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UK Bathrooms World Cup Sweepstake

The world cup is finally here, love it or loath it, it is going to be one of the summer’s biggest talking points. As a bit of fun here at UK Bathrooms we always run an internal sweepstake and wait patiently for the results, or in the case of the person who randomly picked England – at what point are they leaving.

This year we thought we would extend this sweepstake out our customers and to make it a bit more interesting we are giving away £100 vouchers for anyone that has the winning team. If you place and order before the final you will be automatically entered into our sweepstake and issued with a team. If your team go on to win, you will then be emailed a £100 voucher code which you can use on anything on UK Bathrooms.

You can also have as many goes as you want, you will get a team every time you place an order, so the more orders you place the more chances you have to win.

Terms and conditions

  • Only orders up to the 30th June will be accepted
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Winners will be notified by email with a voucher code
  • £100 voucher can only be applied on orders greater than £1000 inc. VAT

Wet Room Ideas

Wet room inspiration – here at UK Bathroom we have a wide variety of wet room options for your new wetroom-bathroom, this type of bathroom installation is becoming increasingly popular as more manufacturers are creating specialist products to convert UK timber floor bathrooms into wetroom spaces ready to tile. Popular brands we sell include Wedi, Impey and Abacus wet rooms.

The video above shows a modern Wedi Italian inspired wetroom, with a modern, light & bright design.

Why choose a wet room?

Wet rooms are on the increase in the UK, this look came across from Europe originally where they have enjoyed wet rooms for decades. It introduces modern, open-plan living into the bathroom space. Plus points for customers include increased mobility for those of us who are less abled, a wetroom also makes an ideal family bathroom as it is safer for children.

Aren’t wet rooms dull?

Not anymore! Modern wet rooms are anything but dull! Gone are the days of dark damp shower-rooms – take a look at our wet room inspiration below for some ideas, you can create a light open bathroom wet room space with products such as Wedi board. Interesting features can be added such as niches which are recessed wall cavities that are tiled, other features include shelving, basin countertops, steps, dwarf walls, semi wall to partition spaces and create zones and even bathtubs. Browse our full range of wetroom products here and take a look at the guide at the bottom of the following page for more information on common wet room questions: Wet Rooms

Wet Room Inspiration

Wet room inspiration

Wedi wet room inspiration, click to zoom the image

Featured products in this moodboard:

  1. V&B Loop & Friends Circular Surface Mounted Washbasin
  2. Axor Citterio Showerpipe
  3. Contact us for Villeroy and Boch tile enquires

Not sure what you need? Contact our friendly sales team to get started on planning your new wetroom!

Villeroy & Boch Entrée Crystal Glass Set Offer!

V&B Crystal Glass Set from UK Bathrooms

Summer special offer from UK Bathrooms!

Summer and our latest special offer is finally here, just picture it- long, light summer nights with friends and family around enjoying a BBQ while the kids play in the garden – pop open a bottle of wine and pour a glass or two for your guests in your new Villeroy and Boch crystal glass set, complimentary from UK Bathrooms on your next Matki order over £500.

Spend over £500 on Matki from UK Bathrooms

How does it work?

The offer is simple: Enjoy a set of Entrée crystal glass wineglasses by German luxury-lifestyle bathroom and kitchen brand Villeroy and Boch, free with every order of Matki purchased from us over the value of £500.00 between now and midnight 30th May 2018.

Our wine glass promotions are always very popular – and with good reason, Villeroy and Boch’s premium quality crystal glass is renowned for its quality and contemporary classic design. Add to your collection today with a complimentary gift from UK Bathrooms on your next online Matki order with a value of £500 or more. Stocks are limited – get your order placed quickly to qualify! See our last Matki blog post for inspiration or start browsing Matki

Terms and conditions

  •  Your order must be placed online through our website
  • The offer is NOT valid on quotations
  • The offer is limited, once stock is depleted the offer will end
  • End date 30.06.18 at midnight depending on stock
  • The offer is limited to one set per order
  • Multiple orders CAN be placed by one customer to qualify for more than one set, depending on stock
  • You must spend over £500 on Matki products
  • The offer threshold value of £500 excludes delivery charges
  • UK Bathrooms reserves the right to change or end the offer early at our discretion
  • Wineglass sets must be returned with any returned or cancelled goods
  • Your wine glasses will often be sent by a specialist fragile courier in a smaller parcel to ensure they get to you safely
  • Replacements will not be issued in the event of damage

Make your Bathroom Instagram-worthy with Crosswater

‘Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives’- The Atlantic. We all want our living space to look nice and photogenic. Crosswater are the experts on each and every element of bathroom design, so you can make your bathroom interior Instagram-worthy and on trend with Crosswater!

Bathroom Design ideas

Make your Bathroom Instagram-worthy with Crosswater

Timeless Design Trend

Many of us like to stay on trend and follow the latest designer fashions. However, bathroom products are not like cheap, fast fashion clothes on the high street. We would like our bathroom to be durable and last for years to come.
We have highlighted the timeless design styles for you here so you can have a stylish bathroom at the same time as good quality products that last longer.

Minimalist Bathroom

Declutter is the essential strategy to create a minimalist bathroom. This is also a good example for those who are worrying about not having enough bathroom space. The vanity unit and the Pier short Projection Wall Hung Toilet work perfectly for saving valuable space.

A natural influence Bathroom

The effortless way to achieve relaxation while in the bathroom is to create a natural concept.

Metallic Bathroom

Metallic has been on trend for years, especially you can’t make it wrong with a chrome tap. The simple brassware is essential for a modern bathroom.



The above picture is the Crosswater Design Bath Set with Kit


Looking to go for a luxurious scheme? Marble wall tiles make your bathroom into an elegant and magnificent space.

Nordic Décor


Shower Door

The above picture is the Simpsons Supreme Pivot Shower Door

Nordic décor is tranquil, peaceful and relatively relaxing. As the bathroom is the place where we would like to be relaxed after a long working day, this is a clever style to go for your bathroom design.

Art Deco

Art deco is a design style from the 1920s and 1930s. The sharp lines, a confident manner and timeless sophistication of the Art Deco period have never been out of trend.


















hansgrohe PowderRain: a new showering sensation

hansgrohe PowderRain: a new showering sensation

Surrender to nature’s own sensation

hansgrohe understands that everyone has their own idea and preference of what makes the most rewarding showering experience. Therefore, a brand new sensation has been created, hansgrohe is proud to unveil their new PowderRain spray! This is a highly innovative spray mode which is aligned exclusively for the premium range of hansgrohe Raindance Select S, and Raindance S showers.

Inspired by nature

Inspired by the rainforest’s warm and misty droplets, hasngrohe has developed the new PowderRain spray to bring you a brand new showering sensation. A velvety- soft touch to your body, PowderRain delivers a sensuous showering comfort. In place of one single spray outlet for each nozzle, PowderRain includes six fine openings that transform its generous spray into thousands of incredibly light microdroplets that gently fall on the skin without bouncing off. Simply tap the button, you can instantly experience the soft sensation. Due to hansgrohe’s innovative technology, splashing is not a worry anymore, numerous tiny droplets combine together to provide an intense impression. It creates a fall of droplets that cocoon so much more of the body, and intensify skin sensation. Furthermore, it’s quieter too!
You can watch the splash and sound testing videos here.

Experience Raindance® Select S with PowderRain

You can find the modern, highly functional and reliable premium range here. A totally indulgent choice that will transform your showering experience.






Extra discounts on Bathroom Cabinets – Bank Holiday Only

Are you excited for another long bank holiday weekend? It looks like a warm one too! We are delighted to share the happiness of a long bank holiday by giving out more discount over the weekend.

Bank Holiday Promotion

When you spend over £1000 across the website, you will receive additional 5% off on all bathroom cabinets on top of our already amazing prices.

Promotion Period

Starting Friday 25th May midnight, until Monday 28th May at 11:59pm.

Here are the most popular bathroom cabinets

Simple to install is the key feature of this excellent bathroom mirror cabinet from Bauhaus. It presents strip side lighting which will please every individual in the house with its softly diffused light coming at you from all sides.

The Royal 15 Mirror Cabinet Double Door provides a greater and more spacious solution for storing your bathroom accessories and toiletries. Crafted in a crisp, contemporary style, the use of glass, metal and incorporated lighting supports in the designing of a bathroom space that is functional and stylish. Available in three dimensions of 650, 800 or 1000mm across.

With full surface LED illuminated lighting, this cabinet perfectly brightens faces and rooms in an energy efficient way. Featuring a contemporary cabinet with a mirror fronted modern style, this will update the decor of any bathroom.


Term and conditions:

If the order is more than £1,000 (excluding delivery fee), the customer will receive a 5% off on all bathroom cabinets.

Only applies to an order made online. The offer does not extend to trade account, quotes or price matches.

The promotion starts from Friday 25th May midnight, until Monday 28th May at 11:59pm.

UK Bathrooms reserves the right to withdraw or change the promotion at any time before the end of the promotion period.



Neil and family’s bathroom

UK Bathrooms are always delighted to receive finished bathroom shots and feedback from our customers. Feedback really helps other customers out and lets us know both what’s working and what we can improve upon to give you the best customer experience. We love seeing final bathroom design images to see the products we sell and recommend so highly coming together in a final design!

Neil and his family have done a great job here converting their bathroom. Neil has cleverly combined contemporary and traditional style pieces to give this bathroom a brand new character and fresh, light look.

Neil fed the following back to us:

“We asked UK Bathrooms to source all our new bathroom fixtures and fittings from their suppliers, we now have a beautiful bathroom with a wonderful bath and shower, the kids are over the moon.
The customer service was excellent from start to finish, I can’t recommend them highly enough.
First class service and keen pricing with designer brands. A very satisfied customer.” – Neil and family

Have a look at the before and after images.

Here are different angles of Neil and his family’s new bathroom

You can find the products here

The Shower enclosure:
The electric shower pictured:
The Toilet featured is due to be phased out but can be found here while stocks last:

Similar toilets:


Basin Tap:

The tiles supplied elsewhere but just get in touch with us for similar suggestions, we can supply a range of Villeroy and Boch tiles for example.

If you would like to share your final bathroom design images with us we would love to hear from you, please email us at and you could be featured on our blog!

Story: Bawili from The Democratic Republic of Congo

UK Bathrooms began supporting Toilet Twinning in March this year. Each month we sponsor (twin) 10 toilets in different 10 countries that are in extreme poverty. This funding helps to improve the hygiene situation and also provide people with a proper latrine.

Bawili Hamisi and daughter Ebinda, Mwandiga 3 Community, Eastern DRC.

Bawili’s story

This month we are sharing Bawili’s story. Bawii is a widow from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she raised her family on her own. Bawii’s husband was killed during a civil war in DMC. After the civil war, the rest of the family escaped to Tanzania and stayed in a refugee camp. After 10 years, they were forcibly returned to their home country where they had no home, no clean water and no toilet.

Bawii’s daughter, Ebinda had to walk for 90 minutes, three times a day to gather water from Lake Tanganyika. However, the water source was dirty and many people became ill with cholera. One day when Ebinda was still a teenager, she was attacked and raped by several men when she went to the toilet in the bush. As the consequence of the assault, she was pregnant.

Determined not to let other families suffer as hers did, Ebinda’s Mother, Bawili, joined a Community Health Club which was set up by Toilet Twinning’s support. It educates local people about hygiene and encourages them to build toilets. She devoted herself to the group and is now the Club President.

Bawili was unable to undertake the building work involved to construct her own toilet, so health club members worked together and built her a toilet recently. As villagers construct toilets together, they also develop a stronger sense of community and help one another. ‘We’re learning to work together… to love each other,’ says Bawili. ‘If there is no love, we cannot build a good society. We used to be ashamed when people shouted abuse as we walked to the bush. I’m so happy to have a toilet next to the house now.’

If you would like to learn more about Bawili family’s story please watch the following video about their journey.


We are proud to have received UK Bathrooms sponsors certificate for April.

Our April Certificate

These are the countries that we supported this month!


If you would like to support a family like Bawili, you can support through Toilet Twining.




We are giving away Villeroy & Boch Crystal Glass Sets

Spring has arrived, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming!
You will only need a set of gorgeous sparkling Villeroy & Boch crystal glasses adorning your dining table to complete your perfect Spring day!

UK Bathrooms want to make sure you are not only enjoying our top-quality premium bathroom products but also get a little something extra from us on all online orders over £1000.

How to qualify?

When you spend over £1,000 on an order you will receive a complimentary Villeroy & Boch Crystal Entrée glass set.

What is in the Villeroy & Boch Crystal Entrée glass set?

Entrée glass set includes 12 pieces of beautiful crystal glass, comprising of:
4 x Red wine goblets
4 x White wine goblets
4 x Champagne flutes




The glass set will not display as a product in your basket, we will dispatch one with your order.

Sometimes your glass set will arrive in a separate parcel to ensure it arrives safely.

Once the stock is depleted the offer will end.


Term and conditions:

If the order is more than £1,000 (excluding delivery fee), the customer will receive a free V&B Entrée crystal glass set

Only applies to an order made online. The offer does not extend to trade account, quotes or price matches.

The promotion starts from 19th April, but the promotional items are limited, on a first come first served basis. Once the stock is depleted the offer will end.

UK Bathrooms reserves the right to withdraw or change the promotion at any time before the end of the promotion period.

The offer is limited to one free V&B glass set per order.

Transit damage to promotional items is not covered, there are no replacements offered for damaged promotional items. We do not accept returns on promotional items.

The promotional item must be returned if the order is cancelled and returned to us.

Upgrade your bathing space into a smart bathroom

There are so many smart and cool gadgets out there for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other living spaces. But, have you ever considered turning your bathing area into a smart bathroom? You can find a wide range of smart products from us here at, and they offer very useful features as you can imagine. Here are a few items that can make your life much easier and your new bathroom even better.

Smart Mirrors

Bauhaus Revive 1.0 LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

If you enjoy singing out loud to your favourite tune in the shower or relaxing with a glass of wine in a hot bath a Bluetooth speaker hidden behind the 5mm toughened glass will provide you with the best music experience.

Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirrors

The above picture is the Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirror

Designed to be adjustable in 3 dimensions, the magnifying mirror can be angled depending on how you need it when applying makeup or shaving. A wall mounted control and power supply plus low voltage connecting cable are provided as standard. This can also be recessed into the wall so the cables are hidden. Choose from a square or a round shape to suit any bathroom design scheme.

Digital Shower and bath

Crosswater Digital Kai Lever Shower Kits

Digital technology has improved the showering experience to the next level, allowing for perfect tuning of thermostatic controls. It finds the perfect shower temperature with precise and sophisticated controls. Now you can shower how you like to, every single time.

Aqualisa Quartz Smart Bath Filler with Digital Control

You can add this smart digital control to any bath. Temperature and flow rate are both controlled by a smart wall mounted LED which is very simple to operate. A single stop and start button in the centre sets the whole process and a temperature ring around the outside let you adjust the temperature to exactly what you desire. Furthermore, either low or high-pressure versions can be specified to match your water supply.

Shower Toilet

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Shower Toilet

The AquaClean Mera from Geberit is a masterpiece of function and design. It offers a level of sophistication and comfort that you have never been experienced before in toilet technology. The AqualClean is a shower toilet that blends into any bathroom environment and is completed with revolutionary comfort technology. It’s a long list when talking about its key features, but the leading features are its warm water oscillating spray, paired with a heated seat and warm air blow drying after use. Geberit AquaClean Mera is a monument to what it means to experience and enjoy deluxe comfort.