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Contemporary bathroom lighting in the Shower

You can also look at amazing lighting features, for your shower. Here at UK bathrooms we stock a wide range of illuminated shower heads which are perfect for brightening your day.Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head with Light

Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head with Light

Illuminate your shower area with the Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head; pick from a choice or blue, purple or green to set the mood and create a spectacular visual effect. This 600mm ceiling mounted shower head comes complete with a programmable keypad and features low power consumption LED lights that create a column of water and light. There are 3 spray patterns to choose from all at the touch of a button meaning that you can choose the setting that best suit you. Please note that this shower head requires mains power and must be installed by an accredited electrician.

Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head with LED Lighting

Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head with LED Lighting

For those who want a more traditional round shower head the Crosswater Rio Spectrum Round Shower Head is a great choice. With 96 different LED settings all controlled via the touchscreen keypad this shower head has to be seen to be believed. Measuring 400mm in diameter, the Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head is manufactured to the highest standards and comes complete with a 15 year guarantee. This shower head requires mains power to operate.

Phoenix Round LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix Round LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH015

For those on a budget the heat activated Phoenix Round LED Shower Head is a great option. This shower head does not require mains power and generates electricity through water pressure, so all you have to do is attach it and you’re ready to go. This compact shower head changes colour at different temperatures allowing you to tell when the water is just right. A blue light shines at 26°C and below, with a green light taking over between 26°C and 42°C; this shows you the optimum water temperature for a relaxing shower. Anything above 42°C and the shower head will display a red light.

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH016

Another Phoenix product to consider is the Phoenix Square LED Shower Head. Similar to the Phoenix Round LED Shower Head above, this shower head has a modern square design instead of round. This compact shower head measures 200x200mm and is just 10mm thick. This shower head works in the same way as the round version above, changing colours at different temperatures from blue to green to red. This device also requires no mains power and can be fitted to your existing shower connector.

Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH017

For those who are looking for something a bit bigger the Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head is an affordable option. Working in the same way as the other two Phoenix shower heads, this device features a bigger 300x300mm surface area for a more relaxing shower experience. It comes with a 1 year manufacturers’ guarantee and fits easily to any G ½” connector, making it quick and easy to install even for the DIY virgin.

Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset

Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset

For those looking for a traditional style of shower head that provides a bit of colour to their bathroom at an affordable price, the Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset is the perfect choice. Using the latest heat sensitive LED technology this shower head changes from blue to purple to red indicating when the water has reached the optimum temperature. This fun and inexpensive shower head is great for children that don’t like bath time and makes a great focal point for the bathroom.

Grand Designs Watch – Japanese Home

Tamayo Hussey, moved to the UK with her husband Nigel, however since she moved here she has missed Japan very much. The changes and culture shock inspired the couple to build a Japanese inspired home to ward off her home sickness. In the Wye Valley they bought a house which came on a nice plot of land. The house wasn’t very good, so they say goodbye to that to build their dream house by altering it completely.

Houses in Japan are built from light materials, and only last around 20 years, however this is due to the risk of earthquakes, so it is safer and easier. Hoping to improve the current house, by making blend into the surroundings better than brick, with Japanese larch wood. Inside, room plans will be open plan and free flowing featuring a number of Japanese influences with tatami room and sliding paper walls and roof bath.

Like many home builders, the couple are doing as much of the project themselves to save money as well as not having an architect on site or anyone to project manage the build. They estimate the project will take 9 months, but that never works. So can the couple beat all the hurdles they come across?

Like much of the house, the bathroom features sleek and simple fixtures and fittings which flowed throughout the whole space. It included a simple counter top wash bowl sat atop a wooden unit with a simple mixer tap. For the simplicity, the Bauhaus Countertop Washbowl fits the bill along with the wonderfully designed Adamez Eclipse i Double Ended inset Bath. All these wonderful pieces can be found on our Grand Designs Page, if you are looking for inspiration.

Japanese Home Grand Designs

For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Bathroom Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for some different ideas for a gift for your loved one and you want to move away from the usual bunch of flowers form the petrol filling station with some chocolates, why not take a look at some of the more exciting gifts from UK Bathrooms? A whole new world of ideas can be found at the web pages and these can range form simple bathroom accessories to more exotic items.

A suggestion that the lady in your life will just love is underfloor heating for the bathroom so that when she steps out of the bath she will step onto lovely warm tiles, heated from the ground up. Our underfloor heating provides you with a more comfortable bathroom experience and because they are more efficient at heating the room, they also save you money.

A luxury gift that we are sure she will treasure and one that will always remind her of you is one of the range of luxury whirlpool baths, such as the Phoenix Dolce Luxury Inset Oval Bath and you can also add an inline heater and sensational colour underwater lighting! Check out our web pages for some Valentine gifts which are truly different.

Phoenix Marino Luxury Bath

From the Phoenix range the Marino is an exclusive luxury bath for the person who is looking for something different and has a keen eye for the latest trends. It could be described as straight out of the pages of a trendy lifestyle magazine read by the upwardly mobile young set. A style not often seen in the brochures of bathroom products, the Phoenix Marino is an exclusive and individual item, which nevertheless is an efficient and comforting whirlpool bath, just the thing when you have had a hard day at work.

The Phoenix Marino Luxury Bath is available with a choice of three high performance Whirlpool and Airpool systems, all of which are fitted with dry run protection pump as standard. The systems are: System 1, directional jets, back and foot jets & 2 air flow controls. System 2 has an/off switch & Airspa jets. System 3 is a combination of systems 1 and 2. The result is one of the most exclusive and individual ranges available benefitting from careful design and long lasting, and as with all Phoenix baths, the Marino has a 25 year warranty.