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Ideal Standard’s Silk Black Finish – New to UK Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, look no further than Ideal Standard’s new Silk Black finish. This elegant dark hue is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a bathroom design that exudes effortless style and sophistication.

Ideal Standard Tesi Back To Wall Toilet and Bidet

Why Choose Silk Black?

There are many reasons why Silk Black is the ideal choice for your bathroom design. First and foremost, black is a colour that embodies sophistication and elegance. It’s also a hue that has the ability to instantly elevate any room. When you opt for Silk Black from Ideal Standard, you can be sure that you’re making a choice that will bring beauty and class to your space.

Ideal Standard Silk Black Finish

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Silk Black is also a very practical choice. This finish is designed to resist scratches, stains, and fading, so you can enjoy its beauty for many years to come. Silk Black is also easy to clean and maintain, so you’ll be able to keep your bathroom looking pristine with minimal effort.

A Wide Range of Products

When you choose Ideal Standard’s Silk Black finish, you’ll have a wide range of products to choose from, including basins, toilets, furniture, shower trays, and more. No matter what your vision for your bathroom design is, we have the products you need to make it a reality.

Ideal Standard Connect Air Wall Hung Toilet Bowl With Aquablade in Silk Black

Creating Your Dream Bathroom

No matter what your vision for your bathroom design is, Ideal Standard’s new Silk Black finish has the products you need to make it a reality. With its combination of beauty and practicality, Silk Black is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create an elegant and sophisticated bathroom space. Browse our selection of Silk Black products today and start planning your dream bathroom design!

Shop Ideal Standard Silk Black Now!

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Ideal Standard are a huge name in bathrooms and have been so for over 100 years.  Products include baths, toilets, basins, vanity units, taps and showers can be complemented with a range of fittings and accessories – and now, for a limited time only you can save an EXTRA 15% on all Ideal Standard bathroom products.

Creating the perfect bathroom on a budget

It is always sensible to work to a budget, companies as well as governments’ do all the time or at least they should do! If your budget is a small one, then there is no reason why you still cannot have a classy bathroom and we illustrate a number of bathroom products that will help you to achieve this.

The Vitra Milton Close Coupled WC is a perfect example of installing a close coupled unit that has continental styling and it is one that will keep you well inside your budget. Vitra have produced a ceramic white and compact unit that is an example of the efficient use of space within the bathroom. The design of the WC means that it requires less water to flush than we see in conventional toilets, saving precious water and this also means that your metered water bill will be smaller. The flush button is conveniently placed on top of the cistern for ease of access.

Vitra Milton Close Coupled Toilet Suite

A clever way to combine a shower as well as a bath is through the GRP reinforced Lucite acrylic Essential P shower bath, which has a curved end to allow plenty of movement in the bath whilst taking a shower. The bath is available in either left or right handed versions according to where you have the bath situated. We also provide a matching curved shower bath screen with a chrome towel rail fitted to this, also included is the front and end panel; Essential P means it is perfect for bathing and showering.

Essential 'P' Curved Shower Bath Pack

Ideal Standard is world renowned for their leadership in innovation and style and the Alto range is testament to this. We have chosen the Alto basin which we believe will be the perfect basin for your budget bathroom. A number of options are available for this basin and these include three choices of size, one or two tap holes according to your particular choice of tap, a full or half pedestal. The Ideal Standard Alto Basin is offered in three widths, 500(w) x 435(d)mm 550(w) x 450(d)mm and 600(w) x 490(d)mm.

Ideal Standard Alto Basin

No bathroom budget or at the luxury end would be complete without a mirror and we believe that an illuminated mirror will not only make personal grooming easier, but it can also provide subtle lighting to the bathroom. There are a number of mirrors in the Roper Rhodes Clarity backlit collection and de-mister pads can be included on some models. The one we have suggested here is the Roper Rhodes Clarity Apollo Backlit Mirror which has brilliant illumination and a clean and crisp shape, which will complete your budget bathroom in style, which due to our unbeatable prices costs under £600.00.

Roper Rhodes Clarity Apollo Backlit Mirror

Going green with water saving toilets

Water is a very precious resource, some parts of our country suffer from a water shortage in the summer months, which may surprise many as it seems to rain so often. With this in mind and to quote a saying by the Duke of Edinburgh, it is nonsense to use a gallon of water to flush down a pint of urine!

The first of the three toilets we feature is the Vitra Serenada Closed Coupled WC Suite with Soft Close Seat, we include in our unbeatable price the toilet pan itself together with the cistern, toilet seat & cover. The cistern is a top flush and has the dual function and the design has a low key country style, but this has been cleverly adapted to reflect today’s contemporary lifestyle.

Vitra Serenada Closed Coupled WC Suite with Soft Close Seat

International bathroom designers and manufacturers Ideal Standard have a stylish toilet which we feature, this is the Concept Cube Close Coupled WC Suite and it includes 4/2.6 litre water saving dual flush cistern and choice of seats. Space saving was in the mind of the clever design team headed by Robin Levien, a Royal Designer for Industry, so we can guarantee that style is not lacking. The package comprises the pan, dual flush cistern, and a soft close seat cover, and is finished in vitreous china, incidentally guaranteed for a lifetime, white to match any décor. This pretty WC suite is highly efficient with a push button with dual action for either a 4 or a 2.6 litres of water each time.

Ideal Standard Concept Cube Close Coupled WC Suite

Finally we look at the Roca Senso Compact ECO Close Coupled Suite and this suite is perfect for those who may have limited space, the Senso makes maximum use of space and Suite has been specially designed to fit into almost any bathroom, no matter how small. The package includes pan, cistern and standard closing toilet seat with cover, but we can also supply this with a soft close seat which can be found in the drop down selection at our web page. With a dual flush of either a miserly 4.5 or 3 litre flush, the Roca is a green solution for your bathroom, this stunning toilet with its soft square styling is particularly practical for compact bathrooms.

Roca Senso Compact ECO Close Coupled Suite

Bathroom Interior Design Trends for 2014

Luxury is top of the bill for 2014 bathroom interior design trends. Many people are looking for comfort with a touch of luxury when it comes to remodelling their bathrooms. Many of the big design ideas we are seeing, take a nod towards home-spa styles as people look to recreate relaxing and luxury vibes they experience when at a spa. From soft bathroom designs to convenient walk in showers and wetrooms here at UK Bathrooms we can help you with all your bathroom design needs.

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Curves are big in 2014, soft and sleek designs from wash bowls to tubs through to accessories. The organic flow of the curves make for a soft and luxurious feel to your bathroom. Bathroom designs have in the past felt boxy, square and uniform however Soft Curves and Organic Shapes from 2014 see us moving away from that. Curved designs add a new dimension to a bathroom, and you can move away from sharp corners, great if you want a practical family bathroom.

Bauhaus Bowls

Check out the newest designs on UK Bathrooms, from Bauhaus, Clearwater and Villeroy and Boch if you’re looking for some Soft Curves and Organic Shapes for your bathroom. (Designs from Clear Water Baths, Bauhaus Sinks and Villeroy & Boch Bathrooms)

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Luxury Tiles

Tiles can be a wonderful focal point to a bathroom, whether a patterned tile floor, a feature tiles wall or large tiles to make a statement. For design tips in 2014 there are a couple of design trends to look out for. Large tiles and over-scaled décor are a must, making even the smallest bathrooms seem bigger. Natural looking tiles are also a must, soft natural shades from luxury marble to soft slate. While all white bathrooms are clean and a timeless look, adding some natural colour shades can add a new dimension to your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to add a statement tile feature to your bathroom or completely covering floor to ceiling, UK Bathrooms have a great selection of tile. Keeping up with the popular trends of 2014, with designs from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel. (Luxury  tiles from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel)

Bathroom tiles

The Wetroom

Perhaps the humble bath has had its day, or people are looking for more simplicity and ease from showering, but one of the most popular trends we will be seeing from 2014 is the wetroom. Whether they are frameless showers which give an illusion of and airy open space or curbless showers which offer a continuous, seamless look, 2014 is the year of the luxury shower. Wetrooms are much easy to fit into homes now, as technology has advanced, plus it’s also a lot more affordable to get that at home luxury spa/hotel feel.

You can find everything you need here at UK Bathrooms to design your perfect wetroom, bathroom. We have Aqua4ma and Impey packs to get you started, as well as some wonderful frameless showers from Kudos and Matki. And we also have a wide range of shower trays to suit any bathroom from leading suppliers such as Simpsons and Kaldewei. (Create your perfect wetroom from Matki, Kudos, Simpsons and Kaldewei )


Seamless Storage

Anti-clutter for 2014 as storage becomes key in bathroom design allowing you to store all your items easily away and out of sight, without causing clutter. Clever storage ideas from under-sink cupboards to floor to ceiling bathroom cabinets and floating shelving. There are a number of wonderful options available. Many of the furniture and vanity designs are made as flexible as possible, allowing you to easily fit these great storage options into your bathroom, no matter what the size.

You can find a range of modern and contemporary vanity units, wall hung and freestanding furniture and fitted bathroom cabinets and countertops on UK Bathrooms. Providing you with your storage needs. (Storage from Roca, Nobel and Roper Rhodes )

Bathroom storage

Grand Designs – Woodbridge Revisit

We went back to the Woodbridge build last night, the story began six years ago when Lucie Fairweather and Nat McBride set out to build an affordable eco home for their family. However before the project got off the ground the couple discovered that Nat had cancer and within a few months had passed away.

However not discouraged by the loss of her husband, Lucie decided to carry on with the project with the support of family and friends and build the dream home the couple had envisioned. There were huge demands on widow Lucie who was now a single working mum who not only had to support her family but also work on the new home.

They set out to disprove misconceptions of eco houses at the time, with a modern and contemporary build which also has to fit into the tight planning restrictions of the area. The home had to be multipurpose for the family to live and work in, making the most out of the small site. The home was designed to be quite open planned and light as well as being functional for their two children.

For many people delays and problems come from building issues, not the death of your spouse, however with Lucie choosing to carry on shows, the determination which she had throughout the build process. There were some changes from the original design, to fit the new reduced budget, however Lucie did still manage to salvage a lot of the eco designs and keep costs down.

When revisiting this modern and eco build, we find that Lucie still loves the overall look of the home. The home shows how functional it is with the rooms changing use over the years to fit the families changing needs. However the heart of the home is still used the same.

The modern and light bathroom, featured a simple and seamless design with white tilling, interlaced with coloured lines from the walls and down the side of the bath and across the floor. Villeroy and Bock stock a fantastic range of brightly coloured tile which you can use to re-create a similar look, with colours of your choice.

Simple toilet, bath and sink in white. If you like the tilled bath idea, fit a Roca Contesa ECO Steel bath 1700 x 700mm bath with cladding around which you can tile. We also stock, beautiful and simple Grohe taps which offer the same great style found in this bathroom. For more ideas, seen in the show and others, please check out our Grand Designs page.

Grand Designs Woodbridge revists

 For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Grand Designs Watch – Japanese Home

Tamayo Hussey, moved to the UK with her husband Nigel, however since she moved here she has missed Japan very much. The changes and culture shock inspired the couple to build a Japanese inspired home to ward off her home sickness. In the Wye Valley they bought a house which came on a nice plot of land. The house wasn’t very good, so they say goodbye to that to build their dream house by altering it completely.

Houses in Japan are built from light materials, and only last around 20 years, however this is due to the risk of earthquakes, so it is safer and easier. Hoping to improve the current house, by making blend into the surroundings better than brick, with Japanese larch wood. Inside, room plans will be open plan and free flowing featuring a number of Japanese influences with tatami room and sliding paper walls and roof bath.

Like many home builders, the couple are doing as much of the project themselves to save money as well as not having an architect on site or anyone to project manage the build. They estimate the project will take 9 months, but that never works. So can the couple beat all the hurdles they come across?

Like much of the house, the bathroom features sleek and simple fixtures and fittings which flowed throughout the whole space. It included a simple counter top wash bowl sat atop a wooden unit with a simple mixer tap. For the simplicity, the Bauhaus Countertop Washbowl fits the bill along with the wonderfully designed Adamez Eclipse i Double Ended inset Bath. All these wonderful pieces can be found on our Grand Designs Page, if you are looking for inspiration.

Japanese Home Grand Designs

For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle Dressing Table

A classy dressing table does not have to be confined to a bedroom, it can be just at home in the bathroom or ensuite and we believe that it could be of more use there which is the place where most people get ready to go to work or out to dinner after shaving, applying cosmetics and brushing hair.

Villeroy & Boch have come up with the ideal dressing table which could be easily used in the bedroom as it is of the highest quality and finished in a classical white, guaranteed to blend into the bathroom or bedroom without contrasting with the fittings or decor, just sure to make an impression. With the use of the light included in the price as well as subtle positioning or mirrors you can create a dressing area that will make you feel like a star and being free floating and wall fitting it does not take up valuable floor space. The unit is available as a right or left handed unit it feature a useful storage drawer for cosmetics and other items the V&B La Belle will complete your bathroom or ensuite.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle Dressing Table

Villeroy & Boch Designer Tiles

A name that is well respected and rightly famous for the range of high quality ceramic products including the renowned single source bathroom. Villeroy & Boch are at the forefront of technology and we are proud to be associated with them. Over the years they have produced numerous technical innovations which have transformed washrooms and domestic bathrooms, such as their easy-care ceramic finish, “CeramicPlus”, just one of many.

Now the company has added a range of Ceramic wall and floor tiles designer Porcelain and Ceramic wall and floor tiles and their tile products can be seen at our web pages. The tiles come in a range of different sizes, made from different materials including stone, glass, porcelain and plastic, to name a few. There are over 90 products and we have made it easier to see these at our web pages by grouping these into different styles which will help you to select the item that is right for you within the range. Villeroy & Boch are at the forefront of technology and their tiles are the perfect choice for any modern bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite or kitchen. We are sure that the high quality of these tiles will soon be the standard the others will seek to emulate.

Villeroy & Boch Tiles

A bathroom fit for a footballer

The new football season is upon us and the stars of our teams will in all probability plunge into a large communal bath after the game, although many now prefer to take advantage of modern power showers to ease those aching limbs. Should a player have suffered an injury, or be suffering from some particular niggle, the physio may instruct him to lower his reluctant body into an ice bath, not very nice but it is all part of the rehabilitation.

That is all at the club, but what would you expect to see when the football star gets to his home, we are pretty sure it will be very luxurious and why not. The sumptuous appearance could well have the walls and floor covered with Villeroy & Boch Bernina tiles in one of the many stunning colours. The bath may well be a Jacuzzi style or possible a luxury item such as the Imperial Dorchester Sunken Cast Iron Bath. The basin, WC and bidet using one of the many classic designs from VitrA with contemporary brassware and fitting will complete the bathroom.

We would confidently expect our football star to have a completely separate shower room, naturally en-suite and it will be a luxurious wet room. The shower will be a power shower and will be remotely controlled and thermostatic, with a glass screen which will have been treated to ensure ease of cleaning. Why don’t you try designing your own luxurious football star bathroom, by looking at the amazing range in our web pages?