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Showering the Next level – The Shower

More than just stylish showers are very practical which is why they are the choice for most people as part of their daily routine. There are a number of different shower options available: from basic and affordable showers to luxury showers and water saving showers.

One of the most common types of shower, are mixer showers. These take hot and cold water from you water system allowing you to get the perfect temperature. Mixer showers can be powerful, depending on your water pressure. The other option is an electric shower: cold water is taken from your mains supply and heated by the heating element in the shower, when the water flows past. Electric showers are a good option for those with large families or those who use a lot of hot water as you don’t rely on a boiler. The can be use any time of day and heat up straight away.

Shower heads 1

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes; from basic single function shower heads to multi-function shower heads with pulsating massage and different flow options. Fixed overhead and waterfall and rainfall showers to LED light up shower heads from Phoenix. You can choose from designs which will fit modern and contemporary as well as classic bathrooms from a wide range of manufacturers. Showers can also be fitted with duel shower heads, including fixed and moveable shower heads from Imperial or options for a two person shower.

LED shower heads

There are also a number of options available for the ultimate shower experience with body jets. These are fixed in the wall and adjustable to hit your body pretty much from every angle. They can be placed at any height and work well as a massage function, depending on the strength of the water jet.

Fixed and jets

Check out for our comprehensive range of showers, shower trays and shower enclosures.

Warmup Undertile Heating

The modern and safe way to heat up a bathroom or shower area is to use under tile heating. There is nothing quite like getting out of your bath or shower cubicle and standing on a nice warm surface, but above all it raises the room temperature to a predetermined setting.

Warmup is the specialist in underfloor heating and installation of the heating mat is simple and very straightforward. However as with any electrical device, underfloor heating connections should only be fitted by a competent and trained electrician. The pack is comprehensive and consists of 1 x DWS400 Warmup Undertile Heater pack comprising primer, roller, heater, tape and instructions, 1 x DWS800 Warmup Undertile Heater pack and 1 x XSTAT Programmable Digital Timer Thermostat.

The Warmup Undertile Heating system can be installed under any ceramic or natural stone floor tiles such as, Slate, Porcelain, Limestone, Marble and Terracotta. The under tile heating pack can be supplied in 10 heat outputs depending on the size of the room to which it is being fitted and all come with ten year warranties.

Adamsez Arc Offset Shower Bath

Getting the best of both worlds can be achieved by fitting a shower bath which serves those who prefer to have a deep soak in the bath or to take a quick refreshing shower. A top seller at UK Bathrooms is the Adamsez Arc Offset Shower Bath Package, ideal for a smaller bathroom, but is in itself of generous proportions.

In common with all Adamsez baths the Arc is made from 5mm acrylic reinforced with fibreglass resin. Available with right or left hand installation options and the panel and screen included in the competitive price and features a superior high gloss Lucite white inner and superior outer finish. This bath has excellent shoulder room and superb depth for a really comfortable soak, and the spacious bath is ideally suited to deck or wall mounted taps. The generous proportions and simple lines make the Arc timeless in its appeal with a lifetime guarantee.

Adamsez Andante i Large Oval Inset Tub

The sleek contemporary lines of this handmade freestanding bathtub have been designed to cope with the broadest of shoulders; this brand new tub has a generous 210 litre capacity room and superb depth for those who want a truly indulgent soak in their bath after a the tresses of the day. Will the generous proportions of 1850mm X 950mm X 440mm and showing attention to detail sets an Adamsez design apart from the rest, creating a new benchmark for quality, performance and aesthetic appeal, finished in high gloss white.

Your bathroom is a place of escape, a haven for relaxation, fitting this Adamsez bath will put a contemporary slant on the freestanding concept and the Andante is a highly desirable centrepiece which speaks volumes about your style. You can choose taps and fittings from the ranges shown and this Andante double ended bath offers you the choice of both deck mounted or free standing taps.