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JT shower trays, just right for your shower

Just Trays is the largest single manufacturer of shower tray and they have a huge range of sizes and shapes that are designed to complement just about every shower enclosure that is made, they are also the largest manufacturer of Acrylic capped stone resin shower trays.

Utilising years of experience, Just Trays have an unrivalled range of shower trays designed to suit each and every application. The wide range of tray shapes, choice of sizes and stunning colour options ensure a beautiful finish for every situation.

To illustrate two of the options that are available when looking at the JT range at our web pages, you can choose from trays that fit flat to floor or raised on hidden adjustable legs, installation is easy. You can also choose trays with tiling up stands for maximum water seal.

Just Trays Merlin Offset Quadrant Shower Tray

Take a look at the proprietary Just Trays Merlin range; these have removable panels and adjustable feet. Crafted from highly resilient bonded resin and acrylic, this ensures years of use and a safe, non-slip surface. Available in square, rectangle, quadrant and offset quadrant with 39 size options.

Alternatively, the Just Trays JT40 Fusion range offers a discreet profile and flexibility to fit flat to floor or it can be raised on legs. The Fusion range is manufactured from ABS capped acrylic stone resin and double skinned for extra strength.

JT40 Fusion Low Profile Rectangular Shower Tray

These are just two of the range of trays that we offer from the wide range which also includes   JT Breeze, JT Natural, Ultra Cast. From contemporary wet room styling to classic shower enclosures, discover the JT shower tray for you.

Showering the Next level – The Shower

More than just stylish showers are very practical which is why they are the choice for most people as part of their daily routine. There are a number of different shower options available: from basic and affordable showers to luxury showers and water saving showers.

One of the most common types of shower, are mixer showers. These take hot and cold water from you water system allowing you to get the perfect temperature. Mixer showers can be powerful, depending on your water pressure. The other option is an electric shower: cold water is taken from your mains supply and heated by the heating element in the shower, when the water flows past. Electric showers are a good option for those with large families or those who use a lot of hot water as you don’t rely on a boiler. The can be use any time of day and heat up straight away.

Shower heads 1

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes; from basic single function shower heads to multi-function shower heads with pulsating massage and different flow options. Fixed overhead and waterfall and rainfall showers to LED light up shower heads from Phoenix. You can choose from designs which will fit modern and contemporary as well as classic bathrooms from a wide range of manufacturers. Showers can also be fitted with duel shower heads, including fixed and moveable shower heads from Imperial or options for a two person shower.

LED shower heads

There are also a number of options available for the ultimate shower experience with body jets. These are fixed in the wall and adjustable to hit your body pretty much from every angle. They can be placed at any height and work well as a massage function, depending on the strength of the water jet.

Fixed and jets

Check out UKBathrooms.co.uk for our comprehensive range of showers, shower trays and shower enclosures.

BETTESET 1800mm X 800mm Shower Bath

Absolutely made for the smaller bathroom, but giving all the advantages of having a shower as well as a high quality steel bath. Packed with features including the world renowned Betteglaze which is a crystal clear polymer film that enhances even more the brilliant enamel surface of the Bette bath products, providing even more cleanliness and sheen, the water simply drips off which makes cleaning easier, leaving fewer deposits and reducing the use of cleaning products.

Bette Set Shower Bath is made in Germany from white 3.5mm heavy gauge titanium steel which makes the bathe extremely sturdy and gives it very high impact strength, far in excess of iron, marble or plastic. The colour is stable and is non fading even to UV rays and resistant to even the most known aggressive cleaning fluids, the surface is also inorganic, and thus it is not a breeding ground for germs, with a skin friendly surface and unique no loss of warmth through this material. For a small additional cost, a screen and shower unit can be supplied which offers the complete solution for a family. This bath will give a lifetime of service and it is offered with a 30 year guarantee.

Betteform Low Line Rectangular Steel Bath

If you really want to be eco friendly and save water, taking a shower is probably the best way. But it is not everyone’s choice and taking a long lazy bath after a hard day at work, or partaking in a sporting activity takes some beating. UK Bathrooms have many excellent choices for eco friendly baths tubs and there are many choices to be found at the web pages.

One example of a high quality steel, water saving bath is the Betteform Low line which is not too long or too high for those looking for a smaller bath and one that features an anti slip finish, chrome grips, with a capacity of just 46 litres, which will not send that water meter into overdrive! This high quality bath is made in Germany, is extremely strong thanks to the use of titanium steel, and has high impact strength much more durable than iron, marble or plastic. With a unique sparkling surface thanks to BETTEGLAZE and is offered with a 30 year guarantee skin friendly and no loss of warmth through the material in fact an all round high quality eco friendly bath.

JT View Deflector Panels

Turning your bathroom or even a section of it into a wet room is a real possibility by using JT shower trays and glass deflectors. Just Trays is one of Europe’s leading shower tray manufacturers and is the largest manufacturer of Acrylic capped stone resin shower trays and with a huge range for you to choose from, your wetroom can soon become a reality.

JT manufacture a stunning range of deflectors and are suitable for fitting to either a square or a rectangular JT shower tray. You can choose from a range of sizes 760mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 2000mm. The larger sizes include a bracing kit for the 1000, 1200mm and 2000mm screens. JT View Deflector Panels perfectly compliment some of Europe’s leading shower enclosures to deliver something truly beautiful for every installation.