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Geberit flush plates

Geberit is a Swiss based international group which specialises in the manufacture and supply of sanitary parts and fittings and is, without question, one of the leaders in this field throughout Europe and, through its subsidiaries, one of the most important worldwide.

Since its inception in 1874, Geberit has grown in size, particularly in the 1970’s and onward and now is represented in most countries in the world. During that period it has been the recipient of numerous awards for the company’s innovations, product design and its strong focus on sustainability some of which have been for their flush plates.

Examples of four of these flush plates are, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate, this sleek cutting edge technology gives the user the ability to control toilet waste with a wave of the hand ensures a hygienic and clean environment. Available either in black or mirrored glass, it requires only hand motions to flush the toilet after use.

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

An alternative is the Geberit Sigma10 Flush Plate which utilises the latest in modern technology, an efficient flush activation mechanism, with the option of a dual flush operation as well as an automatic flush option. Focussing on hygiene, the Sigma 10, does away with the need for flush handles ensuring a cleaner and safer bathroom environment, simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to operate the flush mechanism. The Sigma 10 is offered in seven different colour mixes and is suitable for installation in public conveniences.

Geberit Sigma 10 Touchless Flush Plate

The Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate “does just what it says on the tin” it operates a dual flush to your toilet, but not only that it looks neat and as you would expect from Geberit, clean and attractive. Offered in three different styles to match your decor, white, matt chrome and bright chrome, the Bolero Dual flush can be described as the perfect option for the modern bathroom, which has been designed around the Geberit concealed cistern UP320.

Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate

Similar in operation the Bolero Dual flush but featuring circular flush buttons in place of the rectangular style, the Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate, is another 21st century way to operate toilet flushing. Again by choosing the button most suitable, the Kappa 20 will provide a short or a long flush to your toilet. This flush plate is also designed to operate in conjunction with concealed cisterns which increasingly feature in today’s bathroom; in this case we recommend the Duofix 82cm & 98cm frames and the UP200 concealed cistern.

Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate

The traditional bathroom returns – 54% of bathroom renovations include classic features

Bathroom trends are forever changing, but it seems that traditional designs are back in fashion. Our researchers have found that classic features such as roll top baths and double-pedestal basins have once again become popular for homeowners. Roll top baths and double-pedestal basins topped the list of the most common classic features included in bathroom renovations over the past year.

Burlington Buckingham Slipper Bath

Our study polled 1,438 UK residents who had renovated their bathrooms over the past year and asked, “Did you include any classic bathroom features in your bathroom refurbishment?” 54% of respondents said that they had fitted some kind of classic feature to their bathroom, the remaining 46% said they did not feature any classic features in their bathroom refurbishment.

Participants who said that they had fitted traditional features were also asked the reasons behind choosing a traditional bathroom design. The top five answers are below:

  1. Traditional items look classier than modern alternatives (46%)
  2. I favour traditional items (34%)
  3. I felt traditional items were better value for money (31%)
  4. I dislike modern items (27%)
  5. I incorporated family heirlooms / inherited features (21%)

Silverdale Empire Traditional 920mm Winged Basin

These participants were also asked which traditional bathroom items they had included in their bathroom renovation. The top five answers are below:

  1. Roll top bath (47%)
  2. Bath and shower mixer taps (36%)
  3. High-level toilet (31%)
  4. Two-pedestal basin (26%)
  5. Marble counter tops (22%)

Our researchers have crunched the numbers from the respondent’s data and worked out that the average Briton spent £2,072 on traditional features during their bathroom renovation.

Phoenix HF Series Bath Shower Mixer Kit

Our director, Peter Gregg talked about the results, saying:

“The bathroom is an important part of the house, so many of us like to refurbish and change things around in our bathrooms. Whilst many favour modern features and technology, it would seem that the vintage bathroom is making a comeback!”

He continued, “Modern bathroom features are great, with the likes of power showers and Jacuzzi baths really boosting the complete experience. However, there is a sense of timeless luxury, romance and simplicity in some of the more traditional items, which can be a lovely, refreshing change for a modern house.”

Bathrooms through the ages part 8 – Modern Times

We’ve made it to present day with our bathrooms through the ages cartoon and the principle of the bathroom hasn’t really changed since Victorian times. In the majority of bathrooms there is still a bath, toilet and a basin which all work in a similar way to their Victorian counterparts.

Nowadays, every house in the UK has a bathroom, even those that weren’t originally built with a bathroom now have a room dedicated to going to bathing. This created a boom in the sector, spawning hundreds of bathroom manufactures from the 1900’s onwards, some of which are still trading today.

Modern bathrooms have changed throughout the decades with heavy cast iron baths being replaced by cheaper and lighter resins, acrylic and fiberglass. This revolution lead to many different colours of bathroom suites to suit individual tastes and peeked people’s interest for the latest in bathroom design.

From the 1950’s right through to the 1980’s coloured bathroom suites were the norm; pastel colours such as pink, blue and green were all the rage and the shower was also becoming a popular way of saving time in the bathroom.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s people’s tastes changed again, this time going back to standard white bathroom suites, with accents provided by coloured walls, tiles and mood lighting. Showers now became the norm, with many households getting rid of the bath completely, opting instead for a shower enclosure.

However, over the last decade people have moved back to older designs with Victorian bathroom suites becoming a popular fixture in the home again. Modern comforts have also become popular such as walk-in steam showers and eco-friendly toilets, and as technology advances we can expect to see a whole new sector of ergonomic and technologically advanced designs including interactive screens and water saving features.

Part 8 Modern Times

Pre ISH Event Focus 10th-14th March

ISH is the world’s largest industrial exhibition for the combination of energy and water, incorporating The Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies.

This year will see over 2,400 exhibitors displaying just about everything from sustainable sanitation solutions, innovative bathroom design and energy efficient heating technologies. At the world’s biggest and leading trade fair, all aspects of future-oriented building solutions can be seen over a period of five days.

This trade fair organisation made its debut over fifty years ago, and this year, international trade visitors from the installation trade, retail trade, firms of engineers and architects, housing and property companies, service providers, public authorities and universities meet at Messe Frankfurt’s fully-booked up Exhibition Centre.

This is what can we expect at the exhibition this year, the theme of which is “comfort meets technology”. We shall see that the ISH Top Themes focus on current issues and trends, including conservation of resources and of renewable energies and how innovative technologies will focus on an individual’s convenience of use among other things, a bathroom tour of five continents which will tell us something about the efficient use of water, a vital commodity.

Energy is also a covered in the Energy Efficiency Plus exhibits and subjects such as the new energy model in tomorrow’s heating market, for the homes of the near future, with different technology trends, and sustainability. The Exhibition feature under Future Buildings has been designed to show energy intelligence, technology, comfort and energy efficiency as well as integrated room automation.

We are expecting some interesting innovations to come out of this year’s ISH Event, at UK Bathrooms we will, as in previous years, bring these to you as appropriate at our online pages.


UK Bathrooms awarded Best of Houzz 2015 for Design

We are fortunate enough here at UK Bathrooms to work with some of the best bathroom manufacturers in the world and always pride ourselves of providing our customers with some of the most inspiring bathroom designs for them to create their own.

So, it’s no wonder that we have been awarded the Best of Houzz for design for the second year running. Houzz is the leading platform for home renovation and design, and connects millions of people online with some of the most innovative interior design brands in the world.

Best of Houzz

UK Bathrooms have been chosen by the 25 million plus users of the Houzz community to be awarded with the Best of Houzz 2015 prize for design. We now get to display our Best of Houzz 2015 award on our Houzz profile, taking pride of place next to our 2014 award and helping users around the world to learn even more about our business and products.

For those of you not familiar with Houzz, here is a brief description about the website:

Houzz is a leading portal for home renovation and design, providing over 25 million users worldwide with everything they need to improve their homes.

From decorating a spare room to building an entire home, Houzz connect homeowners, designers and enthusiasts with over 15,000 builders, interior design specialists and suppliers from all over the world.

This vibrant community allows users to find inspiration, get advice about their projects, buy products and hire professionals to turn their ideas into reality.

Check out the website today and see what inspiration you can find by visiting the UK Bathroom Houzz page.

Houzz page2

Axor Starck V bathroom tap by Philippe Starck

We are delighted to be associated with the exclusive launch of another stunning design from Philippe Starck in the shape of a glass bodied open ended spout tap that looks, as well as functions, beautifully. Indeed when describing his new design, Philippe said “Axor Starck V is a revolution, the essence of minimalism, a vortex, this wonder of nature, surrounded by complete transparency,” and we could not have described it better.

Axor Starck V

The Axor Starck V was the subject of a lot of research by the Hansgrohe technicians until they finally perfected the vortex principal which is the secret of this exclusive mixer. The Axor Starck V is certainly beautiful, but importantly it is functional as well. With the very easy-click-in design and safety-stop function, this makes it really easy to remove the glass body from its base to clean it.

Axor Starck V2

The material itself is also very carefully selected, Hansgrohe used crystal glass, which is top quality and importantly this is dirt resistant, you can even put the glass body into the dishwasher! In addition to the chrome and high gloss white, you have a choice of twelve different finishes, for example brushed nickel for the base and a sandblasted crystal glass variant for the body.

Check out a video of the Axor Starck V features below:

Kudos the art of showering

Proudly British and based in the beautiful heart of the English Lakes, perhaps the stunning surroundings have inspired some of their showering products, that are perfectly engineered and designed. Kudos is proud to be one of the few companies that are still committed to manufacture here in the UK.

With complete control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, you are ensured of getting a product superbly designed and engineered. With the focus on quality and engineering, Kudos products are backed by a lifetime guarantee,

A curved shower will give any bathroom that trendy look but above all it is roomy and allows for ease of movement to shower. The Kudos Original Curved Sliding Shower Enclosure the elegant full curve shape of the Kudos Curved Corner enclosures provide generous showering area yet require minimal wall space for fitting. With Toughened safety glass with Lifeshield protection, sliding panel release mechanism for easy cleaning, stainless steel roller bearings for smooth opening action and left or right hand opening this Kudos enclosure comes complete with a Concept 2 shower tray as well as a Kudos shower waste.

Kudos Original Curved Sliding Shower Enclosure

There are shower trays and then there are Kudos Concept shower trays like the Rectangular Concept 2 Shower Tray & Waste. This is one of the products that demonstrate beauty, functionality, and superior quality the industry’s leader in innovation is known for. High gloss and luxurious, the stone resin tray is highly resistant to impact damage and will withstand years of use, naturally protected by the Kudos lifetime guarantee. Complete with a 90 mm high flow waste and a chrome option for the shower tray.

Kudos Rectangular Concept 2 Shower Tray & Waste

Similarly with all the same qualities as the rectangular version, the Kudos Square Concept 2 Shower Tray & Waste is also made with tough stone resin, pre-tested before it’s ever shipped to you for surface adhesion even before it was finished, so the tray and the finish will both last, the concept tray will give a lifetime of service, as long or longer that your shower and for your peace of mind it is of curse covered by the Kudos lifetime guarantee, so you know it’s exceptional.

Kudos Square Concept 2 Shower Tray & Waste

Once you have used a wetroom nothing else will compare with it, freedom of movement, ease of getting in and out and simple to keep clean. Wetrooms are not difficult to set up and with Kudos Ultimate 2 Wetroom Panels you have a choice of 8 sizes in 8mm and 10mm glass 600 to 1400mm includes all necessary fixings. Amazingly simple to install, the pressure clamp support bars can be positioned anywhere on the panel, you can if you wish fit a deflector panel to help stop water from spilling out. All panels are reversible and can be fitted either left or right handed and the panels are ideal for either standard shower trays or wetroom floors.

Kudos Ultimate 2 Wetroom Panels

Luxury bathroom design by Villeroy & Bosch

Without question Villeroy & Bosch are at the forefront in design none more so that is shown by the superb La Belle bathroom products, which does not try to hide the clear connection with continental elegance.

The Villeroy & Boch La Belle 1000mm Washbasin display more than a hint of Parisien design, but at the same time stunning white ceramic has to be very Italian marble in its impression. As we illustrate the vanity unit is a great optional extra ideal for storing those essential items that are kept in a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom. When the matching set of legs is added it delicately completes the unit.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle 1000mm Washbasin

Free standing baths are very much in fashion today and none more so than the Villeroy & Boch La Belle Freestanding Bath. This very simple but truly stunning bath can be fitted with a free-standing bath tap and/or shower head, keeping the gentle curves of the bathtub visually free of clutter. This bath is manufactured from which is a unique material designed by Villeroy and Boch, users find the soft svelte touch relaxing but it also has reassuring purchase making this bath slip free. The bath is double skinned ensuring that the user enjoys a warming, luxurious soak.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle Freestanding Bath

The La Belle Wall Mounted Toilet & Seat is truly contemporary and as it is wall hung, it is unfussy, and allows the room clear. Geometric and minimalistic the toilet is finished in brilliant white, and to ensure that it remains hygienic it has the V&B CeramicPlus surface treatment as standard. This special formula has been designed by V&B to completely repel stains as well as limescale. Included with the toilet is a soft close and matching seat which provides that touch of luxury as well as comfort.

V & B La Belle Wall Hung Toilet & Seat

Philippe Starck – bathroom designer

Depending upon how avant garde they are, some designers are very extrovert and this could apply to French designer Philippe Starck who has been responsible for designing a multitude of interior items over the years, but from our point of view it is his bathroom designs that interest us the most. We consider that his greatest successes are the Axor Starck collection, with which Hansgrohe caused a stir in 1994, with the first mixer tap with a joystick operating lever!


Parisien born Starck, now in his 67th year studied in the French capital in the 1960’s and his designs have appeared in prestigious hotels in New York as well as London, these included billowing ceiling-height curtains and voluptuous seating, claiming that these represent the actors on the stage of life.

We are particularly proud to display many of his designs on our web pages and the fabulous range of bathroom products in the Axor Starck range from Hansgrohe; together with the Axor Starck organics are increasingly popular with our customers.

In the Axor Starck range we offer a range of basin, bath and kitchen mixer taps and bath shower mixers. The Axor Starck Twin Handle Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap, as the name suggests is one of his two handled designs and utilises ceramic cartridges so no more leaking from the tap or messy washers to change. On the other hand the Axor Starck Classic Single Lever Standard Basin Mixer demonstrates the joystick principle and is simplicity itself to operate.

Axor Starck Classic Single Lever Standard Basin Mixer

The Axor Starck Ecostat 1001 SL Exposed Thermostatic Shower mixer is a sleek and stylish way to regulate shower temperature. The thermostatic temperature controls allow users to easily adjust temperature with a simple push button. A classy addition to any bathroom, whether a new build or an upgrade.

The organic range of Hansgrohe Axor Starck products are an innovative blend of cutting edge, sleek design and modern technology in one. Take the Axor Starck Organic Basin Mixer 280 as one example of a basin mixer with a truly unique identity. This mixer features a fully adjustable spray direction ensuring that this can be customised to match the contours of your basin, no chance of this splashing back at the user. The mixer also has separate temperature and flow controls give a balanced mix every time.

Axor Starck Organic Basin Mixer 280

The Axor Starck Organic Porter Unit is no ordinary shower head and it is clear that Axor Starck has had his hand in the design of the beautiful small and stylish hand shower. Cast in chrome in a minimalist, geometric form makes for the perfect addition in the highly modern bath or space. The baton hand shower features two different settings, with a simple twist of the set, select between a normal spray, and a gentler soft spray as required.

Bathrooms through the ages part 7 – The Victorian Era

In part 7 of our look into Bathrooms through the ages, we are looking at the Victorian era and their bathroom habits. Most houses built during the Victorian era featured non-flushing toilets or ‘privies’ often located at the end of the garden or street.

The Victorians developed and built a network of sewer systems to improve hygiene in major cities, and although early wall mounted water cisterns improved things, early waste pipes allowed the smelly sewer gas into the house and the idea never caught on.

It wasn’t until 1891, when Thomas Crapper patented a new valve and siphon system which eliminated smells coming from the sewers that well-to-do Victorian houses started to have inside water closets fitted. Toilet paper had been on sale in the US since 1857, but for the majority of people it was expensive and regarded as a luxury. Many families during the Victorian era and into the early 20th Century used torn up pieces of newspaper instead.

Up until the late 19th Century, the bath was made of copper or tin and was portable meaning that there was no plumbing attached to it; the bath was often used in the kitchen or the bedroom. The poor would collect water from the local water pump and heat it on the fire, while the wealthy would have a purpose built gas water heaters that the servants would use to fill the bath up with.

Once indoor plumbing and gas water heaters became more accessible to the middle classes there became a need for a dedicated space in the house for the bath as it was no longer portable, leading to the first bathrooms to be built. By the end of the Victorian era, bathrooms became a standard feature in most newly built houses.

Make-up on women was largely frowned upon during the Victorian era, with many believing that women that wore make-up were prostitutes, so limited use of cosmetics was the rule for most women.

Women often used pastes to smooth their complexions and to make their skin paler, a sign that they did not work in the fields. Cosmetic products would have been purchased from the local pharmacist, from doctors, or if you were wealthy imported from abroad.

Victorian women often used arsenic to improve their complexion too. This was mixed with vinegar and chalk; it was often eaten or rubbed on the face and arms to improve the skin.

Thomas Edison invented the first commercially viable incandescent lightbulb and was first publically demonstrated on December 31st 1879 in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Many of the incandescent electric lamps that had been invented before were impractical and suffered from short lifespans, were expensive to produce and drew a high electric current.

During the first public demonstration of his incandescent lightbulb Edison famously said, “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”

Part 7 The Victorian Era