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New Roman Bathroom Products from UK Bathrooms

The County Durham manufacturer Roman began life in 1985 making colour coordinated bath shower screens, considered then to be innovative, matching the existing colours of the bathroom. Today the company’s range of products features an exciting range of shower enclosures, bath screens and shower trays, along with state-of-the-art wetroom products and other luxury bathroom items. We have added a whole new range to our Roman Bathroom page, the Lumin8 range, check out some of the highlights below:

The Roman Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant Shower Enclosure is a graceful and elegant sweeping shower enclosure which has been designed to fit into the corner of your bathroom. Subtly silver framed sliding door mechanism has a great build quality and the 8mm safety glass has been coated with easy to clean Ultra Care finish.

Roman Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Roman Lumin8 Pivot Shower Door is perfect for an alcove space that has been turned into a self-contained shower unit. The door itself has is hinged slightly off centre which will take care of a small interior. Again manufactured with 8mm safety glass coated with Ultra Care protection, it can also be supplied with side panels so a shower can be fitted to a corner wall space.

Roman Lumin8 Pivot Shower Door

Roman Lumin8 Wave Walk in Shower Enclosures have been described as being as cool as a wave due to the clever and stylish design crafted from two curves of glass, together with an inward swinging door to ensure that valuable space is not taken up in a smaller bathroom. The unit is semi frameless and incorporates its own shower tray, is again manufactured using 8mm safety glass and in common with other Roman products carries a lifetime guarantee.

Roman Lumin8 Wave Walk in Shower Enclosure

Check out the other stunning Roman items that have been added to our web pages, all at our unbeatable prices.

The death of the bath – 25% of households would rather have walk-in showers

The bath has been a traditional feature in bathrooms throughout the UK for the best part of a century, but modern life is slowing changing what we want in a bathroom and over the past few years there has been a shift in what people are installing in their bathrooms. Gone are the days when a bath was a compulsory fixture in the bathroom, many people are opting for shower enclosures and walk-in showers instead of baths and over the past two years we have seen a 340% increase in sales of walk-in showers alone.

As part of our ongoing research into the habits if Brits in the bathroom, we looked into why this change is happening. We surveyed 1,000 people from throughout the UK and asked them two questions, “What bathroom suite would you prefer to have in your home?” and “Do you generally prefer to shower rather than take a bath?”

Adamsez Portobello fs Freestanding Roll Top Bath

Our survey found:

  • 43% of those polled would prefer to have a walk-in shower and a bath in their bathroom if there was enough space.
  • 25% would like to have just a walk-in shower in their bathroom.
  • Although a standard fixture in many homes in the UK only 18% of those surveyed said that they would prefer a shower over a bath.
  • 14% of respondents said that they would prefer to have only a bath in their bathroom instead of a shower.
  • 62% of participants said that they preferred to shower than take a bath.

Mere Font 8mm Walk-in Shower Panel

Our survey seems to be reflected in our sales figures which have seen a 340% increase in sales for Walk-in showers over the last 24 months. Shower heads and accessories have also seen an increase of 34% over the same period. Funnily enough, although not as popular as they once were, baths have also seen a steady increase of 106%, so it seems that even if users prefer to shower than take a bath, it is still seen as a must have fixture in the home.

Our very own Mark Walters had this to say about our research:

“From the survey results and the sales figures, we can easily see a change in bathing habits, which is reflected in our lifestyles as people become more time conscious you look to showering as its quick, but also from an ecological point of view it is also better than taking a bath which uses more water. However baths are still an important addition in people’s homes. “

Huppe X1 Quadrant Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

He added:

“We can see the evolution from bathing to showering in the UK, the contemporary bathroom which has in the UK shifted to a preference for showering, with modern baths being reserved as a luxury, flash item for the master bathroom, influenced by European design and lifestyle. But we aren’t ready to give up taking baths just yet in the UK as we still see them selling well, just not at the same phenomenal rate as walk in showers.”

Bathrooms through the ages part 2 – Ancient Egypt

In part two of our Bathrooms through the Ages cartoon strip, we focus on Ancient Egypt. A time of Pharaoh’s and pyramids, the ancient Egyptians were surprisingly aware of the benefits of good hygiene and also used cosmetics to enhance their looks.

In Ancient Egypt rich people actually had bathing areas and toilets in their homes. Carved stone baths and basins have been excavated near the ancient city of Tebtnuis and toilet seats were found to have been made from limestone; they would have a container underneath filled with sand which would be emptied regularly.

Those who were not rich enough to have a bathroom in their home would have been content to clean themselves in local rivers or in the sea. For soap, the Egyptians used a mixture of natron, ash and clay which could be worked into a lather for cleaning; this was often scented with flowers, fragrant wood or oils to give it a pleasant smell.

Cosmetics were a widely used commodity in Ancient Egypt, with both men and women and rich and poor using them for aesthetic as well as therapeutic reasons. Essential oils were rubbed into the skin to protect it from the hot air of the dessert, and make-up was believed to have magical and healing powers.

Most Egyptians applied make-up themselves, although the rich often had professional cosmeticians that could make a range of different coloured cosmetics. White make-up was widely used to cover the face while black make-up, made from carbon was used around the eyes. Red ochre was ground up and mixed with water, it was then painted onto the lips as an early type of lipstick and added to the cheeks like a blusher to add colour.

The Ancient Egyptians were quite technologically advanced for the time, able to build huge structures such as the pyramids and sailing boats, and were expert glassmakers. Mirrors were a common sight as well and were made from beating a piece of bronze until it was about 3mm thick and polishing it to a shiny finish.

‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ was a number one hit for The Bangles in 1986; it was written by Liam Sternberg and was influenced by Ancient Egyptian reliefs carved into tombs and monuments across Egypt.

Part two of our cartoon strip is below:


Check out our new bathroom range from Saneux

We are proud to be associated with and to display at our web pages, products from Saneux. Described as one of the industry’s best kept secrets, Saneux produce a range of designer products that are stylish, refined and contemporary and at a great price.

The Saneux Stetson Single Ended Bath is just such a piece, crafted from acrylic and fibreglass, this classy single ended bath is available in three sizes, with a bright white finish, which complements the sharp angles and a crisp, continental appearance.

Saneux Stetson Double Ended Bath

The Saneux Georgette Close Coupled Toilet Suite, very cleverly merges 21st century technology and innovation and displays Saneux’s ability to merge old and new with great effect. We offer the toilet suite with either a standard seat or a soft closing version for that touch of luxury and the close coupled cistern is a 4.5 litre water saving version.

Saneux Georgette Close Coupled Toilet Suite

Completing this trio is the very modern Jones 500 mm wash basin which is offered with or without a single tap hole. This simple but striking design oozes elegance in the shape with cleverly rounded corners, giving an appearance of space and openness. Choosing the no tap hole version allows for a set of taps to be set above it leaving the basin clear and uncluttered.

Saneux Jones 500mm Washbasin

Storage in the bathroom is essential but in order to keep the minimalist appearance achieved by Saneux products, the Jones range of bathroom furniture offers many solutions, but the delightful Saneux Jones 2 Drawer Bathroom Cabinet, available in white or wenge wood finish is dual purpose. The two drawer cabinet is on castors and can be easily wheeled, but it also can be used as a bathroom stool, thanks to the top mounted cushion. This square mobile cabinet in white is the perfect solution for anyone who requires a stylish, practical and mobile solution for the bathroom.

Saneux Jones 2 Drawer Bathroom Cabinet

What turns you off the most in the bathroom?

We would be very interested to know is just what turns you off the most when you walk into a bathroom, your own or someone else’s?

We raise the question because when reading in a trade magazine recently, the Swedish furniture giant Ikea conducted a survey amongst 2,000 adults to see what it is that annoyed them when visiting the bathroom.

The biggest turn off for both men and women it seems is hair in the plughole, this was a big turn off for men as 20% said that pulling their partners hair out of the plug hole was a major bugbear. Their partners on the other hand were really put out by men not flushing the toilet, so it is not leaving the seat up then is it!

How happy would you be to show people around your bathroom was another question that was asked. It seems that the happy folk in the South West of our country would be very pleased to let people into their bathrooms; a massive 94% said they would be quite happy. This is in complete contrast to 12% of the Welsh who would really like to ban any visitors’ from using their facilities and we presume that means guests in their houses.

So this has set us off thinking here at UK Bathrooms, we would love to hear from all our readers what turns you off when you visit a bathroom, your own or someone else’s, tell us we’re dying to know.

toilet seat

Add five star luxury to your bathroom with a heated floor

Five-star luxury is all about how you feel. Stepping into a warm bathroom first thing in the morning is a great way to start and being warm underfoot really makes a difference. This is particularly important if you have a ceramic or stone tiled floor.

The trend in bathroom design has long favoured flooring which is ceramic, or one of the modern natural stone products and adding heating to this in the form of an electric blanket beneath the tiles is a simple procedure. Naturally if the existing floor is already tiled out in one of these materials, it will mean taking this up and replacing, which may mean it would have to wait until a bathroom renovation was undertaken.

However, if the existing floor is vinyl then adding the luxury of underfloor heating is a real possibility. Warmup underfloor heating will achieve this and we are proud to be associated with them. This is the UK’s leading manufacturer of warm floor electric heating products, having sold over 500,000 underfloor heaters in the UK alone.

Of course primarily you would install underfloor heating for the comfort of walking on it first thing in the morning or when you came home in the evening, but it has the added advantage it can be the primary source of heat for the room. We believe that Warmup offers the best floor heating products available, backed by the largest support team in the industry. Providing underfloor heating can be very simple and can be used wherever tiles, stone or marble floors are being fitted or replaced, it can even be used under the popular laminate flooring products now on the market.

Underfloor eating is also great for conservatories and kitchens too, the full range of Warmup items can be seen at our web pages and we can guarantee that we will not be beaten on price for your bathroom, kitchen or conservatory underfloor heating.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Kit

Villeroy & Boch ViClean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

A great new product has just been added to our website; the Villeroy & Bosch ViClean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat. The toilet seat is only compatible with the V&B Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC, so we have put together a handy package which incorporates the Subway pan, seat, frame and a choice of flush plate all from Villeroy and Boch, thus ensuring that the installation is easily completed with added savings too!

Villeroy & Bosch have thought of everything with this remarkable new product, the water temperature is fully adjustable with five different settings, the seat incorporates a warm air dryer with five temperature settings, the seat is heated for added comfort and it also has a night time orientation light incorporated. There is a remote control which allows the settings to be determined and this also operates the soft closing of the seat and lid.

Two models of the ViClean are offered at our web pages, the ViCleanU which is the high tech version and the ViClean L, which is slightly more minimalistic, but one which offers a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Both of these options still give the user the ultimate experience of comfort and hygiene in one complete package.

Villeroy & Boch Viclean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

We’ve created a fun comic strip on bathrooms through the ages!

Here at ukBathrooms we just love anything bathroom related and over the year have been conducting research into the habits of Brits when it comes to their bathrooms to help us offer the best service and products as possible.

This time we thought we’d do something a bit different and look at bathrooms of the past and how they differ from today. Our tongue-in-cheek cartoon strip takes you through the ages and gives you an insight into how bathrooms have developed over the centuries.

In our first strip we imagine what prehistoric man would use as a bathroom during the Stone Age in our own humorous way. TV shows and movies such as the Flintstones and the Croods have imagined what bathrooms of this era could look like, but archaeological research suggests that a bathroom would be an unlikely addition to a shelter, instead all bathroom facilities such as washing and going to the toilet, which would be no more than a whole in the ground would have been placed away from the dwelling.

Our talented artists are creating a whole series of cartoons depicting different time periods including Ancient Egypt, the Middle Age and the Industrial Revolution, showing you how bathrooms have changed over the years.

Here is number one – the Stone Age bathroom:


The invigorating power shower

We believe that a power shower is a great assert for any home, we illustrate a number of these ultra-modern showers which have their own dedicated pump, so your power shower will dispense high pressured water with every use. Often a conventional shower can be a poor experience if the water pressure in your home is low and this may be particularly so if the shower is used at a high water temperature.

We display at our web pages a number of power showers and many come with different shower head attachments, varying flow rates and other individual features. Check through the web pages under power showers and we feel sure that you will find one that will fit your particular budget and requirements. We will be happy to discuss with you any queries that you may have about a particular power shower.

One of the very popular ones, with both the public and professional bathroom fitters, is the Bristan Hydropower 1500. This shower is an ideal choice for creating a high-pressure shower experience. With a very efficient thermostat, the Bristan 1500 will always ensure that the water is at the right temperature for you. Complete with a 3-mode handset, in addition to an Eco button

So if you are looking for a new showering experience, take a look at the Bristan 1500 and by choosing this user friendly shower, your new showering experience is just a touch of a button away.

Bristan Hydropower 1500 Power Shower

Simple tips for the renovation of a small bathroom

For many it can be a challenge renovating a small bathroom, fittings and space are the main challenges that most people face. Design ideas are not only focused on the fittings because you can still remodel your bathroom without adding anything and retaining all the current fittings that you have. Let us suggest a few ways that can make your small bathroom better.

Most bathrooms have tiling in them, tiles prevent water from discolouring decorations and they are easily cleaned and can enhance the room. We would not suggest that you remove and replace these unless they are in a poor state; the glaze is crazed or discoloured for example. No take a look at the walls which are not covered by tiling and choose a new colour based upon the design of your tiles, we would suggest using a lighter colour if possible, if the tiles are all white, then a subtle light colour which will make a small space appear larger.

Lighting is an area which we believe can really make a bathroom appealing, forget the single light hanging from a cord in the centre of the room, many different styles of wall and ceiling lights, plus clever lighting on mirrors and cabinets gives any size of bathroom a luxury look and feel.

The biggest problem that we see in small bathrooms is unnecessary clutter and items of toiletries on windows baths and wash basins. Take out items that really do not belong there or have only been used a couple of times over the last year or so. If you do not have a suitable cabinet to store the items in, the best advice is to get a vanity unit. There are some stunning vanity units now available and many of these come with basin, taps and pop up waste already fitted, they are not expensive and very simple to fit, your plumber can do this job in a very short time, especially if an old pedestal style or wall fitting basin is removed.

Phoenix Ciro Marango Base Unit and Basin