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Be creative in your bathroom

Even though the bathroom may be one of the places that we may overlook when house improving it is most certainly one which we spend quite a lot of time in. When asked in surveys, people will say that a bathroom is the one room which can add the most value to a house and also the one that can make or break a house sale.

The bathroom is also a place where you can become a bit more creative with things like decor and it is well worth spending time and investing in a room which is not only functional, but a place for relaxation.

Now we know that most home owners, certainly over two thirds are DIY enthusiasts and love to improve their homes, more so now when moving is not the simple option it may once have been. So what are the things that a home improver can tackle without the need to call in a building contractor?

Firstly we wish to emphasise that anything that requires an electrical connection must be undertaken by a certified electrician. Plumbing work also may mean that you will have to call in a specialist, but doing something simple such as changing existing taps can be straightforward, even fitting a new wash basin can be achieved as long as the pipework does not need extensive re-routing.

However, if you are looking to give your bathroom a new look, repainting is sure to give it a fresh new appearance. Adding a mirror can also improve the way that a bathroom looks and by fitting two mirrors on opposite walls can give an impression of space, the hotel trick! Two HIB Lucy mirrors mounted vertically would be ideal for this.

For a small outlay you will soon have a new delightful new place to relax and of course admire.

HIB Lucy 'Mirror on Mirror'

Freestanding baths and rainfall showers voted ultimate bathroom features

Through our research over the past few months we have found that men and women have different ideas when it comes to bathroom design, the South East has the most expensive bathrooms and found what people think the bathroom of the future should include. In our latest research we asked 1,718 UK residents who owned their own home for their ultimate wishlist of features for a luxurious bathroom.

The research found that the majority of people thought that rainfall showers and freestanding baths optimised the look and feel of a luxury bathroom, while many also wanted the simplicity and comfort of having underfloor heating installed. We asked our participants, “What features are on your ultimate wishlist to create a luxury bathroom?” and here are the most popular answers:

  1. Rainfall Shower (63%)
  2. Standalone Bath (51%)
  3. Underfloor Heating (37%)
  4. His & Hers Sinks (31%)
  5. Multimedia Systems (29%)

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall 150 Stream Shower Head

Participants were then asked if their current bathrooms had any of the features that made the top 5 wishlist. Only 23% of those polled said that their bathroom had one of the features, leaving the remaining 87% to dream about owning them.

All of our respondents were then asked if they would pay more for a property that had a luxurious bathroom, to which over two thirds (68%) said yes they would. Those who said they would pay more said that they would be willing to spend up to an additional £7,500 on a property with a luxurious bathroom.

Clearwater Battello Natural Stone Traditional Bath

Our director Peter Gregg said, “We all dream of luxury, especially when it comes to a bathroom, and our research reveals what the fantasy bathroom consists of for Britons and how much more they would be prepared to pay for a house already featuring one. The little things can really make a difference in your bathroom, whilst making it the ultimate relaxation room.”

He also added, “An outdated bathroom can be extremely off-putting so it is definitely worth investing a bit of money in updating your bathroom – why not throw in some luxury items while you’re there? With clever design, some features can be easier and more cost-effective to include than you might expect.”

Showering is an easier option for the less abled

As we get older and become less able, getting into and out of the bath can become very difficult and many are turning to the shower as a solution to the problem. Here at ukBathrooms there are many shower options to choose from, but one which we consider to be the best when someone is finding it difficult to get into and out of the bath, is to replace the bath completely with a walk in shower cubicle; this will fit into the same space as the bath, but is easier to use, clean and maintain.

The Kinedo Kinemagic Walk In Shower ticks all the boxes and is supplied as a complete shower kit with overhead rains shower head, is simple to install and has a number of features. The tray is slip proof, leak free and the glass panels fit neatly into the tray, no silicone or grouting is required. The shower valve is thermostatically controlled and a very hand strong and robust fold down seat is included as well as a grab handle. The cabinet has been constructed with anodized metal and sheer glass, the glass is specially treated with Cristal Plus, to ensure that this remains steak free, cleaner for longer and free from limescale.

Available as a corner or recessed unit, this unit provides a quick and efficient installation; with a no door option available on request.

Kinedo Kinemagic Walk In Shower

House buyer finds the bathtub removed!

We are often told of some strange things that happen when buyers move into a house that they have bought, but the latest one was something new to us at UK Bathrooms.

Apparently it all started when the buyers refused to pay the seller for the carpets that they intended to leave, for which they wanted £13,000 and were prepared to throw in the curtains and lighting fittings. They refused on the grounds that a price had been agreed and were told that it included those items and contracts had been exchanged. However, hey were completely shocked when they arrived in their new home to find that the bath had been taken out! Now the sellers were at fault here and the law states that the price struck between buyer and selleris fixed on exchange of contracts, and cannot subsequently be changed by one party without the agreement of the other.

We are not sure what kind of bath they removed, but we are told that it was a Jacuzzi bath and if it was similar to those we feature in our luxury baths web page, we can fully understand how attached they may have become to the bath! The Phoenix Ancona is offered by us with a choice of three systems; a whirlpool with directional jets, jets for the back and feet and two air flow controls, or an air pool which features an on/off switch and Airspa jets. Alternatively you can have both systems.

Perhaps if the vendors had contacted us, we feel sure that with our unbeatable prices, we could have supplied them with a Jacuzzi bath, probably cheaper than it has cost them to remove and replace the bath they took form the house they were selling!

Phoenix Ancona Luxury Double Ended Bath

Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller

Every day we see more products that are entering into the digital age that can be used in our bathrooms and the very latest which we have added to our portfolio is an exciting Crosswater product for use in the shower. We have a number of new Crosswater items at our web pages which are very much 21st century and we have to say that we are all very impressed with this new shower controller.

Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller

The Solo pack illustrated is a simple single control which adjusts a single interface and processor unit. The control indicates a different colour for the temperature of the water, cold is blue and as the control is turned it changes through various shades until the maximum is obtained, naturally this is red. The unit has an inbuilt memory and with retain your preferred settings up to a maximum of three.

Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller 2

 We offer three options for the Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller and these are the single hand operated controller, the same hand operated controller but with a pump and a remote control so that the shower can be operated outside of the shower cabinet. At our web page a video is available to demonstrate the ease by which the Solo is operated and if you combine this with one of the Crosswater shower heads with LED lighting, the result can be pretty spectacular.

Men are from Mars and women just want a freestanding bath!

As part of our look into the bathroom habits of us British we have decided to shake it up a bit and ask men and women about what their dream bathrooms would look like. Based on our findings we’ve put together some concept images of the most popular bathroom features for each gender and the differences are striking.

The bathroom is often regarded as a place to unwind and relax, but it seems that men and women’s views differ quite a bit. Men preferred to have a bathroom filled with the latest technology and gadgets, whereas women preferred a modern and classic style.

During our research we polled 2,874 men and women and asked them if they preferred a modern or classic style bathroom. 57% of males said that they preferred a modern bathroom compared to just 28% that liked a classic style; the other 15% said that they liked a mix of classic and modern design.

In contrast, 74% of women said that their dream bathroom would mix both classic and modern styles, 14% said that they liked a modern bathroom and 12% wanted a purely classic design.

Participants were then asked what features their dream bathroom would have from an extensive list; the most popular answers were used in our concept images and were as follows:


  1. Multimedia TV – 71%
  2. All-in-one urinal and toilet – 66%
  3. Floor sunken bath – 49%
  4. Neon lighting – 31%
  5. Glass/smoked glass walls – 28%



  1. Freestanding bath – 71%
  2. Walk-in shower – 61%
  3. Floor to ceiling windows – 42%
  4. Feature bathroom cabinets – 42%
  5. Spotlight and feature mirror – 33%


As you can see from our concept images there is a big difference in what men and women want when it comes to their dram bathroom. Our director, Peter Gregg commented on the research and said:

“We know that on most things, men and women have a completely different view, and a bathroom is no different. Here at ukBathrooms, we strive to understand our customers and the bathroom needs of the nation. This research allows us to not only understand the fundamental differences in men and women when it comes to their bathroom, but also gives us scope to adjust our products and services to meet these needs.”

Install Shower Wall Panels instead of Tiles

When installing a shower area or constructing a wet room, it is vital that the walls are fully waterproofed. Over the years, tiles have been the most effective way and whilst they are still widely used, recently shower panels have been developed and these modern shower panels offer a smooth clean and attractive surface. Shower wall panels offer a great alternative to tile, they are easy to keep clean, will stay fresh looking for years and never need re-grouting. Panels can be fitted to almost any surface, including concrete, chipboard even over old tiling, labour costs are reduced because they are easy and fast to install.

Shower Wall Panels 2

Shower panels are available in a range of no less than eleven distinctive colours including Arctic, Stone, Ice, Silver Travertine, Soapstone Sequoia, Travertine, Dolce Macchiato, Dolce Vita, Ivory Marble, Vanilla Quartz and White Quartz. These beautiful and distinctive finishes are virtually indistinguishable from real quartz, travertine or mineral. When correctly installed, the shower panel will be leak free, a sleek and smooth surface and very easy to keep clean and free from dirt.

Shower Wall Panels 1

The panels are in kit form and this kit comes with two 1200mm post formed panels, and one 1200mm panel fitted with a tongue and groove cut, adhesive is supplied with the kit. For more information about the colours available plus our unbeatable price, check the product page for the colour range and full specification.

Three exciting new products at ukBathrooms

As one of the country’s leading online bathroom providers, we are always on the lookout for new products to add to our extensive portfolio and we have just added three new items which we would like to describe to you.

Bathroom mirrors can be used to create a feeling of space, but naturally they perform a very useful function when we shave, adjust make up and comb or brush our hair. The Bauhaus Essence Backlit Oval Mirror will create a subtle soft lighting mood to your bathroom and can be hung in either a portrait or landscape configuration. The lighting is provided by low wattage, low cost LED lamps which are simply operated through an infra red switch. Condensation on the surface of the mirror will not cause a problem either, as the Essence has de-mister pads which will quickly ensure that this are condensation free. The mirror is available in two sizes 500mm by 800mm or 400mm by 800mm.

Bauhaus Essence Backlit Oval Mirror

Free standing baths are now a feature in many bathrooms and whilst the retro styled Victorian and Edwardian baths offer a period of elegance, modern freestanding tubs are very much today’s bathroom choice. The April Haworth Double Ended Freestanding Bath is a bath that display pure elegance and class and is from the design team of the market leaders April. Displaying subtle curves and natural lines, designed to allow you to lie back comfortably whilst you soak and ease away the day’s stresses and strains. This beautiful white bath is designed for use with floor standing or wall fitted taps, ensuring that the clean lines remain unbroken.

April Haworth Double Ended Freestanding Bath

We believe that bathroom cabinets are a must have item for every bathroom to keep toiletries and other items stored and easily to hand when needed. We feature a large number of cabinets on our web pages, but this latest comes complete with Quattrocast basin. The Aqua Arc Bathroom Cabinet with Basin is available in four distinctive colours, black, ocean, reef and white in either a left or right handed configuration. The very clever and elegant use of space is provided by a single drawer and two cabinets which will give plenty of space for bathroom toiletries and other essentials. The interior is fitted out with a glass shelf and the doors are soft closing. A stylish and spacious cabinet that is sure to enhance any bathroom or en-suite shower room.

Aqua Arc Bathroom Cabinet with Basin

Essential ‘P’ Curved Shower Bath Pack

The shower bath is an ideal solution for a bathroom where it would be difficult to have a separate shower cubicle. The “P” shaped bath allows the user plenty of space in which to move around whilst taking a shower without being intrusive in the bathroom.

There is another advantage to having the Essential ‘P’ Curved Shower Bath Pack as it allows more room to stretch out and also give plenty of elbow room to the user. These baths are luxurious and have been designed with comfort in mind for the bather and room for taking a shower. They are moulded in high quality Luctite acrylic and the bath is available in either left or right configuration. The material is warm and very easy to clean and has the benefit of a five year guarantee.

The package also includes an elegant toughened glass curved screen to prevent water splashes and also has a chrome towel rail fitted to it. The bath is available in two sizes 1500(w) x 750/900(d) mm or 1700(w) x 700/850(d) mm in the case of the end of the bath not being fitted close up to a wall a matching end panel is available from the extras list with a fitting kit and water seals included in the package.

The 1700 version complete package is available from us at a discounted price of just £329.95 which is a massive saving of 58% on the recommended price of £780.00 saving you £450.05; we are never beaten on price at UK Bathrooms.

Essential P Curved Shower Bath Pack

South East homes feature the most expensive bathrooms in the UK

As part of our research into Britain’s bathroom desires, our latest study has found that people living in the South East spent more money on their bathrooms than those in the rest of the UK. The study found that the average South East resident spent over £6,000 on their new bathroom compared to those in Wales who spent just under £2,000.

We asked 1,949 men and women homeowners in the UK that had upgraded their bathrooms in the last 12 months how much they had spent on renovating their bathroom. The figures were compiled and the average amount of money spent was broken down by region. The South East came out on top with an average of £6,130, with homeowners north of the border in Scotland coming second with an average of £5,320.

luxury bathroom

Here is a breakdown of the different regions and there average spend:

  • South East (£6,130)
  • Scotland (£5,320)
  • London (£5,101)
  • Yorkshire & Humberside (£4,463)
  • East of England (£4,295)
  • North West (£4,042)
  • West Midlands (£3,840)
  • South West (£3,687)
  • Northern Ireland (£3,191)
  • East Midlands (£2,560)
  • Wales (£1,945)

The participants were then given a list of bathroom products and asked to indicate which bathroom item they spent the most amount of money on, the results were then sorted into regions once again:

  • South East (Jacuzzi)
  • Scotland (Underfloor Heating)
  • London (Shower)
  • Yorkshire & Humberside (Tiles)
  • East of England (Shower)
  • North West (Bathtub)
  • West Midlands (Radiators & Heating)
  • South West (Toilet)
  • Northern Ireland (Basins & Sinks)
  • East Midlands (Bathtub)
  • Wales (Shower)
A jacuzzi was the most expensive bathroom product

A jacuzzi was the most expensive bathroom product

Our director Peter Gregg talked about our latest study saying, “According to our results it seems that those living in the South East are the likeliest to spend the most amount of money on upgrading their bathrooms, whilst also being the area to splash out the most on luxury items such as a Jacuzzi! While £6,000 may seem rather excessive, if you have a beautiful bathroom with all the fittings, just think how much you could save on spa days! Seriously, though, it’s important to have a refuge, which is somewhere to escape from the everyday grind in absolute peach and tranquillity, and for many people that refuge is the bathroom.”

He added, “A lot of the items that areas spend the most amount of money on seem to be relative to the area, such as Scottish participants splashing out on underfloor heating for the colder times up over the border! What we can see from the results of our survey, however, is that a bathroom is personal, with different areas spending more on bathroom items that will provide them with the luxury experience to suit their lifestyle.”