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Quarter of Households Regularly Share Bath Water

Our skilled team of researchers have once again been busy learning about the UK’s bathroom habits and our latest poll has found that 24% of households admit to sharing bath water on a regular basis.

Our poll surveyed 1,920 UK residents over the age of 18 and asked a range of questions. The poll initially asked, ‘Do you regularly take baths?’ 37% of participants said yes, whereas 28% said they take a bath ‘now and again’ and 35% admitted to only taking showers.

Those who took baths were then asked, ‘Do you ever leave the bath water in for somebody else in your household to use afterwards?’ to which 24% said they did so ‘on a regular basis’, while 29% said that they had done so in the past. 47% claimed to have never shared bath water.

The main reasons for sharing bath water were time saving (44%), saving water (33%) and saving on utility bills (19%). 59% of respondents said that they would only share the bath water if it looked relatively clean, whereas 41% said that they would use it regardless.

Participants who claimed that they had never re-used bath water were asked why they hadn’t done so. 53% said that the idea of sharing bath water was ‘dirty’, while 40% said that they believed they wouldn’t feel clean after using the water.

Our study also found that men were the ones most likely to use the bath water second with 67% of the vote.

Our director Peter Gregg said the following:
“Sharing bath water might seem a bit unpleasant, but it does make sense if you want to save on bills. Baths are a far bigger burden on your bill than a shower due to the volume of water that requires heating. Plus there’s the wait…baths take a while to run and if you’re in a rush to get ready it makes sense to jump in a bath that’s already run, even if the water might seem a bit murky!”

He added, “It’s interesting to note that males are often the person most likely to get in the bath second. Mind you, communal baths following football or rugby spring to mind, so they’re probably not too fussed when it comes to following behind a partner!”

UK Bathrooms sponsors local charity

UK Bathrooms directors, Mark and Graeme, have recently decided to get involved in a local charity event and have each sponsored a giant Easter egg in order to help raise money for charity with the Ripon Lions. Everybody in Ripon will get the chance to win one of the 12 Easter eggs that are being sponsored by local businesses by entering into a prize draw. The lucky winners of the chocolate eggs will be chosen just in time for Easter weekend.

The eggs cost £20 for a business to sponsor with the money going towards local charitable causes and can be found in the following places:

Easter EggRipon Bowling Club

The Navigation

The Black a Moor Inn

Black Swan


Golden Lion

Magdelans (+2 bunnies)

So Bar

Ripon Builders Merchants (+ 1 bunny)

The Water Rat

The Ripon Lions regularly hold events and carry out volunteer work in and around Ripon for charitable causes, describing themselves as “a local group of service-minded men and women who are doing local volunteer work to support the community and help raise funds for causes in and around Ripon.”

Highlights of KBB Birmingham

Having attended the KBB exhibition earlier this month, we thought we’d show you some of the highlights of the event.

Large displays were all the rage this year, with manufacturers showing off their new ranges of traditional and futuristic designs.

One of the stands that caught our eye was the Ideal Standard showcase. As one of the largest and longest running UK Bathroom brands, Ideal Standards weren’t resting on their laurels, showcasing a wide range of new designs and ranges including their Concept Space Range specially designed for smaller bathroom spaces.

Ideal Standard Concept Space RangeIdeal Standard Concept Space Range2

Pictures: Ideal Standard

Another stand that put on a great display was the Roca stand. Their award winning products and working displays showed off how their designs worked, and new products such as the Meridian-N WC, a wall hung toilet with integrated cistern showed where the company is heading in the future.

Roca Meridian-N

We hope to be including this toilet in our Roca range very soon.

Roca also showcased their new iPad app, which allows users to browse through all of Roca’s products with up to date information such as dimensions, features and finished available. The app also has installation and user guides and can be downloaded for using the information offline.

Roca’s new Elements range has just been added to the UK Bathrooms site and is perfect for making a bold design statement.

Roca Elements BasinRoca Elements Bath

Fellow Yorkshire company, Just Tray also had a strong showing at the event showcasing their new range of coloured shower tray options.

JT Natural Shower TrayJT Natural Shower Tray1

The whole event was a great experience and really shows where the bathroom sector is heading in the future; although there seemed to be less bathroom manufacturers and more kitchen designers than previous years, kbb Birmingham has shown that the future of bathroom design is alive and well.

Here are some pictures from the kbb exhibition:


Aqua Air


Our employee Declan standing in front of the Decolan stand

Our employee Declan standing in front of the Decolan stand

Geordies spend the most time in the shower

Here at UK Bathrooms we like to know our customers well so that we can provide the best products and deals. Through are research and studies we aim to learn more about the UK’s bathroom habits and our latest poll has found that people from Newcastle spend the most time on average in the shower.

Geordies top the list with an impressive (if not excessive) time of just over 19 minutes in the shower compared to the national average that is just short of 9 minutes at 8 minutes and 44 seconds. Residents in Swansea and Leeds came second and third respectively, with London, Birmingham and Glasgow also making the list.

In our poll, we initially asked participants ‘How often do you take a shower?’ to which they responded:

More frequently than twice a day – 8%

Twice a day – 27%

Once a day – 41%

Every other day – 15%

Less frequently than every other day – 9%

Now, whilst most people tend to take a shower once a day (41%), there seems to be some really clean people (8%) and some really dirty people (9%).

Our second question ‘How long on average do you spend in the shower?’ asked participants to estimate the figure and the averages were calculated; here are the results:

  1. Newcastle (19.04 minutes)
  2. Swansea (16.45 minutes)
  3. Leeds (15.05 minutes)
  4. London (13.42 minutes)
  5. Sheffield (11.23 minutes)
  6. Birmingham (10.03 minutes)
  7. Bristol (9.34 minutes)
  8. Chelmsford (8.53 minutes)
  9. Leicester (7.47 minutes)
  10. Glasgow (7.22 minutes)

Carrying on with the study, we asked if participants washed their hair every time they took a shower, 39% of respondents said that they washed their hair everyday but not necessarily every time they showered (if they showered twice or more a day), 25% said that they washed their hair every time, while 28% claimed to wash their hair ‘every few days’.

We also asked if respondents thought that they spent too much time in the shower, to which 38% said yes and 19% said no, the majority (43%) believed that they spent ‘an appropriate amount of time’ in the shower.

We also broke the data down between the sexes and found that there wasn’t really that much difference. The average time a man spent in the shower was 8 minutes and 23 seconds, compared to women who spent 9 minutes 11 seconds in the shower.

UK Bathrooms Director Peter Gregg made the following comments about the study saying:

“According to our results it seems that those living in the north are the likeliest to spend the longest time in the shower, as the top ten is dominated by northern cities. Does that mean that those in the north are the most cleanliness conscious? Perhaps so!”

He went on to add, “The image of Geordie Shore style ‘dolling up’ for a night out comes across quite strongly from this, but I wouldn’t tar everybody from one city with the same brush. After all, the north east can get quite chilly at this time of year, so it could just be an enjoyable way of warming up in the morning ready to face the day.”

kkb Birmingham – what we’re looking forward to

kkb BirminghamIt’s just over a week away from the start of the kbb Birmingham exhibition, one of the biggest kitchen, bedroom and bathroom events in the country and we’re lucky enough to have snagged some tickets.

Being a bathroom supplier it is important for us to check out the latest bathroom innovations and products so that we can bring the best products to our customers and kbb Birmingham is the perfect place to do some research. Not only will we be looking at the brands we stock, but we will also be striking up new relationships so that we can bring the best products to our website.

We’re particularly looking forward to seeing the new Roca range and Saneux products, as well as looking for the best bathroom technology and eye-catching innovations.

It’s definitely going to be a busy few days with over 300 brands, manufacturers and suppliers to look at, but it will be interesting to see what innovations and designs are on offer this year.

kbb Birmingham runs from the 2nd – 5th of March and we’ll be brining you a rundown of what we saw at the exhibition when we get back.

Time for a Change

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

-Winston Churchill

Here at ukBathrooms we are undergoing a bit of a change, but don’t worry we will still be offering quality bathroom products at unbeatable prices! We are having a bit of a makeover, we all need one of those from time to time. The first stage of our change is a new logo and branding which will be showcased across the ukBathrooms website and our correspondence from today.

UK Bathrooms Logo 1

We feel that our current web site, while still is a great vehicle for trade, could do with a face lift to more accurately communicate our evolving ideas. From this questioned our brand identity and what we wanted to show. This ultimately resulted in commissioning the Sharp Agency (a young and dynamic design agency) to present us a stronger brand identity. Sharp came back with some fantastic ideas which surmounted our expectations and we unanimously decided on what will be our new logo and colour ways.

UK Bathrooms image 2

So from today you can enjoy our new look logo and branding, whilst a lot of work is going on behind the scenes for our next big step. Once we decided on our new identity, we went to our web design agency Bronco, who after carefully and patiently listening to our many ideas and views presented us with the site mock up that shared Sharp’s vision. For us this was a bold move as we are to break the mould in some ways by presenting our customers a powerful and easy to use search function which carefully predicts and guides them through the many products we offer.

ukbathrooms image 4

The final package for our customers will be an easy to navigate site, showcasing our diverse range of bathroom products, along with out strong brand identity. Here at ukBathrooms we pride ourselves on leading innovative ideas in an ever changing bathroom industry, so by sourcing and securing trading agreements with new, exciting and quality European manufacturers we aim to offer a diverse selection of product.

UKBathrooms logo 3

ukBathrooms has continued to grow its customer base year on year with what we believe are the best branded bathroom products in the industry at the moment. And it’s no surprise that with the whole teams’ shared philosophy to offer great advice, great product and great service to each and every one of our customers, the company continues to expand and evolve.

UKBathrooms image 5

Change is always good and here at ukBathrooms we are looking forward to the exciting future we have ahead of us, and we are happy to share this experience with you, our customers.

image 5

We Made It! UK Bathrooms Houzz “Best of Houzz 2014” Winner

Houzz design award

We have been named a winner of the Houzz “Best of Houzz 2014” award. Their third annual survey and analysis of community of their 16 million monthly users revealed the Top-Rated Remodelling Professionals and Design Trends. UK Bathrooms is one of Houzz top picks for 2014 which is a wonderful achievement.

Houzz (, is the leading platform for home remodelling and design. Houzz is a homeowner to homeowner guide to the top home builders, architects, interior designers, contractors and other residential remodelling professionals, both in the U.S. and around the world. They provide everything you need to know for home improvement, from start to finish.

It can be accessed both on a desktop on mobile platform and helps you decorate your rooms to building a custom home. The service connects users from across the globe and is a giant online community, sharing their passion for design and home improvement. It also allows users to share their hints and tips as well as inspirations.

Houzz screen

Their ‘Best of Houzz’ awards are given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design. The Customer Satisfaction honours are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2013. And their Design award winners’ work covers the most popular among the 16 million monthly users on Houzz. These users are known as “Houzzers,” and they have saved more than 230 million professional images of home interiors and exteriors to their personal idea books via the Houzz site, iPad/iPhone app and Android app.

We have worked extensively on house, to bring our amazing products and ideas to our customers. Our efforts have seen us with the “Best of Houzz 2014” in the design category, because our portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz in 2013.

For more information and inspiration check out our Houzz profile page!

UK Bathrooms Proud to Carry on Sponsoring Olympic Diver Jack Laugher

2014 will see UK Bathrooms continue our sponsorship and support of Olympic Diver Jack Laugher, who is a Ripon native. It’s a busy year for the young lad, who like a number of British competitors have been out through injury or other issues, jack himself is just recovering from an earlier infection which affected his balance is coming back into the fold in 2014.

Jack Pose

This week he is heading to Southend for the British Gas National Cup 2014. This will be his first major competition in 2014 and a great starting block for the New Year. Hopefully his recent infection which affected his balance won’t trouble him, and he can easily spin and twist in the air for 2 seconds without becoming disorientated. This completion is good practise for Jack to work on his form, along with the 3m Syncro Competition in which he will be competing with long-time pal Chris Mears from Southampton (also getting over an ankle injury!)

Jack competing

The competition will offer both divers to cement their diving skills, ready for the Commonwealth Games in July which are being held in Glasgow (not too much travelling for that). Prior to that, Jack will also be competing in 4 of the Fina World Series competitions in Beijing, Dubai, Moscow and the new Olympic Pool in London. All the time he will also still be studying for his A Levels. On the road with a tutor so he doesn’t fall behind. It means he can fit in at least 30hours of training a week, compete and still continue to get a good education.

Jack Diving

2014 looks set to be a stellar year for Jack, with some tough competitions to compete in, it will certainly be a challenge, which he is up for. Building on the experience of the London 2012 Olympics where he competed with world class divers and Champion Diver Tom Daley as well the winning the 3m syncro World Junior title with him in Australia after the Olympics.

Jack and Tom

2013 was also a fantastic year, Jack was able to attend the Buckingham Palace Garden Party with his mum Jackie who also went to the Olympics as a Technical Official for the scoring.

Jack and Chris Mears Buck Palace

He also spoke to children at his former school Ripon Cathedral Primary, inspiring them with his achievements. The children were also fascinated to learn what his training involved and what his life is like.

Jack at Ripon School

Everyone here at UK Bathrooms, wish the very best success for Jack!

Nosy Guests – Three Fifths Admit to Looking in Other’s Bathroom Cabinets

Here at UK Bathrooms we have asked people whether they snooped in other people’s bathroom cabinets whilst visiting their homes. Three fifths of those asked confessed to doing so, and a sixth of those did so mainly to find out if they had any evidence of ‘embarrassing ailments’. Just going to show how nosy people can actually be!

I’m sure it can be quite tempting to have a quick nosy in someone else’s bathroom cabinet. It’s like a little portal into their life. You can find out if they are telling the truth or not when they say they don’t use anti-aging products when in fact they have a stash in their bathroom cabinets. We polled 1,721 men and women from around the UK who were aged over 18 as part of our ongoing research into bathroom related habits. We found some interesting results:

We asked ‘Do you ever find yourself looking in friends’ or family members’ bathroom cabinets/cupboards when visiting their homes?’ to which three fifths, 61%, admitted that ‘yes’ they had done so in the past. We also asked ‘What are your main reasons for doing this?’ which revealed the following top five. Respondents were allowed to select more than one option if more than one applied:

1.            To compare toiletries with your own – 32%

2.            General curiosity – 29%

3.            To find products for a quick freshen up – 24%

4.            To compare tidiness with your own – 20%

5.            To check for evidence of embarrassing ailments – 17%

With people obviously checking out their family/friends bathroom cabinets we wanted to delve deeper into what they had found when snooping, anything embarrassing. We asked ‘Have you found anything amusing/embarrassing whilst snooping?’ to which 41% of self-confessed snoopers admitted that ‘yes’ they had. The most common form of this was ‘medication that indicated embarrassing problems’, as 48% of these respondents admitted to having seen items of this nature. A further 32% said they had seen ‘sex related’ products in people’s bathroom cabinets or cupboards.

It turns out that we don’t just stop at snooping, some people are also brazen enough to help themselves to products they find in bathroom cabinets. When we asked if they’d ever helped themselves to other people’s toiletries 65% of them said that ‘yes’ they had. The most common item that people helped themselves to was ‘deodorant’ as 42% admitted to having a quick freshen up. 36% said that they had used the person’s ‘aftershave/perfume’, whilst the third most commonly used item was ‘hair product’ with 29% of snoopers saying that they’d touched up their hairstyle in someone else’s bathroom.

What’s more shocking however is that 11% of those who claimed to ‘bathroom snoop’ admitted that they had helped themselves to medicine found in someone else’s bathroom. Which is pretty worrying, especially if its medicine for conditions someone is not suffering from.

We also wanted to know respondents feelings on bathroom snooping and if they were worried people were doing the same in their bathrooms. We asked, ‘Do you think that visitors do the same to you in your bathroom?’ to which 73% said that ‘yes’ they probably did. Asked whether they consciously arranged their own cabinet/cupboards in order to hide items from their guests, 56% said that ‘yes’ they did.

Our Director of, Peter Gregg made the following comment:

“Curiosity is a natural human trait and sometimes we just can’t help taking a sneaky look at other people’s belongings. The privacy of bathroom time means that there’s ample opportunity for us to explore other people’s cupboards or cabinets without the fear of being caught.”

He continued:

“Whilst it seems that the majority of intentions are harmless, down to being generally curious or keen to ensure that your own bathroom matches up, the results suggest that one or two of us might have a slightly more mischievous approach; using the opportunity to search for any potential embarrassment. It could be a good idea then to hide the haemorrhoid cream next time somebody visits. Although I’d advise not putting it behind the deodorant can, as it’s likely to be discovered there!”

Here at UK Bathrooms we have a great range of bathroom cabinets, however at the moment none with locks on, if this research is anything to go, by it might be time to start stocking lockable bathroom cabinets!