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Add five star luxury to your bathroom with a heated floor

Five-star luxury is all about how you feel. Stepping into a warm bathroom first thing in the morning is a great way to start and being warm underfoot really makes a difference. This is particularly important if you have a ceramic or stone tiled floor.

The trend in bathroom design has long favoured flooring which is ceramic, or one of the modern natural stone products and adding heating to this in the form of an electric blanket beneath the tiles is a simple procedure. Naturally if the existing floor is already tiled out in one of these materials, it will mean taking this up and replacing, which may mean it would have to wait until a bathroom renovation was undertaken.

However, if the existing floor is vinyl then adding the luxury of underfloor heating is a real possibility. Warmup underfloor heating will achieve this and we are proud to be associated with them. This is the UK’s leading manufacturer of warm floor electric heating products, having sold over 500,000 underfloor heaters in the UK alone.

Of course primarily you would install underfloor heating for the comfort of walking on it first thing in the morning or when you came home in the evening, but it has the added advantage it can be the primary source of heat for the room. We believe that Warmup offers the best floor heating products available, backed by the largest support team in the industry. Providing underfloor heating can be very simple and can be used wherever tiles, stone or marble floors are being fitted or replaced, it can even be used under the popular laminate flooring products now on the market.

Underfloor eating is also great for conservatories and kitchens too, the full range of Warmup items can be seen at our web pages and we can guarantee that we will not be beaten on price for your bathroom, kitchen or conservatory underfloor heating.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Kit

Villeroy & Boch ViClean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

A great new product has just been added to our website; the Villeroy & Bosch ViClean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat. The toilet seat is only compatible with the V&B Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC, so we have put together a handy package which incorporates the Subway pan, seat, frame and a choice of flush plate all from Villeroy and Boch, thus ensuring that the installation is easily completed with added savings too!

Villeroy & Bosch have thought of everything with this remarkable new product, the water temperature is fully adjustable with five different settings, the seat incorporates a warm air dryer with five temperature settings, the seat is heated for added comfort and it also has a night time orientation light incorporated. There is a remote control which allows the settings to be determined and this also operates the soft closing of the seat and lid.

Two models of the ViClean are offered at our web pages, the ViCleanU which is the high tech version and the ViClean L, which is slightly more minimalistic, but one which offers a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Both of these options still give the user the ultimate experience of comfort and hygiene in one complete package.

Villeroy & Boch Viclean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

We’ve created a fun comic strip on bathrooms through the ages!

Here at ukBathrooms we just love anything bathroom related and over the year have been conducting research into the habits of Brits when it comes to their bathrooms to help us offer the best service and products as possible.

This time we thought we’d do something a bit different and look at bathrooms of the past and how they differ from today. Our tongue-in-cheek cartoon strip takes you through the ages and gives you an insight into how bathrooms have developed over the centuries.

In our first strip we imagine what prehistoric man would use as a bathroom during the Stone Age in our own humorous way. TV shows and movies such as the Flintstones and the Croods have imagined what bathrooms of this era could look like, but archaeological research suggests that a bathroom would be an unlikely addition to a shelter, instead all bathroom facilities such as washing and going to the toilet, which would be no more than a whole in the ground would have been placed away from the dwelling.

Our talented artists are creating a whole series of cartoons depicting different time periods including Ancient Egypt, the Middle Age and the Industrial Revolution, showing you how bathrooms have changed over the years.

Here is number one – the Stone Age bathroom:


The invigorating power shower

We believe that a power shower is a great assert for any home, we illustrate a number of these ultra-modern showers which have their own dedicated pump, so your power shower will dispense high pressured water with every use. Often a conventional shower can be a poor experience if the water pressure in your home is low and this may be particularly so if the shower is used at a high water temperature.

We display at our web pages a number of power showers and many come with different shower head attachments, varying flow rates and other individual features. Check through the web pages under power showers and we feel sure that you will find one that will fit your particular budget and requirements. We will be happy to discuss with you any queries that you may have about a particular power shower.

One of the very popular ones, with both the public and professional bathroom fitters, is the Bristan Hydropower 1500. This shower is an ideal choice for creating a high-pressure shower experience. With a very efficient thermostat, the Bristan 1500 will always ensure that the water is at the right temperature for you. Complete with a 3-mode handset, in addition to an Eco button

So if you are looking for a new showering experience, take a look at the Bristan 1500 and by choosing this user friendly shower, your new showering experience is just a touch of a button away.

Bristan Hydropower 1500 Power Shower

Simple tips for the renovation of a small bathroom

For many it can be a challenge renovating a small bathroom, fittings and space are the main challenges that most people face. Design ideas are not only focused on the fittings because you can still remodel your bathroom without adding anything and retaining all the current fittings that you have. Let us suggest a few ways that can make your small bathroom better.

Most bathrooms have tiling in them, tiles prevent water from discolouring decorations and they are easily cleaned and can enhance the room. We would not suggest that you remove and replace these unless they are in a poor state; the glaze is crazed or discoloured for example. No take a look at the walls which are not covered by tiling and choose a new colour based upon the design of your tiles, we would suggest using a lighter colour if possible, if the tiles are all white, then a subtle light colour which will make a small space appear larger.

Lighting is an area which we believe can really make a bathroom appealing, forget the single light hanging from a cord in the centre of the room, many different styles of wall and ceiling lights, plus clever lighting on mirrors and cabinets gives any size of bathroom a luxury look and feel.

The biggest problem that we see in small bathrooms is unnecessary clutter and items of toiletries on windows baths and wash basins. Take out items that really do not belong there or have only been used a couple of times over the last year or so. If you do not have a suitable cabinet to store the items in, the best advice is to get a vanity unit. There are some stunning vanity units now available and many of these come with basin, taps and pop up waste already fitted, they are not expensive and very simple to fit, your plumber can do this job in a very short time, especially if an old pedestal style or wall fitting basin is removed.

Phoenix Ciro Marango Base Unit and Basin

Shock Horror: Men Own More Styling & Skincare Products than Women!

In our ongoing research into the bathroom habits of the British, we decided to focus our latest study on bathroom cabinets and what they contain; the answers will astound you!

Our latest poll has found that more than two fifths of men have between six and seven styling/beauty products in their bathroom cabinet, compared to women who only have between four and five items in their bathroom cabinets.

We live in an ever changing world, and it seems that men may be more into their looks and beauty routines than women; 43% of men polled said that they had six or seven styling/beauty products, whereas 35% of women said that they made between four and five items in their bathroom cabinets.


Picture: Adam Franco

Our poll asked 2,352 men and women, ‘How many skincare and styling products do you have in your bathroom cabinet?’ Women were asked to ignore any make-up they owned for a more balanced result and here’s what we found:

Number of styling and beauty products in bathroom cabinet

  • 0 – Men (4%) / Women (1%)
  • 1-3 – Men (12%) / Women (16%)
  • 4-5 – Men (24%) / Women (35%)
  • 6-7 – Men (43%) / Women (26%)
  • 8-9 – Men (10%) / Women (14%)
  • 10+ – Men (7%) / Women (8%)

We then asked participants what type of products they had in their bathroom cabinets. The most popular item for men was hair gel and styling products (61%) followed by skin moisturiser (58%). For women, the most popular product was skin moisturiser (71%) followed by an exfoliating product (52%).

toothbrush holder

Picture: Nick Harris

Another interesting fact that came from our research was that 68% of men admitted that they downplayed the amount of products they used to friends and family.

Our director Peter Gregg talked about the new research saying, “The 21st century man certainly seems to have developed into one that takes care of themselves! Not only have we seen an increase in men using beauty products, but also an increase in beauty products for men on the market. From ‘guy-liner’ to facial scrubs, the options really are growing all the time!”

He added, “It’s good that men are taking more pride in their appearance! It’s just a matter of time before women are waiting for their man to get ready now!”

Bathroom makeover tips

With house prices being fairly dormant and many reports showing a decrease in the asking and subsequent selling price, now is perhaps the time to stay put and to undertake some renovations. Estate agents confirm that the bathroom and to some extent the kitchen, is one of the biggest selling points in many houses, so a makeover in the bathroom will pay dividends when house prices stabilise and you do decide upon a move.

Modernising your shower or installing one is sure to be a big selling point; the trend away from baths is fast growing and more people than ever prefer to start the day with a refreshing shower. The Rainshower are very much in vogue now and fitting a Grohe Jumbo Rainshower can be a winner. This is no shrinking violet, but a 400mm head with no less than 252 nozzles to provide a true rainstorm effect; it also has an inbuilt anti-limescale system ensuring a clean sparkling head. The head will work for as little as 0.5 bar, but 3 bar is the optimum. Fitting a booster pump will increase the pressure at the head and we will be happy to discuss this option.

A double basin has that luxury hotel look about it, very contemporary and when built into a vanity unit you not only have the look, but you have plenty of space in the cupboards as well. These improvements will not cost a fortune, particularly when you check out our unbeatable prices.

Grohe Rainshower Cosmopolitan 400mm Jumbo Shower Head

Abandoned leopard cub reared in zookeeper’s bathroom

In our twenty or so years designing and supplying bathrooms we have heard many strange tales, some of which we have shared with you, occasionally with pictures, but the latest piece of news was quite a surprise!

We have occasionally read about humans abandoning their newly born children, but very rarely animals. So it was sad to hear that a beautiful and very rare one day old clouded leopard pup was abandoned by her mother at Cotswold Wildlife Park, found by the keeper shivering and clearly close to death.

The keeper took the pup home and decided that the best place to keep the leopard was in his bathroom, away from his doge downstairs. Apparently it was necessary to keep the pup warm and his bathroom was just such a place, could it be that he had a nice underfloor floor heating mat installed?

Well the leopard pup, named Nimbus was kept by the keeper for six weeks and we are delighted to hear that she has her own area in the park, when in time she will join another clouded leopard. The species hails from South East Asia and are on the vulnerable” of the International Union for Conservation of Nature; a happy ending for one clouded leopard.

leopard cub

Grohe nominated for German environment award

We are all now becoming more aware for the need to save our environment and resources such as water, amongst the many products that we sell at UK Bathrooms more emphasis in now being put onto systems such as dual flush cisterns and showering products that are environmentally and eco friendly.

Grohe has been at the forefront in many of the eco friendly items that can be found at our web pages, so it comes as no surprise to us that they have been named for the prestigious German Sustainability Award 2014. As a market leader, Grohe has always recognised that importance of saving resources, water energy and of course sustainable production.

We illustrate a whole range of Grohe products over 170 and one example is the Grohe Adagio Concealed Dual Flush Cistern. This uses the Grohe EcoJoy technology cited as just one reason for their nomination; the system uses 50% less water through their technology.

The Adagio is also insulated against condensation, so you will no longer see unsightly water around the toilet area. Our discounted price for this item includes all the fixing brackets and flush pipe need for a neat efficient toilet system.

The jury has placed the Grohe Company into the top three shortlisted for the “Resource Efficiency” 2014 special award.

Grohe Adagio Concealed Dual Flush Cistern

Be creative in your bathroom

Even though the bathroom may be one of the places that we may overlook when house improving it is most certainly one which we spend quite a lot of time in. When asked in surveys, people will say that a bathroom is the one room which can add the most value to a house and also the one that can make or break a house sale.

The bathroom is also a place where you can become a bit more creative with things like decor and it is well worth spending time and investing in a room which is not only functional, but a place for relaxation.

Now we know that most home owners, certainly over two thirds are DIY enthusiasts and love to improve their homes, more so now when moving is not the simple option it may once have been. So what are the things that a home improver can tackle without the need to call in a building contractor?

Firstly we wish to emphasise that anything that requires an electrical connection must be undertaken by a certified electrician. Plumbing work also may mean that you will have to call in a specialist, but doing something simple such as changing existing taps can be straightforward, even fitting a new wash basin can be achieved as long as the pipework does not need extensive re-routing.

However, if you are looking to give your bathroom a new look, repainting is sure to give it a fresh new appearance. Adding a mirror can also improve the way that a bathroom looks and by fitting two mirrors on opposite walls can give an impression of space, the hotel trick! Two HIB Lucy mirrors mounted vertically would be ideal for this.

For a small outlay you will soon have a new delightful new place to relax and of course admire.

HIB Lucy 'Mirror on Mirror'