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The modern bathroom or en-suite has many more cosmetic products than it ever used to and the ongoing problem of storing these without the room becoming cluttered could be a problem. However it is now possibly to keep your shower enclosure clutter free by hiding soaps, gels and shampoos in this cleverly designed discreet shower store from Showerlux.

Every Showerlux product, whether manufactured in the UK or abroad, meets stringent quality and safety standards, complying with ISO 9001:2000 and is supported by a comprehensive 10 year warranty. To support the high quality products, the Showerlux team endeavour to maintain their excellent reputation by delivering the highest levels of customer service at all stages of the purchasing process including after sales and technical support. Continuous investment in design and innovation ensures customers can rely on Showerlux to provide them with an endless choice of products to compliment current trends and meet their specific needs, check through these at our pages.

Storing those essentials in your bathroom

Soaps, bottles and toiletries that tend to mount up in the average bathroom, so some form of cupboard is needed if you want to hide all the clutter away from sight. The simple shelf is of course the easiest way, but is this really what you want when you have redesigned and fitted out your bathroom with new ceramic ware?

A bathroom cabinet is the easiest and cheapest form of cupboard, and these are available in many different shapes sizes and styles. Corner cabinets are ideal if you have limited wall space, but will hold less than larger two or three door cabinets. Freestanding or built in furniture will give you much more storage space and there are several tall, slim freestanding storage units available that will swallow most of the usual bits and pieces that lie around the bathroom. The Villeroy & Boch La Belle Tall Cabinet is a stylish wall hung bathroom furniture with interior drawer, shelves and lighting and enhances any bathroom as well as giving you all the storage space you may need.

Roper Rhodes Ascension Equinox Single Door Cabinet

Vital for storing all those essentials that we need each and every day in our bathroom or en-suite area, as well as using the illuminated mirror to shave or put on our makeup, the quintessential bathroom cabinet.

At UK Bathrooms web pages you will find a range of bathroom cabinets which are designed to suit all requirements, from a range of manufacturers and designers in both Europe and here in the UK. The cabinets can be illuminated or not and be of a single door or two or three. The roper Rhodes collection includes the Ascension Equinox Single Door Cabinet, complete with or without a 28 LED light fitting and shaver socket, high quality soft close double-sided mirror door and neat concealed handles. This solid and robust anodised aluminium body makes it hardwearing, rust proof and easy to maintain.