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BETTESET 1800mm X 800mm Shower Bath

Absolutely made for the smaller bathroom, but giving all the advantages of having a shower as well as a high quality steel bath. Packed with features including the world renowned Betteglaze which is a crystal clear polymer film that enhances even more the brilliant enamel surface of the Bette bath products, providing even more cleanliness and sheen, the water simply drips off which makes cleaning easier, leaving fewer deposits and reducing the use of cleaning products.

Bette Set Shower Bath is made in Germany from white 3.5mm heavy gauge titanium steel which makes the bathe extremely sturdy and gives it very high impact strength, far in excess of iron, marble or plastic. The colour is stable and is non fading even to UV rays and resistant to even the most known aggressive cleaning fluids, the surface is also inorganic, and thus it is not a breeding ground for germs, with a skin friendly surface and unique no loss of warmth through this material. For a small additional cost, a screen and shower unit can be supplied which offers the complete solution for a family. This bath will give a lifetime of service and it is offered with a 30 year guarantee.

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