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Zehnder Kleo (Keva) Horizontal Double Radiator

If you are installing a heating system or maybe considering upgrading the present system the choice of classy radiators has never been better, attractive in appearance as well as being far more efficient than old style radiators.
One example of many is the Zehnder Radiator which is a compact double radiator that packs a lot of heating punch due to the clever design.

The radiator is the new slender design and is not out of place in any room in the home, whether this is in a hallway, living room bedroom, or bathroom, manufactured in 20mm and 38mm steel tubing, both vertical and horizontal with rounded ends which forms it clever double formation. The tubing is powder coated in white and ensures that the finish will be long lasting and will not be necessary to paint. As an addition the radiator can be fitted with a choice of two towel bars, useful if this is en-suite or in a bathroom. With four sizes available the choice of heat output is from 734 watts to 1153 watts, impressive for a compact radiator which will ensure your warmth and comfort.