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Where is the best place to relax? (#AllMyFeels)

Studies have shown that there is no better place to put oneself in a happy mood and reconnect with yourself than in the shower. Our daily lives cause unnecessary stress and strife. Life may be difficult. And often striking a balance between work and pleasure is not easy. According to YouGov PLC, 40% of people use showering to escape reality and drain away bad feelings. hansgrohe’s latest campaign ‘#AllMyFeels’ focuses on enriching peoples everyday lives. Introducing a collection of shower pipes, hand showers, shower sets and overheads. To ensure your showering experience is the best that it can be.

hansgrohe, with its many award-winning products. Is German engineering at its best. Developing innovative technologies, products and features. This leading brand does everything it can to make your experience with water the most beautiful and the most enjoyable.

Woman standing in a running shower with pure joy, smiling as she uses the Crometta shower from hansgrohe #AllMyFeels

hansgrohe showers to help you relax (#AllMyFeels)

The main protagonists of this collection are the Raindance Select S120 3jet with PowderRain hand shower. The Raindance Select S with PowderRain Showerpipe, and the Crometta E Showerpipe 240 1jet with Thermostat.


#1 The Raindance Select S120 3Jet with PowderRain

The Crometta Shower pipe from hansgrohe, which is of a square, large surface area. #AllMyFeels

QuickClean is included in this shower set, which means less limescale and more enjoyment. Limescale deposits and grime vanish in an instant with QuickClean. Remove any dirt from the flexible silicone nozzles by rubbing them.

The big spray disc will provide an unforgettable showering experience. It will surround and cocoon you in a true water fantasy, guaranteed to brighten your emotions. Not only that, but it also has a Select option. This allows you to choose between gentle water droplets and an energising massage.


#2 The Raindance Select S with PowderRain Showerpipe

A woman using the hansgrohe Raindance Handshower. point it towards her as she uses it to wash her hair #AllMyFeels

hansgrohe has created a beautiful Matt Black finish for their Raindance Select S Showerpipe 240 1jet. Allowing you to establish a distinctive designer look in your bathroom.

The Raindance Select S is designed for high-pressure systems. It is appropriate for exposed installations in bathrooms. The thermostatic mixer is simple to use. And the temperature control has a 40-degree safety limit to prevent the water from becoming too hot.


#3 The Crometta E Showerpipe 240 1jet with Thermostat

Woman smiling with enjoyment as she stands washing her hair with the raindance shower from hansgrohe #AllMyFeels

QuickClean was used to create the Crometta, as well as the Raindance S120. Not only that but it uses EcoSmart Technology. This allows you to conserve water and energy. By using up to 60% less water than traditional products while maintaining the same level of comfort.

As a result, you may save money on water and electricity. While also conserving precious resources. At the same time, you’ll be able to keep your mind at ease.

As our lives get busier and we face even more challenges take time for yourself ‘Meet the beauty of water. #AllMyFeels’.


Looking for something for a furry friend? Click here for our blog post on hansgrohe’s DogShower.


Now is a great time to buy your new bathroom…

Now is the perfect time to buy your new bathroom, it’s THE Crosswater, Burlington, Britton and Clearwater Sale.  Bigger and better than ever with up to 50% off all bathroom sale items.

If you’re looking for a new bath, shower, tap or vanity unit, shower enclosure, shower tray, toilet, basin or even bathroom accessories – look no further!

Our Big Bathroom Sale Suggestions

Check out this gorgeous freestanding roll top bath from leading brand Burlington – NOW ONLY £659.50 inc VAT (exc feet) – a beautiful reproduction of an original French Boat Bath.

And this year the sale includes some of the latest products from these leading brands. Along with the greatest selection of colours and finishes!  Discover the lovely Crosswater Design 8 Matt Black Walk in Easy Access Shower, RRP £835.00 inc VAT NOW ONLY £417.00 inc VAT – a massive 50% off!

With 000’s of luxury products in the 2021 Sale, and with savings of up to 50% on Crosswater, Burlington. Britton and Clearwater’s best-selling lines and new introductions.  Hurry while stocks last.


For more information on the brands involved in this sale, read here for blog posts about Crosswater.


Our Villeroy & Boch Best Sellers

Villeroy & Boch has been ceramic producer since 1748, and has now progressed to become a lifestyle brand. It prides itself in European Culture and you can see this through their collections. Their products have a distinctive look, and give a modern yet minimalistic feel. They are renowned for their product quality, using high quality materials to create products that last. There’s no wonder they are some of our best selling products. Here we have collated some of our customer’s favourites for some inspiration on your future purchase.

Last Updated: 24/09/2021

Best Sellers
#1 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Rimless Close Coupled WC
#2 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Closed Back WC
#3 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Floorstanding Rimless WC
#4 Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Rimless Floor Standing WC
#5 Villeroy and Boch ViConnect 1.12m Concealed Cistern
#6 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Wide Cloakroom Basin
#7 Villeroy and Boch ViConnect E200 Flush Plate
#8 Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC
#9 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Undercounter Basin
#10 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Solo Single Ended Rectagular Bath
#11 Villeroy and Boch Venticello Countertop Basin
#12 Villeroy and Boch Soho (Subway) Basin Mixer Tap

#1 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Rimless Close Coupled WC

Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Rimless Close Coupled WC

The Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Rimless Close Coupled WC is a classic style and shape that suits any bathroom space. It is compact enough to fit into a cloakroom bathroom but also has an air of sophistication. With the rimless bowl of this toilet it prevents build up and makes cleaning so much easier.

#2 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Closed Back WC

Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Close Coupled Closed Back WC

Up next is another model from the O.Novo range, the Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Closed Back WC. This particular toilet sits back to the wall, hiding the pipe behind. This makes it so much easier to clean without having to get right behind the toilet. It also looks a lot more modern and sleek.

#3 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Floorstanding Rimless WC

Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Floorstanding Rimless WC

The Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Floorstanding Rimless WC requires a concealed cistern and is floorstanding. This would look at home in any modern style bathroom. The pan is rimless so concern of not being able to clean it properly. This has been tested by V&B’s finest to produce the most hygienic solution for your bathroom.

#4 Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Rimless Floor Standing WC

Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Rimless Floor Standing WC

The ever popular Subway 2.0 range is featured here with the Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Rimless Floor Standing WC. Another one that is super easy and effective to clean and maintain. The Subway 2.0 has a slightly smooth, rounder design than the O.Novo, so you can pick a style to suit your space without any compromise in quality. The concealed cistern gives the illusion of more space and hides things you may not want on show. Nowadays cisterns are very slimline so you will not need a lot of space to incorporate one into your space.

#5 Villeroy and Boch ViConnect 1.12m Concealed Cistern

Villeroy and Boch ViConnect 1.12m Concealed Cistern

The Villeroy and Boch ViConnect 1.12m Concealed Cistern is an essential for any floor standing toilet, and is part of the ViConnect range. The range is intended to create a bathroom that is as seamless as possible. It is easily to install and is designed for a front operated flush plate. It features an inspection hatch so you are able to access all of the fittings without taking everything out. The ViConnect range compliments a whole line of floor standing toilets by Villeroy & Boch. In addition there are many variations of flush plates to choose from. They come in many modern colours and finishes too!

#6 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Wide Cloakroom Basin

Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Wide Cloakroom Basin

Another from the O.Novo range, the Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Wide Cloakroom Basin. This basin has a unique design as it designed to be as compact. The tap is located to one end of the basin to allow it to sit as close to the wall as possible. You can choose as to whether you want the tap hole to be positioned on the right or left of the basin according to your room’s layout.

#7 Villeroy and Boch ViConnect E200 Flush Plate

Villeroy and Boch ViConnect E200 Flush Plate

Created for use with a concealed cistern from the ViConnect range, the Villeroy and Boch ViConnect E200 Flush Plate is perfect for those wanting to achieve a minimalist or simple look in their bathroom. It is available in three finishes, White, Chrome or Brushed Chrome.

#8 Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC

Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC

The epitome of simplicity can be seen in the Subway 2.0 range. The Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC is the perfect choice. The floating illusion separates this from the floor standing variation, giving a real modern feel, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the wall.

#9 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Undercounter Basin

Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Undercounter Basin

The Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Undercounter Basin is a highly sophisticated looking basin offers a streamline worksurface by creating a scooped shape effect in to the countertop. Its simplicity allows you to pair it perfectly with any countertop material you choose.

#10 Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Solo Single Ended Rectagular Bath

Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Solo Single Ended Rectangular Bath

Made from high quality acrylic the Villeroy and Boch O.Novo Solo Single Ended Rectagular Bath is beautifully made and will look new for years. It is easy to see how this is one of Villeroy and Boch’s best selling baths. The waste is set further into the bath than standard so it will need an extended overflow/waste (sold separately).

#11 Villeroy and Boch Venticello Countertop Basin

Villeroy and Boch Venticello Countertop Basin

The Villeroy and Boch Venticello Countertop Basin is a stunning rectangular shaped basin that would look perfect on any countertop. The modern, minimalist lines make this a focal point of any bathroom. It can be installed on a countertop or work surface, or with the matching furniture collections (Legato and Venticello). This type of basin would be most suited for a tall basin mixer tap, or even a wall mounted basin tap.

#12 Villeroy and Boch Soho (Subway) Basin Mixer Tap

Villeroy and Boch SOHO (Subway) Basin Mixer Tap

Another of our best sellers, the Villeroy and Boch Soho (Subway) Basin Mixer Tap. Its smooth lines and modern design makes it suitable for a lot of furniture and ceramics options. It is a monobloc mixer tap, allowing you to blend hot and cold water freely with the lever.

Introducing hansgrohe’s DogShower – a hand-held shower

What features does the hansgrohe DogShower include?

hansgrohe is the first shower specialist to work with vets and psychologists, dog groomers and pet owners. To develop a hand-held shower specifically designed for a man’s best friend. The hansgrohe DogShower has an innovative head with long stroking nozzles. Which allows the water to reach even the dirtiest areas of your pet’s coat by moving the shower around your dog. Not only this but by gently stroking your dog clean. Any shampoo residues are removed from the fur which helps to prevent skin irritations. The hansgrohe DogShower provides a seriously effective and thoroughly clean. As well as being a stress-free and more pleasant experience for you and your much-loved pet

A tailored experience for man’s best friend

With three different spray types. The spray from the upper end of the shower is great for gentle cleaning of paws and sensitive areas. For legs covered in mud. The soft water spray from the front stroking nozzles will work best. The full fur spray mode is recommended for showering the whole body. With water from over 70 soft silicone nozzles penetrating deeply into your dog’s coat and removing dirt and shampoo with ease.

A select button on the handle effortlessly changes between these three spray types. The integrated water brake is activated when the shower handle is released for a short time. Directly reducing the pressure and amount of water.

The hansgrohe DogShower is a high-quality product supporting dog parents. Making the shower a pleasant place for dogs – whether water-loving or not.

Its ergonomic shape means the shower is comfortable to hold. The DogShower is available in four different matt finishes. Pink, black, white and blue. The showerhead easily screws onto any standard shower tube. For an even faster change of showerheads, it is also possible to install a click connector, which is optionally included.

Our Best Selling Vanity Units 

A bathroom vanity unit is a piece of furniture that combines a basin with a storage cabinet. These devices are developed specifically for use in bathrooms. As the bathroom is a much more humid and challenging environment to bear than normal rooms. Vanity Units are a necessary product for any bathroom and they can create beautiful focal points.

Last Updated: 18/08/2021

Vanity Unit FAQs:
What are the different types of Vanity Units?
What materials are Vanity Units made from?
Our Best Selling Vanity Units:
#1 Tavistock Lansdown Medium 2 Door
#2 RAK Joy Wall Hung Vanity Unit
#3 Villeroy and Boch Avento Small
#4 Crosswater GLide II Tower Vantiy
#5 VitrA Valarte 800mm 2 Door
#6 VitrA Valarte 1000mm 2 Door
#7 Burlington 650mm 2 Door Vanity
#8 Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Medium 2 Door Vanity
#9 Tavistock Lansdown Large 4 Door

Vanity Unit FAQS

Before we get into our best selling Vanity Units. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions to aid you in your search for the perfect vanity.

What are the different types of Vanity Units?

There are many different types, sizes and styles of bathroom vanity units to suit all variations in needs. Because there is such a wide variety, it is easier to break down into style categories.

For a modern bathroom, you should look at wall-hung and countertop vanity units. For a traditional look, you should consider washstands, traditional and floor standing vanity units. Whereas if you are looking for a vanity unit to fit into a small bathroom, you should consider a cloakroom vanity unit.

What materials are Vanity Units made from?

Vanity units for bathrooms are made of wood. Depending on the design and size, the sort of wood used will differ. The great majority of bathroom vanity units are made of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). Or, MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard).

Vanity units are usually water-resistant due to the dampness in the bathroom (but not waterproof unless specified).

Our Best Selling Vanity Units

Are you wanting a high-quality vanity unit, but are conscious of the price tag? Well, this list of best-selling vanity units is RANKED FROM CHEAPEST TO MOST EXPENSIVE. So, you can choose the best seller that works for you.

#1 TavistockLansdown Medium 2 Door

This 2 door vanity unit is fixed to the wall, it's in a beautiful shaker inspired style with a grey paint job and basin on top.

This vanity unit is a timeless bathroom accessory. It will add a touch of class to your bathroom. Especially if you combine it with other Lansdown Collection items. The combination of a freestanding cabinet, a top-mounted basin, and a wash space makes for a stylish feature in and of itself. This complete collection is based on the Shaker Style and is available in three colours. The vanity is hand-painted to give it that expert craftsman’s touch.

#2 RAK Joy Wall Hung Vanity Unit

This is a wood effect wall hung vanity unit sat under your mirror

The RAK Joy vanity units are made to high standards using excellent materials. Designed with the highest quality materials, they will maximise storage. They’re designed to be modular, so they may easily be combined with other Joy products. Tested rigorously for water infiltration. The unit is ideal for the bathroom environment.

#3 Villeroy and Boch Avento Small

THis wall hung vanity unit is very slim with a black stream like appearance

The Avento Small unit is only 530mm wide. Making it a little more compact than the other units in the range. The vanity unit includes one soft-closing door. This may be ordered with either a left-hand or right-hand hinge. Depending on your bathroom’s needs. This vanity cabinet is great for bathrooms with limited space (i.e. small bathrooms and cloakrooms). Because of its wall-mounted style, it maximises available space and has a more streamlined appearance.

#4 Crosswater Glide II Tower Vanity

This wood effect tower unit is part of a matching Glide II bathroom furniture with toilet and sink

Despite the fact that this tower unit does not include a basin, it is a lovely example of bathroom storage. It’s a tall bathroom cabinet with reversible hinges that can be used on the left or right. This box is well-built. With slow-closing hinges and internal changeable shelves for customising the layout to your needs.

#5 VitrA Valarte 800mm 2 Door

This beautiful VitrA vanity Unit is cream in colour and is freestanding against a tiled background.

This vanity unit, which is somewhat smaller than its 1000mm cousin. It will fit in a standard-sized bathroom. It includes two double doors that conceal two interior shelves with plenty of space for neatly storing all of your bathroom items. The VitrA Valarte collection will survive life in the bathroom. As such, it features a thermoform surface coating.

#6 VitrA Valarte 1000mm 2 Door

This VitrA valarte vanity unit is sat in combination with the Valarte Mirror and tower Cabinet, against a white tiled wall.

This lovely 1-metre wide bathroom vanity unit, with its two internal shelves would be excellent in a huge bathroom design. With wonderful historical feature design components inspired by Victorian bathrooms. With a clean modern approach but with a reference to the beauty of the classic design. Producing a timeless aesthetic that will remain fresh for a long time.

#7 Burlington 650mm 2 Door Vanity

This vanity unit comes with a basin and is a calm blue in colour

With a width of 65cm, this double door bathroom vanity unit provides lots of storage space. As a result, it is an excellent choice for medium to large bathrooms that require substantial under sink storage. As well as for a family bathroom. There is an interior glass shelf to maximize the available space, and the doors close softly to minimise noise.

#8 Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 Medium 2 Door Vanity

This is an aerial CGI of the vanity unit, it has it's draws pulled out, showing off its storage of plenty.

The Subway 2.0 is a beautiful example of clean and chic product design, merged with robust product engineering. This vanity in particular is XXL, meaning they are longer and taller than the standard vanity units. This creates maximum storage for keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter-free.

#9 Tavistock Lansdown Large 4 Door

This vanity unit is our most sold bathroom furniture product. It is large, with 4 doors and curved sides.

Finally, and maybe most significantly. The Tavistock Lansdown 4 Door Vanity Unit has been our best-selling bathroom furniture item in 2021 thus far. This vanity unit is the epitome of traditional bathroom grandeur. Its imposing and generously proportioned size. Would be the ideal focal point in any master bathroom suite. The doors have soft closing characteristics. The vanity has a lot of storage capacity hidden under its Shaker-style influenced look.


6 easy ways to have a spa day at home (bathroom edition)

Creating a personal oasis of serenity at home can feel like a chore. But thanks to UK Bathrooms, your dream spa day is just an extravagant bubble bath away. By taking inspiration from your favourite luxury spas. You can make a bathroom space that soothes your mind, body, and soul.

When planning your new spa bathroom design you can consider everything to even the smallest details. Such as including natural elements to create a tranquil feel. To things such as walk-in showers and water flow. As well as soft minimalist earthy colour palettes. Room saving bathroom storage, roomy bathtubs, idyllic accessories and rich finishes. Your journey to creating that spa day feeling at home has never been easier.

1. Apply a soft minimalistic colour palette.

Choosing the right colour palette for your bathroom is very important. As it can have an immense effect on the emotions the space creates. We would recommend using earthy tones or a white backdrop. As simplicity is the key to a serene bathroom setting. Alternatively, a simple dark contrast will act well. Especially with wood styled bathroom furniture and bold bathroom finishes.

This is a modern open planned bathroom with a mirror and hanging vanity unit. There is also a indie styled towel rack. There is a minimalistic feel of the room, which reminds the viewer of a elegant spa day.

2. Utilize bathroom storage to keep your room clutter-free.

In terms of bathroom furniture that could help tie all of your design choices together. We suggest looking at VitrA’s Integra Range, especially the Vanity Unit and Mirror. These items channel a timeless elegant moment. With the perfect balance of instant warmth and relaxing coolness.

This is a full sized bathroom, with toilet, bidet and shower enclosure. There is also a sink, mirror, tall cabinet and hanging mirror. All the items in this room belong to VItrA's Integra range. The colour scheme is monochromatic greys. This room is reminiscent of a spa day experience.

3. Create a spa-like walk-in shower

If you have ever been to a spa, you know that one of the best features is the open, relaxing, walk-in showers. They are paramount in the spa day experience.  Immerse yourself in the absolute brilliance of the rainfall shower from hansgrohe.

This PowderRain shower has the option of matching taps and accessories. Which can create a perfectly streamlined experience. This shower comes in a brushed gold finish. This goes very well against a dark contrasting wall.

A spa-like shower isn’t just about the showerhead, it’s similarly to the enclosure. Our recommendation for shower enclosures is to look at Crosswaters Gallery & Optix 10 ranges.

They come in stunning Brushed Brass, Matt Black, Brushed Stainless Steel and Chrome finishes. These can be used as beautiful accents against your calm muted or dark contrasting bathroom. You can also pair these with Crosswater’s MPRO range, see point five for more information.

For more shower room ideas, please click here for some inspiration.

This is a walk-in shower / wetroom with a double shower, the shower is a  brushed brass finish, against a pink styled marble backdrop. This would be a great focal point to show off on your spa day.

4. Go for a spacious, luxurious bath

For some, a shower won’t cut it. Creating a bathroom whose focal point is a beautiful, elegant freestanding bath can be a necessity. One way to create a fabulous spa day experience is by using the Copper Boat Double Ended Bath from BC Designs. It is crafted in a hand-polished finish that really helps lift this bath above others. The Copper baths curves and beautiful lines can really add a lot of character, while still committing to a calming environment.

Alternatively, the Clearwater Formoso Petite Clearstone Freestanding Bath is simplistic. Yet, a stunning bath that has the depth to really sink into.

This is an elegant example of a copper freestanding bath, it has beautiful curves and a hand polish which just adds a certain level of opulence. Perfect for spa day.


5. Use our spa day-inspired accessories

One of the easiest, and probably most cost-effective ways to create that spa-day experience at home is to match your accessories. These will help make all the difference in your new bathroom spa.

As suggested before, the Crosswater MPRO range can be paired with different finishes. We have everything from towel rings to toilet roll holders, to wall-mounted mirrors. Nothing says style, simplicity, and serenity more than a matching streamlined bathroom.

This is a matching bundle of Crosswater Matt White Accessories around a toilet. There is a white toilet brush, toilet roll harder and flush plates. Nothing says spa day like a matching set of accessories!

6. Profit from our finishing touches top tips

Finally, a very underrated but very important step to creating a beautiful spa aesthetic is the finishing touches. These can take the form of toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and many more. As well as diffusers, soaps and lotions. One of our brands H2k Skincare Harrogate, offers harmonious soaps and lotions. Which offer calming and rejuvenating properties for your mind and body.

If you would like to read more about H2k, please read here.

This is the H2k mischief hamper with body lotions and soaps made in Harroagate perfect for a spa day at home.

Coast to Coast Rat Race 2021

On September 11th & 12th 2021, we will be competing in the Coast to Coast Rat Race in the highlands of Scotland. Led by our Managing Director Graeme Borchard, our teams will join 1000 other Rat Racers as they run, cycle, and kayak over 105 gruelling miles through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

To donate please click here.

If I donate, where is the money going?

Donations will go to the leading national children’s charity ‘Children with Cancer UK‘. They are to the fight against childhood cancer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the charity lost 40% of its funding in 2020. Your donation today will help give the gift of hope to children facing cancer. As well as helping to secure the future of the charity’s life-saving research.

Who are the UK Bathrooms team members?

Our two teams of two are hard at work preparing and training for this extreme adventure. Graeme is joined by Greg Harrison, Sean Easey and Brian Williams.

Where can I follow the journey?

Over the next 4 weeks, join us on our Instagram as we watch our teams train, prepare, and raise money for the cause. During the actual event. We have a team of UK Bathroom employees following, supporting, and filming our teams. Shortly after the event, we will release a video on our Youtube showcasing the best and worst bits of the gruelling race.

What does the Rat Race Coast to Coast consist of?

105 miles of running, cycling and kayaking. The adventure begins in Nairn. Where they will run 7 miles to the historic Cawdor Castle followed by 48 miles of road cycling. Passing the legendary Loch Ness to Fort Augustus. From there they will run and kayak 1 mile, then 21 miles of off-road cycling to The Great Glen. Then road cycling 13.5 miles to Fort William, and another 14 miles run to Loch Leven. Finally, a 1-mile kayak to the Isle of Glencoe. Where they will be met with hot soup, given a finishers medal and the chance to enjoy a pint at a pitstop bar!

Our Burlington Best Sellers

Burlington are a premium bathroom brand producing beautiful traditional style products. They use modern technology to bring to life the styles of eras gone. If you’re looking for a Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian style space, Burlington is probably on your radar already. Here are some of our best sellers, if you’re looking for any of these products in particular, know that you’re in good company!

Last Updated: 30/07/21

Burlington Best Sellers:
#1 Burlington Close Coupled Toilet
#2 Burlington Stafford Bath Shower Mixer Tap
#3 Burlington Concealed Toilet Cistern with Traditional Lever
#4 Burlington Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Set
#5 Burlington Edwardian Cloakroom Basin

#1 Burlington Close Coupled Toilet

The Burlington Close Coupled ToiletDue to its timeless lines, Burlington’s traditional close coupled toilet is one of the most popular traditional style WCs. It comes in many different cistern lever handle colours. There’s also 10 toilet seat colour selections to choose from. With these you are able to produce a variety of historic appearances such as Victorian, Edwardian, or more classic contemporary!

In terms of colour matching ideas, darker choices such as the black or walnut handle would look fantastic in a Victorian bathroom design. Edwardian and Georgian bathrooms would look lovely with grey, olive, or sand seats and a white cistern handle.

#2 Burlington Stafford Bath Shower Mixer Tap

The Burlington Stafford Bath Shower Mixer Tap

As this combined bath and shower mixer from the Stafford series reveals, the Burlington approach is easily distinguished. This is by a refined presentation and a solid build quality. This lovely mixer set is mounted to the deck area of the twin hole bath and includes a handy hand shower set that is holstered in its bracket.

The option between the bath and shower outlets is controlled by a single lever valve. With separate hot and cold valves controlling water flow. This mixer can be used with systems that have a pressure of 0.1 bar. This set, finished in chrome and accented with white inlays, works well in both modern and classic settings. For a harmonised appearance across the bathroom, you can pair with other brassware from the Stafford collection.

We believe this to be a bestseller due to the revival of the love for period inspired decor as seen on shows such as Bridgerton and Downton Abbey. The traditional style has always been popular. But with the influence from these shows, it has brought a whole new audience to the idea of Georgian elegance.

#3 Burlington Concealed Toilet Cistern with Traditional Lever

The Burlington Concealed Toilet Cistern with Traditional Lever
The Burlington Concealed Toilet Cistern with Traditional Lever is a stunning addition to any bathroom area. Crafted to the finest standards and constructed with traditional bathrooms in mind. Three colour options are available to match a variety of decors, with gloss white being the most popular. Gloss black and Medici cream, on the other hand, can be specified to match different decorative designs.

#4 Burlington Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Set

The Burlington Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Set

This Burlington wall-mounted toilet brush set is a fashionable way to keep your toilet clean. This combination matches high-end decor and fittings thanks to the chrome-handled brush. It’s simple to keep this set clean thanks to the ceramic brush holder.

This toilet brush set is tiny enough to stow anywhere but large enough to get the job done, measuring 103 x 431 x 146 mm. Because this brush set is designed to be mounted on the wall, you may put it wherever while keeping your floor clean underneath it. This toilet brush set also includes all of the necessary gear for installation, making the process even easier.

#5 Burlington Edwardian Cloakroom Basin

The Burlington Edwardian Cloakroom BasinThe Burlington Edwardian cloakroom basin will add a touch of class and sophistication to your cloakroom or small bathroom. This basin is gorgeous, and it works as well with period details for a Victorian or Edwardian appearance. It is also versatile and would look perfect in a more modern or industrial aesthetic.

This product is one of our bestsellers due to the versatility it has. It suits the decadent aesthetic in your home whilst also providing a lot of practicality for you and your family.


Shop Burlington

Our Best Selling Shower Trays

With the rise of wetrooms, shower trays may seem like a bathroom product of the past. However, they can still be useful if you need a small shower area in an ensuite bathroom or cloakroom.

Last Updated: 25/06/2021

Shower Tray FAQs:
What are shower trays made of?
What size shower tray do I need?
Our Best Selling Shower Trays:
#1 Mira Flight Low Square Shower Tray
#2 Kudos Kstone 45mm Rectangular Shower Tray
#3 MX Elements Rectangular Shower Tray with Waste
#4 Merlyn MStone 50mm Low Profile Large Rectangular Shower Tray
#5 Crosswater (Simpsons) Rectangular 45mm Stone Resin Shower Tray
#6 Crosswater (Simpsons) 25mm Stone Resin Rectangular Shower Tray with waste
#7 Matki Shower Tray Teak Decking

Shower Tray FAQs

Before we get into our best selling shower trays. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions to aid you in your search for the perfect tray for you.

What are shower trays made of?

Shower trays are often composed of enamelled steel, acrylic, or stone resin, and are available in solid or acrylic capped versions.

Steel is highly popular right now, especially in Europe. The hard-wearing enamel coating provides a beautiful, long-lasting surface. This resists scratches and other damage.

Stone-resin is a resistant composite material manufactured by combining powdered stone and minerals. As well as an adhesive to create a composite structure that is extremely strong. Acrylic-capped stone resin shower trays are extremely heavy and sturdy. Making them ideal for installation between joists to avoid bowing or flexing.

Some companies make pure stone one-piece resin trays with no acrylic outer covering. Which features a naturally slip-resistant surface that feels great underfoot. Their smooth stone appearance is incredibly appealing. They are an excellent choice for modern minimalist bathroom decor.

An acrylic shower tray resembles an acrylic capped stone resin tray in look. Yet, it is significantly lighter and less expensive. Modern acrylic trays are absolutely safe for everyday use. There is no risk of the tray snapping or shattering. But, you may feel the tray bend slightly under heavy loads if there is no direct support beneath it. When installing on a solid floor that will not flex, these trays are ideal.

What size shower tray do I need?

Take the guidance of a professional. The size of the tray and enclosure you’ll need will be determined by your installer. Typically, the shower tray is just broader than the enclosure to allow for tiling.

If at all possible, design the proposed arrangement on the floor to get a better feel of where everything will go and whether it will work.

If you need help with the planning of your next bathroom our 3D Bathroom Design Service is here to help.

Our best selling shower trays

Are you wanting a high-quality shower tray, but are conscious of the price tag? Well, this list of best selling shower trays is RANKED FROM CHEAPEST TO MOST EXPENSIVE. So, you can choose the best seller that works for you.

#1 Mira Flight Low Square Shower Tray

The Mira Flight Low Square Shower Tray
One of the lowest height shower trays on the market is the Mira Flight Low Square Shower Tray. With a height of barely 40mm, it’s the tiniest of trays. It’s made of resin stone with an acrylic coating for added durability. The coating makes the tray stain, chip, and scratch-resistant. In addition to the acrylic surface, the tray has a BioCote coating. This assures the tray is mould and bacteria free up to 99%.

#2 Kudos Kstone 45mm Rectangular Shower Tray

The Kudos Kstone 45mm Rectangular Shower Tray
The Kudos Kstone range of resin trays have caught the imagination of plumbers and fitters as well as do-it-yourselfers. The Kstone 45mm Rectangular Shower Tray is made of only the best materials and manufacturing techniques, creating a seamless finish.

#3 MX Elements Rectangular Shower Tray with Waste

The MX Elements Rectangular Shower Tray with Waste
The MX Elements range includes a variety of modern shower drainage systems. The sturdy MX Elements Rectangular Shower Tray has all of the advantages of classic cast stone trays while being up to 40% lighter. There is a shower tray for every bathroom, with five different shapes and sizes to choose from.

#4 Merlyn MStone 50mm Low Profile Large Rectangular Shower Tray

The Merlyn MStone 50mm Low Profile Large Rectangular Shower Tray
Merlyn specialises in the highest-quality composite material shower trays. Allowing you to build a shower environment that is safe, hygienic, and long-lasting. The MStone 50mm Low Profile Large Rectangular Shower Tray is designed in a rectangular shape and is suited for bigger shower spaces. This piece has a refined look thanks to the double skinned stone resin. Anyone utilising this sturdy and modern shower tray may rest easy thanks to the non-slip surface.

#5 Crosswater (Simpsons) Rectangular 45mm Stone Resin Shower Tray

The Crosswater series of 45mm Stone Resin shower trays give a template for any occasion or configuration. Especially when seeking for a sturdy, durable, and ultimately comfortable showering place. The 45mm Rectangular Shower Tray is by far the most popular option. It is available in 15 various sizes and may be used in practically any shower space. Each tray has an antibacterial surface preparation. Resulting in a shower environment that stays cleaner, fresher, and more hygienic for longer. While requiring less cleaning time.

#6 Crosswater (Simpsons) 25mm Stone Resin Rectangular Shower Tray with waste

The Crosswater (Simpsons) 25mm Stone Resin Rectangular Shower Tray with waste
The stunningly minimalist Crosswater (Simpsons) 25mm Stone Resin Rectangular Shower Tray is made of natural materials. Serving as the perfect basis for the clean and crisp shower enclosure. It can be installed in a number of shower enclosures and en-suite rooms to suit your needs. With a depth of only 25mm, it has a remarkably low profile. Giving it a clean and tidy appearance that complements its modern style. A strong exterior gel coating provides a smooth and appealing feel while also keeping the surface from chipping and making it easy to clean.

#7 Matki Shower Tray Teak Decking

The Matki Shower Tray Teak Decking
Although this is bathroom decking instead of a shower tray, it is a beautiful accessory worth a mention. The Matki Shower Tray Teak Decking gives a bathroom a warm, natural feel that pairs lovely with the timeless quality of teak. Not only is it pretty, but it also provides a safe and comfortable standing area – removing the need for bathroom mats.


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The Different Types of Taps Explained

When purchasing new bathroom taps, it is important to be confident in your choice. Basin taps and bath taps vary in size and won’t fit any basin or bath. Some basins and baths come with pre-drilled holes (or no holes at all), so make sure you have the right-sized tap. Here, we’ll cover valuable factors you need to consider about different types of taps, and explain how you can distinguish between them. Read our helpful tips to remember before you embark on your DIY journey…

Are all taps standard size?
Which type is best for low water pressure?
Connections to the water supply pipe
Different tap mechanisms
Types of taps:
Basin taps
Bath taps
What finish to go for

Are all taps standard size?

Depending on the type of tap you are looking at will determine a few factors. Not all taps have the same size and will require a certain sized hole in your basin/wall/bath to be able to fit. Also be aware of the shape of tap you are choosing as some heights and shapes may not be suitable for the surrounding areas of your tap.

Which type is best for low water pressure?

It is important to make sure the tap you are considering is suitable for the type of water pressure system your property has. Not all taps will fit every home. You will need to check the flow rating of the taps before making your purchase. If you have a low pressure water system you may be disappointed when you install a low flow rated tap that is not suitable. Read our guide to the best low water pressure taps.

Connections to the water supply pipe

Compression fittings: These are plumbing fittings used to connect pipes together for hot and cold systems. The consist of an outer compression nut and an inner compression ring (also known as an olive). They ensure that the connection is watertight. They come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your current plumbing situation.

Tap compression fitting

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Push Fit Fittings: An alternative to the compression fitting is the push fit plumbing fitting. It is quick and easy to install, you simply push the pipe into the fitting. There is no additional equipment needed to use this kind of fitting so it makes installing a lot quicker.

Tap push fit fitting

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With almost every tap having a screw fitting that links your preferred connection to the actual tap, this in itself is a type of compression fitting. However, instead of using an olive, a rubber seal is usually used to make the seal once the connector is screwed up.

Different tap mechanisms

Compression/washer taps – Oldest mechanism available, always pillar taps
Ball taps – Contain a hollow ball, prone to leaking
Ceramic Disk type taps – For taps that only need a quarter turn to be at full capacity.
Cartridge taps – Usually monoblocs or mixers

Most taps now include cartridges, which may be replaced if they deteriorate or break over time. They may differ significantly based on the type of tap and the brand, but the majority are universal. Bath taps may differ, if they have 3 holes the product usually comes with an installation kit with everything you need.

Types of Taps…

Basin Taps

Pillar taps
Basin pillar taps

Pillar taps are the most traditional kind of engineered tap, particularly in Britain. These are those which sit separately on the basin i.e. a hot tap and a cold tap. They do not mix and you have to run each handle at the same time to get the desired temperature.

Mixer taps
Basin mixer taps

Basin mixer taps are mostly found on kitchen sinks but are widely used in the bathroom too. These taps have two separate valves but share a spout. To get the desired heat temperature, simply turn each tap until the water combines to create your perfect setting.

Monobloc basin tap

A monobloc is manufactured similar to a mixer tap except it is controlled by a single lever. This controls both the temperature of the water and the speed/pressure that the water comes out of the tap.

Wall mounted
Wall mounted basin taps

Wall mounted taps are mixer taps but the workings are fitted into the wall so you can just see the valves and the spout.

Bath Taps

Floor standing bath tap

Freestanding bath taps are floor mounted to accompany your bath. They are marginally more pricey but make a statement and can be more practical if you have a bath in the centre of the room.

Deck mounted (3 hole)
Deck mounted bath taps

These taps are mounted onto the edge of the bathtub in practical fashion. Usually they are made up of a hot and cold tap with a spout, however there are multiple options. For example, you could have a mixer tap on one side and a hand shower in the 3rd hole.

Deck mounted (4 or 5 hole)
Deck mounted, 4 or 5 hole, bath taps

These are similar to the 3 hole but they have additional options. Usually the 4th and 5th holes carry a hand shower and a valve to switch between the main tap and the hand shower.

Wall mounted
Wall mounted bath taps

Similar to basin taps, baths can have wall mounted taps too. These are wonderful space savers and are an ultra-stylish option.

Bath/Shower Mixers
Bath shower mixer

A bath shower mixer is everything in one, usually with a lever that switches between the tap and the shower head. They also feature a separate hot and cold tap that is attached to a shower head.

Bath Spouts
Bath spouts

Bath spouts are a singular spout used to fill a bath. The controls are usually part of a panel or plate mounted separately in the room. There are also bath overflow fillers where the bath fills from the waste overflow. Again, these require a separate control panel to operate.

What finish to go for…

Black taps

Black tapsMatt black taps add a clean sophisticated edge to your bathroom. Super modern and sleek they make the ultimate statement piece. The hansgrohe talis range are a perfect example, with an up to date design that stands out in any bathroom.

Brushed brass

Brushed brass tapBrushed brass taps are very versatile. It suits an industrial style and also works well in a modern space when combined with accent colours and patterns. The MPRO range by Crosswater are on-trend investment and work well with any colour scheme.


Gold tapsGold taps screams luxury, choose from an opulent selection of beautiful styles, from traditional to modern. For a traditional look we recommend brands like Imperial, and for a more modern look the AXOR polished gold optic is a stunning choice.


Chrome tapsChoosing chrome taps gives a subtle touch of minimalism and they’ll match with anything. For a more traditional look you could look at brands like Burlington. For something more modern there’s hansgrohe, or even VitrA.

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