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Grand Designs Watch – Japanese Home

Tamayo Hussey, moved to the UK with her husband Nigel, however since she moved here she has missed Japan very much. The changes and culture shock inspired the couple to build a Japanese inspired home to ward off her home sickness. In the Wye Valley they bought a house which came on a nice plot of land. The house wasn’t very good, so they say goodbye to that to build their dream house by altering it completely.

Houses in Japan are built from light materials, and only last around 20 years, however this is due to the risk of earthquakes, so it is safer and easier. Hoping to improve the current house, by making blend into the surroundings better than brick, with Japanese larch wood. Inside, room plans will be open plan and free flowing featuring a number of Japanese influences with tatami room and sliding paper walls and roof bath.

Like many home builders, the couple are doing as much of the project themselves to save money as well as not having an architect on site or anyone to project manage the build. They estimate the project will take 9 months, but that never works. So can the couple beat all the hurdles they come across?

Like much of the house, the bathroom features sleek and simple fixtures and fittings which flowed throughout the whole space. It included a simple counter top wash bowl sat atop a wooden unit with a simple mixer tap. For the simplicity, the Bauhaus Countertop Washbowl fits the bill along with the wonderfully designed Adamez Eclipse i Double Ended inset Bath. All these wonderful pieces can be found on our Grand Designs Page, if you are looking for inspiration.

Japanese Home Grand Designs

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Gelson Loire soft close single door mirror cabinet

If you would like to move away from the standard square edged bathroom cabinet to something which has softer lines, you will find a wide choice at the bathroom cabinets’ pages on our web site. We can offer a huge range of cabinets, with or without lighting and built in shaver sockets, to circular styles and recessed models, one, two and three door cabinets standard or corner fittings. There is a model to suit your needs.

One example is the Gelson Loire soft close single door mirror cabinet which features an elegantly arched mirrored door and gorgeous brushed metal and frosted glass overhanging light fitment, the Loire will be the star feature in any bathroom. The soft close door, shaver socket and fixed shelf deliver the definitive storage option, and it looks good too!

Gelson Danube three door mirror cabinet

The modern bathroom cabinet of today is light years away from its p predecessors in every sense of the word. The lighting in modern bathroom cabinets is low energy often LED which is green on energy consumption but giving outstanding illumination. The Gelson Danube is a larger version of the popular Seine cabinet and comprises three mirrored doors, three down-lighters and one shaver socket combine with adjustable shelves to create the ultimate in bathroom storage!

The generous cabinet is 100mm wide 800mm high and has a depth of 170mm although the canopy which houses the LED lighting extends a further 270mm. Not only will your bathroom be enhanced by the addition of this classy bathroom cabinet, but you will be able to store all those essentials neatly behind those mirrored doors.

Showerlux Stowaway Storage Unit

As many busy people know keeping a bathroom or shower area tidy can be a challenge, more so if the room is small and putting large storage unit on the wall or using freestanding can be difficult or even impossible. The answer can lie with the Showerlux Stowaway unit which is a cleverly designed corner unit.

With a size of 175(w) X 125(d) X 700(h) mm’s in white finish with two shelves sideways sliding doors, designed to help your bathing area free of clutter. The unit is ideal for use for soaps, gels and shampoos, is economical on wall space and makes a perfect companion for an over bath shower. This is only one of the many units which are available to help with keeping your bath or shower rooms tidy.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors

Lighting in a bathroom is almost as important as some of the fittings and accessories which most of us seem to favour. Changing your bathroom lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom, by simply changing the light fixtures your bathroom can appear modern and new.

Mirrors and lights work for bathrooms, just having a mirrored light in your bathroom is a superb way of transforming your bathroom for low cost. The mirrors will not only open up your bathroom but the lighting on the mirror can change the appearance of your bathroom and mirror lights are an excellent way to light the room. The Gelson Danube three door mirror cabinet not only gives you lighting from three down-lighters, there is a shaver socket and the shelving is adjustable for the ultimate in bathroom storage facilities and lighting finished in cool white.

Showerlux Bathroom Products

The modern bathroom or en-suite has many more cosmetic products than it ever used to and the ongoing problem of storing these without the room becoming cluttered could be a problem. However it is now possibly to keep your shower enclosure clutter free by hiding soaps, gels and shampoos in this cleverly designed discreet shower store from Showerlux.

Every Showerlux product, whether manufactured in the UK or abroad, meets stringent quality and safety standards, complying with ISO 9001:2000 and is supported by a comprehensive 10 year warranty. To support the high quality products, the Showerlux team endeavour to maintain their excellent reputation by delivering the highest levels of customer service at all stages of the purchasing process including after sales and technical support. Continuous investment in design and innovation ensures customers can rely on Showerlux to provide them with an endless choice of products to compliment current trends and meet their specific needs, check through these at our pages.

Storing those essentials in your bathroom

Soaps, bottles and toiletries that tend to mount up in the average bathroom, so some form of cupboard is needed if you want to hide all the clutter away from sight. The simple shelf is of course the easiest way, but is this really what you want when you have redesigned and fitted out your bathroom with new ceramic ware?

A bathroom cabinet is the easiest and cheapest form of cupboard, and these are available in many different shapes sizes and styles. Corner cabinets are ideal if you have limited wall space, but will hold less than larger two or three door cabinets. Freestanding or built in furniture will give you much more storage space and there are several tall, slim freestanding storage units available that will swallow most of the usual bits and pieces that lie around the bathroom. The Villeroy & Boch La Belle Tall Cabinet is a stylish wall hung bathroom furniture with interior drawer, shelves and lighting and enhances any bathroom as well as giving you all the storage space you may need.

Roper Rhodes Ascension Equinox Single Door Cabinet

Vital for storing all those essentials that we need each and every day in our bathroom or en-suite area, as well as using the illuminated mirror to shave or put on our makeup, the quintessential bathroom cabinet.

At UK Bathrooms web pages you will find a range of bathroom cabinets which are designed to suit all requirements, from a range of manufacturers and designers in both Europe and here in the UK. The cabinets can be illuminated or not and be of a single door or two or three. The roper Rhodes collection includes the Ascension Equinox Single Door Cabinet, complete with or without a 28 LED light fitting and shaver socket, high quality soft close double-sided mirror door and neat concealed handles. This solid and robust anodised aluminium body makes it hardwearing, rust proof and easy to maintain.