Radiators

There are many different types of radiators available and some great options depending on your budget, style and heating requirement. Panel radiators are the most common type of radiator they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Designer radiators are more expensive than panel radiators, but they offer a wider range of styles and finishes. Column Radiators are more traditional in style and towel rails are perfect for warming towels and adding extra heat to a bathroom space.

How to Choose a Radiator


When choosing a radiator, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • The radiator should be the right size to heat the room effectively. Check the BTU’s.
  • The radiator should be compatible with your heating system.
  • The radiator should match the style of your home.
  • Radiators can range in price from a few pounds to several thousand pounds.

Radiator Maintenance


Radiators require very little maintenance. You should clean the radiator regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. You should also check the radiator for leaks and make sure that the valves are properly adjusted.

Radiator Prices

Radiators can range in price from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. The price of a radiator will depend on the size, type, and style of the radiator.

Best Radiator Brands


At UK Bathrooms we have some of the best radiator brands. These include brands such as Warmhaus, Apollo, Zehnder-Bisque, SBH Radiators amongst others. Our own brand Origins has some great radiator options including a gorgeous gold towel rail, also available in matt black, matt white, pink and blue to  match your interior styling.

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Bathroom Heating Solutions

Getting out of a warm bath or shower into a cold bathroom can be uncomfortable, but thankfully there is a range of bathroom radiators available to help heat the bathroom and dry your towels at the same time. Here is a quick overview of the options when it comes to heating your bathroom.

Central heating radiators

By far the most common type of radiator in the bathroom, a central heating radiator or towel rail is connected straight into your existing heating system. These are available in a range of different styles, shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to find one to suit any style of bathroom including the Aestus Partito 4 Column Radiator featured below.

Central Heating Radiator Aestus Partio 4 Colum

Electric Towel Rails

Electric towel rails are another popular choice when it comes to bathrooms. They have an advantage over central heating radiators as they can be turned on when needed and do not rely on the central heating system to be on. These types of radiators are also available in various shapes and sizes and can be positioned on any spare wall like the Zehnder Atoll Electric Radiator featured below.

Electric Towel Rail Zehnder Atoll Electric Towel Rail

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

Thanks to modern technology there is now a range of dual fuel radiators on the market. They can run on both the existing heating system or by electricity with the flick of a switch. Due to the unique heating elements in these radiators they are often more expensive than central heating or electric radiators, but offer the best of both worlds like the Apollo Ravenna Traditional Towel Rail CR Dual Fuel featured below.

Apollo Ravenna Duel Fuel Towel Rail

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is the most luxurious heating solution for the bathroom and is also the most expensive. This type of heating system is usually installed when a whole new bathroom is being fitted or built from scratch and offers consistent heating throughout the whole bathroom.

Underfloor heating systems are available in both electric or central heating styles and are usually control by a separate thermostat, below is an example of electric underfloor heating system, the Raychem T2Quicknet 160 Underfloor Heating Mat Set.

Underfloor heating Raychem T2Quicknet


Feature Range – Carron Baths

Still based at their original site on the banks of the River Carron in Falkirk Scotland, Carron is in fact one of the oldest manufacturers of baths here in the UK, still innovating after 254 years in business! One of these developments has been the patented material Carronite which is used in the production of their baths and is stronger than any other conventional bath or panel which is made from acrylic today. Carronite baths and panels, when properly installed, will last for a lifetime, keep water in the bath warmer for longer, and covered by a thirty year guarantee.

A wide range of baths is available from Carron in a number of distinct and different designs, all of which are manufactured offering the use of the Carronite material, four of these are featured here. The Carron Celsius is truly modern in looks but also features advance technology in the form of the unique overflow bath filler, a rectangular clicker waste and has a sleek sharp and modern look to it, this is a super strong and scratch resistant bath with a luxurious 300 litre capacity and is only in Carronite, which is guaranteed for 30 years. The bath measures 1910 x 910 x 610mm and is supplied with a single continuous panel.

Carron Celsius Bath

Carron Urban 1700mm Rectangular Bath is a bathtub that is simple in design and is offered as something that can be easily accommodated into the smaller bathroom due to the slim edges. This design ensures that although the bath has a spacious feel when bathing because of the slim edges overall it is modest in size. This particular bath can be offered in standard acrylic if cost is an important factor, but is still available in Carronite with the advantages that this material offers. The bath measures 1700 x 725 x 540mm and has a capacity of 224 litres.

Carron Urban Bath

Double ended baths are becoming a standard feature to many modern bathrooms today having the advantage of not having taps at and waste positioned at one end so bath time for a couple of kids, or adults, does not present any problems. The Carron Equity bath has all these features and it is available in two sizes, 1500 x 540mm and 1700 x 540mm in left or right handed versions and the taps can be wall or deck mounted to suit. This bath is also offered in standard acrylic as well as Carronite.

Carron Equity Bath

The answer for bathrooms that may have insufficient room for a separate shower enclosure is the shower bath which gives extra room end one end of the bathtub for easy overbath showering. Attractively curved at one end, the Urban Shower bath allows enough room to shower comfortably whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the tub. Importantly, the Carron Equity shower bath is supplied with a screen, this shower bath package provides all you need for both a bath and a shower, is offered in standard acrylic or Carronite. These shower baths are offered with a slip resistant surface.

Carron Urban Shower bath



Carron Tranquility 1300×1300 Corner Bath

Thanks to the latest developments in acrylic you can relax in luxury corner baths which are available in a number of sizes. The Carron Tranquility corner bath is a luxury bath with a generous capacity of 295 litres, more than enough to let you soak and forget the problems of the day.

Complete with a seat cleverly moulded into the design and constructed to the high Carronite standards with 5mm thickness and the world famous Carronite finish which has a 30 year guarantee. As Carronite baths are twice as strong as standard acrylic baths, these retain their heat for far longer than a cast iron or steel bath. No tap holes are drilled in the bath which means that you can chose where you wish to site them, or even have a free standing option. The sleek, sharp lines of the Carron baths complement the latest market developments in ceramics and brassware.

Carron Quantum Shower Bath

The bathroom may not be the room where people spend the most time in your house, but few would argue that it is not a necessity, so why not make it a bright and pleasant place to start your morning routine. Bathrooms with good design can make your morning routine faster and can set the tone for the decor of the home.

Picking the sanitary ware and bathroom accessories to suit the size of bathroom is of course essential. Larger areas can have the luxury of large designer shower enclosures or wet room, smaller rooms will perhaps take advantage of a ‘P’ shaped or square shower area in the bath, with a glass shower screen to provide an overbath shower. One of the many on offer at UK Bathrooms web pages is the Carron Quantum Shower Bath which is offered complete with shower screen. Carron Bathrooms have been at the forefront of bath design and manufacturing for over 20 years. During that time they have established a reputation for design and manufacturing excellence, making them Europe’s leading bath manufacturer.