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Elegance in steel and enamel

Contrary to the belief held by many that to have elegance and subtle lines, a bath has to be manufactured from acrylic. However, this is not the case and German manufacturer Kaldewei clearly demonstrates with their range of steel and enamel bath tubs. Blending these two materials shows to perfection how two entirely authentic and natural materials can combine to produce an incomparable and elegant product.

One of the classic examples of a steel and enamel bath is the Bassino a bath that has clean but elegant lines and provides enough space to float as well as ample room for the user if an overbath shower is added.


The Kaldewei Centro Dou has sweeping curves and is an oval shape but designed to be fitted either in a corner or centrally. With a centrally placed waste, this is a bath that can be comfortably enjoyed by two people; simply a pure and elegant design.

For a timeless design the Classic Dou is an example of a steel and enamel bath, with options for you to define the position of the taps, thanks to its spacious rim. The bath can be fitted anywhere and can be situated in an alcove or even semi recessed into the floor. The inner shape of these baths extends an invitation to two people to take a seat and enjoy the comfort.

For the smaller bathroom the superbly designed Kaldewei Mini saves in its length but is more than made up with the width, designed cleverly to allow room just where it is most needed, at the shoulders. The tapered design means that the amount of water required is reduced, a good eco feature and it is offered either as a right or left handed model.

With many great design features the opinion that demands that we no longer just want a simple bath tub, but one that has subtle lines and clever angles, with perhaps the option of two sharing. Kaldewei can satisfy those requirements with their designer range of steel and enamel products.


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