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Grand Designs – Newbury Farm House

Moving from the city to the countryside to run a farm, start a microbrewery and live in a vast 21st-century farmhouse are Michael and Phil. They are both confirmed city dwellers, living in lofty heights in swanky Soho, however both fell in love with Christmas Farm, near Newbury. They moved there and commuted to their jobs in the city, however they soon realise Christmas farm was a full time job. Thus they left their jobs to focus on the farm.

The farm house currently is a timber chalet style home, which they found claustrophobic and couldn’t enjoy the views of the countryside from the small windows. They are instead looking at building a 21st century farmhouse, different to anything seen in the area and as well as being functional as a working farmhouse it will also be ultra-modern. Cut into the hillside the home features numerous staged floors, flowing from working on the lower ground to living on the upper grounds.

The expansive project sees them overseeing the expensive project as well as running the farm, which they need to make money. However to make their new home work financially they set up a new micro-brewery in the barn. There are delays along the way, especially with their extravagant design which includes the largest sliding trapezoid window in Britain and a flint clad outside walls, however they managed to complete it all on time and within budget.

The house featured a mud room, to be used when coming in from the farm, to clean up in, before entering the rest of the house. Inside was a Crosswater Solo Fixed Shower Head and a Crosswater Shower Handset with hose and round back plate for cleaning up. As well as a Vitra basin and heated towel rail similar to Vola T39W. This room is mainly a functional bathroom, however also in the house was an on-suite with a toilet which had views out into the country side and a bathroom in the guest house. Items used in the show can be found on our Grand Designs Page, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Grand Designs 21st Century Farm house

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