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Elegance in steel and enamel

Contrary to the belief held by many that to have elegance and subtle lines, a bath has to be manufactured from acrylic. However, this is not the case and German manufacturer Kaldewei clearly demonstrates with their range of steel and enamel bath tubs. Blending these two materials shows to perfection how two entirely authentic and natural materials can combine to produce an incomparable and elegant product.

One of the classic examples of a steel and enamel bath is the Bassino a bath that has clean but elegant lines and provides enough space to float as well as ample room for the user if an overbath shower is added.


The Kaldewei Centro Dou has sweeping curves and is an oval shape but designed to be fitted either in a corner or centrally. With a centrally placed waste, this is a bath that can be comfortably enjoyed by two people; simply a pure and elegant design.

For a timeless design the Classic Dou is an example of a steel and enamel bath, with options for you to define the position of the taps, thanks to its spacious rim. The bath can be fitted anywhere and can be situated in an alcove or even semi recessed into the floor. The inner shape of these baths extends an invitation to two people to take a seat and enjoy the comfort.

For the smaller bathroom the superbly designed Kaldewei Mini saves in its length but is more than made up with the width, designed cleverly to allow room just where it is most needed, at the shoulders. The tapered design means that the amount of water required is reduced, a good eco feature and it is offered either as a right or left handed model.

With many great design features the opinion that demands that we no longer just want a simple bath tub, but one that has subtle lines and clever angles, with perhaps the option of two sharing. Kaldewei can satisfy those requirements with their designer range of steel and enamel products.


Bathroom Heating Solutions

Getting out of a warm bath or shower into a cold bathroom can be uncomfortable, but thankfully there is a range of bathroom radiators available to help heat the bathroom and dry your towels at the same time. Here is a quick overview of the options when it comes to heating your bathroom.

Central heating radiators

By far the most common type of radiator in the bathroom, a central heating radiator or towel rail is connected straight into your existing heating system. These are available in a range of different styles, shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to find one to suit any style of bathroom including the Aestus Partito 4 Column Radiator featured below.

Central Heating Radiator Aestus Partio 4 Colum

Electric Towel Rails

Electric towel rails are another popular choice when it comes to bathrooms. They have an advantage over central heating radiators as they can be turned on when needed and do not rely on the central heating system to be on. These types of radiators are also available in various shapes and sizes and can be positioned on any spare wall like the Zehnder Atoll Electric Radiator featured below.

Electric Towel Rail Zehnder Atoll Electric Towel Rail

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

Thanks to modern technology there is now a range of dual fuel radiators on the market. They can run on both the existing heating system or by electricity with the flick of a switch. Due to the unique heating elements in these radiators they are often more expensive than central heating or electric radiators, but offer the best of both worlds like the Apollo Ravenna Traditional Towel Rail CR Dual Fuel featured below.

Apollo Ravenna Duel Fuel Towel Rail

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is the most luxurious heating solution for the bathroom and is also the most expensive. This type of heating system is usually installed when a whole new bathroom is being fitted or built from scratch and offers consistent heating throughout the whole bathroom.

Underfloor heating systems are available in both electric or central heating styles and are usually control by a separate thermostat, below is an example of electric underfloor heating system, the Raychem T2Quicknet 160 Underfloor Heating Mat Set.

Underfloor heating Raychem T2Quicknet


Bisque Hot Spring Radiator HOT 180 – Ex display good condition

Finding bargains at the UK Bathrooms web pages is not difficult; in fact it could be described as routine with their pricing policy regarded as the best on the internet. However there are times when they are able to reduce the price of bathroom and heating products to an even lower level when reductions in warehouse stock or showroom displays are changed.

One example of an item which is now showing a reduction of £1134 on the recommended retail price of £1464, which is a massive 77% discount! The is an ex showroom display item, in excellent condition and ready to fit and enhance your home. This imaginative and brilliantly designed award winning radiator is an icon of contemporary design and a step away from the standard radiator which has been used to heat our homes for many years now. There is just one of these items and it comes with the full manufacturers guarantee, but due to it being a clearance line you would be unable to return this.

Zehnder Vesta Electric Towel Warmer

With the summer fast approaching this is the time to consider upgrading your current towel drying arrangements particularly if you are considering an upgrade to your bathroom or en-suite areas. Towel drying and warming is an important function in a modern home, long gone are the days when wet towels from a rail were normal or we had to go to an old fashioned airing cupboard to retrieve one, and we always forgot before we got into the bath or shower!

Upgrading to one of the sleek modern electric bathroom radiators makes sense; this means that you do not have to have any heat from your boiler to keep your fluffy towel warm and cosy.  One of the many at the UK Bathroom radiators web pages is the Zehnder which is a really clever design and will fit into the smallest of spaces. Featuring low electricity consumption and an integrated hinge allowing it to be swivelled 180′ the Vesta is available in White matt, Volcanic or Aluminium colour.