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The St. James Collection

The retro styled Victorian and Edwardian bathrooms are very much in demand today as more people appreciate the simple, elegant lines and crisp white finish that makes this classical styling appealing.

We are pleased to present the very latest St James range of high quality products that include both the ceramic products, as well as a full range of Victorian styled bathroom taps and mixers, bathroom showers and traditional bathroom accessories.

Buying these vintage style products does not mean that you will have to put up with outdated technology, far from it. The St James technology is pure 21st century and although the taps, mixers and showering products look absolutely genuine Victorian items right down to the porcelain handles, they are in fact crafted from solid brass and individually polished by hand, to give a totally flawless appeal and shine.

Take the St James Traditional Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer Tap as an example. Looking at this you can imagine being in a swish Mayfair hotel at the beginning of the 20th century, the fine detail of the handle of the mixer and taps hides the modern disc technology, no more washers and dripping taps today.

St James Traditional Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Again the Hampton High Level Toilet Suit is pure elegance but now includes water saving dual flush cistern. Similarly the Hampton Low level suite also has dual flush and will bring that sense of luxury to a bathroom or cloakroom.

Showering is not something that is totally new, our predecessors also enjoyed the luxury of an overhead shower. By combing the St James Manual Shower Valve with the 15mm Shower Arm and Head, a luxury style early twentieth century shower will have been created. The shower valve will deliver smoothly every time the correct pressure and water temperature and is suitable for all systems.

The St James Collection manufactured by the established British company Marflow Engineering Ltd.

St James Collection

Houzz gets its own dedicated UK site and we’ve already been featured 3 times!

We’ve been big fans of for many years and it’s a great resource for those looking to remodel their homes. The website provides you with some of the most inspiring home makeovers from all over the world, with handy tips and a huge list of manufacturers and professionals ready to help and now it has a UK site too. continues the great work done on the main website, but features mainly UK manufacturers and home improvement projects. Search through the extensive range of articles for every room of the house (including bathrooms) and gain some valuable advice from other members and professionals about your own projects.

Some of our products and projects have already been featured on the site, including our stunning rendering of a Victorian style under stair WC in the article 8 clever and creative ways with small bathrooms and we have also been featured in the top 50 UK manufacturers in the Best of Remodelling 2014 article.

Check out our ukBathrooms page on where you can see our latest ideabooks, projects and bathroom products, as well as read reviews from fellow Houzz members about our service.

So why not check out Houzz today and create some inspirational ideas for your next home improvement project.


Modern v Classic bathroom accessories

The decision to fit retro classic or modern contemporary accessories into your bathroom will depend, to some extent on the style of ceramic ware such as baths and basins that you have. However there are many items which will crossover and look quite at home whichever style of bath and basin you have. Bathroom furniture and cabinets are just one example.

Classic cabinets featured in our web pages such as the Imperial Oxford Linea Vanity Unit with 2 Bow Fronted Glass Doors, will accommodate either style of basin. Similarly the Schneider Moanaline 700mm Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet will fit comfortably into any style of bathroom, even though it is clearly a very modern design. Again the universal Phoenix Trent Tall Floor standing unit could be used in any style of bathroom, modern or Victorian.

Imperial Oxford Linea Vanity Unit with 2 Bow Fronted Glass Doors

The same can be said for radiators, the purpose of the radiator is naturally to warm the room to a comfortable temperature and a very traditional style of radiator will blend in extremely well into a classic style bathroom, but equally the Zehnder Charleston Horizontal 4 Column Radiator would not look out of place wherever it was situated.

However, when it comes to taps, there is undoubtedly a clear distinction between the two styles. It would be unthinkable to fit a modern tap such as the sleek Phoenix FX Series Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap with Klik Klak Waste to a very traditional style of basin such as the St James Hampton; it would look completely out of place. However, the Bristan 1901 Basin Mixer with Pop-up Waste would not look out of place in either setting, although it is clearly more at home with a classic style basin.

Phoenix FX Series Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap with Klik Klak Waste

The choice of classic or modern, does as we say, depend upon the style of bathroom, but as illustrated many items will crossover and whichever style you choose, modern technology ensures that they function smoothly and efficiently and give many years of service.

The Ultimate Bathroom of the Future

Here at ukBathrooms we are always looking for the latest bathroom innovations, from state-of-the-art showers to the newest bathroom technology advances. This sometimes means that we imagine what we want from our bathrooms in the future and look at how changing technologies and developments in design will change the way we use our bathrooms.

5 illustration sheet

As part of ongoing research into what we expect from our bathrooms we polled homeowners asking them how they use their bathrooms, what they are to them and how long they spend in them. We also asked them to look twenty years into the future and choose from a range of features and state what they would like to see in their bathrooms in 2034. We chose the most popular answers to create our Bathroom of the Future.

1.       Touch screen multimedia centres in bathroom mirror and shower screen to listen to music/watch DVDs etc – (78%)

2.       A sensor- and voice-activated self-cleaning toilet- (64%)

3.       A whirlpool bath with spa features – (43%)

4.       An enclosed all-in-one aromatherapy shower with steam room and sauna settings – (34%)

5.       Stow-away space-saving toilets and sinks to create more bathroom space – (21%)

main view

Technology is now such an integral part of our lives, it’s no surprise that many more people would look to incorporate it into their bathroom of the future. The bathroom is the one place in a house where we can escape our worries and relax in privacy and we found for many people (67% of those we polled) they feel the atmosphere in their bathroom is very important to them.

Also the bathroom is one of the rooms in their property that they feel most relaxed in (65% of those we polled). As bathrooms are the place we seek sanctuary it makes sense that we want to add luxury touches to them, such as whirlpool bath with spa features or all-in-one aromatherapy shower with steam room and sauna settings.

But it’s not just little bits of luxury people want it’s also to have space saving bathrooms. As the UK has one of the smallest sizing standards of housing it’s important that we get all the features we want, whilst not taking up lots of space, or be able to fit these luxury items into smaller bathrooms. So we were not surprised to see many respondents choosing stow-away space-saving toilets and sinks.

Our company director, Peter Gregg, said: “With this research, we wanted to find out exactly how our bathrooms could look twenty years from now and what Britons want from the ultimate futuristic bathroom. With the ever-improving kinds of technology we are witnessing around us, the modern bathroom has already entered into a digital age. The truth is, technologies like those featured in our concept image are likely to be introduced into the market well within the next two decades, if not within the next five years or so.”

The feedback enabled us to imagine what a bathroom of the future may look like and create this fantastic concept image. It feels and looks futuristic enough however we have been careful not to include, way out there technology. This is a bathroom that could conceivable be seen in twenty years’ time in most peoples bathrooms, with much of the technology in development now.

We picture the Bathroom of the future to cover these key aspects:

  • Technology Based
  • Eco Friendly
  • Luxurious
  • Space Saving

Our influences came from products which are available now and we looked how these could be developed.

flush wall render

We imagined a toilet of the future would be eco-friendly, use technology to monitor your health and also be space saving. It would recycle grey water from the sink and other water pipes a development of the Roca W&W which reuses the water from the basin to flush the toilet. It would also feature a sensor which would automatically close the lid, and recede back into the wall a development on the Auto Close Toilet Seat by Pressalit.

Toilet inspiration

Showers are already using light therapy to help create a relaxing or invigorating environment. We want to add aromatherapy as well to allow you to have an at home spa experience and ultimately create a room which is not only functional as an everyday bathroom but also somewhere where you can go to escape. Sieger Design have created the Sensory Sky for Dornbracht, which uses light and aromatherapy. It is available for bathrooms now, although relatively new as technology develops it certainly could become something which would be standard in many bathrooms.


For space saving aspects we chose to have a shower and bath combined, the egg shape allows you to use the base for the bath and the curved arch over, means water can be sprayed from different angles, allowing for more massage functions and of course the aromatherapy. You will also be able to change settings on the shower for user’s individual preferences and it will also include retractable smart glass multimedia. This will allow you to watch TV when you bath or catch up on news and weather during your morning shower.

bath render

Our other main feature is the multimedia centre mirror, again technology which is available now, however we are sure it’s something we will see with more functions in the future in everyone’s bathroom. We already stock TV mirrors from Aquavison, in 2034 we predict they would also be interactive, gesture control, with the ability to scan in face. You will be able to try new hairstyles/ beard styles onscreen. You will also be able to access grooming tips from shaving various styles of beards to makeup and hairstyles. It will also have zoom function, for precision grooming and also be an access point for you bathroom multimedia.

sink render

Most of all the Bathroom of the Future we envisage is one that not only works for the whole family but also individual needs, whether from young children, to the elderly and disabled. We also want it to make life easier, more comfortable and luxurious without costing the earth, figuratively and literally.

Our new poll reveals the most off-putting habits for men and women

In our latest bid to find out all we can about British habits we decided to let men and women give us their own answers into the most off-putting habits of a prospective partner. What we found was that your bathroom habits or lack of them may just be a deal breaker, here are the results.

According to our data, undesired bathroom habits and general uncleanliness were the most off-putting habits, as voted for by 2,138 British men and women. Participants were aged 18 and over, and there was a 50-50 split of males and females making this poll a real battle of the sexes.

Men’s number 1 off-putting habit for a prospective partner was leaving hair in the bath/shower plug, whereas women hated it when a partner left dirty dishes around the house.

So, here are the top 5 most off-putting habits for both men and women:

Most Off-Putting Aspects for Men:

  1. Leaving hairs in the plug (41%)
  2. Leaving clothes on floor (34%)
  3. Leaving nail clippings on floor (24%)
  4. Having excessive wind (16%)
  5. Compulsive cleanliness (13%)

Top 5 Most Off-Putting Aspects for Women:

  1. Leaving dirty dishes around the house (39%)
  2. Having excessive wind (27%)
  3. Having a mouldy bathroom (23%)
  4. Leaving the toilet seat up (14%)
  5. Leaving clothes on the floor (11%)

toilet seat up

Picture: Quinn Dombrowski

Participants were then asked how this would affect their relationship, with 56% admitting that they ‘could not be in a relationship with someone’ that had what they described as the worst habit. 32% said ‘it would be irritating, but I would attempt to change their ways’, and the remaining 12% said that they would be willing to ‘live with it’ even though it would be irritating.

Our Director Peter Gregg had this to say about the study:

“Whilst bad habits that annoy your other half are inevitable in any relationship, it does seem very interesting that the majority of problems highlighted in our findings are focused on bathroom behaviour. Maybe the secret to a perfect relationship is separate bathrooms!”

He added, “The most surprising result of our survey is that men seem to be more put off by a prospective partner’s bad aspects than women are. Whilst this breaks the age-old stereotype that men are slobs, one does have to question how someone could jeopardise a potential relationship for something as trivial as a plug full of hair or a messy floor!”

Great Le Tour offers from ukBathrooms



To celebrate Le Tour de France coming through our base of operations in Ripon, North Yorkshire, ukBathrooms is offering a free, Yorkshire-made shower tray and 90mm high flow waste with selected Merlyn Series 8 shower doors and enclosures.

Made in Yorkshire, by well renowned bathroom manufacturer April Products, these fantastic shower trays are a very high standard and come complete with a lifetime guarantee, and will be given away for free to those customers who purchase selected Merlyn Series 8 shower doors and enclosures.

Merlyn Series 8 Sliding Shower Door

This is a limited offer, so if you are in the market for a fantastic shower enclosure at a great price and want to celebrate Le Tour de France with us, then it is advised that you place your order sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out.

Merlyn Series 8 Twin Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Merlyn showers have some of the best quality shower doors and enclosures available and come standard with their patented ‘Mershield’ technology. This special coating helps reduce water marks and dirt build up, meaning less cleaning and more time for relaxing :-)

Merlyn Series 8 Hinged Shower Door And Double Inline Panel

The 8mm thick toughened safety glass also comes with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind, so what are you waiting for? Order your Merlyn Series 8 shower door or enclosure today and get a free shower tray and 90mm high flow waste.

Will you be visiting Yorkshire to watch Le Tour de France’s Grand Depart? Get involved and leave you comments below.

The exciting Old London Range


We are delighted to have been appointed to distribute Old London products from our web pages and currently we are pleased to be able to display the Chancery and Richmond range of items. Shortly we will be adding the Richmond collection from this prestigious Bolton based company.

old london chancery pedestal basin

The Chancery items have a distinctly Romanesque appearance and this is seen in the rounded lines and forms so typical of the Roman period; the Richmond range of basins, pans and pedestals remind us of the Edwardian sensible form of styling. We have seen a rise in the popularity of retro styling over the last few years and the Old London collection will offer to the buyer a complete and authentic range of bathroom products which will grace any modern bathroom, certain to give the look of as well as the feel of many bathrooms that used to be seen in the world’s top hotels.

Old London Richmond toilet

The advantage today is that although the Old London may look as though it should belong to a time past, the difference being that these ceramics are manufactured to today’s high standards using 21st century technology.

Scrolling through the Old London collection you will be able to see a range of ceramic basins and toilets, baths and brassware, plus a stunning range of bathroom furniture. This furniture comes in a range of colours which includes Pistachio, Ivory, Stone Grey and Natural Walnut, allowing you to create and tailor a bathroom to your own requirement.

Another great feature found with the showers is the patented anti scald protection, it may look Victorian, but they did not have that modern feature in those days. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the Old London items with you and what’s more, we can offer these beautiful products at an unbeatable price, cheaper than can be found anywhere.

Simplistic Design for your Bathroom

The New Phoenix Touch Range and the New Phoenix Designer Radiators

The affordable Phoenix Touch Range we stock here au ukBathrooms, is an ideal option for someone who is looking at refurbishing their bathroom without breaking the bank. An ideal option for those with rented accommodation or holiday homes, as the Phoenix Touch Range is simple but stylish.

Here at ukBathrooms we stock the complete Phoenix Touch Range, everything you need to compete the bathroom. Choose from: Phoenix Touch Back to Wall WC Unit with the Phoenix Emma toilet, then either the Phoenix Touch Freestanding Base Unit and Basin or the Phoenix Touch Wall Hung Base Unit and Basin. Here at ukBathrooms we also stock the Phoenix Touch Tall Storage Unit and the Phoenix Touch Storage Cupboard along with the Phoenix Touch Bathroom Mirror.

hoenix Touch Range

For your bathroom heating needs, why not choose from our extensive range of radiators and towel racks, the new range of modern and contemporary designer radiators from Phoenix which we stock her at ukBathrooms work well with the Phoenix Touch Range. Their simple white design and narrow finish, means they not only look stylish but also don’t take up much room, in your bathroom.

The Phoenix Dee Contemporary Radiator and The Phoenix Lilly Designer Radiator come in different sizes, with the Lilly also available in colours other than white. The Phoenix Vega Designer Radiator, itself a tall radiator has a towel rail, allowing you to easily dry your wet towels. All our radiators, including the Phoenix range won’t be beaten on price, so you know you’re purchasing the most affordable option from us.

Phoenix Radiators

Plane passenger gets stuck in bathroom after getting finger trapped in bin

It’ll soon be that time of year where you don your summer clothes and head to sunnier climates on holiday, but as one unlucky traveller found out, you really have to watch out where you put your hands and fingers in a planes bathroom.

An American traveller flying on a Cathay Pacific plane got himself stuck in the planes bathroom after getting his finger caught in the rubbish bin. The passenger, only known as Daniel got trapped on the Hong Kong bound flight for more than an hour and had to stand while the plane landed at Chek Lap Kok airport before he managed to free himself.

Police were called after the flight landed to help free the man, but the 32 year old managed to get out by himself shortly before the arrived. A police spokesman said, “An initial investigation showed that he threw trash into a rubbish bin inside the toilet, but his middle finger was accidentally stuck in the bin,”

He added, “An initial examination showed there were no apparent injuries on his finger. He did not require hospital treatment or examination.”

Firemen were also summoned to the plane but were not needed.

According to reports, Daniel left the airport shortly after his ordeal and continued his journey into the city.

Cathay Pacific Bathroom

Add a classic look to your bathroom with the new Victoriana Range from Phoenix

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a new classical look, then our range of Victoriana Traditional Bathroom products from Phoenix will do just the job. Bathroom trends come and go, but traditional and classic styles are always in. These wonderful investment pieces will add some old school charm to your bathroom, without the tired dated look. This kind of look is not really a trend per-say but rather a timeless style which evolves over the years, which is why you always see it in design books.

The traditional style, includes a standalone basin which was prevalent in the Victorian period, with its square and sculpted edges and clean finish. You can then either choose from either the Victorian styled close coupled toilet, with low cistern, the low level toilet, which has a more traditional look with a cistern higher up your wall or the full on Victorian style high level toiles complete with chain pull.  These instantly recognisable toilet styles from the Victorian era have a classic and timeless look as well as giving you a different look to many modern bathroom suites.


Although not part of the Victoriana range, Phoenix also have a wonderfully classic and luxurious Roll Top Freestanding Bath, the Bella is just what you need to complete the look of your classic styled bathroom and comes with ornate feet a great finishing touch. We also have a number of other hugely popular freestanding traditional baths here at ukBathrooms all at fantastically low prices from big named brands such as Clearwater, Burlington, Imperial and Royce Morgan for you to choose from.

For your finishing touches including fixtures and fittings, we have that covered, too, our range of traditional taps come in a range of different finishes and you can choose from trusted brands such as Imperial, Burlington and Vado, as well as wonderful designs from Phoenix. You can also find matching bath and shower mixer taps as well, to ensure a complete look to your bathroom.


With your fixtures and fittings covered, don’t forget the final bathroom accessories. We have some wonderfully crafted Victorian, traditional and classic designed additions including toilet roll holders, tumblers and holders, soap dispensers and rails. Plus if you require any additional heating in your bathroom then to complete the classic look then you need to look at our selection of traditional radiators, the thick and sturdy styles you will be familiar with and designs which also function as towel rails as well.