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Aqualisa Quartz Electric Instantaneous Shower System

It makes sense to use energy wisely and to save precious water resources both from an environmental point of view, and very importantly financially as well. By installing an electric shower you will achieve both of these aims. Standard showers require that hot water is supplied to this from a storage tank or through an instantaneous boiler; electric showering avoids this and is usually a cheaper option.

Aqualisa’s Quartz Electric Shower heats water for showering on demand, providing hot water for as long as it’s required. There are two performance ratings to choose from, a selector to get the best performance all year round and because it is BEAB approved it is safe, too. The Aqualisa Quartz is easy to use, has separate on/off and temperature controls comes with a 3 spray pattern shower head, with a choice of chrome or white and chrome options, guaranteed for 2 years.