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Contemporary bathroom lighting in the Shower

You can also look at amazing lighting features, for your shower. Here at UK bathrooms we stock a wide range of illuminated shower heads which are perfect for brightening your day.Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head with Light

Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head with Light

Illuminate your shower area with the Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head; pick from a choice or blue, purple or green to set the mood and create a spectacular visual effect. This 600mm ceiling mounted shower head comes complete with a programmable keypad and features low power consumption LED lights that create a column of water and light. There are 3 spray patterns to choose from all at the touch of a button meaning that you can choose the setting that best suit you. Please note that this shower head requires mains power and must be installed by an accredited electrician.

Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head with LED Lighting

Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head with LED Lighting

For those who want a more traditional round shower head the Crosswater Rio Spectrum Round Shower Head is a great choice. With 96 different LED settings all controlled via the touchscreen keypad this shower head has to be seen to be believed. Measuring 400mm in diameter, the Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head is manufactured to the highest standards and comes complete with a 15 year guarantee. This shower head requires mains power to operate.

Phoenix Round LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix Round LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH015

For those on a budget the heat activated Phoenix Round LED Shower Head is a great option. This shower head does not require mains power and generates electricity through water pressure, so all you have to do is attach it and you’re ready to go. This compact shower head changes colour at different temperatures allowing you to tell when the water is just right. A blue light shines at 26°C and below, with a green light taking over between 26°C and 42°C; this shows you the optimum water temperature for a relaxing shower. Anything above 42°C and the shower head will display a red light.

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH016

Another Phoenix product to consider is the Phoenix Square LED Shower Head. Similar to the Phoenix Round LED Shower Head above, this shower head has a modern square design instead of round. This compact shower head measures 200x200mm and is just 10mm thick. This shower head works in the same way as the round version above, changing colours at different temperatures from blue to green to red. This device also requires no mains power and can be fitted to your existing shower connector.

Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH017

For those who are looking for something a bit bigger the Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head is an affordable option. Working in the same way as the other two Phoenix shower heads, this device features a bigger 300x300mm surface area for a more relaxing shower experience. It comes with a 1 year manufacturers’ guarantee and fits easily to any G ½” connector, making it quick and easy to install even for the DIY virgin.

Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset

Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset

For those looking for a traditional style of shower head that provides a bit of colour to their bathroom at an affordable price, the Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset is the perfect choice. Using the latest heat sensitive LED technology this shower head changes from blue to purple to red indicating when the water has reached the optimum temperature. This fun and inexpensive shower head is great for children that don’t like bath time and makes a great focal point for the bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom lighting

When designing their dream bathroom many people forget about the lighting, but for us it is one of the most important decisions. The correct lighting can have a dramatic effect on a bathroom, turning it from a surgical and almost operation room like feel into an ambient, relaxing and colourful environment that you can enjoy time after time.

Here are some of our favourite lighting options for the bathroom:

Roper Rhodes Porto Illuminated LED Front Bath Panel

Roper Rhodes Porto Illuminated LED Front Bath Panel

This illuminated front bath panel from Roper Rhodes takes LED technology to a new level. Featuring 5 cool glow LED lights flush mounted into a high quality panel, these are perfect for creating a relaxing environment perfect for a night time soak. Available in gloss white and walnut finishes, the Roper Rhodes Illuminated bath panel is ideal for those looking to create their own bespoke bathroom.

As well as the front panel, there is also an option to have back and side panels along with matching corner posts making these products suitable for flush to wall or freestanding baths depending on your design.

Ideal Standard Moments Rectangular Designer Bath

Ideal Standard Moments Rectangular Designer Bath

For those who want to add a modern touch to their bathroom, the Ideal Standard Moments Designer Bath creates a great statement. Available in a range of configurations including front and back illuminated panels, and side storage units this bath looks great and is practical too.

The Ideal Standard Moments Designer Bath can be mounted flush to the wall or positioned in the centre of the room to create a freestanding fixture.

Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light

Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light

If your one of those people who get up in the night or have children that do then these handy motion sensor lights are a great way to not disturb people by turning the main lights on. These thin profile LED lights are easy to install and can be positioned just about anywhere.

The Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light is activated when it senses movement and automatically turns itself off to save battery life. The waterproof design means that these lights are perfect for the bathroom and can even be used outdoors if required. Each light takes 4 AA batteries which can provide power to the device for up to a year before needing replacing.

The Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light is available as a single unit or in a pack of three.

Grohe Nova LED Dual Flush Button

Grohe Nova LED Dual Flush Button

German company Grohe has long been associated with cutting edge technology and fantastic design and have done it again with the Grohe Nova LED Dual Flush Button. This contemporary piece features a dual flush module combined with a coloured LED ring perfect for illuminating your bathroom in the dark.

Choose the colour of the LED ring to match your bathroom or your mood, or pick a constantly changing spectrum it’s up to you. There is also a handy timer so that you can program the device when to come on and switch off to save energy.

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate 2

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

Like something from a Sci-Fi movie, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate is a marvel of technology and design. No longer just a feature reserved for high-end hotels and restaurants, this space age device can now feature in your own ultra-modern bathroom.

Using just the wave of a hand you can control whether you want a big flush or a small flush, and because you are not directly touching the device it ensures a hygienic and clean environment. This module is fully customisable with five different colours to choose from and you can also adjust the sensitivity to prevent accidental flushing.

This product requires mains power and the Geberit Sigma 80 Transformer to operate.


Grand Designs – Japanese Home Shower Room

So this week’s house, in East Devon was not completed by the end of the show. Which means there wasn’t a bathroom to be seen. So instead we are looking again at the Japanese house, a home which was aired two weeks ago. We have featured the bathroom, however the Japanese shower room is also worth looking at. Not often you get two completed bathrooms in one episode. Cleanliness is important in Japanese culture, the showers and baths are designed to not only clean your body but also your mind and spirit. Taking a Japanese “onsen,” or bath is part of many Japanese people’s daily ritual, helping unwind and relax away from everyday life. Before taking a bath however it is important to shower beforehand as per correct etiquette. You wash your body with soap beforehand, traditionally whilst sitting on small stools. You then rinse yourself off with a handheld shower. Temperature of the water is pretty hot, warmer than what is used in the average UK bathroom. The heat is to allow deep penetration and allow for relaxation of your muscles. There is also a small bowl supplied which you can use to pour water over yourself. After cleaning yourself completely, you are then able to sit in the hot and steamy Japanese bathtub. You can see more of the items used in the episode on our Grand Designs page, including the wonderful gold towel rails from Mere Ramillies and Aestus Crosshead Radiator Valves. We also have a selection of showerheads similar to what was used in the episode, so you can find something to suit your needs.

Grand Designs Japanese Shower Room

For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Roper Rhodes New England 700mm Mirror, Shelves & Canopy

Bathroom cabinets with an illuminated mirror can be great and we feature many of these from top manufacturers on our web pages, but one that is proving to be a best seller is in fact not a cabinet but an illuminated mirror with some classy shelving for storing those important toiletries.

Roper Rhodes which is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of bathroom accessories and bathroom furniture and they have many elegant accessories in their portfolio including cabinets and mirrors. The product that we feature is one with a large mirror measuring 740 mm across and 1010 mm tall, illuminated by a canopy which also has features a power socket for your electric bathroom appliances, such as a shaver or toothbrush. Along the right hand side of the mirror there are three shelves all of which are 150mm wide, sufficient for your toiletries and other items making this a great addition in you are putting this over a vanity unit. With the addition of this Roper Rhodes accessory, your bathroom or en-suite will be an even more inviting space, morning or evening.

Roper Rhodes cabinets

Few companies match Roper Rhodes for the quality of their bathroom cabinets and adding one to your bathroom will add that extra something and give you storage, lighting through LED lighting which has an amazing life expectancy. Roper Rhodes offers around 230 products which include cabinets, mirrors, and also many freestanding units.

One example that can be found at our pages is the Sensor Vision Cabinet which is available in three distinctive finishes, which are white, real wood veneer oak and walnut. Inside the cabinet there are three shelves all adjustable and the door features soft closing mechanism avoiding jarring anything from the shelving. Another feature is the door has a mirror on both faces made with 6mm laminated safety glass. A shaver socket is incorporated and can be operated independently. Lighting is controlled by an infrared no touch on and off switch operating the stunning feature of 28 LED lights. This is just one example of the very many outstanding Roper Rhodes products, which you will find at our comprehensive bathroom web pages.

Roper Rhodes Clarity Corona Heated Backlit Mirror MLB300

Few things can be more frustrating than trying to shave or put on makeup when the bathroom mirror is all steamed up after the shower, bath, or from the hot water in the basin. Roper Rhodes has solved this with their classical, integrated magnifying mirror which incorporates heating pads to overcome the problem.

The bathroom mirror is not only functional, but a feature on its own and great attention to detail has been paid to this. Along with the heated demister pads, ambient lighting is available on some of the collection. Backlit mirrors provide brilliant illumination whilst the clean crisp shapes created will enhance your bathroom’s design. The mirror also features a shaver and recharging socket, an infrared on and off switch and the lighting is IP44 rated, which refers to the level of protection from water steam and dust and you should not fit a product without this rating into a bathroom.

Roper Rhodes Valencia 300mm Linen Bin Unit

There are many ways in which linen can be stored whilst waiting to be taken to the washing machine or sent to the laundry. The wicker work “alibaba” circular basket used to be a favourite at one time, but now a modern bathroom or en-suite requires something that is more in keeping with the look and clean modern lines of today.

Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture design and manufacture a range of bathroom cabinets amongst which is the Valencia styled freestanding linen bin unit. This sleek and modern unit is part of the Roper Rhodes collection and can be incorporated with other units as a continuous run or as an attractive standalone unit. Measuring 790mm high, 300mm wide and 33omm deep, this linen bin will store used towels and other linen before being laundered.

Roper Rhodes Luxe Wall Hung 2 Door Washstation

Not only does a piece of wall hung bathroom furniture save on floor space, they can look stunning and give much needed storage space as well being functional by accommodating a freestanding basin. The Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture measures 620 wide) x 470deep x 600 high, these dimensions include the basin too

Finished in high gloss white, Luxe allows you a choice of two wall mounted styles and this particular unit features two curved door, which are fitted with soft-close dampers for a smooth closing action, complete with chrome strip detailing beneath the basin. The basin shown is from our collection and is bought separately to the wall unit. This unit is part of the renowned Roper Rhodes collection, this beautiful range is immediately recognisable by the soft rounded edges and graceful fluid corners of the basin. Complimented by the D-shaped chrome handle, this blends seamlessly with the other items in the range. The range extends to offer three styles with the option for wall mounting or, if more storage is what you require, a freestanding washstand.