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World Toilet Day 2013

For most of us having access to a safe, sanitary and private toilet is a way of life, but did you know that an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have this luxury.

World Toilet Day is a UN recognised event and was set up to raise awareness of the daily struggle that one in three people in the world suffer with poor sanitation and to do something about it. Since its creation in 2001, World Toilet Day has become an important platform to raise global awareness of the problem and demand action from governments around the world.

There is a strong link between good sanitation and a better standard of life. The economic growth in Europe and North America wouldn’t have been possible without improved sanitary conditions, as this helped to produce a healthier population and thus increased labour productivity.

It may seem silly, but toilets really are a symbol of better health, a higher income, more education and a cleaner living environment. World Toilet Day aims to break the taboo of toilet talk and to bring to the forefront not only the health and emotional consequences of poor sanitation, but the economic impact too.

So, let’s work together to ensure that this basic human right becomes a reality for all.

Get involved now by visiting the World Toilet Day website.


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