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Crosswater have introduced new traditional brassware taps and showers.

This Dartford based company have, since 1998, been introducing a whole new range designs into the taps and mixers used in our bathroom, showers and kitchens. Architects and specifiers consider that Crosswater have made a huge impact on the way that they now look at taps and showering products. Crosswater brassware is a beautifully engineered and carefully crafted product which is guaranteed for 10 years.


Now for the first time, Crosswater has introduced a more traditional look to a new collection of their products, the Belgravia range. At UK Bathrooms we can say that this is the first time we have seen Crosswater produce a traditional look to a series of bath and basin taps, but it has been just as well done as all of their products. We can only echo the remarks of how the company themselves view the new Crosswater Belgravia range “graceful characteristics exude opulent splendour with delicate details” this few words are a fitting description of the Belgravia collection.


Unlike many other examples of taps which mimic the traditional look, the Belgravia looks equally at home in the a modern or contemporary setting as it does in the traditional styling of baths and basin, not many others can say the same. We are happy to present Crosswater products, the full range can be viewed at our website.


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Introducing April

Well it is the month but we are also introducing an exciting range of freestanding baths for a great British company that has appointed UK Bathrooms to be one of their trusted Yorkshire suppliers. A criterion that we had to meet when appointed was that we would be able to deliver their products to the customer in three to five days, a condition that we can meet.

logoApril sell a range of freestanding baths and although the trend by many is to supply only Victorian style freestanding baths, April focus on both the retro as well as the modern eye catching bathtub, currently there are four examples on our website, these baths are ideal for today’s modern home now it has greater emphasis on larger master bathrooms, ideal for freestanding baths.

The Victorian baths mix modern and contemporary styles wonderfully and really do add a touch of quality to any bathroom. You can also choose from wonderfully designed April accessories which add a finishing touch to a sleek and great design.

April 3

To illustrate a couple of examples the April Cayton is a thin rimmed double skinned bath which has the advantage of retaining heat for longer as well as giving it strength. The Cayton has a very classic oval shape, which will fit comfortably into a modern setting, and this bath will be at home in either a commercial or domestic environment.

April Bath 1

Another but highly contrasting example is the April Airton Freestanding Bath which has declared geometric lines just waiting to fit into a modern contemporary interior. The bath has been designed with the user very much in mind and with a generous 1650mm interior it is waiting for you to stretch out in luxurious comfort, offering plenty of support.

April 2

April baths are truly outstanding products and importantly this is a company that is guaranteed to ensure that you get the bath that you want in days and not weeks.

Quarter of Households Regularly Share Bath Water

Our skilled team of researchers have once again been busy learning about the UK’s bathroom habits and our latest poll has found that 24% of households admit to sharing bath water on a regular basis.

Our poll surveyed 1,920 UK residents over the age of 18 and asked a range of questions. The poll initially asked, ‘Do you regularly take baths?’ 37% of participants said yes, whereas 28% said they take a bath ‘now and again’ and 35% admitted to only taking showers.

Those who took baths were then asked, ‘Do you ever leave the bath water in for somebody else in your household to use afterwards?’ to which 24% said they did so ‘on a regular basis’, while 29% said that they had done so in the past. 47% claimed to have never shared bath water.

The main reasons for sharing bath water were time saving (44%), saving water (33%) and saving on utility bills (19%). 59% of respondents said that they would only share the bath water if it looked relatively clean, whereas 41% said that they would use it regardless.

Participants who claimed that they had never re-used bath water were asked why they hadn’t done so. 53% said that the idea of sharing bath water was ‘dirty’, while 40% said that they believed they wouldn’t feel clean after using the water.

Our study also found that men were the ones most likely to use the bath water second with 67% of the vote.

Our director Peter Gregg said the following:

“Sharing bath water might seem a bit unpleasant, but it does make sense if you want to save on bills. Baths are a far bigger burden on your bill than a shower due to the volume of water that requires heating. Plus there’s the wait…baths take a while to run and if you’re in a rush to get ready it makes sense to jump in a bath that’s already run, even if the water might seem a bit murky!”

He added, “It’s interesting to note that males are often the person most likely to get in the bath second. Mind you, communal baths following football or rugby spring to mind, so they’re probably not too fussed when it comes to following behind a partner!”

Competition – ukBathrooms Easter Egg Hunt

Fancy winning some Easter Treats? Why not take part in our Easter egg hunt on the ukBathrooms website. The competition is running up until Easter and you have the chance to win an Easter egg. All you have to do is find the hidden Easter eggs on our site.

Win shot

Entry steps:

Win an Easter egg!

Step 1:

Visit our website:

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Find one of our dozen hidden Easter Eggs, on product pictures.

Step 3:

Email us your name, address, and a link to the Easter Egg page:

Step 4:

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- Good Luck!

Winners will be announced on Facebook, entrants have up until 17th April, so we can send out your prizes in time for Easter Sunday!

How to enter

Complimenting Colours From Houzz – Adding a touch of black

Home remodelling and design website Houzz featured one of our most stylish bathrooms radiators in their Every Room Needs a Little Bit of Black feature. Bisque Radiators offer a stylish touch to any room and work well against a number of different backgrounds as you can see from the feature, including black!

Black seems to be gaining popularity in the design world with a number of interior designers using this colour, or non-colour as it may be known as a feature in a room or to make something else ‘pop’. Follow the advice of the Houzz designers and ass some black. “Black is not a colour that needs to be repeated in a room. Just one bold accent.”

It can change a dimension of a room, turning a boring and monotone room into something far more exciting. You don’t have to go over the top with black accents, try just a ceiling, feature wall or even floor to help make the rest of your room stand out.

Bisque Radiators, especially the Bisque Quadrato Towel Radiators which was featured, add a stylish touch to any room. The simple and striking design looks create against a bold colour wall, take inspiration from the image, “Black shines when paired with a magenta wall…”and add a splash of colour to your bathroom, teaming it with black tiles. The radiators come in white and chrome and would work well in any modern and stylish bathroom.

Bisque radiator










Best Bathroom Pranks 2014

In a follow up to our April Fools post on Tuesday, we scoured the internet to find the best bathroom pranks. Here’s what we came up with:

Fake poop using a toilet paper roll

Fake poop is one of the oldest pranks and now you can do it too. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll and some water. Soak the toilet paper roll in water and rip into pieces, then scrunch it back together in the shape of poop, easy!

Place the fake poop wherever you want, on the toilet seat, kitchen floor, someone’s desk and watch the hilarity begin.

Fake poop using a toilet paper roll

Toothpaste Oreos

Does someone keep stealing your Oreos? Then get them back with the toothpaste Oreo trick. Split the delicious treat in half and scrape out the cream (you can eat that!), then replace the cream with some good old toothpaste. Make sure you’re nearby so you can see when the prankee takes a bite.

Toothpaste Oreos

Bathroom Gender Switch

Confuse people by playing the bathroom gender switch game. Use some black duct tape or card to construct a miniature skirt. Next find a bathroom door that has a silhouette of a man on it and stick the skirt to it. Sit back and watch the confusion begin; this works great for work toilets and public restrooms.

Bathroom Gender Switch


Soap that won’t lather

This is another confusing prank ideal for the shower or bath. Take a bar of soap and paint it with clear nail varnish. Make sure that it is completely dry before you replace it in the bathroom.

Soap Lather


Food colouring on toothbrush

Get someone back with this hilarious toothbrush prank. Coat their toothbrush with any colour of food colouring making sure that it doesn’t look to obvious! The prankee will brush their teeth as normal only to find that their teeth are stained a weird and wonderful colour, priceless!

Food colouring on toothbrush

I’m watching you!

This great prank is perfect for creating some nervous tension when going to the toilet. Simply print out a picture of someone that will make your target cringe, a celebrity, their nan etc. and stick it to the inside of the toilet lid. When the prankee goes to the toilet they will be met with a mystery watcher.

Toilet watcher

Duct tape toilet roll

Pretty self-explanatory, simply switch the soft and subtle toilet roll with duct tape. Will anyone be desperate enough to use it?

Duct tape toilet roll

Via: Pinterest

Did we get you? April Fools the Super Loo 1000

So the Super Loo 1000 from Umai Yarikata Toire (Magnificent Toilet) wasn’t real, we got you there, April Fools! So you don’t need to start about ripping out your bathroom suite and doing away with your showers and baths. However if you are looking for a new bathroom, then there is some fantastic new products which, themselves could almost be April Fools, but they are real and would make ideal additions to any bathroom!

The Leather Bath

For that added bit of luxury The Imperial Radison Cureo Cast Iron and Real Leather Bath really is a wonderful option. Yes that’s right a leather bath, the trim is made from a gorgeous chocolate leather strip which has been hand stitched and looks stunning. The bath is made from cast iron but the leather is what makes it unusual and would be a nice luxurious touch in a bathroom.

leather bath

The Speaker Bath

One of our favourite bits of top tech for the bathroom is the Kaldewei Soundwave Sound System for Baths. With this you can turn your bath into a giant speaker, all without getting electrocuted! In an effort to bring relaxation to the next level the bath uses Bluetooth to connect to either your iPad, iPhone, laptop or any Bluetooth enabled device and can play music through 6 acoustic panels.

speaker bath

The Madonna Radiator

Reminiscent of the conical bra worn my Madonna, the Madonna Radiator from Aeon really will add an intriguing touch to your bathroom. You might be warned to make sure you don’t poke an eye out with it though!

maddona radiator

The Lamp Shower

Quite ingenious really, the Axor LampShower 1jet overhead shower from Hansgrohe is a lampshade shape shower head, a bulb sits above the shower head lighting up your shower. Completely safe the integrated lighting is completely protected from the water so you won’t get any nasty shocks.

lamp showerhead

Coming soon the future of Bathrooms – The Super Loo 1000 #Aprilfools

We are excited to announce the Super Loo 1000, the future of all bathrooms which will soon be in stock on the ukBathrooms website, to make your toilet time better. A marvellous toilet which not only cleans you whilst you are sat on it, but also cleans itself after The Super Loo 1000 will be a must have in every home. Time to do away with the boring bath and standard shower, toilet time has reached a whole new level.

This ingenious toilet from Japanese manufacturer Umai Yarikata Toire (they really know how to make going to the toilet easier and pleasurable) is the future of our bathrooms. You no longer need to buy a full bathroom suite, you can do all your business, literally on the Super Loo 1000. Umai Yarikata Toire were the first company to develop self-cleaning toilets and now they have taken it one step further to design a toilet which also cleans you whilst you’re sat on it.

Super loo 1000

As you go about ‘emptying yourself’ as described by the manufacturer, the Super Loo 1000 will wash you down, brush and wash your hair, brush your teeth and blow dry you. You don’t need to lift a finger and don’t worry about wiping yourself after you have done your business the Super Loo cleans you down there too after you have finished. You can enter different settings depending on what you want cleaning, obviously different settings for men and women! You can also set it for a quick and simple clean or a long deep cleaning, to leave you spick and span.

With the Super Loo 1000 you can save yourself half the time on a morning getting ready, half the money as it’s cheaper than a whole bathroom suite and half the room as it takes up the space of a standard toilet. This really is the future of bathroom technology and ukBathrooms will soon be stocking the Super Loo 1000, from Umai Yarikata Toire. Please email us for more information:

UK Bathrooms sponsors local charity

UK Bathrooms directors, Mark and Graeme, have recently decided to get involved in a local charity event and have each sponsored a giant Easter egg in order to help raise money for charity with the Ripon Lions. Everybody in Ripon will get the chance to win one of the 12 Easter eggs that are being sponsored by local businesses by entering into a prize draw. The lucky winners of the chocolate eggs will be chosen just in time for Easter weekend.

The eggs cost £20 for a business to sponsor with the money going towards local charitable causes and can be found in the following places:

Easter EggRipon Bowling Club

The Navigation

The Black a Moor Inn

Black Swan


Golden Lion

Magdelans (+2 bunnies)

So Bar

Ripon Builders Merchants (+ 1 bunny)

The Water Rat

The Ripon Lions regularly hold events and carry out volunteer work in and around Ripon for charitable causes, describing themselves as “a local group of service-minded men and women who are doing local volunteer work to support the community and help raise funds for causes in and around Ripon.”