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About bathroom sinks

There are a variety of bathroom sing and these can be pedestal, vanity, wall hung or cloakroom style all come in various shapes as well as size.

You can choose a simple functional sink, a 21st century modern contemporary sink, Victorian or Edwardian classical line, all a matter of personal preference and taste of course. Naturally they all do the same function service, but it is how you like to view them and one that is appropriate to your bathroom and home it does require some thought before you decide though.

We suggest that before you make any decision, you should think about the size of the room, who uses it, how often, is it just to wash your hands or is it for all the family to use? Will you require storage; have a wish to hide all the pipework, or do you want something that is that bit different? No matter what kind of sink that you require, you can be certain that at the UK Bathrooms sinks web page you will find something that is just right whether you have a super modern sleek and luxurious bathroom, or something more traditional, for example if you want a space saving cloakroom sink take a look at the Roca that’s a modern rectangular design with the tap at one end and only 250mm deep, we have a sink to fit your requirements.