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Betteform Low Line Rectangular Steel Bath

If you really want to be eco friendly and save water, taking a shower is probably the best way. But it is not everyone’s choice and taking a long lazy bath after a hard day at work, or partaking in a sporting activity takes some beating. UK Bathrooms have many excellent choices for eco friendly baths tubs and there are many choices to be found at the web pages.

One example of a high quality steel, water saving bath is the Betteform Low line which is not too long or too high for those looking for a smaller bath and one that features an anti slip finish, chrome grips, with a capacity of just 46 litres, which will not send that water meter into overdrive! This high quality bath is made in Germany, is extremely strong thanks to the use of titanium steel, and has high impact strength much more durable than iron, marble or plastic. With a unique sparkling surface thanks to BETTEGLAZE and is offered with a 30 year guarantee skin friendly and no loss of warmth through the material in fact an all round high quality eco friendly bath.

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