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Bathroom Envy – 65% of Britons are jealous of other people’s bathrooms

Our researchers have been busy compiling more data about the relationships Britons have with their bathrooms and have found that a staggering 65% said that they are jealous of other people’s bathrooms. In our poll the bathroom was narrowly beaten by the kitchen as the most likely room in the house to be jealous of.

The most common bathroom features Britons were most jealous of included Jacuzzis/hot tubs with 26% of the vote and large or feature baths comprising of 24% of the vote. The study also found that the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms were the most converted room in the house.

We asked 1,824 UK residents over the age of 18 and asked, “How often do you get jealous of other people’s homes?” to which 64% said they regularly got jealous, 27% said they rarely got jealous and 9% said that they never got jealous.

hot tub

Participants were then asked which rooms they were most likely to get jealous of, the top five answers are below:

  1. Kitchen (71%)
  2. Bathroom (65%)
  3. Master Bedroom (49%)
  4. Utility Room (34%)
  5. Lounge (27%)

Participants were then asked which household features in particular they were most jealous of. Provided with a list of possible answers the respondents were asked to select all relevant answers; the top five are listed below:

  1. Jacuzzis/hot tubs (26%)
  2. Large or feature baths (24%)
  3. Double fridge/freezers (18%)
  4. Fireplaces (13%)
  5. Waterfall Showers (9%)

In a bid to compile as much data as possible, participants were asked for their reasons why they judge the bathroom over other rooms. The results are below:

  1. You can tell a lot about a person because of their bathroom – 56%
  2. I have to wash in the bathroom – 31%
  3. I don’t want to catch any germs – 27%
  4. I like to relax in the bathroom – 17%
  5. I’m scared of using dirty bathrooms – 11%

In our final question we asked if any of the participants had remodelled a room in their home after being jealous of someone else’s. A staggering 62% said that they had remodelled a room after being jealous of someone else’s, with 51% stating that they remodelled the bathroom.

designer bath

Finally, respondents were asked if they had ever remodelled or refurbished a room after feeling jealous of another person’s house, room or fitting, to which 62% stated they had. When asked which room this applied to, the most popular room to change following a trip to another person’s house was revealed to be the bathroom (51%).

Our very own Peter Gregg has this to say about the study:

“Although the grass isn’t always greener, jealousy is definitely not always a bad thing; particularly if it inspires change in your own home and makes you enjoy your own space more as a result! As bathroom specialists, we see a lot of bathrooms and bathroom features that we are really envious of!”

Adding, “There are numerous sources of affordable bathroom features online, so it’s no wonder bathrooms get the most makeovers as a result. I would urge Britons who are jealous of other people’s houses to get online and get their house up to scratch for their own tastes and styles. You never know, people might end up jealous of your home when they come round; and you don’t need to break the budget, with great deals available all year round.”

Luxury baths you’ll want to lay back in and relax!

There are numerous ways in which people relax, but the one that always seems to be the top the list for most is laying back in a warm soapy luxurious bath. With this in mind we have come up with three suggestions for baths which we are confident will relax you.

Vileroy & Boch have over 250 years of inventiveness and foresight as so you would rightly expect them to know a thing or two about producing a bath that will relax. The Villeroy & Boch La Belle Inset Bath fits the bill perfectly featuring a very contemporary look with the geometrical style, this bath is without doubt perfect for a modern and minimalistic bathroom. A comfortable 200 litre capacity the exclusive Villeroy & Boch is manufactured with Quaryl which gives a smooth pleasant feel, but nonetheless a vital non slip surface. We have not included taps or shower head in the price as the options for this bath are wide ranging.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle Inset Bath

If you are looking for something that is certain to give a wow factor to any bathroom, why not install the stunning Clearwater Lacrima Natural Stone Freestanding Oval Bath? This company manufacture a wide range of natural stone baths, we can guarantee that any one of them would be a feature in any bathroom, but we particularly like this one. Uniquely these baths are made from a single piece of 18mm thick stone, hand polished until it is silky smooth. Should the bath be scratched at any time the surface can be easily restored by polishing. Users will find that this bath has a larger internal bathing space than a conventional bath and because it does not have feet, the depth is also greater. For peace of mind, Clearwater gives a ten year guarantee on the bath.

Clearwater Lacrima Natural Stone Freestanding Oval Bath

For many the Edwardian and Victorian era was one of elegance and the last bath we feature displays all of that. The Burlington Emperor Slipper Bath is pure and elegant, the Emperor bath can be described as fit for a King; this bath is crafted into an exquisite slipper shape that provides the user with a luxurious soak. The capacity of this slipper bath is generous and the 242 litres will ensure that you enjoy a warm soak within this curvaceous bath, the shape also gives plenty of back support for your added comfort. The bath can be fitted with either deck mounted taps and we supply a template for this, or a tall free standing bath mixer, which will ensure that the sophisticated look of the slipper bath remains.

Burlington Emperor Slipper Bath

Choose Simpsons for a better showering experience

Simpsons are a member of the Crosswater Group and they have been manufacturing a wide range of shower enclosure as well as classic bath screens. For over 20 years and in that time they have built up a reputation for unprecedented quality.

An over bath shower are an ideal way to include a shower to a bathroom, where it may not be possible to include a shower enclosure and to make the experience of showering better, a screen rather than a simple curtain and the Simpsons Design Semi Frameless Triple Bath Screen is a perfect example of having a bath screen that compliments a modern bathroom. The screen is manufactured using toughened 6mm glass, which has been coated with Clearshield which will ensure that it always remains pristine in appearance. We offer a choice of either a space-saving foldaway design to a hinged triple bath screen all at our unbeatable prices.

Simpsons Design Semi Frameless Triple Bath Screen

If your bathroom or en-suite has an alcove, a perfect way to include a purpose built shower is to use the Simpsons Classic Hinged Shower Door & Inline Shower Panel, this is guaranteed to not only give the shower a stunning appearance, but also a very modern look as well. The hinged door as well as the panel itself has a silver finish and the panel has a tough 8mm glass that ensures safety and stability. For peace of mind Simpson offers a lifetime guarantee, which will ensure that this as well as the quality of design makes the shower door and panel a long lasting investment for your bathroom.

Simpsons Classic Hinged Shower Door & Inline Shower Panel

Perfect for a wet room or walk in shower, the Simpsons 10mm Single Fixed Shower Panel is constructed with 10mm safety glass and the panel will give you a perfect and simple way to create a walk in shower space. At two metres high with the option of no less than ten widths ranging from 300mm to 1200mm there will be a panel which is just right for your project. This pure sheet of glass has been successfully installed in a variety of differently sized bathrooms and it is fitted to the wall with strong yet discrete chrome fixings It can be used with a variety of shower trays or you can fit this directly to flooring tiles.

Simpsons 10mm Single Fixed Shower Panel

Small bathroom design doesn’t mean bland!

Bathrooms in the UK are renowned for being small, unlike some of their counterparts in other parts of the world such as America as well as some European countries. However, just because a room may be small it does not have to mean that you must compromise on quality; we have items that are of the highest quality that are just right for the smaller room.

The traditional WC and cistern can and often does take up a lot of room, which is why we suggest looking at the Vitra S50 & Geberit Kappa20 Wall Hung WC. This is a great option and comprises everything that you need, from the gleaming white wall hung WC with matching seat and chrome hinges, ideal for the smaller room. The pack contains all that you will need and includes a dual flush plate, as well as a rotating foot plate, complete with concealed cistern.

Vitra S50 & Geberit Kappa20 Wall Hung WC

For the important wash basin we suggest that a look is taken at the classy HIB Palamas Floorstanding Basin & Unit, which is available in two sizes to suit your room and two colours. This combined vanity unit with basin is ideal for a smaller bathroom or indeed a cloakroom or en-suite area. The colour choice is either white or calico, with a choice of a width of 60 or 50cms.

HIB Palamas Floorstanding Basin & Unit

Combining the requirements of a bath as well as a shower, the Carron Prado Small Shower bath is ideal for the smaller room and the clever design means that there is adequate room to stand and take a shower as well as giving maximum comfort when laying down and taking a leisurely bath. We can supply this as a bath only or as a useful package which comprises the bath, a screen and the front panel. Guaranteed for 30 years this shower bath will last for years.

Carron Prado Small Showerbath

Your newly designed small bathroom would not be complete without a cabinet and we suggest that you fit an illuminated mirror cabinet which will give an impression of more space as well as being a useful functional item that adds subtle lighting too. The Roper Rhodes Ascension Refine Slimline Split Door Cabinet is ideal and is constructed with a rugged anodised aluminium body, guaranteed rustproof and easy to maintain. The cabinet has two mirrored doors and inside it has three adjustable, removable shelves, ideal for storing essential personal grooming items. It also has a shaver socket, optional overhead LED lighting fittings, with an infrared no touch operation, perfect to complete your new smaller bathroom.

Roper Rhodes Ascension Refine Slimline Split Door Cabinet

Luxury bathroom products from Bauhaus

The bathroom is an area where we can all indulge in a little luxury and Bauhaus is one company which has a range of products that can only be described as luxurious. We illustrate just three form the comprehensive range that will enhance any bathroom. Two of the items qualify for 0% discount on their own but all three can mean that you will be able to spread the payments over any period of your choice up to a maximum of four years.

The Bauhaus Design Walnut Wall Hung Two Door Basin Unit is ideal for just about any bathroom size, compact but spacious this nit will fit easily into even a smaller bathroom. The basin unit is a classy walnut finish and is accompanied by a high gloss mineral resin basin. The unit features a height adjustable internal shelf and the basin unit is easily customised by fitting taps of your choice which can be purchased separately from the appropriate web pages.

Bauhaus Design Walnut Wall Hung Two Door Basin Unit

No bathroom is complete without a mirror and we suggest that it would be hard to find one that is better than the Bauhaus Mirrored Aluminium Wall Hung Cabinet. This mirror cabinet will give more space for all your toiletries and features an adjustable internal shelf. This aluminium cabinet is easy to keep clean and is highly resistant to high humidity. Illumination is provided by two 40 watt fluorescent lamps which are switched by an infra-red sensor beneath the cabinet.

Bauhaus Mirrored Aluminium Wall Hung Cabinet

Complete your make over by fitting this stunning chrome finished towel warmer and add the bonus of a warm bathroom too. The Bauhaus Essence Curved Flat Towel Rail is a very distinctive shape and we feel confident that this highly efficient towel warmer will add grace and elegance to any modern bathroom context. The finish of the Bauhaus essence radiator is offered in either chrome or distinctive anthracite in two heights, either 1080mm or 1380mm.

Bauhaus Essence Curved Flat Towel Rail

Create some luxury in your bathroom

When asked many home owners identify the bathroom as one of, if not the most, important rooms in their house. As a bathroom has multiple different roles, from bustling family bathroom to a space where you can sneak away to relax and have some me time; first and foremost it is important that the design of a bathroom is functional. Although with careful design there is no reason why a family bathroom can’t be up to date, modern and a relaxing, calming space.

sink view

Bathroom design is continuously evolving, however we have been able to identify two big bathroom trends which are not only extremely fashionable but when implemented correctly, will bring a sense of luxury to a bathroom of any size.

The two tends which we think will be hot in the coming year are multi-layer flooring and sunken baths. The reason these two trends are proving so popular is because they give the home bathroom a spa like feel, allowing you the option of luxury and pampering but without the Spa Day price tag.

A Sunken Bath

bath view

A sunken bath can be incorporated into a bathroom of any size, with relative ease. When integrating a sunken bath in your bathroom, start by deciding the best place to position the bath. Popular positions are the corner of the room or underneath a window (there really is nothing better than relaxing in the bath while looking out at the world outside.) Once you have decided on the position of the bath you can start to plan the rest of the features around it. If you have a large bathroom why not consider making the bath a freestanding space in the middle of the room. With a little for thought, and a lot of planning a sunken bath is extremely achievable.

Multiple- layers

main view

One way to give your smaller bathroom the illusions of size is to add multiple levels to your bathroom. The trick to making this work in a smaller bathroom is to raise only certain features; for example raise your bath or shower slightly while leaving the toilet and hand basin on a lower level. However, the trend for multiple layers can work in larger bathrooms too and when incorporated correctly the end result will be a luxurious but functioning bathroom.

Bathrooms through the ages part 9 – The Future

We have come to the end of our look at bathrooms through the ages, and for the last part we look into the future and imagine what bathrooms will be like in generations to come. Technology is constantly evolving, and now we are starting to see technology integrated into everyday bathrooms from water saving toilets to waterproof media systems, but what does the future hold?

We imagine a time where humans don’t just occupy earth, but also other planets too, as space travel becomes a reality. These new planets will mean a whole new way of living, including how we dress, eat and of course bathe ourselves.

Here are some of our thoughts on how we might live in the future. We imagine clothes in the future will be very different to the way that they are now, with compression suits becoming the norm. Not only will these suits protect against the atmosphere, they will also monitor all of the body’s systems including heart rate, digestive requirements and overall health. These suits can diagnose any problems within the body and relay that information to doctors and health professionals, just don’t ask us where the zips are!

Bathing will also be very different in the future. Gone are the days of spending hours cleaning and grooming, as technological advances now mean that machines do all of the hard work for you. The user simply stands in the middle of the bathroom and lets the robots clean, shave and pamper them to their heart’s content.

Applying cosmetics will no doubt evolve in the future too. We imagine a mask type gadget that can be programmed with an array of different looks. The user would then place this mask on their face and the clever gadget will create the look they are after in a fraction of the time (men all over the universe rejoice!).

As for holidays, space travel means that there are an ever growing array of weird and wonderful sights and sounds to experience. How about visiting the Rings of Saturn or watching a meteor shower on Mars? There truly is no limit to what can be achieved in the future.

future comic sheet

Modern bathroom design with Crosswater taps and mixers

Crosswater offers a comprehensive range of unique brassware solutions, the design of which is cutting edge using superior materials. The range of taps and showering products all embracing the latest technology can be found at our web pages, we describe just three of them here.

The Crosswater Water Square Mini Basin is perfect for a smaller bathroom or possibly for use in a cloakroom. The rectangular handle and the slim spout are sure to be admired and it will work equally well on either high or low pressure systems with a minimum pressure of 0.2 bar and the mini basin tap is guaranteed for 15 years. This delightful chrome Crosswater product, clearly demonstrates that good things really do come in small packages.

Crosswater Water Square Mini Basin Mixer

For another stunning design from the Crosswater team look no further than the superb and innovative Glide Floor standing Bath Shower Mixer with Kit. This innovative mixer is yet another demonstration that you can rely upon Crosswater to be one step ahead of its competitors. Made from the very best materials and finished in high chrome, the mixer is guaranteed for 15 years ensuring years of bathing pleasure.

Crosswater Glide Floorstanding Bath Shower Mixer

The Crosswater Essence bath mixer tap is sure to give any bathroom a touch of elegance and in the same way as other essence products from the collection; you are assured of both style as well as dependability. This stylish Essence Bath Filler Tap features a waterfall spout, a chrome finish that will effortlessly blend in with any type of decor and in the same way as all other products from the range it offers style as well as dependability; the mixer is offered with a 15 year guarantee.

Crosswater Essence Bath Filler Tap

We ensure that our website will give you hassle free shopping, unbeatable prices, and fast delivery direct to your door. Check the complete Crosswater collection at the manufacturer’s pages.

Geberit flush plates

Geberit is a Swiss based international group which specialises in the manufacture and supply of sanitary parts and fittings and is, without question, one of the leaders in this field throughout Europe and, through its subsidiaries, one of the most important worldwide.

Since its inception in 1874, Geberit has grown in size, particularly in the 1970’s and onward and now is represented in most countries in the world. During that period it has been the recipient of numerous awards for the company’s innovations, product design and its strong focus on sustainability some of which have been for their flush plates.

Examples of four of these flush plates are, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate, this sleek cutting edge technology gives the user the ability to control toilet waste with a wave of the hand ensures a hygienic and clean environment. Available either in black or mirrored glass, it requires only hand motions to flush the toilet after use.

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

An alternative is the Geberit Sigma10 Flush Plate which utilises the latest in modern technology, an efficient flush activation mechanism, with the option of a dual flush operation as well as an automatic flush option. Focussing on hygiene, the Sigma 10, does away with the need for flush handles ensuring a cleaner and safer bathroom environment, simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to operate the flush mechanism. The Sigma 10 is offered in seven different colour mixes and is suitable for installation in public conveniences.

Geberit Sigma 10 Touchless Flush Plate

The Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate “does just what it says on the tin” it operates a dual flush to your toilet, but not only that it looks neat and as you would expect from Geberit, clean and attractive. Offered in three different styles to match your decor, white, matt chrome and bright chrome, the Bolero Dual flush can be described as the perfect option for the modern bathroom, which has been designed around the Geberit concealed cistern UP320.

Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate

Similar in operation the Bolero Dual flush but featuring circular flush buttons in place of the rectangular style, the Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate, is another 21st century way to operate toilet flushing. Again by choosing the button most suitable, the Kappa 20 will provide a short or a long flush to your toilet. This flush plate is also designed to operate in conjunction with concealed cisterns which increasingly feature in today’s bathroom; in this case we recommend the Duofix 82cm & 98cm frames and the UP200 concealed cistern.

Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate

The traditional bathroom returns – 54% of bathroom renovations include classic features

Bathroom trends are forever changing, but it seems that traditional designs are back in fashion. Our researchers have found that classic features such as roll top baths and double-pedestal basins have once again become popular for homeowners. Roll top baths and double-pedestal basins topped the list of the most common classic features included in bathroom renovations over the past year.

Burlington Buckingham Slipper Bath

Our study polled 1,438 UK residents who had renovated their bathrooms over the past year and asked, “Did you include any classic bathroom features in your bathroom refurbishment?” 54% of respondents said that they had fitted some kind of classic feature to their bathroom, the remaining 46% said they did not feature any classic features in their bathroom refurbishment.

Participants who said that they had fitted traditional features were also asked the reasons behind choosing a traditional bathroom design. The top five answers are below:

  1. Traditional items look classier than modern alternatives (46%)
  2. I favour traditional items (34%)
  3. I felt traditional items were better value for money (31%)
  4. I dislike modern items (27%)
  5. I incorporated family heirlooms / inherited features (21%)

Silverdale Empire Traditional 920mm Winged Basin

These participants were also asked which traditional bathroom items they had included in their bathroom renovation. The top five answers are below:

  1. Roll top bath (47%)
  2. Bath and shower mixer taps (36%)
  3. High-level toilet (31%)
  4. Two-pedestal basin (26%)
  5. Marble counter tops (22%)

Our researchers have crunched the numbers from the respondent’s data and worked out that the average Briton spent £2,072 on traditional features during their bathroom renovation.

Phoenix HF Series Bath Shower Mixer Kit

Our director, Peter Gregg talked about the results, saying:

“The bathroom is an important part of the house, so many of us like to refurbish and change things around in our bathrooms. Whilst many favour modern features and technology, it would seem that the vintage bathroom is making a comeback!”

He continued, “Modern bathroom features are great, with the likes of power showers and Jacuzzi baths really boosting the complete experience. However, there is a sense of timeless luxury, romance and simplicity in some of the more traditional items, which can be a lovely, refreshing change for a modern house.”